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drupal for beginners, developers, applications were prepared 12 quality courses

Here are some free online drupal tutorials for beginners and those who would shift from other CMS drupal developer is very helpful. Primer 1 Before you start with drupal, you should know some basic things very simple, but some are worth to be a note,

SQL Server 2005 to replicate data across servers

In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express to execute : insert into TableName (field1,field2,field3,field4) SELECT * FROM OPENDATASOURCE('SQLOLEDB', 'Data Source=,1433;User').DataBaseName.dbo.TableName An error :Msg 15281, Level 1

Business, not part-time (85 )---- ssh and java servlet which is better?

Gis programmer that afternoon and talk, he said, he javaservlet to do development, not with ssh. That this is more than ssh some underlying framework? I did not quite understand this and ssh, which is better? This is a framework? Look, just follow th

Content Managerment System on some of the basic concepts and ideas

1 CMS, such as title, is the content management system, according to a different focus attention back into the CMS, attention to the foreground of the CMS, attention to style the CMS. 2 In this new market is difficult to find a CMS to meet all the ne

Wordpress Jianzhan Bulldozer & Excavator Parts

Recent use Wordpress to a friend built a foreign site, Bulldozer & Excavator Parts . Sense to build a small station, with the wordpress great advantage, choose the template a lot in the three major CMS in PHP, wordpress web2.0 features do the bes

Informix database service port number check

Informix installation directory into the etc / directory, find sqlhosts file, use vi to open: #************************************************* ************************* # # Licensed Material - Property Of IBM # # "Restricted Materials of IBM

Wordpress plugin collection

1.smartrss-wordpress automatic acquisition plug-in Free to put your favorite RSS articles which automatically publish to your own wordpress blog, make some CMS like wordpress with the automatic acquisition. Usage: s1, download jay_smart_rss, unzip ja

oracle trigger inter-user error

Problem Description: Database has two users: cms and oss, I want to achieve in the cms the user to insert a record and then trigger oss users simultaneously inserted into a table to go, but create trigger time is always an error message for the next

The use of Java called a DOS command summary

CMS in the past two days to change a problem, need to file copy, but the direct use of pure java, then the existence of the file stream to read and write, write file if the stream in the process of writing the file was accessed, then At this point the fil

mysql stored procedures and use the cursor

DELIMITER $$ DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `safetyw`.`pre_url`$$ CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `pre_url`() begin declare pId bigint(20); declare pUrl varchar(80); declare no_more_departments int default 0; -- Define a cursor declare ordernum

multi-shell killed the server process to

#!/bin/sh #tcrmgr list -port 11215 >datakey.txt #awk '$1 ~/^[CMS_CACHE|CMS_OBJ]/' datakey.txt >cacheAndObj.txt #split -l 100000 cacheAndObj.txt keys/cache. ############for a in `tcrmgr list -port 11210 -fm CMS_CACHE` f

Backup method scp rsync, inotifywait

Reference Remote script execution ssh-l root "/ opt / test /"; ssh-l root "scp / opt / data / database.tcb / opt / ttserver / t

install svn server on ubuntu

Created when using svnadmin create a resposity, can be seen as a root directory. Example: / Usr / local / svn / trunk Acl can be established, the settings, including authentication, authorization, and so on. If you now want to create a new project: c

The difference between various encoding formats and linkages

Which web site should be used to do coding? UTF-8 or GB2312 Often when we open the garbled foreign sites, or open a lot of non-English sites when the foreign , Port are shown in the characters mouth mouth , WordPress Program is the UTF-8, many cms Using a

Jetty web server deployment on Linux

1 first jetty server to modify the etc directory in the file jetty.xml <Call Name="addConnector"> <Arg> <New> <Set Name="host"> <SystemProperty name="" /> </ Set> <Set Nam

Jetty in the deployment of Linux servers

1. First jetty server etc directory in the file to modify jetty.xml <Call Name="addConnector"> <Arg> <New> <Set Name="host"> <SystemProperty name="" /> </ Set> <Set Name=

Ecshop after the second development to achieve the background function modules can still be assigned permissions

After the second development to achieve the background is still functional modules can be assigned permissions Ec background of our second development in the menu bar at the left to add new modules on how to join the post, I have said before us today

Science News in a subdirectory of use

Department in helping the school to do a site when the friends used an open source asp background scientific information, although at the end of the server can not be used because the school was forced to cancel this background, but still put in the

Linux server security settings

1, a firewall does not have any ports closed 2, change the SSH port 3, delete the extra account system: userdel adm userdel lp userdel sync userdel shutdown userdel halt userdel news userdel uucp userdel operator userdel games userdel gopher userdel

Django-1.3 in the annex to bring books helloworld3

Annex suffix into the picture is a Chinese e-book chm Do not know God, Ma, vpn not download the code, Rom database, do I leave a half days Shuiliaoyitian, only to see python, django-cms is worth a look, and so it slipped End django access helloword2: Modi

Sliding into WebDAV (slide, Webdav implementation)

Recent doing WebDav, feeling good article, but unfortunately, in the apache project, slide project has been closed. Sliding into WebDAV Translation from: O'REILLY sliding into webdav by andrew a

configure ssh2 framework maven

pom.xml file as follows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <groupId>com.donglusoft</groupId> <artifactId>cms</artifactId> <packaging>war</packag

Pursuing a dream CMS installation path problem

Pursuing a dream CMS has done is not satisfactory in some areas, such as watermark, and the installation path and so on. Such as the watermark, upload pictures watermark will be added by default, if not check the "watermark" will be added,

Personal favorite Rails project

Are listed according to their own experience, answered the questions to get together, copy back to make a mark, after a few years to see how much change it. 1.redmine Personally prefer, there are many kinds plugin to study for a time

CMS industry leader We7CMS

<! - [If gte mso 9]> <xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View> Normal </ w: View> <w:Zoom> 0 </ w: Zoom> <w:PunctuationKerning/> < w: DrawingGridVerticalSpacing> 7.8 Lb </ w: DrawingGridVerticalSpacing

Solution django ImportError: Settings cannot be imported wrong

Transfer: Today django template engine in practice when such an error out of ImportError: Settings cannot be imported, because environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is undefined. root @ ubuntu:

Database for unlimited level tree classification

Yii develop a plan with CMS, the article need to implement the tree classification. Online search, the basic categories are added to a parent, the parent category in the query when the child through the process recursively. In this way the code is ra

Product Details page shows the relevant data together

Question: Details page for products such as clothes always display size Scale, which is long list of HTML text for a certain type of show, all products need the information. Where should he enter? The most direct idea is repeated in the product descr

How to set the footer display

Text I: Into the background CMS-> Static Blocks from the list, select the Footer Links, change the content you want Text II: This reads all the layout (. Xml) file, the block on the name of the link for the footer_links additional items, such as:

Logo from the default layout of the top of the page to move to the left of the page

1. First, choose the default page structure or the left, right, left and right structure (or how to talk about moving to the left of it?) This can refer to another article on the forums 2. To create a new Block (name might Logo) 1). Open the header o

Show "new products" to the home page

Go to "CMS - Manage Pages" page select from the list "Home Page" Suitable place in which I add the code: {{Block type = "catalog / product_new" name = "" alias = "product_homepage

Magento default home page in the end point to which

Magento home page and other pages, as in the layout of the file has a corresponding statement when visiting: http://host/magento/, the default page orientation is actually http://host/magento/cms/index. Declarations corresponding to the layout file i

How to add a new CMS Page Layout

Xml file to generate a new name such as cms.xml, and then into the app / etc / modules / directory <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <global> <cms> <layouts> <redirect> <label>2 rows</label> <template

Rookie-level experience of some individual owners

From last year to this year, has always wanted to get hold of their own grass-roots Web site, I am a java development, java development if a site, then not only will a lot of time, and even the virtual host and the like are very expensive, then hesit

DEDE bulk delete member method

delete from dede_member where mid between 1 and 10 1 and 10 members for the need to remove the paragraph starting ID, the start ID and ID members of the middle section will be deleted. If the middle of the normal member, please split the segment to p

[Transfer] database design some of the techniques

from: 1 To be good at identifying and properly handle the many to many relationship If there are two many to many relationships between entities, should be to eliminate

oracle over the length of the output

oracle Beyond the 255 limit output , Sometimes when you need to check the dynamic SQL , Need to print up . Example : declare v_num number; v_count number; v_sql varchar2(2000);-- Want to print sql begin v_sql:='LOOP FETCH v_tempCur INTO v_tab_cms_ban

Vertical mosaic table field

The first write-back the oracle function. Role is to form a vertical field stitching up. Main Table: (id, name, other) Sub-table: (id, rid, code) rid the id associated with the main table. Recorded. create or replace function VIEW_PATIENT_SYNDROME_2(

Trigger ORA-01858: enter the number found at the required non-numeric characters

According to their own mistakes and solve the overall classification out of it: 1. We do not match the type of insert, such as a database which is digital, we use the date type to fill. 2. We forget that when inserted in the database, null when not d

Apache fails to start, please check the configuration

Recent thinking about building a website, by the way the Internet the ability to exercise what ah. Would like to use Empire cms, but it does not Q & A module can only use a weaving dreams cms! Dream with the organization must first configure the

Java virtual machine monitor

jstat-gcutil `ps-ef | grep java | awk '{print $ 2}'` 1000 jstat-gccapacity `ps-ef | grep java | awk '{print $ 2}'` 1000 jmap-histo `ps-ef | grep java | awk '{print $ 2}'` 1000 jmap-dump: format = b, file = java_dump `ps-ef | grep j

Oracle on the creation and deletion of the only constraint

Today the need for a table only add a field constraint, but the Internet search, the did not find how to modify, and decided, first delete, add, Quxianjiuguo, down, when the province's future use forgotten Delete :ALTER TABLE cms_a_content_jms_monitor

Read txt.csv file format examples

1, import; import; import; import; import; import; import jav

Create and delete the oracle about the only constraint

Today the need for a unique table constraint added to a field, but the Internet search, the did not find how to modify, and decided, first delete, then add, Quxianjiuguo, down, when the province's future use forget Delete :ALTER TABLE cms_a_conte

oracl create table space users. PostgreSQL authorization and data import and import data

1 use PL / SQL tools to t_cms_user.dmp into oracle database 1), delete the user and table space to prepare for the back drop user uuu cascade; drop tablespace test; 2), re-create the table space and the user and the user authorized to create the tabl

GAE applications. Source. Tools. Program set (20101126 Update)

Incorporates some of the resources found on the current, divided several categories, including open source applications, and so GAE, a follow-up to facilitate their use and find other people who can see easily, and subsequent re-discovery make up, to

oracl create the table space. users. authorization and data import and import data PostgreSQL

1. Using PL / SQL tool to t_cms_user.dmp into oracle database 1), delete the user and table space in preparation for later drop user uuu cascade; drop tablespace test; 2), re-create the table space and the user and the user authorized to create a table sp

Recommend to you a very to the power of self-help Station system

Contact CMS for some time, but also used many products, in general each has advantages, but has also hope to find a collection of many of the director of the product, so are quietly concerned about the development of CMS. About a month ago, saw the W

When sending text messages on the issue of return of the CMS

Send text messages via AT commands or with the Golden Flute middleware log returns CMS ERROR X issues briefly. 1, send text messages via AT commands, you can use the AT + CMEE = 1 to open the error status report. Send text messages to return anything. Suc

Number of recommendations on the company's

Number of recommendations on the company's First, the communication: every Monday and Saturday regular meeting time not too long, less than an hour to ensure that, needs everyone to be prepared in advance speech, ideas, to ensure the high-efficie
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