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Database connection pool technology dbcp.c3p0.jndi

No matter what kind of persistence through technology, must access the database via the data connection, in the Spring, the data connection is obtained through the data source. In previous applications, the data source Web application server is gener

SSH configure log4j framework of the method (transfer)

SSH configure log4j framework of the method / * August 29, 2011 09:52:54 by Rush * / SSH framework convenience of using log4j 1 record level of dynamic change and strategies that modify, do not need to restart your Web application, w

PowerDesigner's reverse engineering

Sometimes someone else's database to analyze But looking at the table does not reflect well the business logic So you can use reverse engineering to solve PowerDesigner Examples here to use mysql, mysql because there is no pd's odbc, starting

Database connection pool in dbcp.c3p0.jndi

No matter what kind of persistence through technology, must access the database via the data connection, in the Spring, the data connection is obtained through the data source. In previous applications, the data source is usually provided by the Web appli

Maven create a Web project to a Maven project into a Dynamic Web project This method does not seem to project facts with eclipse3.5 option, it seems difficult to use Updated May 23, 2011 by cm2 ... @ Create a Web project using eclipse ee create maven web project /

Environmental monitoring system

JAVA run-time environment so dependent on environmental monitoring, if your machine is not configured JDK environment or the JDK version is too low you can not run the program, so collecting such a thing on the Internet, is now out and share. Other t

Use InstallAnywhere7.1 production Java exe installation package (rpm)

Use InstallAnywhere7.1 production Java exe installation package Java application development and testing project is completed, companies need to archive this package (ie jar), and made into a commercial installation. 1, in the production into a jar f

Jocky code obfuscator is to use a small experience

Jocky confuse the compiler is provided in Sun JDK Java compiler (javac), based on the complete, modified the code generation process, the compiler generated intermediate code confusion, and finally generate a class file, to compile and confusion only

java's classload mechanism - Tomcat 5

Tomcat is the longest exposure to the application server, but also by its classloading fooled too many times. A rather deep impression is the establishment of a web application using the oracle database, I put the oracle jdbc driver into the WEB-INF/

WebSphere6.1 DB2 data source configuration under

Turn: WebSphere6.1 DB2 data source configuration under 2010-04-09 15:40:46 | Category: Knowledge Base - base class | Font Size Subscribe First, configure the DB2 database, open the DB2 Con

java class to get the absolute path of the current

Jsp and class files in relative path to call different. In the jsp in the root directory is WebRoot in the class file, the root directory WebRoot / WEB-INF / classes, of course you can use System.getProperty ("user.dir") to obtain the absolute p

Redhat Linux (64bit) + x86 configuration on weblogic8.1

Web host recently upgraded to buy a "strong cause" PC, installed the RedHat 64bit operating system, configuration weblogic8 a lot of problems, solved step by step, notes the following: 1, the configuration domain can not modify / enter the accou

JPA development environment and build a global transaction Introduction

persistence.xml (JPA specification requires that the class path of the META-INF directory) <persistence xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="

Tuscany SCA Core SPI implementation mechanism

Reference: The full name of SPI Service Provider Interface. Ordinary developers may not be familiar, because this is a plug for the vendor or. The documentation in the java.util.ServiceLoader more detailed

Ant Jar package to play with - in reference Manifest Classpath

Jar package in the fight, they often need to be set in the manifest file Class-Path, contains some rely on third-party jar package, making the "java-jar xxx.jar" way to start to find the right jar package dependent class. Most Online Demo played

Eclipse jar packaging Detailed

Use Eclipse to package the project into jar file 1. Eclipse demonstration project under the structure as shown below, which is the current project running Main category 2. file defined as follows Manifest-Version: 1.0 Main-Class: com

Eclipse hit a third-party JAR JAR package package can not find reference to the problem.

My program is referenced in the other JAR package In ECLIPSE running normal I would like to give my program a JAR package When packaging referenced package is also playing in Run the program can always find my reference package Is path problem ? Sudden de

A startup java script.

@echo off rem ソースのルート set ROOT_PATH=D:\USER\Program\myproject rem バッチクラスのパス set BATCH_CLASS_PATH=%ROOT_PATH%\batch\batch\target\classes rem ウエブクラスのパス set WEB_CLASS_PATH=%ROOT_PATH%\web\site\WEB-INF\classes rem ライブラリのパス set WEB_LIB_PATH=%ROOT_PATH%\we

j2ee middleware under linux installation configuration

nginx awstats jdk tomcat detailed steps to install and configure Tomcat and a JDK installed 1, upload apache-tomcat-6.0.18.tar.gz and jdk-6u12-linux-i586.bin to / usr / local 2, execute the following command to install tomcat: # Cd / usr / local # Tar zxv

struts2 some of the details

1. Using struts2 tags need to use the taglib in the JSP tag library import compiler directive <% @ taglib prefix = "s" uri = "/ struts-tags"%> 2. The flow of the text need to use <marquee> tab. 3. When struts2 using or

Jetty and Tomcat configuration some of the similarities and differences [transfer]

Jetty and Tomcat configuration in some key areas there are some similarities and differences, where a simple list below: Character encoding Jetty 7 get URI queryString encoded using UTF-8 encoding by default, you can request.setAttribute ("org.eclips

Automatically load class custom class

<?php require_once 'exception.php'; /** * Automatically load the class * */ final class AutoloadClass { /** * Class search path * * @var array */ private static $_class_path = array(); /** * Class Search Rules * * @var array */ private static $_lo

php and java bridge - javabridge

2008-03-05 17:26 Since the project needs to be used php Call java, tried it two ways to bridge ( Local test ,windows) A :. Module with php php_java.dll 1. Php.ini configuration file Remove ;extension=php_java.dll Semicolon in front of [java] java.lib

Commonly used label and Ant Target

For later convenience, I used to work when the label and Ant Target summarize, and analyze a good time to work Hee hee If there is no basis for ant people, see the article I wrote, I hope useful to you. . . Here is the build.xml <?xml version="1.0

window using the Eclipse IDE for C / C + + Developers C + + development environment to build

1, install JDK 1.6 , configure the environment variables: ① JAVA_HOMEJAVA_HOME point to the JDK installation path (the path can be found in the bin, lib, etc. directories); default JAVA_HOME = C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.6.0_16; ② PATH set PATH's

Nginx + Tomcat installation and configuration of integrated (switch)

1. Preparation software apache-tomcat-6.0.26.tar.gz jdk-6u20-linux-i586.bin nginx-0.8.15.tar.gz pcre-7.9.tar.gz http://sourcefor

Own record something, small things

View version: getconf WORD_BIT view operation digits, usually 32 or 64 show linux uname-a displays all the information Directly to modify the configuration to take effect, such as modifying the / etc / profile etc directly source profile under linux (cent

under tomcat6.0 ubuntu install [turn]

First, before installation 1, download the latest tomcat tomcat is apache-tomcat-6.0.14.tar.gz, download address is: installed before the first safety sheets jdk, the best choice JDK5 .0 above it. Second, install ing 1, extract t

log4j Getting Started

A, log4j What is it? Log4j is an open source logging component, and its products are quite mature, and the use of very broad. In engineering to use, convenient and so instead of System.out to print statements. Log4j goal: it allows developers to fine degr

Eclipse3.6 and m2eclipse, run-jetty-run plugin on the WEB project hot deployment and debugging source code in the jar (a)

1. To create a maven of the web project, and management of the project with the maven jar package dependencies. You can add a pom.xml file in real-time dependency, maven projects automatically update the dependencies. 2. To modify the project Build P

Eclipse3.6 with m2eclipse, run-jetty-run plugin on the WEB project hot deployment and debugging source code in the jar (a)

1 to establish a maven web project, and management of the project with maven jar package dependencies. You can add a pom.xml file in real-time dependencies, maven automatically update the project dependencies. (2) modify the project Build Path, and s

Java environment configuration for the php

Regardless of 3721, the first to say the following code to run once (java.php): <? Php $ Java = new java ("java.lang.System"); echo $ java-> getProperty (""); ?> The result is: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-e

SSH + Flex3 Framework integration

Recently the company added in the network management software network topology. Upon inquiry to make the best use of Flex. The most convenient, then spent a week learning Flex, finally SpringGraph help complete the task. After a few days to see not a lot

[Transfer] java service wrapper Introduction

Website: / doc / english / introduction.html The tool is mainly used for packaging other java server-side programs (such as tomcat, java development, or their own server program), provide the following features: • unix as a wind

spring mechanism that automatically scans the Component annotation

In spring2.5 later components have provided us with automatic scanning mechanism, which greatly facilitates our new programmer, ah, it can be marked in the class path looking for a ---- @ Component, @ Service, @ Controller, @ Repository annotation of

(Transfer) to eclipseme support Java ME platform SDK 3.0

Due to the development needs of the SUN out under the latest Java ME platform SDK 3.0, but with eclipseme 1.7.9 with a problem, when in the RUN, reported the following error: Syntax: emulator [arguments] In order to get commands supported by given de

java jar and exe packed the entire process of generating

Java program is completed, the Windows operating system, used to always want to double-click a exe file can run the program, now I will step by step implementation of the process. The end result is: do not install the JRE environment, do not install

java to get the project path

Jsp and class files in relative path to call different. In the jsp, the root directory is WebRoot in the class file, the root directory is WebRoot / WEB-INF / classes, of course you can use System.getProperty ("user.dir") to get the absolut

JDBC access the embedded Derby database

Apache Derby: At a recent amateur derby project with a task of creating a database to store and complete records. apache derby is an open source database products, is rich in features. It supports client / server mode

spring in the core of the Resource Learning

Learning Resource Service concluded spring. access to resources provided by the jdk classes, file, etc.; and not very good low-level access to resources to meet the various needs, such as, without classpath resource files, web access to

ireport may be used in future

Use iReport2.0.2 Design Report consists of the following steps: 1. Set the class path: Classpath select Options menu option, open the class path settings interface. In this screen, click】 【Add Folder button, then select your class path where the file can

hibernate duplicate import, same name as class

Serious: Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class com.htsoft.core.web.listener.StartupListener org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'sessionFactory' defined in clas

Bat file create executable Java Jar (eclipse version)

1. Right click the project name select Export, select the pop-up box JAR file, as shown in Figure: 2. Package source files will need to check and selected storage path, and their new one MAINIFEST.MF file, as shown: 3. Click Next, check the following

Java, System.getProperty () method can get the value of the

Java, System.getProperty () method can get the value of the java has a System.getProperty () method, but do not know what exactly you can get property values, so the Internet search, I search to these things. Keep after viewing, but also the hope tha

tomcat load in the order of class and jar

When we start a service when tomcat, jar package and claess document is based on the order of how to be loaded in here? Loading order: 1. $ Java_home / lib directory of the java core api 2. $ Java_home / lib / ext directory of the java extension jar

What will I learn to do a few concluding

<Transfer from:> 1 Cannot find class [com.qj.example.service.impl.energyManagementServiceimpl] for bean with name 'energyManagementService' defined in class path resource [beans_energy_servi

Mylyn development techniques three

Author: Willam2004 Introduction: Eclipse Mylyn is the task of the next great development and management plug-in, not only to support task-centric development model, but also a bug with the current mainstream management systems, such as jira, trac so

Unitils Guide [translation] - modular system

1.1.1 Unitils module The following guide tells Unitils file systems and modules provided by modules. We explain how to configure the test environment and test you start to use these modules. Sub-sections in-depth description of these modules.

grails Eclipse can not run into problems

grails create a project into Eclipse, the Eclipse Run in the start, and sometimes can not run, and report the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: and Exception in thread "main" This is a need to modify the operating parameters,

svn automatic synchronization and weblogic

In the enterprise application development, there is generally twice upload situation, that svn or cvs commit, and ftp upload test server. To avoid this, we can use automatic synchronization to reduce the development effort. Core principle is to use the sv
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