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ORACLE in the process

You can create a set of SQL and PL / SQL statements in the process, the process of making the business logic in a centralized database, any access to the database program can use the process of creation syntax: CREATE [OR REPLACE] PROCEDURE procedure

Generic class of compilation errors caused by

This is a problem encountered in some time ago, to determine the cause because the generic compile, but not particularly detailed reasons studied in depth, you can look Ha comrades encountered. @Controller public class UserController { @Autowired Use

ibatis and hibernate difference [Reserved]

Relative Hibernate and "one-stop" ORM solution in terms of, ibatis is a "semi-automatic" ORM implementation. The so-called "semi-automatic" may understand a bit jerky. Looking at the current mainstream ORM, either Hibern

Silverlight + WCF + WF + Linq with an example of [with sample source code to download]

Original: The Demo is mainly to explain how to use WCF in WF4 services, and how to call a WCF service in Silverlight. Because the use of the Silverlight rendering UI, but also access the database using Linq.

WCF Ria Service understand graphics version

Original: WCF Ria Service relationship between three common core classes: DomainService and LinqtoEntitiesDomainService / LinqToSqlDomainService relationship mapping is as follows: Domain

Services four major characteristics: atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID)

Services four major characteristics: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. 1 atom of An atomic transaction or complete execution, or simply not executed. This means that each unit of work tasks must be performed correctly. If there is an

J2EE performance optimization project

J2EE platform application performance of a system is the system users and developers are concerned, the paper should pay attention to from the server-side programming code to discuss several aspects of the impact on performance, and summarizes some s

In Oracle exception - (Raise)

, The advantages of abnormal If no exception, in the program, you should check the success or failure of each command, such as BEGIN SELECT ... - Check for 'no data found' error SELECT ... - Check for 'no data found' error SELECT ...

Trigger Built-in package

Triggers, built-in package 1, the technical objectives Application Triggers Use built-in package 2, what is the trigger When the trigger is automatically executed when certain events occur stored procedure Specific event can be the update of DML stat

The benefits of the MVC pattern

MVC is the abbreviation of three words, namely: Model (Model), view (View) and control Controller). The purpose of the MVC pattern is the division of functions of Web systems. Model layer implements the business logic in the system can usually be ach

Follow your heart (102 )----- Indian's design document

I think they copied this part for every project, but anyway, i can learn something from it. To be honest, some I did not understand this. In addition to playing an ellipsis is from my side of the document copy in the past, a few minor changes outside

SybaseIQ hide stored procedures

In some distributed database, business logic to consider the confidentiality and security, the need to handle the business logic stored procedures to hide the contents of the IQ provides such a mechanism, the implementation code as follows: alter pro

Oracle development topics of: analysis of function (OVER)

One, Oracle analytic functions Description: In the daily production environment, we have contacted more than an OLTP system (ie, Online Transaction Process), these systems are characterized with real-time requirements, or at least that length of time

CD Snow Network [website] design and technology selection

The concept of custom WEB front-end: including all pages related technology: jsp, html, DIV + CSS, JS, graphic design and so on. Server code: This article only refers to the java development languages: including servlet, filter, bean, action, service

Tomcat performance tuning program

Reproduced in: Tomcat performance tuning program, and the operating system tuning to optimize the operating system, it is possible to increase the available memory capacity, increase the CPU frequency to ensure th

Asynchronous ways of tackling problems (self-perception of simple continued)

1, when you need a lot of the external file (usually txt or Excel format) to update the table field, you can directly use jdbc to achieve. If you want to make time-triggered task job also can use Spring to inject into the job class dataSource, direct

Business, not part-time (83) --. little fun every day

Finally, the design had to interface with ppt. Of course, not my painting, my friends, painting guide. Great. Interaction can make it. Finally decided, UML diagrams, by their own hands to do all out soon to get started. Visio, there are physical name

Database transaction must have ACID properties

Must have the ACID properties of database transactions, ACID is the Atomic (Atomic), Consistency (consistency), Isolation (isolation) and Durability (persistence) abbreviation. Atom: refers to the entire database transaction is an integral work units

SQL exists and not exists instead in not in question

Project encountered a super long sql. Copy it, using java program to determine the next. Total length of 3464 characters. Look inside and outside the dizziness. Oracle monitoring tool with time-consuming specialty here. Need to optimize. Saw a long t

PowerDesigner's reverse engineering

Sometimes someone else's database to analyze But looking at the table does not reflect well the business logic So you can use reverse engineering to solve PowerDesigner Examples here to use mysql, mysql because there is no pd's odbc, starting

FreeMarker in struts2, JAVA, web application example

Overview of FreeMarker * FreeMarker is a template engine, a template-based generic tool to generate text output, use the pure Java * Template + data model = output FreeMarker is a very good template engine, template engine that can be used in any scene, F

About Disallowed Key Characters.

Most into the home to do some things, mainly used in Extjs, of course, need to see some of the official API documentation & Sample program, but I found I could not normally access, there is no way to make friends to help as long as

JavaEE application in Glassfish Case Study on the tuning

Java EE application performance problems for serious projects and products is a very important issue. Especially enterprise-class applications, and more concurrent users, data volume, complex business logic, taking up system resources, so performance issu

The quality of what to do?

Programmers may think that quality is important, but many are not very high quality of projects, may be due to Programmers are optimistic, feel no problem to write the program. Programmers do not want to do the test, do the test without a sense of ac

Ralasafe with the mind (V)

About the business model Hibernate accustomed to the traditional design approach ..... Yesterday afternoon a group of friends and brother in the discussion of off-target mapping issue The results found that as my mindset, habits, way of using hiberna

Tungsten Replicator to solve the needs of heterogeneous data synchronization

Tungsten Replicator online from discovery to deployment, which lasted four months. Intermediate also encountered many difficulties, but in the strong cooperation of colleagues, CDC projects (internal name) has replaced the old event notification syst

Not mentioned in the writings of GoF design patterns 2: Archetype (reproduced)

Original link: Half did not come up with a design pattern to give the Chinese name, well, sometimes the original is still easier to understand. Simply put, Archetype design model aims t

Chapter blockade and parallelism

Chapter blockade and parallelism 3.1 Locking 1 is a locking mechanism that is used to manage concurrent access to a shared resource. Applied to database lock, allowing parallel access to these shared resources, but to provide data integrity and consi

Stratification and the actual development of the project thinking

The general hierarchical structure of the project using the following outlook is struts2: Layer is very clear, but there is real development problems For example, if we replace the struts2 this layer, switch to the phone side, so you can reuse someth

A legacy of the project

Not long ago, the project encountered a legacy of a thorny problem: the user requires a strong system that provides extended functionality, and based on our results of discussions within the project team is: to provide change if the expansion, the fi

Some characteristics of Versant Object Database

 faster development cycle: As the savings in the OR mapping and database design, from the amount of development time and code to save both the project development cycle, so the user can reduce one third of the development cycle for the user to quick

PL / SQL stored procedures

Why should I create a stored procedure? What's the use stored procedures? Create a stored procedure on the hard disk to generate a file, rather than declare, only in memory storage, Exit when he lost the related operations. Stored procedures to c

Oracle stored procedures and packages

First, why use stored procedures? If the application is often required to perform specific operations, these operations can resume on a specific process. The process can be simplified by using the client program development and maintenance, but also

[Transfer] optimistic locking and pessimistic locking

Lock (locking) Business logic of the implementation process, often need to ensure exclusive access to data. If the end of the day in the financial settlement processing system, we hope for a cut-off point in time data processing, rather than hope for in t

Mysql, SQL optimization NOT IN (NOT IN addition to the outside into a LEFT JOIN to optimize the number of affected rows)

Mysql, SQL optimization NOT IN (NOT IN addition to the outside into a LEFT JOIN to optimize the number of affected rows) 2010-05-31 17:38:30 | Category: Default Category | Brand subscription Mysql, SQL optimization NOT IN: In addition to the NOT IN into a

Detailed oracle trigger

oracle trigger study notes _ Trigger Is a specific event occurs when the automatic execution of code blocks. Similar to stored procedures, but users can not directly call them. Function: 1, to allow / restrict changes to the table 2, automatically ge

Layman Oracle analytic functions

Oracle development topics of: analysis of function (OVER) 1 Oracle development topics of: analysis of the function 2 (Rank, Dense_rank, row_number) 6 Oracle development topics of: analysis of the function 3 (Top / Bottom N, First / Last, NTile) 10 Or

MySQL stored procedures and functions of the difference

Transfer: MySQL stored procedures and functions of the difference MySQL stored procedure (stored procedure) and functions (stored function) collectively referred to as stored routines, whether stored

oraclel Introduction to Stored Procedures Optimization

I. Introduction: After a period of time the stored procedure after the development, wrote a summary of some development time and experience to share with you, and I hope useful. Second, for readers Database development programmers, database data a lo

About DB2 database concurrency (2)

Gradually introduced from DB2 V8 after three registry variables: DB2_EVALUNCOMMITTED, DB2_SKIPDELETED, DB2_SKIPINSERTED, why should the introduction of these three variables? Without these three variables in DB2 ago, if a user is changing a line of d

sqlserver2000 mail using stored procedures

Business logic alter proc exec_sendmail1 @appname varchar(100), -- Applicant @guid varchar(100), -- Forms guid @id varchar(100), -- Form Number @title varchar(500) -- Mail title as declare @from varchar(500) -- Outbox declare @smtpserver varchar(200)

mongodb tuning several issues

mongoDB simple optimization example: 1 well-designed data structure, application architecture and business logic. 2. The rational use of the index, such as when the need to return the number of records than the much smaller number of records scanned,

ETL Testing Flow Chart

This document describes the ETL process of testing and general project situation to illustrate the ETL testing methods. ETL Testing Flow Chart Test link 1, needs analysis Familiar with business processes and business rules, according to the needs ana

Chapter 8 Triggers Oracle Built-package

Chapter 7 Oracle subroutine package Chapter 8 of Oracle triggers, built-in package 1, the technical objectives Application Triggers Use built-in package 2, what is the trigger When the trigger is automatically executed when certain events occur store

What time to use stored procedures

Middleware, database stored procedures to migrate excellent ease of writing ability to produce low strength of high-profile logic reuse heterogeneous platform, heterogeneous platform, strong and weak performance of large data collection easy to diffi

Create MySql Stored Procedures

Summary: Let me talk about the advantages of database stored procedures. Then MySql, for example, instructions to create a stored procedure method. Body: <1> create a database stored procedure has at least two distinct advantages: 1 SQL stateme

Pl / SQl 8.0 registration code

PL / SQL Developer is an integrated development environment designed specifically for Oracle database development of stored program units. Today, more and more business logic and application logic move the Oracle Server, so, PL / SQL programming has

Spring was not "spring"

Spring was not "spring" There is spring in the English spring, spring, jump, and spring means. But java is also expressed in an open source Spring framework, in order to solve complex enterprise application development created by the Rod Jo

oracle-based summary (o)

Exception Handling Exception is the oracle database PL / SQL code execution errors during. Any time, when the PL / SQL engine to execute code, may be language with exceptions. When an exception is generated, PL / SQL block will be programmed to the a

Oracle Exception Handling (XVI)

Exception is the oracle database PL / SQL code errors during execution. Any time, when the PL / SQL engine to execute code, are likely to encounter an exception when an exception is generated, PL / SQL block will be programmed to the exception handli
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