apache configuration

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Increase in second-level domain

1, first you have to buy their own domain name business, where increased 2, Godaddy A records directly increase 2, apache configuration at the end of httpd.conf, add the following: RewriteEngine on RewriteMap lowercase int: tolower RewriteMap vhost t

DNS, routers, public IP, internal IP of some simple summary.

1. DNS is the Domain Name, you can register the domain names in the business then your domain name assigned to your public IP. Therefore, DNS and apache configuration does not matter. It should be noted here is to modify the domain name resolution ne

eclipse internal start tomcat, eclipse external start tomcat, remove the access port 8080

1: eclipse web project, the external start tomcat configuration: 1) Eclipse Review: Just to web project java Build Path output path set to / src / main / webapp / WEB-INF / classes 2) Tomcat modify: Modify tomcat / conf / server.xml file by adding

ServerAlias ​​in Apache using virtual hosts set to receive more than one domain name and set the name Pan-resolution

ServerAlias: server alias in the Apache virtual host can be used to set the receiver to a domain name or domain name is for receiving the pan. Specific setting is as follows: First, set up virtual hosts reception for multiple domain names A virtual h

svn + peanut shell + apache

1 operating system - WIN7, in fact, it is best to use linux, although I installed a dual computer system, but still think like with the window, linxu recommended centOS do server. 2 download the necessary software (1) SVN Client TortoiseSVN, the late

Improve the script with sudo privileges

Improve the script with sudo privileges First, why use sudo? sudo privileges can improve the script, for example: We have encountered this problem, Some files need to be removed by the web application, but they do not have permission to access apache

How to prevent apache file list display

How to prevent apache file list display 1 to find the apache configuration file httpd.conf 2 Open the directory listing feature set: <!--/ Path / to / directory is your apache setup the project root path Such as D: / Program Files / Apache Softwar

In the apache configuration, UseCanonicalName Off mean ah?

UseCanonicalName On Open the Web server UseCanonicalName is standard practice, because most of the requests sent by the client is a reference to this server so the server can use the ServerName and Port options to set the content to build the complet

Windows, configure Apache2.2 + PHP5.3 + mod_fcgid efficient operation of FastCGI mode

A, mod_fcgid configuration instructions 1, first download mod_fcgid-2.3.6-Win32-x86.zip , Linux version also: http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi # mod_fcgid to extract the relevant files to the apache "modules" directory next. 2, open the

apache + tomcat load balancing (f non-mod_jk form)

Target: Apache tomcat configuration using an application and the web site, to meet the following requirements: 1, Apache as HttpServer, followed connect multiple instances of tomcat application, and load balancing. 2, set the Session timeout for the

burst vps Chinese tutorial build website

Chinese build a website with burst vps tutorial Author: admin Date: August 12, 2011 comment (0) view comments Most of the friends bought a burst vps, vps do not know how to build websites, where I burst vps summary of the detailed process of the construct

Rails Deployment (1) modrails

Rails Deployment (1) modrails 1. Install Passenger > Sudo gem install passenger > Sudo passenger-install-apache2-module This is the console output of the command: checking for required software ... GNU C + + compiler ... found at / usr / bin /

Fedora 15 redmine + passenger + apache configuration problems

After the configuration according to the official documentation, access http://localhost/redmine 1 encounter Permission denied: access to / redmin denied the problem, later found to SELinux, because it is not really understand how to set file context

Ubuntu 11.04 LAMP + JSP Environment Setup

LAMP installation command: sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin period will ask you to enter the mysql database root password, select the type of server [apache], phpMyAdmi

Apache how to limit IP access?

Operating a website, it is inevitable there will be some garbage access, there will be some devils to help you do the "performance test." To see how to deal with feelings, and a simple way to put this IP blacklist. Apache refused an IP acce

Apache configuration http.conf bound by multiple domain names and two Domain Names

Apache configuration http.conf bound by multiple domain names and two Domain Names By Minidxer | April 12, 2008 Apache is the most popular HTTP server software, one of its to fast, reliable (stable) is known, and can be extended through simple API, P

Detailed Apache + PHP configuration

After two nights of struggle finally configure Apache PHP successfully, the installation configuration process quite a few detours, special records. 1.Apache configuration of PHP think first thing to note is that Apache and PHP version information, b

svn + apache configuration

Have installed the apache server and svn. Next, configure the apache server httpd.conf: 1, find the following two lines will be in front of # uncomment: LoadModule dav_module modules/mod_dav.so LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/mod_dav_fs.so 2, add th

CentOS with Phusion Passenger under way to deploy rails application - redmine example

Phusion Passenger module allows Rails applications to run as the same as PHP module in Apache, is very convenient. Preparation conditions: CentOS server and have installed the Apache2.2 Redmine application 1 Passenger module installation gem install

VMware under Windows and Linux file sharing summary

Windows and Linux have a lot of file sharing the way I came up with it. Suppose your Host computer is Windows, Guest is Linux. 1 with the vmware tools tools SharedFolders is Vmware4 a new feature, more convenient in the Host, Guest operating systems

Windows, Apache-based php development environment to build (1)

1 Download the installer (1), Apache download at: http://archive.apache.org/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/ , choose apache_2.2.6-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8e.msi (2), PHP5.3 version download at: http://windows.php.net/download/ , choose VC9 x86 Thread Safe under

How to turn the entire station php zlib (gzip) compression output

Preparation 1, can not find php_zlib.dll file? Since the beginning php4.3 zlib compression has been built in php, so at least Windows environment does not require the installation of zlib. 2, the installation environment to build php As the light pas

[Turn] the use ServerAlias ​​in Apache Setting virtual host name to receive more than one domain name and set the pan Resolution

Original Address: http://hi.baidu.com/yhs2006/blog/item/a137fc19e6519775dab4bddb.html serverAlias: server alias in the Apache virtual host can be used to set the receiver to a domain name, you can resolve the domain name for receiving the pan. Specific se

apache server Permission denied: access to / denied solution

Permission denied: access to / denied Ask the good people say this is because the apache configuration file httpd.conf in <Directory /> deny from all of the reasons, but I looked over all the user rights associated with the configuration, are n

CentOS yum install Apache + PHP + MySQL + Tomcat

Keywords: CentOS yum install Apache + PHP + MySQL + Tomcat 1 install Apahce, PHP, MySQL and php to connect mysql database components. # Yum-y install httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql (2) to install apache extension # Yum-y install httpd-manual mod_s

apache http 403 Forbidden error solution

Linux in the Apache configuration services, often encounter http403 error, I configured the test today, there have been a final settlement, and sum up a bit. http 403 error is denied access to means, for many reasons. I concluded there are four main reaso

Gzip compression Apache configuration (HTTP compression) function

1) for Apache2.0 previous version, which originally did not support, but you can add modules to enable a third party module_gzip 2) and later for Apache2.0, Apache support, but do not call gzip, which is called mod_deflate Here on the Apache2.0 and l

Linux Server Deployment (II) apache and SSH-CVS

Linux Server Deployment (II) apache and SSH-CVS 1. Apache configuration - MPM worker mode - With-mpm = worker perfork mode this is the default mode in unix. the command on the server: / Usr / local / apache / bin / httpd-k start / Usr / local / apach

under linux apache2.2 important performance optimization and installation of _

February 17, 2011 Thursday 23:31 reproduced from macaque1101 extract the final edit macaque1101 # tar jxvf httpd-2.2.2.tar.bz2 cd httpd-2.2.0 # Vi server / mpm / worker / worker.c Locate the following lines and change the following values, its purpose is

Linux programming environment described in Mod_perl

You are viewing Linux | Unix is ​​Linux programming environment described in the Mod_perl 1 Introductory Guide mod_perl is a huge and complex tool, it built a number of modules to help you easily build dynamic Web site. The purpose of this guide is t

Linux, the installation of apache and jk module

1 install apache-2.2.10 Download the installation file httpd-2.2.10.tar.gz; Management server in the background, the interface application server installed on apache-2.2.10, apache install directory: / usr/local/apache2, the installation process is a

-------- Original Linux system security, serial 2

Part II: the process of access restrictions 1 Configure enable selinux Description: http://baike.baidu.com/view/487687.htm Recommended: UltraVNC linux private kitchens Activation Method: setup -> firewall configuration -> selinux: Enable. force

(Rpm) to achieve through the URL Rewrite static link (PHP)

We know that static pages for search engines is very friendly, so many websites and other means to generate static pages by spiders crawl your site easily content. But sometimes some applications are not suitable for all static, such as the data changes v

Linux Apache configuration file download

Apache server installation (skipped here) Configure Apache on a Linux server file download, is actually very simple: 1: Go to / var / www / html directory Enter ln-s address to download the file directory Download For example: ln-s / home / test.file

WordPress Apache virtual host configuration and connection settings fixed

A Virtual Host Configuration First, remove the httpd.conf file under the default DocumentRoot and <Directory "XXX"> configuration, add code like the following. <Directory /> Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All </Director

centos5.5 install apache

centos5.5 by default comes with an apache, we must first uninstall and then install the new uninstall rpm-aq httpd name found yum erase the names of identified Uninstall Well, according to the following steps to install Here is a complete linux insta

apache + subversion installation

Subversion, referred to as SVN, is an open source version control systems, team development and project management is an essential tool. Here are some apache + subversion of the service is installed: First, the dependent packages: 1.apr-1.4.2.tar.gz 2.apr

linux install Subversion on the thirteenth knife _Linux

Introduction CentOS release 4.7 (Final) on the installation and deployment Subversion1.5 Installation are: installation by compiling source code in the form of installation 1 resource needs CentOS4.7 relevant version and install the GCC package, chec

Increase the rewrite module, jk module

http://linux.chinaitlab.com/administer/740774.html -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1: jd recommended 1.2.14 or, 1.2.6 has bug (reference http://bbs.chinaunix.net/thread-1271780-1-1.html) Download http://arch

The deflate and expires on Apache2.2 modules to enhance the web browsing speed

1 Module Description: Deflate the apache module is to enable gzip compression output, the browser-side receive data after decompression display. Expires date of apache module is the first control module. 2, open the module: Apache configuration files

CentOS 5.2, Linux 2.6 + kernel, Apache + MySQL + PHP installation and basic configuration process will be recorded & & apache installed as system services

Quote CentOS 5.2, Linux 2.6 + kernel, Apache + MySQL + PHP installation and basic configuration record & & the apache installed as system services collections environment: This article in the Linux operating system is CentOS 5.2, Linux 2.6 + kerne

apache log problems caused io

The company used to apache + jetty / jboss architecture model, apache logging assumed a duty. Colleagues do a performance test, found a strange phenomenon: 15 concurrent direct pressure apache, load actually reaching more than 100, tps only 200. Back-end

Linux Administrator Diary (1) - Linux server installation complete fool Manual

Introduction From the desktop to the server from the operating system to embedded systems, from the scattered applied to the entire industry began to take shape, Linux has emerged as a booming trend. Set up the topic by using virtual machine network

configuration under ubuntu LAMP environment

I. to clear the computer's original configuration, the command is as follows: sudo apt-get remove - purge apache2 apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-common libapache2-mod-php5 libapr1 libaprutil1 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi -perl libmysqlcl

Using Apache2.2 and SVN1.6 build SVN version control platform

1, install Apache Install the Apache software directly, enter the information during the installation process the first two in the Network Domain and Server Name to enter localhost, the following email on just that, and if the machine is installed an

Subversion users, rights management

1 Introduction About <br /> 1.1 Subversion access Subversion's use of them in there, "certification", "authorized" the two concepts. Certification, that authentication, is the user name and password authentication. Autho

windwos under svn configuration and based on Apache configuration

1 software download System Requirements Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). Download WANdiscoSubversion, which includes Su

Reference to this article from the Apache configuration: Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com original link: http://edu.codepub.com/2009

1. What is Apache? Apache, an open source HTTP server that can run on most operating systems, because of its multi-platform and security so widely used, is the most popular Web server software. Apache first by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig

apache configure multi-domain multi-port

1, single-domain single-port settings, such as: www.abc.com default with 80 access Specified, apache configuration default installation directory in the conf directory or / etc/apache2 But we must note, listen.conf listening port is open the file in

[Transfer] with Apache and Tomcat clustering and load balancing to achieve

Combination of Apache and Tomcat clustering and load balancing to achieve this essential reference from easy Apache, Tomcat clustering and load balancing, experienced record made by the practical operation, some out of touch, and in some places based on p
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