TableRow data updates with bright background

General Table of data (rows) update to keep up with some animation to the user's attention.
In Android, the color value of hex with 8 to 16, said two of them used to indicate the first two alpha channel, said after the six to rgb. In the process which, if within the specified time, the alpha channel from 0 adjusted to 0xff, on the realization of the highlight TableRow.

  • Here is the thread to achieve:
class ColorRefreshTask extends TimerTask {
                        final static int  DELAY_ONCE =200;
                        final static int TOTAL_RUNTIME = 3000;
                        final static int POWER_16_16 = 16 * 16* 16 * 16 * 16 * 16;
                        final static int INCREASE_ONCE =  0xff / (TOTAL_RUNTIME / DELAY_ONCE);
                        int color;
                        int id;
                        int startTime;
                        int alphaChannel;

                         * @param color (TableRow's current background color)
                         * @param id TableRow's id(user id)
                        public ColorRefreshTask(int color, int id) {
                                Log.d("color", "ready to set color!");
                                this.color = color;
                       = id;
                                this.startTime = 0;
                                this.alphaChannel = 0;

                        public void run(){

                                int colorComm = color -0xff000000;  //RGB color value;
                                int currColor = color;

                                if(startTime < TOTAL_RUNTIME) {
                                                startTime +=  DELAY_ONCE;
                                                alphaChannel +=  INCREASE_ONCE;
                                                currColor = POWER_16_16 *  alphaChannel  + colorComm;
                                                Log.d("color", Integer.toHexString(currColor));

                                else {


                        public void startTimer(){

                        private void sendMsg(int currColor){
                                Message message = messageHandler.obtainMessage();
                                message.what = MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID_UPDATEROW_BACKGROUND;
                                Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
                                bundle.putInt(MESSAGE_KEY_ID, id);
                                bundle.putInt(MESSAGE_KEY_COLOR, currColor);

                        public void stopTimer(){

  • Message processing part:

 private static final int MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID = 800;
          private static final int MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID_UPDATEROW_DATA = MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID + 1;
          private  Handler messageHandler = new Handler() {

                public void handleMessage(Message msg) {

                switch(msg.what) {
                        case  MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID_UPDATEROW_DATA:{
                                int id = msg.getData().getInt(MESSAGE_KEY_ID);
                                String fields[] = new String[5];
                                fields[0] = msg.getData().getString("fields1");
                                fields[1] = msg.getData().getString("fields2");
                                fields[2] = msg.getData().getString("fields3");
                                fields[3] = msg.getData().getString("fields4");
                                fields[4] = msg.getData().getString("fields5");
                                updateRowInTable(id, fields);

                        case  MESSAGE_HANDLE_ID_UPDATEROW_BACKGROUND:
                                int id = msg.getData().getInt(MESSAGE_KEY_ID);
                                int color = msg.getData().getInt(MESSAGE_KEY_COLOR);
                                TableRow tableRow= (TableRow)findViewById( id);
                                if(tableRow != null) {
                                        int count = tableRow.getChildCount();
                                        for(int index = 0; index < count; index++) {
                                                TextView child = (TextView)(tableRow.getChildAt(index));
                                                if(child != null) {




  • Data updates (other thread will call) part:

private final void updateRowInTable(int code,String[] otherFields) {
          TableRow tableRow= (TableRow)findViewById(code);
          if(tableRow == null)  {
                  Log.d("tablerow", "can't find row in the table!");
          int bgColorEnd = (otherFields[2].indexOf("-") >= 0)  ?  0xff2e8b57 : 0xffb22222;
      for(int index = 0; index < otherFields.length; index++) {
           int identity = code * 13  +(index+1);

          TextView textView=  (findViewById(identity)!= null)  ?  (TextView) findViewById(identity) :  new TextView(this);  

          if(otherFields[index].indexOf('-') >=0) {
          else if( index == 2) {
          else  {
          Log.d("tablerow", "updated  id:" + (code)  + ", value="  + otherFields[index] );
          if(findViewById(identity) == null){
                  Log.d("tablerow", "add new view!");
          else {
                  Log.d("tablerow", "upate view!");
      ColorRefreshTask refresh = new ColorRefreshTask(bgColorEnd,code);
      messageHandler.postDelayed(refresh, 50);  

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