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For the eclipse 3.2 automatic update after the RCP implementation, ibm developerworks technical articles on the http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/opensource/os- ecl-rcpum / explain the relatively thorough. But I found that some could also add some of the details are as follows.
Packaged into products:
The text referred to "In particular, for the product configuration type, to choose based on features (features), or can not use the update feature." Complement this special reasons for this: a typical eclipse rcp applications, plug-in (plugin ) is the basic unit of packaging. For a product, the packaged plugin can be used, but can not be used to upgrade and so on. Because the features (features) are available independently download and install the smallest functional unit. Formed by the plug-in.

Wrote the original "Now, we can switch to the overview page, click on" Launch the product "to test our RCP application." In fact, we find that direct selection in the overview page if the "Launch the product", features in the package is based on the case can not be run correctly. For feature-based packaging, should now feature of the project, such as com.ibm.csdl.guardian.examples.feature. Project right-click "Export", then select "features that can be deployed," and then Export to export the product corresponding folder. Followed by an overview of the product page, select the Export wizard. After you export the folder to open the resulting executable program files. If you want to direct use of "Launch the product" to run the program, must be the first to switch to a plug-in based form.

Management of installed features:
rcp upgrade, you can not delete the original jar package, the article provides an intermediate program, an increase of a plug-in management features to address this issue. In fact this is not a very good program, for any traditional self-promotion procedures, it is inconvenient for users to use. Can only hope that in the eclipse can be added in later versions of upgrade options, the proper solution to this problem.

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