SVN server-side structures

First SVN server side, there are two structures is the way one is svnservice SVN Heading such as svn: / / localhost / demo / Source One is the Apache HTTP Heading For example http://localhost/demo/ source is the difference between the two will know from the beginning The former applies to the intranet and set up quickly for the web today, which I set up the former, the latter did not build too much stress is mainly to record the experience of today's structures need it later

First of all, next to the SVN server, but Apache SVN joined to the fund so many are outdated web links to jump to the binary package Apache Foundation website link to go to CollabNet is the company point of the first down so the link to download CollabNetSubversion CollabNet -server-1.6.11-4.win32 to note that beginning after the installation of the server, because we are not set up a local area network installed Apache so the path of their choice to find a warehouse storage folder (the default file name is svn_repository)
In svn_repository folder of their own need to create the project name must be empty folder and then create a resource library are limited said the two created a graphic to create a cmd
cmd is

svnadmin create X:/svn_repository/XX

Open the folder after creation will find many documents which have three open conf file all have to use
authz permissions configuration file is re-enter the bottom

admin  =rw

Which is the project file name svndemo
admin is my SVN login name that is in another folder passwd
Li added

In the [users] Add it wants the following

admin = pwd

admin is the login is the password pwd

Finally this is svnserve.conf configured by the Internet looking for

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
authz-db = authz

Nothing more than to the first anon-access to none
# Remove all it wants


Did not see service start, no start on the next start

Boot can not start, then try

net start svnservice

Such SVN servers configured in the graphics software, try repo_brower


The address of the pop-up box and landing landing successful shows configuration successful

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