svn installation under linux

To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as an example to explain.

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svn installation under linux

Svn version 1.6.1 installed

1. Download svn


Select subversion-1.6.1.tar.gz and subversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz

Copy the downloaded package to / usr / local / Under (random, and find a place like)

2. Installation

cd / usr / local /

tar zxvf subversion-1.6.1.tar.gz

tar zxvf subversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz # will automatically extract to subversion-1.6.1 under
cd subversion-1.6.1

According to some web information presentation, execute the following command to complete the installation

. / Configure


make install

But in the actual installation process will be, implementation of the. / Configure, depending on the configuration of the system will be different in different error, I am using a new installation of the system, the main configuration is as follows:

 Desktop environment  :GNOME Desktop environment
 Application  : Graphics, graphical Internet  , Editor
 Development   :  Only the choice of development tool
 Server  : The World Wide Web server
 The base system  :java ,X The window system, basic  , Dial-up networking support, and management tools  , System Tools  .
 Language support  : Chinese support  

Then I put my error encountered and solutions as follows:

. / Configure

1 # # errors

configure: error: We require OpenSSL; try - with-openssl


Error need to install openssl, so I installed a openssl, installation is as follows:

cd / usr / local


tar-zxvf openssl-1.0.0a.tar.gz

cd openssl-1.0.0a

. / Config
. / Config-t
make depend
make test
make install

Installed in / usr / local generate a ssl directory under

Set environment variables, in the / etc / profile in the PATH to add the following:

PATH = / usr / local / ssl / bin: / sbin /: $ PATH: / usr / sbin
export PATH

ok, an error prompted a settlement.

Re-run. / Configure

2 # # errors

configure: error: subversion requires zlib


cd / usr / local

tar-xvzf zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz
cd zlib-1.2.5
. / Configure
make install

cd / usr / local

ln-s zlib-1.2.5 zlib

ok, error 2 solution.

Re-run. / Configure, success!

Then execute the following command:


make install

ok, svn installed.

3. Verification

svn - version

There may be prompted as follows:

svn: error while loading shared libraries: / usr/local/serf/lib/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

At this point you can solve the problem execute the following command:

setenforce permissive

Note: This is the permission configuration issue, on this part can refer to:

Re-implementation of svn - version

[root@localhost local]# svn --version
svn, version 1.6.1 (r37116)
   compiled Jun  9 2010, 17:37:07

Copyright (C) 2000-2009 CollabNet.
Subversion is open source software, see
This product includes software developed by CollabNet (http://www.Collab.Net/).

The following repository access (RA) modules are available:

* ra_neon : Module for accessing a repository via WebDAV protocol using Neon.
  - handles 'http' scheme
* ra_svn : Module for accessing a repository using the svn network protocol.
  - handles 'svn' scheme
* ra_local : Module for accessing a repository on local disk.
  - handles 'file' scheme
* ra_serf : Module for accessing a repository via WebDAV protocol using serf.
  - handles 'http' scheme
  - handles 'https' scheme

ok, svn configured.

4. Postscript

Overall svn is a little complicated to install, easy to install I use the root user.

Also during the installation process may encounter the following error message:

configure: error: no suitable apr found and configure: error: Subversion requires SQLite

This is because not a member of subversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz reasons, subversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz includes the installation of some package svn is necessary, note the two versions to download unanimously.

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