struts2 submit inside to prevent the refresh

Forum Forum when doing the project in the submission of a message delivered after. Page or in the current page and found that every time you refresh the release of records of the last will be resubmitted once. Hey, headache. Thought to prevent the duplication of submission done a lot of trouble, I thought of other methods. Work pays off, finally, I have no use any mechanism to prevent duplication of submission to the resolved.
My framework is spring2.1 + struts2.0 + hibernate 2.4;
Add a record jump returns the string SUCCESS, application struts2.0 the struts-config.xml preparation <result type="redirect-action"> this label attribute to return to the original page requested by the list method. No matter how you then repeat the operation will not be submitted.

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    One submitted to the server, the processing generally can be divided into two phases, the first phase of server status query (query or update the database), the second phase to select a suitable results page returns to the user (here, talk about the conte

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