Struts2 filter to solve a simple way of conflict

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struts2 filter using FilterDispatcher the url, the default is that all url are filtered, but some of the project is not want to use struts2 url filtering, online search a number of methods

1. Modify web.xml file.


<filter-name> struts2 </ filter-name>

<url-pattern> *. action </ url-pattern>

</ Filter-mapping>

Only to add a filter on. Action suffix of the path is valid, if you need to intercept. Jsp, *. jsp on the line together.

However, whether this extension if the url (eg / demo /) can not be filtered

2. Modify struts2 core jar file in the

The struts.action.extension = action,,

To struts.action.extension = action, do, jsp,

But I did not change the results after that, I do not know why

3. StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter customize a succession of filters will be configured into their own custom filters. (Recommended for this method)

public class ExtendStrutsFilter extends StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter {
        public void doFilter(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res,FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {
                HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest) req;
                // Not filtered url, can add  
                if ("/demo/fileupload".equals(request.getRequestURI())) {
                        //System.out.println(" Use custom filters  ");
                        chain.doFilter(req, res);
                        //System.out.println(" Use the default filter  ");
                        super.doFilter(req, res, chain);

Modify web.xml

<!-- sturts2 Filter   -->
                <!--  Replaced by your own filters   -->

This method is successfully tested
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