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For a long time, been looking for an easy to understand for non professional books about wireless communication, but simply turned over a lot, without exception, because it is too specialized, boring, difficult and frightening away.

Day noon bookstore occasional book, casual doubled, was immediately attracted, is what I long to find the book, returned flew place an order online, and the book describes the communication of people to their homes for the site deposit bookmarks.

Read the book, is a very enjoyable process, follow the author's ideas, implemented progressively, with the gradual deepening problems and answers, and slowly learned the knowledge of wireless communication so difficult. Reading process, seem to have returned before it was " secret code "," God's Dice do - History of Quantum Physics "," Ming Dynasty that thing "," Building high performance WEB site "and other books, the kind of access to knowledge pleasure and fun.

The author's writing style boiled, the first starting from the problem, we doubt the issue raised, and then gradually to answer, to help readers quickly and easily on wireless communication technology have an overall understanding, and then introduced the wired communications to wireless evolution basic knowledge of communications systems and wireless communications air interface technology, and GSM system as an example to detail the range of knowledge of wireless communication systems. Book to help readers understand the use of life we all know, knowledge and examples, using a large number of analog, up to allow readers to better the principles of wireless communications. For example, to explain the deployment of GSM systems, by using combat defense deployment examples, good explanation of the GSM system, part of the function and deployment; to the principle of Fourier transform analysis, the authors used the example of Jordan, with two kinds of dimensions Michael Jordan to statistical data. In addition, with the TCP / IP protocol contrast, signaling a good explanation of the principles and processes on the 7th.

Sorry, the authors dwell on the introduction of GPRS little, only a passing; for the introduction of 3G and GSM, which are also few details; some parts, such as Fourier transform, quantization and modulation are too complex, not easy to understand; In addition, This book is not the professional term index table. Looking forward to the book version 2, to make up for these regrettable.

I would like to know the wireless communication to all friends of knowledge strongly recommended, especially those in the field of mobile Internet developers recommend. Through this book, in-depth understanding of the principles of wireless communications, the will know these and know why, for mobile network development, the characteristics of wireless communications to design better and more appropriate communication protocol.
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