Strongly recommended: more than 240 jQuery plugins

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jQuery is the second prototype followed by an excellent Javascript framework. Its purpose is to - write less code and do more things. It is lightweight js library (compressed only 21k), which is the other js libraries do not Strongly recommended: more than 240 jQuery plugins

And, it is compatible with CSS3, also compatible with various browsers (IE 6.0 +, FF 1.5 +, Safari 2.0 +, Opera 9.0 +). jQuery is a fast, simple javaScript library, allowing users to more easily deal with HTML documents, events, achieve animation effects, and to provide easy AJAX for interactive web site. jQuery also has a relatively large advantage is that it's documentation is full, and various applications are very detailed, along with many mature plug-ins available. jQuery's html page that allows users to maintain separate code and html content, that is no longer inserted inside a bunch of js in the html to call the commands, you can just define id. Today found on a list of JQuery plug-in article , especially recommended as follows.

File upload (File upload) Strongly recommended: more than 240 jQuery plugins

Ajax File Upload .
jQUploader .
Multiple File Upload plugin .
jQuery File Style .
Styling an INPUT type File .
Progress Bar Plugin .

Forms Authentication (Form Validation)

jQuery Validation .
Auto Help .
Simple jQuery form validation .
jQuery XAV - form Validations .
jQuery AlphaNumeric .
Masked Input .
TypeWatch Plugin .
Text LIMITER for form Fields .
Ajax Username Check with jQuery .

Form - Marquee (Form - Select Box stuff)

jQuery Combobox .
jQuery controlled dependent (or Cascadign) Select List .
Multiple Selects .
Select Box manipulation .
Select Combo Plugin .
jQuery - LinkedSelect
Select Auto-populate multiple boxes .
Choose Plugin (Select Replacement) .

Basic form, the input box, selection box, etc. (Form Basics, Input Fields, Checkboxes etc.)

jQuery Form Plugin .
jQuery-Form .
jLook Nice Forms .
jNice .
Ping Plugin .
Toggle Form Text .
ToggleVal .
jQuery Field Plugin .
Field plugin jQuery Form'n .
jQuery Checkbox manipulation .
jTagging .
jQuery labelcheck .
Overlabel .
3 State Radio Buttons .
ShiftCheckbox jQuery Plugin .
Watermark Input .
jQuery Checkbox (checkboxes with imags) .
jQuery SpinButton Control .
jQuery Ajax Form Builder .
jQuery Focus Fields .
jQuery Time Entry .

Time, date and color selection (Time, Date and Color Picker)

jQuery UI datepicker .
date Picker jQuery plugin .
jQuery Time Picker .
Time Picker .
ClickPick .
TimePicker .
JQuery Color Picker Plugin Farbtastic .
Color Picker by .

Vote plugin (Rating Plugins)

jQuery Star Rating Plugin .
jQuery Star Rater .
Rater content with ASP.NET, Ajax and jQuery .
Half-Star Rating Plugin .

Search plugin (Search Plugins)

jQuery Suggest .
jQuery Autocomplete .
jQuery Autocomplete Mod .
jQuery Autocomplete by AjaxDaddy .
jQuery Autocomplete Plugin with HTML formatting .
jQuery autocompleter .
Autocompleter (Tutorial with PHP & MySQL) .
Quick Search jQuery Plugin .

Editor (Inline Edit & Editors) Strongly recommended: more than 240 jQuery plugins

jTagEditor .
WYMeditor .
jQuery JFrame .
Jeditable - edit in Place plugin for jQuery .
jQuery editable .
jQuery Disable Text Select Plugin .
Edit in Place with Ajax using jQuery .
jQuery Plugin - Another In-Place Editor .
TableEditor .
tEditable - Table Editing in Place for jQuery .

Multimedia, video, Flash, etc. (Audio, Video, Flash, SVG, etc)

jMedia - Accessible multi-Media Embedding .
JBEdit - Ajax Online Video Editor .
jQuery MP3 Plugin .
jQuery Media Plugin .
jQuery Flash Plugin .
Embed QuickTime .
SVG Integration .

Photo (Photos / Images / Galleries)

ThickBox .
jQuery lightbox plugin .
jQuery Image Strip .
jQuery slideViewer .
jQuery jqGalScroll 2.0 .
jQuery - jqGalViewII .
jQuery - jqGalViewIII .
jQuery Photo Slider .
jQuery Thumbs - Easily Create thumbnails .
jQuery Image Replacement jQIR .
jCarousel Lite .
jQPanView .
jCarousel .
Interface Imagebox .
Image Gallery using jQuery, Interface & Reflactions .
Simple jQuery Gallery .
jQuery Gallery Module .
EO Gallery .
jQuery ScrollShow .
jQuery Cycle Plugin .
jQuery Flickr .
jQuery Lazy Load Images Plugin .
Zoomi - Zoomable Thumbnails .
jQuery Crop - crop any image on the Fly .
Reflection image .

Google Maps (Google Map)

jQuery Plugin googlemaps .
jMaps jQuery Maps Framework .
jQmaps .
jQuery & Google Maps .
jQuery Google Maps and Yahoo Maps Interface FORR .
jQuery J Maps - by Tane Piper .

Games (Games)

Tetris with jQuery .
jQuery Chess .
Mad Libs Word Game .
jQuery Puzzle .
jQuery Solar System (not a game but Awesome jQuery Stuff) .

Forms, etc. (Tables, Grids etc.)

UI / TableSorter . Strongly recommended: more than 240 jQuery plugins

jQuery Ingrid .
jQuery Grid Plugin .
Table Filter - Awesome! .
TableEditor .
jQuery Tree Tables .
Expandable "Detail" Table Rows .
Sortable Table ColdFusion Costum Tag with jQuery UI .
jQuery Bubble .
TableSorter .
Scrollable HTML Table .
jQuery column Manager Plugin .
jQuery tableHover Plugin .
jQuery columnHover Plugin .
jQuery Grid .
TableSorter plugin for jQuery .
tEditable - Table Editing in Place for jQuery .
jQuery charToTable Plugin .
jQuery Grid Column Sizing .
jQuery Grid Row Sizing .

Charts (Charts, Presentation etc.)

jQuery Wizard Plugin .
jQuery Chart Plugin .
Bar Chart .

Borders, rounded corners, background (Border, Corners, Background)

jQuery Corner .
jQuery Curvy Corner .
Nifty jQuery Corner .
Transparent Corners .
jQuery Corner Gallery .
Gradient Plugin .

Text and hyperlinks (Text and Links)

jQuery Spoiler plugin .
Text Highlighting .
Disable Text Select Plugin .
jQuery Newsticker .
Auto line-height Plugin .
Textgrad - a text Gradient plugin .
LinkLook - a Link thumbnail preview .
pager jQuery Plugin .
shortKeys jQuery Plugin .
jQuery Biggerlink .
jQuery Ajax Link Checker .

Mouse Tips (Tooltips)

jQuery Plugin - Tooltip .
jTip - The jQuery Tool Tip .
clueTip .
BetterTip .
Flash Tooltips using jQuery .
ToolTip .

Menus and Navigation (Menus, Navigations)

jQuery Tabs Plugin - Awesome! . [ Demo nested tabs .]
another jQuery nested Tab Set example (based on jQuery Tabs Plugin) .
jQuery idTabs .
jdMenu - Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery .
jQuery Suckerfish Style .
jQuery Plugin Treeview .
treeView Basic .
FastFind Menu .
Sliding Menu .
Lava Lamp jQuery Menu .
jQuery iconDock .
jVariations Control Panel .
ContextMenu plugin .
clickMenu .
CSS Dock Menu .
jQuery Pop-up Menu Tutorial .
Sliding Menu .

Slide, flip, etc. (Accordions, Slide and Toggle stuff)

jQuery Plugin Accordion .
jQuery Accordion Plugin Horizontal Way .
haccordion - a Simple Horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery .
Horizontal Accordion by .
HoverAccordion .
Example from accordion .
jQuery Accordion Example .
jQuery Demo - Expandable Sidebar Menu .
Sliding Panels for jQuery .
jQuery ToggleElements .
Coda Slider .
jCarousel .
Accesible News Slider Plugin .
Showing and Hiding code Examples .
jQuery Easing Plugin .
jQuery Portlets .
AutoScroll .
Innerfade .

Drag and drop plug-in (Drag and Drop)

UI / Draggables .
EasyDrag jQuery Plugin .
jQuery Portlets .
jqDnR - Drag, Drop resize .
Drag Demos .


XSLT Plugin .
jQuery Ajax Call and result XML parsing .
xmlObjectifier - Converts XML DOM to JSON .
jQuery XSL Transform .
jQuery Taconite - multiple Dom Updates .
RSS / ATOM Feed Parser Plugin .
jQuery Google Feed Plugin .

Browser (Browserstuff)

Wresize - Fix IE Plugin Resize Event .
jQuery ifixpng .
jQuery pngFix .
Link Scrubber - removes the dotted line onfocus from Links .
jQuery Perciformes - the entire Suckerfish familly under one Roof .
Iframe background .
QinIE - for proper display of Q Tags in IE .
jQuery Accessibility Plugin .
jQuery Plugin MouseWheel .

Dialog, the confirmation window (Alert, Prompt, Confirm Windows)

jQuery Impromptu .
jQuery Confirm Plugin .
jqModal .
SimpleModal .


jQuery Style Switcher .
JSS - Javascript StyleSheets .
jQuery Rule - creation / manipulation of CSS Rules .
jPrintArea .

DOM, AJAX and other JQuery plugins (DOM, Ajax and other jQuery plugins)

FlyDOM .
jQuery Dimenion Plugin .
jQuery loggin .
Metadata - extract metadata from classes, attributes, Elements .
Super-Tiny Client-Side Include Javascript jQuery Plugin .
Undo Made Easy with Ajax .
JHeartbeat - periodically poll the Server .
Lazy Load Plugin .
Live Query .
jQuery Timers .
jQuery Share IT - display social bookmarking icons .
jQuery serverCookieJar .
jQuery autosave .
jQuery Puffer .
jQuery iFrame Plugin .
Cookie Plugin for jQuery .
jQuery Spy - Awesome plugin .
Effect Delay Trick .
jQuick - a Quick tag Creator for jQuery .
elementReady .


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