Strength of live practice teaching materials, suitable for each person team look - UFIDA Hua Table CTO talk about "out of the software factory"

A few months ago, on reading "Going the software factory," one book, not yet published at that time, it can be considered the reference of the watch. Although the language rather uneventful, but the contents of people really can not but carry on, as fast as possible after reading the last page of the day, sweating quite happy feeling. One of these days to write about the feelings, in fact, the details of the book after several months of continuous metabolism of brain cells have been almost forgotten, and there is no book in hand, to re-think some of it is unlikely that the Old , we feel that, to this When will remain in the mind of when is one of the best, and a book on the impact of a person with the passage of time also but these, as for the rest, I am sorry for the time being returned to the author of the first.

"Going the software workshop," give me the first feeling is really very Writing, Writing the story of the book appears to be so cordial as if it is happened to them, it seems that writing is its own company. Domestic software industry, mostly SMEs, which few of the R & D team of more than 10 people. Thousands of such companies at home almost every day going through the book in question, repeated every year in the story of the book. Of course, Arjuna Not just ask questions, he put his own 10 years ago from a programmer to CTO of experience in calendar sharing in front of us, each section a specific context, can always look after some pondering, leads to more thinking, want to what to change.

"Going software workshop" appears very necessary, I heard that have been reprinted, it is expected, because this is not the only R & D managers to prepare the book. Product coding, architecture design, requirements analysis, quality testing, documentation and so on these members, everyone, and even other sales, marketing, operation and maintenance, training departments have also won one of. This is not to say This is the stew, but because the software as a product to be successful, not a question of which individual things, not just the responsibility of R & D department, but to participate in company-wide efforts. Software as a new industry in the Mainland is still in its initial stage, although high-tech, but migrant workers should also be coupled with the word, not a lot of aspects such as construction sites have a system in place, and flow, there are norms. Therefore, in all aspects of a variety of contradictions arise come as no surprise.

Employees are required for each growth environment, anything in their careers and have the staff to pursue ideals, no matter what the company is now in position, will always engraved in considering how to improve themselves, to make a big plate. Coding staff to do more the size of a higher technical difficulty to more complex products, designers need to save large-scale product design experience, the demand in the industry want to do more in-depth professional, project manager more than necessary on the accumulation of development experience and management experience . Everyone is from out of the workshop, everyone wants to join the regular army, the cottage where, at best, is a Mountain King , the generals in the regular army has only Medium.

See the current economic situation, I also found out this book very timely, not everyone say that the outside environment, and to many at home practicing Internal Strength, how to practice, what smelting. This does not, is the immediate living textbook, instead of looking for those foreigners who go to our best practices with Chinese characteristics on mechanically, it is better to see out of many workshops, the more More realistic . Of course, even Fred Brooks said that there is no silver bullet, is not suitable to their own would also like to try to figure out themselves.


"Pioneering & promotion", see " Out of software workshop ";

Strength of live practice teaching materials, suitable for each person team look - UFIDA Hua Table CTO talk about "out of the software factory" "job search & interview," Look " The Beauty of Programming - Microsoft technology interview experience "

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