Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles

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Plugin Name: Metrics



Current Version: 1.3.6 (2010-3-3)

1. Installation (update to install slow and failed, or the way dropins Well), after successful installation, Metrics in the Preferences under the relevant configuration, the following diagram:

Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles

2. Use:

A) Adoption of the menu Window -> Show View, open the Metrics view, the following diagram:

Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles

Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles

2) Open source projects need statistics Properties window, select the Metrics, check Enable Metrics to activate this feature, the following diagram:

Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles

Click OK after that start analysis and the results following figure:

Statistics java source code lines - plugin articles


Metrics is a very powerful analytical tool, mainly used to analyze code complexity. Statistics the number of lines of code is just one of the functions.

It can also statistics, such as package dependencies, the effective number of lines of code, methods, the effective number of rows, number of packets, the number of attributes and so on.
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