yui3 get ancestor

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Implementation of YUI3 css selector

Of course, modern libraries have to judge whether the browser implements W3C selector-API , if not just use the following method, the current series will be implemented only ie. Previously analyzed extjs the css selector to achieve, but also skimmed ...

Based on YUI3 Taobao style "picture lazy loading" component

Articles for surreykong original and reproduced to specify the source, from the http://surrey.javaeye.com First of all allow me to F * CK CSDN's blog, I do not know of any problems in the case of the letters of my blog, even the ass are all about lett

2010.3.8 YUI3.0.0 overall understanding of

2010.3.8 YUI3.0.0 overall understanding of 1. Object-oriented, the document completely. 2. Dynamic loading mechanism (dynamic loading Js) 3. Nothing is particularly suitable development tools 4.Build package by the module into the next, Node packages ...

YUI3 core reading notes

node-debug.js: Node for the htmlelement package (addressed cache), the key addMethod, importMethod to Y. DOM in the static method (YUI2 model) to migrate to the Node instance to go. Y.DOM.method (node, args); ==> node.method (args); NodeList for multip

Recent common ancestor LCA: RMQ conversion

1, the recent common ancestor (LCA): For a rooted tree T, two nodes u, v, a recent common ancestor LCA (T, u, v) that a node x, x is to meet u, v and x the depth of the ancestors as large as possible. 2, LCA problem to the RMQ transformation methods: ...

Recent common ancestor LCA: Tarjan algorithm

1, and Charles set + dfs On the tree depth-first traversal, and in the process of constantly traversing some current and possible results of the same query to the node and search the collection and use. 2, classification, so that every node all fell ...

Automatically based on YUI3 the Slider Component Carousel slide

I recently YUI3, write a component-based YUI3 the slide, not wordy, and a direct look at an example: Direct View Demo Code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="zh"> <head> <title> Y.Slider The carousel slide based YUI3 </title> <m

YUI3 use & Loader Analysis

YUI3 and Extjs, jquery's very different is where the module's management, the use of dynamic load management module means the script, I remember the first by the dojo proposed, but as to achieve complex (Extjs Fangmian themselves have tried) ...

yui3 plugin infinite recursion bug?

In pluginhost-debug.js in sections of the code: Which if is set to prevent the plug-in Y. Base. Plug-in instance initialization: Plug-in inherits Y.Plugin.Base, as YUI3 design, Y.Plugin.Base inheritance in Y. Base, Y. Base then augment from PluginHos ...

YUI3 sandbox under the practice of multi-module interaction

Read NCZ's scalable-javascript-application-architecture sand box after YUI3 design and management of a deeper understanding of the module, in particular, the module which is very interesting and interactive way. Traditional model: Previously used ...

YUI3 data delayed loading components

Citation: Popular pages load and render component delay, reference kissy written, prepared to practice what YUI3 module. Demonstrate Principle: 1. Other than the current screen image src is set to the same placeholder picture, monitoring form rolling ...

Understanding YUI3 extension: Base.create

YUI3 in order to avoid unnecessary class inheritance hierarchy, and out of the prototype chain simulation of the single inheritance model, in addition to using Y.augment to expand a single functional mechanism of the expansion with Duo Gongneng moved ...

yui3 triggering event under the load

Some of the previous conclusion: the page load and resource load, the proposed window's load event to trigger a problem and explain the solution to the problem in yui3. Question: Asynchronous script on the page of: We know the window's load event

How to use YUI2 in YUI3 locally

1.download YUI3.1.1 and YUI2in3 (http://github.com/yui/2in3) 2.include the JS below before the YUI () function 3.Pass the name of the module as argument to the use function, eg:

Was our oldest ancestor Proton powered rock?

Why life energy for the production of such a complex and bypass, when a simple chemical reaction would suffice? It just doesn't make sense. They think that most counter-intuitive feature of life is one of the best clues of their origin. As a result, t

YAHOO YUI3 Simple Start

Yui 3 simple usage: First, call the method: Yui since we are using the js library, then certainly the first step is to invoke this file, just above already said we want to use the yui-min.js file, of course, you can rename him, you only need to yui librar

YUI3 implementations in the sandbox

http://www.planabc.net/2010/04/08/study_sandbox_pattern_in_yui3/ Simplified a bit in the sandbox implementation YUI3 way: if (typeof Sandbox === 'undefined' || !Sandbox) { Sandbox = function(o) { var self = this; if (!(self instanceof Sandbox)) { // Allow

YUI reading notes - parse YUI3 constructor prototype (a)

yui-base inside the constructor in the definition of the YUI, the constructor there are some examples of ways that we know for sure is to define the structure in the YUI prototype above. This first analysis _init method, Y an instance initialization metho

YUI3 feelings --- to learn the API page analysis shows that

Modules all models Classes select models of all types of information contained in Files of the model JS file Properties selected Class of the attribute information Methods to select the method of Class Events selected Class of the event information C ...

YUI3 Learning feelings --- the API page of instructions

Modules all models Classes selected model contains all the classes of information Files of the model's JS files Properties select the Class of attribute information Select the method of Class Methods Events selected Class of the event information Conf

YUI3 the YUI constructor

YUI constructor var YUI = function() { var i = 0, Y = this,// Use y to save YUI Instance args = arguments, l = args.length, instanceOf = function(o, type) {// InstanceOf methods defined , To see if o is an object and an instance of a type return (o

YUI 3 Study Notes (2) - Node

Node is a DOM node is used to operate the tools, virtually every instance of a Node represents a DOM node, each of a NodeList represents a group of DOM node. From YUI2.x to YUI3.0 related api has changed, specifically the last part of this article ca ...

A server simultaneously run multiple different versions of Rails application [to Taiwan thegiive article]

http://lightyror.thegiive.net/2007/04/rails-version.html, following its original content. Rails site now using, Version divided into several faction. 0.x 1.0 1.1 1.2 Rails 0.X is a few years ago began to use the Rails at the ancestor of the domestic ...

Wu first javascript

http://www.cnblogs.com/leadzen/archive/2008/02/25/1073404.html Classic Introduction Programming the world exist only two basic elements, one is data, a code. Programming world is in the data and code in a web of tangled displays unlimited vigor and vitali

JQuery tutorial basic common method

$ ( "P"). AddClass (css style defined type); to add an element of style $ ( "Img"). Attr ((src: "test.jpg", alt: "test Image")); to add an element property / value parameter is the map $ ( "Img"). Attr (

js-window object and property information

Skilled window object open, close, alert, confirm, prompt, setTimeout, clearTimeout, setInterval, clearInterval, moveBy, resizeBy, scrollBy method use Grasp the window object moveTo, resizeTo, scrollTo, print method to use Master the window object's s

Spring2.5 IoC container and the bean

Introduction org.springframework.beans and org.springframework.context package is based on Spring IoC container. BeanFactory provides the configuration framework and basic functions, ApplicationContext is the expansion of BeanFactory, an increase of more

"In-depth Java Virtual Machine" Study Notes 5: Type Life Cycle

Chapter VII of the types of life-cycle 1, type load, links, and initialization Java Virtual Machine through the loading, linking and initializing a Java type, so that the type of running can be used by Java programs. Among them, loading Java types is to r

Log4j configuration file example _jackey

Introduction: Recent always use log4j stuff, I think this a good tool for you than I am familiar with logs, presumably have a taste of its rich and powerful. We all know that both log4j and common-logging with the use of. Today, I own the log4j stuff to b

2010.02.03 (2) - jquery ajax to add a progress bar as well as the relative positioning and absolute positioning

2010.02.03 (2) - jquery ajax to add a progress bar as well as the relative positioning and absolute positioning relative positioning: absolute positioning: Relative positioning: It is relative to the original location Absolute positioning: It is has ...


Learning struts +spring+hibernate, In particular, the process is Appfuse ant use a large number of involved, so I think it is necessary to ant to be a more in-depth study, the following is collected in the learning process the material. More detail, it is

Use Log4j for logging

In early 1996, the European security electronics market (EU SEMPER) project group decided to write your own logging API, then the API has evolved into Log4j. Log4j is an open source project, a very popular Java logging package. It allows developers to cod

dom4j through xpath query xml

Get Document SAXReader saxReader = new SAXReader (); Document document = saxReader.read (FileUtil.getFileInputStream (fileName)); Query Element String xpath = "/ rec / vol / correct"; / / query "/ rec / vol / correct" all the node ...

Struts2 tag library [Tablib] Continued

Data Label @ TODO complete the following data tag data tag including a action bean date debug i18n include param push set text url property 4.2 UI label UI label associated mainly refers to the Form tag, UI label is divided into two parts: form tag and th

jquery list of common methods

Attribute: $("p").addClass(css Defined in the type style ); Add style to an element $("img").attr({src:"test.jpg",alt:"test Image"}); Add attribute to an element / Value , Parameter is the map $("img").attr("src","test.jpg"); Add attribute to an element /

YUI 3 Study Notes (1)-YUI Global Object

YUI3 module has been released, and the supporting tools and components While it is not full, but also plans to 2010 All year launched, I sense that YUI feature more comprehensive and more detailed documentation, it has always been more concerned, thi ...

jQuery Method Daquan

Dom: Attribute: $("p").addClass(css Defined in the type style ); Add style to an element $("img").attr({src:"test.jpg",alt:"test Image"}); Add attribute to an element / Value , Parameter is the map $("img").attr("src","test.jpg"); Add attribute to an elem

YUI 3 Study Notes (3) - Event

YUI's Event package can be used to manipulate the DOM events, you can also custom event. 1. To use the Event, the first to introduce YUI3 seed file: <script src="http://yui.yahooapis.com/3.0.0/build/yui/yui-min.js"></script> Then load the

YUI 3 Study Notes (5) - Attribute class

Attribute class used to add a class attribute, set it to class and get an increase of the function for the operation of the property value, and also supports property change event to monitor the changes also can customize the property setter, getter, ...

A collection of (reproduced) in a summary of all of the windows windows

js windows windows Skilled window object open, close, alert, confirm, prompt, setTimeout, clearTimeout, setInterval, clearInterval, moveBy, resizeBy, scrollBy method to master and use window object moveTo, resizeTo, scrollTo, print method of window object

Recently encountered problems and hope that Big Brother pointing

1.YUI3 in the Node of setAttrs () method how to pass parameters 2.YUI3 in setStyles () to set the dom of the style object property value, not style the value of the label, set the style when the dom to find the properties of this problem may be to us ...

2010.03.05 - jquery's children (), parent (), parents (), find (), contents ()

2010.03.05 - jquery's children (), parent (), parents (), find (), contents () 1. To find ancestor elements, parent () is used to find the father of elements 2. To find descendants of element jquery only provides a way to find descendants of thes ...

path and the classpath

What is the path Is the path of your JDK's work For example, your jdk is installed in C: / jdk / At this point of your path (if they do not PATH) is set to PATH; C: / jdk / bin What is the Classpath Classpath is a Java an important concept that descri

XForms 1.1 Chinese Translation - Chapter 2 Introduction to XForms

2 XForms Introduction XForms is the many years of experience in HTML form based on the design. HTML Forms have formed the backbone of e-commerce revolution, showing their value, also shows a number of worthwhile improvement. Contrast XForms with HTML Form

[Notes] Constructor constructor

main () method is the initial point of the application, when the application is running up the time, method main is the first call content. Create a class for each instance to initialize all of its variables are boring. If an object is created when c ...

Step by step to learn spring (3) - Bean instantiation of several ways

We all know, spring container startup, first of all through ResourceLoader (resource loader) to load the specified srping resources (spring in the bean configuration information), and then parse XmlBeanDefinitionReader resources processing, finally a ...

Zhang Xiaoxiang J2SE strengthen the self-Notes (41-47)

41, a custom generic method for practicing and type inference Summary: (6) type parameters of type inference: too complex is not commonly used - "omitted 42, a custom generic classes of applications: / / define test classes: public class Person ...

android adapter system

Android development in the use of the list is very common. google for a list of packages to make the list not only the ability to display a list of traditional texts, but also added such as the choice items, rehabilitation options such as the ability ...

Java, the difference between equals and the equals sign, feel in a good

Transfer from: http://www.javaresearch.org/html/article/46110.htm Summarized in one sentence: == to compare two object references (ie, memory address) is equal, and equals () comparison is the value of two objects (ie, memory address where stored val ...

YUI 3 Study Notes (4) - Base base class

Base is a base class, through inheritance Base can be a uniform way to create your own with new properties, and serve as the purpose of the event (Event target) class. 1. To use the Base, the first to introduce YUI3 seed file: Then load the appropria ...
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