xmlhttp.responseText accent

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xmlhttp.responseText value of less than, the callback function is most important

function getDataByAjax (requestType, url) ( var xmlhttp = createXMLHTTP (); if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlhttp = new window.XMLHttpRequest (); / / IE7.0, IE8.0, FireFox, Mozilla, Safari, Opera xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); if (xmlhttp.overrideMineTyp

Detailed API Object XMLHTTP

XMLHttpRequest To provide client server communications with the http protocol Dim HttpReq As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP30 HttpReq.open "GET", "http://localhost/books.xml", False HttpReq.send MsgBox HttpReq.responseText Remarks XmlHttp client object can (MSXML2.XM

FireFox in the cross-domain access XMLHTTP

One is modified firefox settings in firefox's address bar "about: config", and find signed.applets.codebase_principal_support, set it to true. There is Programming method used in other fields before the visit, you can use the following

Loading HTML files through XMLHTTP

<html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> var xmlhttp; function loadXMLDoc(url){ xmlhttp = null; // code for Firefox, Opera, IE7, etc. if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else { // code for IE6, IE5 if (win

ajax overtime

ajax overtime

PHPRPC 2.1 of the ASP server and client

After three days of efforts, finally put the ASP server and client PHPRPC written, in order to make full use of already written code, ASP's server and client are using JScript's implementation, which calls the original written utf. js, base64.js,

AJAX response to the basic implementation of a simple example

Send requests for the page code The results of their implementation are the content of the text file back to the <input type="text"> show

ajax package (create, call) Example

1.share.js function MyAjax (url) ( this.url = url; this.xmlHttp = (); ); MyAjax.prototype.createXMLHttpRequest = function () ( if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( this.xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); ) Else if (window.ActiveXObject) ( this.xmlHttp = new Ac ...

js events Guinness 2

Event source object event.srcElement.tagName event.srcElement.type Capture release event.srcElement.setCapture (); event.srcElement.releaseCapture (); Events button event.keyCode event.shiftKey event.altKey event.ctrlKey Return value events event.returnVa

ajax Study Notes

Ajax by the HTML, JavaScript ™ technology, DHTML and DOM composition, this method can be distinguished clumsy Web interface will be transformed into interactive Ajax applications. Ajax definition By the way, Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (a ...

Principle and Application of Ajax

In writing this article before, once wrote an essay about AJAX technologies, but involves a very narrow aspect of AJAX technology background, principles, advantages and disadvantages and other aspects is rarely associated with null. The background to writ

XmlHttpRequest instance

Reference: http://www.cnblogs.com/chy710/archive/2007/04/15/713868.html


varxmlhttp = null; / / Get node value var domname = document.getElementById ( "domname"). value; / / Determine the browser the HttpRequest object if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); / / For the mozillar browser bug ...


varxmlhttp = null; / / Get node value var domname = document.getElementById ( "domname"). value; / / Determine the browser the HttpRequest object if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); / / For the mozillar browser bug if (


var xmlhttp = null; / / Get node value var domname = document.getElementById ( "domname"). value; / / Determine the browser the HttpRequest object if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); / / For the mozillar browser bug if

javascript skills Guinness (3)

/ / Custom apply, call Function.prototype.apply = function (obj, argu) ( if (obj) obj.constructor.prototype._caller = this; var argus = new Array (); for (var i = 0; i <argu.length; i + +) argus [i] = "argu [" + i + "]"; var r; ...

ajax to submit data (agent function)

ajax submit / / 1. To determine whether the user for the landing function isLogin (url, page) ( try ( var a = new MyAjax (); var u = <% = request.getContextPath ()%>/ LoginAction.do? action = unLogin; var queryString = "validateCode =" ...

Ajax small procedures, the principle of know Ajax

Today look <ajax Basic course >, ajax start studying the bottom of something, be helpful in understanding the atlas. The following are the most simple ajax code ---- innerHTML. htm ---- <! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1. ...

Ajax principle. Development. Merits. Problems

AJAX because of his relatively late, in the face of various ways to achieve AJAX I feel confusion, the tunnel will be their understanding of AJAX now you organize, but also facilitate future themselves be able to further a better understanding of AJAX. Aj

AJAX and use five-step deal with garbled English!

From the "AJAX technology portal" on the video excerpt of the code, feel quite used drops down, and after the use of the AJAX directly in their own blog on the need to find, save GOOGLE time, First kiss? ! Drawings are as follows: only a si ...

json2.js json.jar

json.jar this thing really hard to find, download available to everyone. And copied an example to study study. Examples of sources: "Ajax basic tutorial" Kim Ryong Translation, etc. This book is very good. jsonExample.html <html> <head

AJAX real

/ / Create object, IE - ActiveXObject, firefox - XMLHttpReuqest. function createXMLHttpRequest () ( if (window.ActiveXObject) ( xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ( "Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); ) else if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlHttp = new XMLHttpReq ...

AJAX Getting Started

Brief introduction Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language The use of AJAX is a JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language (XML), in a web browser and server to send or receive data between the tec ...

The basic functions of a common source AJAX

This program demonstrated the basic ajax functions: 1 xml result set to return to the page Another two pages show the current page 3 shows a string to the page ajax.js the core method for ajax AjaxAction.java category for background processing ajaxte ...

Rewritten to use AJAX projects

I think as long as the beginning of more projects, in order to better enhance the skills, but learning MLDN, I found, do the project as a project to do fine, but also a very strong grasp of a project may be arising from the various issues, as well as how

Ajax to study the application of

Ajax in the commonly used in the development of java web application code is as follows: <% @ Page language = "java" import = "java.util .*" pageEncoding = "UTF-8"%> <% String path = request.getContextPath (); String

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous transmission

Ajax synchronous and asynchronous transmission

Asynchronous AJAX form submission

Objective: To refresh the page to complete the form is not submitted and dynamic verification Methods: In the form page after clicking submit on the current page using AJAX to submit form data via a paper form after processing. So on the current page ...

The first time the use of Ajax

Today for the first time the use of Ajax, do not use the framework, spend half a day, but the Many harvest . js file: var xmlHttp; function methodName (obj) ( if (window.XMLHttpxmlHttpuest) ( xmlHttp = new XMLHttpxmlHttpuest (); / / non-IE browser, c ...

Struts2 + JSON to achieve the return of objects and a list of AJAX

JSON is a plug-in, it allows us to call in the asynchronous JavaScript in Action, it provides a return json result type (ResultType), as long as the specified type for Action return json result type, then the outcome of this response does not need to retu

Use JSON to send data to the server

Has done so much, you are more comfortable to use JavaScript, and perhaps in the model to consider more information on the browser. However, after reading the previous example (the use of XML to the server to send complex data structures), you may change

An hour to get Ajax

An hour to get Ajax, serious proposals reference manual xmlhttp legendary Ajax, entry is easy. Of course, something deeper than the understanding of their principles, learn more quickly. Principle: UI -> XMLHttpRequest -> Ajax engine -> server -

Struts2 dynamic data validation on the echo problem

struts2 for the server-side validation, can be used two kinds of, 1: rewrite the validate method, 2: The validate framework, let us look at validate method, the following diagram as an example. Figure marital status and gender requirements dynamicall ...

Servlet + AJAX data processing and display

Achieve functions: the input box, type character, with AJAX background Servlet reached after treatment with random numbers, and return to the front display. 1, write jsp front page index.jsp Second, write back Servlet plus random random number, the k ...

AJAX to read XML content and then arranged display

Implementation features: Click button, indicating that out.println pass through the JSP pages of information over the xml one, including XML, JSP pages <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="utf-8"%> <% response.setContentTyp

Ajax get form value of passing to the Servlet design

Now JavaWeb area, MVC framework for an increasing number of relatively well-known are Struts, Struts2, SpringMVC, WebWork and so on. The Ajax, as a specific dynamic Web programming language (such as Java, C #, PHP) unrelated to technology, but also has be

JS Advanced Applications (1)

Page Jump: window.location.href ( 'Address') window.open ( 'address', '_self') Open a new window: window.open ( 'address', '_blank') Only show the address bar: window.open ( 'address', 'title', '

Simple Ajax + Struts

/ / Implementation linkage JS function createXMLHttpRequest () ( if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); ) Else if (window.ActiveXObject) ( xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ( "Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); ) Else ( xmlHttp = new Act ...

Thunder imitate the search box

Try to write a major code: <strong> JS </ strong> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var xmlhttp; function CreateXmlHttp () ( if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); ) els ...

ajax parse xml and display the

The following were: parseXML.xml, parseXML.jsp <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <states> <north> <state> Beijing </ state> <state> Tianjin </ state> <state> Dalian </ s ...

Principle of detailed description of Ajax

Ajax from the HTML, JavaScript? Technology, DHTML, and DOM composition, this method can be distinguished clumsy Web interface, into interactive Ajax applications. This series was written by an Ajax expert, demonstrates how these technologies work together

Practical and does not fancy the js code complete

Event source object event.srcElement.tagName event.srcElement.type Capture Release event.srcElement.setCapture (); event.srcElement.releaseCapture (); Events button event.keyCode event.shiftKey event.altKey event.ctrlKey Event return values event.returnVa

Is compatible with IE and Firefox, XMLHttpRequest code

var xmlhttp=null; function createXMLHTTPReaquest(){ if(window.XMLHttpRequest){ xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest() }else if(window.ActiveXObject){ xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") } } Call Example: function callArticleTitle (v) ( createXMLHTTPReaqu

Ajax Chinese garbled treatment

URL encoding methods are three kinds of escape (), unescape () encodeURI (), decodeURI () encodeURIComponent (), decodeURIComponent () This is the role played by several encoding different escape () method: Use of ISO Latin character set to encode th ...

httpServletRequest asynchronous call, a number of. do requests

When a page button on a hyperlink to another page, but this page of data, through a different number. Do a request to fill the data, use the asynchronous call. And used var tmpInterval = window.setInterval ( "getEveryPageInfo ()", 1000); / ...

js general reference service

document.all [ 'heading1']. style.fontSize = 'xx-small'; Event source object event.srcElement.tagName event.srcElement.type Capture Release event.srcElement.setCapture (); event.srcElement.releaseCapture (); Events button event.keyCode - B

ajax verify that names are repeated

<script src ="<%= path%> / manage / js / prototype.js "type =" text / javascript "> </ script> <script language="javascript"> var flag = 0; function checkusername () ( var username = document.getElemen

Statistics online using ajax

<SCRIPT Language=javascript> function updatenumber () ( var url = "<% = path%> / manageuser.do? task = updatenumber"; new Ajax.Request (url, (asynchronous: false, method: 'post', onComplete: function (xmlHttp) ( if (200 ...

A simple example of an Ajax

WEB applications typically interact with the server is to use a HTML form GET or POST data to the server. The users will need to click "submit" button to send / access to information, waiting for response from the server, and then a new pag ...

ajax form submission, it is to use the code, a collection of

function ajaxSubmitForm (form, resultDivId) ( var elements = form.elements; / / Enumeration the form elements var element; var i; var postContent = "";// Form contents need to submit for (i = 0; i <elements.length; + + i) ( var element = ...
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