Transfer: Install configure load balancing HAProxy

Original Source: http://blog.chenlb.com/2009/06/install-haproxy-and-configure-load-balance.html It is said that HAProxy can do load balancing, server health monitoring but can also have automatic stop down distribution of machines, when the server is

Terracotta Tomcat through the Web-based Application Clusters

Original http://blog.csdn.net/lima01/archive/2009/07/25/4379572.aspx This article describes how to configure Tomcat and Terracotta server will be common Web application deployment to the cluster, the nodes across Tomcat session replication to achieve load

Radio receivers - BroadcastReceiver

Radio receivers - BroadcastReceiver 1. Overview of broadcasting is divided into two different types: "ordinary radio (Normal broadcasts)" and "orderly Broadcasting (Ordered broadcasts)". General broadcast is completely asynchronous, an

Simulation of post form socket

post, in essence, the purpose of proceedings sent to a sign an agreement for the post string as follows: 01 POST / Purpose program HTTP/1.1 02 Accept: */* 03 Referer: http: //www.phpiask.com 04 Accept-Language: zh-cn,en-us;q=0.5 05 Content-Type: applicati

urlconnection and httpclient

urlconnection: String urlAddress = ""; URL url; HttpURLConnection uRLConnection; public UrlConnectionToServer(){ } public String doGet(String username,String password){ String getUrl = urlAddress + "?usernam

Turn: Install configure load balancing HAProxy

ORIGINAL: http://blog.chenlb.com/2009/06/install-haproxy-and-configure-load-balance.html Said HAProxy can do load balancing, server health monitoring can also have distribution down the automatic stop when the server is normal, then automatically balanced

(Transfer) nginx + resin session problem-solving

A few days ago to see http://code.google.com have nginx_upstream_jvm_route project, read the introduction, very excited, because it is written by a Chinese patch to address the session of sync problem, but he is not shared, nor is it synchronization, but

SSH framework of the relevant issues

1. . . . . Serious: Servlet.service () for servlet struts threw exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: id to load is required for loading at org.hibernate.event.LoadEvent. <init> (LoadEvent.java: 74) at org.hibernate.event.LoadEvent. <init

IIS + peanut shell + tomcat: build Web sites using free domain name

On the Web accidentally discovered peanut shells, their Daoteng a pass, set over set in the past, external network still can not access my computer, added a customer service QQ, was always not online. Peanut Shell yesterday suddenly found the customer ser

IIS + peanut shells + tomcat: build a Web site with free domain name

On the Web by chance found a peanut shell, their Daoteng a pass, set over set in the past, or the external network can not access my computer, added a customer service QQ, then, is not always online. Yesterday, suddenly found the customer service line a p

linux kernel version on the throughput of

Hardware environment, Dell 1950, E5410X2, 16G Original use centos 5.3 x64, kernel version 2.6.18-128.el5, deployment tomcat, do the ab stress test, there are about 8000 / s throughput. Recently upgraded the kernel to, the same with ab and we

haproxy load balancing

HAProxy provide high availability, load balancing, and application based on TCP and HTTP proxy that supports virtual hosts, it is free, fast and reliable a solution. According to official data, the maximum limit of concurrent support for 10G. HAProxy part

Tomcat Virtual Host Configuration

1. DNS configuration C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ Modify the hosts increase in IP, and domain mapping Open the tomcat / conf / server.xml file Increase HOST element configuration You can configure multiple virtual machines Now you can st ...

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren

Proxy ip test passes = 8909 = 8909 This is my one day test agent ip, speed is quite slow, these are available to everyone hope you can help = 8909 = 8909 = 8909 = 8909 host-120.155-43-

Complete multi-file upload instances of Flex

The following example shows the complete upload files with Flex code. 1. Realizing the functions: * A select multiple file upload * Upload displayed during the progress of each file * If an image, you can preview it before uploading * Can choose to upload

JAVA cutting pictures

1.protected void processRequest (HttpServletRequest request, 2. 3.HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { 4. 5.String Pic = (String) request.getParameter ("p"); 6. 7.int PointX = Integer.parseInt (request.getParamete

Application HttpService

/ * 2 * $ HeadURL: https: / / svn.apache.org/repos/asf/httpcomponents/httpcore/tags/4.0.1/httpcore/src/examples/org/apache/http/examples/ElementalHttpServer.java $ 3 * $ Revision: 744516 $ 4 * $ Date: 2009-02-14 17:38:14 +0100 (Sat, 14 Feb 2009) $ 5

Introduction to the simple example of HttpUnit

01.package com.amway.test; 02.import java.io.IOException; 03.import org.xml.sax.SAXException; 04.import com.meterware.httpunit.GetMethodWebRequest; 05.import com.meterware.httpunit.PostMethodWebRequest; 06.import com.meterware.httpunit.TableCell; 07.
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