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How IBM JDK 1.4.2 environment to avoid the Java heap space debris

Users to use WebSphere Application Server (hereinafter referred to as WAS), when running their applications often run into Out Of Memory problems (short OOM problem), in which case a large part of the problem is Java heap space debris caused the OOM probl

JAVA Performance Tuning-IBM JDK JVM parameters

This article describes the IBM JDK under the common parameter settings. -Xms: minimum heap size -Xmx: maximum heap size -Xminf and-Xmaxf: GC (garbage collection) of free space after the minimum and maximum values -Xmine and-Xmaxe: minimum maximum hea

gentoo ibm-jdk-bin- emerge problem

1 can not download ibm-java-sdk-6.0-9.0-linux-i386.tgz, must be downloaded manually, but the ibm-jdk-bin- in RESTRICT = 'fetch', so this constraint must be canceled , and then rebuild ebuild, ebuild ... digest 2 looks like an officia

IBM JDK and the sun jdk difference

IBM's virtual machine in the official guidance document clearly states that prohibit the virtual machine is set to equal the maximum and minimum, otherwise it will result in the following two consequences <1> greatly increase the garbage collect

AIX environment to install IBM JDK 1.6

Because of the need to install weblogic10, so the JDK upgrade, upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6. Then go to the following address to download: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/aix/service.html # i1 Choose their own system, JDK version download here,

redhat install the IBM JDK

edit / etc / sysconfig / selinux SELINUX = permissive change SELINUX = disabled Restart

weblogic on the Chinese question

AIX machine once again encountered the Chinese in weblogic A complete solution: 1.weblogic boot parameters increase -Ddefault.client.encoding = "GBK"-Dfile.encoding = "GBK"-Duser.language = "Zh"-Duser.region = "CN


IBM JDK id: siemens800@126.com http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/linux/download.html Java SE Version 6 Download Plug-in support Web Start support 64-bit AMD/Opteron/EM64T SR7 No Yes 32-bit x86 SR7 Yes Yes 32-bit IBM POWER SR7 Yes Yes 64-bit ...

[Reprinted] IBM WAS in like Report a sun.io.MalformedInputException wrong solution

Keywords: MalformedInputException; ibm.stream.nio; SRVE0181I Product: WebSphere Application Server (hereinafter referred to as WAS) Version: 5.1.0; 5.1.1 Platform: Windows, AIX, Linux Problem description: In WAS V5.1 running JSP file contains Chinese Syst

JRE and JDK you start the application server role

Came into contact with Java, Java Virtual Machine that when too much trouble, do not understand the difference between JRE and JDK What? Then figure out a runtime environment JRE, JDK is a development environment. So when writing Java programs need J

Weblogic on Linux in particular the problem of slow start

Actually under the JVM bug in Linux He wanted to call a random function but can not receive Temporary solution is 2) 1) a better solution: In the Weblogic boot parameters add "- Djava.security.egd = file: / dev /. / Urandom "(/ dev / urando

JAVA Performance Tuning-Sun Hotspot JDK JVM parameter

(Transfer from: http://www.hashei.me/2009/05/tuning-the-sun-hotspot-jdk.html ) Mainly based on this PDF ( GCTuningGuidelines ) written. The first is the introduction of the new JDK1.5 features Ergonomic Settings (automatic optimization of parameters)

Configuring WebLogic MyEclipse

Configuring the WebLogic 92 server MyEclipse Start Eclipse, select "Window - Preferences" menu, open the Preferences dialog box. Expand Application Servers node under MyEclipse, click on WebLogic 9, select the Enable radio button to the right, e

ant weblogic "local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUI"

weblogic.management.ManagementException: [Management:141266]Parsing Failure in config.xml: javax.xml.namespace.QName; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 4418622981026545151, local class serialVersionUID = -9120448754896609940 at

weblogic 9 starts slow changes

Software version: WebLogic 9 MP3 Operating System: SuSE Linux 10 sp2 slow slow start to create the characteristics of the domain: create a domain to 70%, the process for a long time to wait (command line was created to stop at 100%), create the domain

configured weblogic 9.X

configured weblogic 9.X The following article transferred from another article, the specific address is unknown, the author thanks. Add that the attention to local For starters, Weblogic configuration often confusing, in fact, should be relatively easy. F

JDK.Tomcat.Eclipse installation and environment configuration

1.JDK Installation Is the core of the Java JDK, including the Java runtime environment (Java Runtime Envirnment), a bunch of Java tools and Java-based library (rt.jar). No matter what the real Java application servers are built a version of the JDK. So le

MyEclipse configure WebLogic

Configuring the WebLogic 92 server MyEclipse Start Eclipse, select "Window - Preferences" menu, open the Preferences dialog box. MyEclipse launched under Application Servers node, click on WebLogic 9, the right of the Enable radio button se

MyEclipse + WebLogic configuration in detail

① WebLogic 8 to support the J2EE 1.3, Servlet 2.3 specification is. If you create a Web Project in MyEclipse the selection of the J2EE 1.4 [default], when the deployment will be abnormal, suggesting that the deployment descriptor web.xml is malformed, tha

Set the WebLogic startup memory

We often use WebLoigc the application is deployed, that the running speed is not fast, in which case we can try to adjust the memory allocated at startup, set in two ways: First, in the .. \ domain \ startWebLoigc .*** file set startWebLogic.bat or s

EJBCA Quick start guide

Quick start guide Prerequisites Note EJBCA makes use of strong crypto and keystore passwords longer than 7 characters. For this to work you must install the 'Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files' for JDK. The policy files can be found at t

HypericHQ Introduction. Windows on the HQ building and environmental installation source

Introduction of a Hyperic HQ (1) Features Hyperic HQ is an open source (General Public License, GPL license) IT resource management framework for a unified user interface to manage a variety of IT resource management, Hyperic HQ can monitor and manag

Java Web Application Server Comparison

Transfer from: http://special.e800.com.cn/070902/ Case] [Editor Tomcat is an open source, run servlet and JSP Web application software application software based on Java Web container. Subprojects by the Apache-Jakarta Tomcat support from the open source

HypericHQ profile. Windows source code on the HQ building and installation environment

A About Hyperic HQ (1) Introduction Hyperic HQ is an open source (General Public License, GPL license) IT resource management framework, allowing users to use a unified interface to manage a variety of IT resource management, Hyperic HQ to monitor and man

Hibernate performance optimization techniques

Deal with large amount of data at the time, there will be many data buffer stored in the Session level cache, this cache will be great too serious display performance, so in the use of Hibernate handle large data volume, you can use session.clear ( ) ...

Requirements of the Java Development Collection (occupied)

Job description: Energy Software Management and Development Job requirements: 1 , Computer science or related professional degree or above; 2 3 years work experience, 2 years Java project development experience; 3 At least participated in more than one ma

AIX install WebSphere

aix comes with IBM jdk, java-version to see into the CD-ROM into the aix directory,. / install to install as using the graphical installation interface, the installation should be used when xmanager During installation, there are few options, step by ...

Linux 5.3 x64 + NW BW installation process needs JDK1.4 x64

JDK 1.4_00 64 Bit Recommended IBM jdk sun.com site did not find 64-bit Linux version of the jdk, can only download the version of IBM. Moreover, SAP recommends using the IBM JDK. There was a problem detected with the SAP startup framework of the WebA ...

Content Management System

1, Content Management System (CMS) About CMS Content Management System is the acronym meaning "content management system." CMS has many outstanding design based on templates, you can speed up Web development speed and reduce development costs. C

Concise Guide to learn JMS (1)

Basics JMS application or component is communication between the application program interface, use it, we can easily achieve different remote communication between the JVM. To achieve long-range communication, RPC can do the same, but the RPC has inevita

WebSphere5.1 next spring or hibernate in the xml file load problem

Program running in the Tomcat normal, a put WebSphere on the exception, that hibernate.xml configuration file can not read. Baidu search and found other people also encountered similar problems. -------------- The following content is the reprint, I ...

JAVA issue positioning technology (2)

Performance Bottleneck Analysis Performance implications: Some occasions the speed performance means that the user experience, such as the interface operation. - Also suitable for use OptimizeIt of occasions, high-throughput means high performance, s ...

Server starts and solutions to common errors

1) The console reports The WebLogic Server did not start up properly. java.io.InvalidClassException: javax.management.MBeanAttributeInfo; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 7043855487133450673, local class serialVersionUID ...

ant daily build learning 5 (findbugs multiple files into details)

The previous article discussed the fingbugs use this article to elaborate on the use of attention: Using FindBugs will report the following error java.lang.VerifyError: Cannot inherit from final class at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0 (Native Met

Hello World, a simple JSR 168 portlet

In this paper, Hello World example to introduce how to use the JSR 168 API write portlet, packaged into a portlet application, portlet applications deployed to the portlet container. Finally, the reference implementation of JSR 168-Apache pluto installati

Hibernate Performance Tuning Tips

This article is a summary of Hibernate performance optimization techniques, divided into 13 pieces, each of the different aspects of a layman's introduction to seriously study and understand you stand to benefit the. Article is divided into 13 small p

Class class loader on the issue of memory leaks

Since: http://blog.csdn.net/runanli/archive/2008/09/24/2972361.aspx Wave background and technical personnel for the Guangdong Tobacco Tobacco December 10 memory overflow events of a wide range of technology and get some constructive suggestions and conclu

Class loader - the memory leak problem of a

About websphere console to restart the application, rather than restart the websphere, this time a static class can not be recovered, resulting in some classes can not be destroyed, occupied by the memory, but this memory can not be reused, can be said th

Common structural framework of the big dreams architect search

In practice, it summarizes some common high-level models of software system architecture in order to supply the reference with the system design. These modes include: Single-service two-tier / multi-layer C / S; MVC structure; SOA and service-oriented mul

JVM garbage collection summary (8): Reflection and Reference

The Paradox of garbage collection The so-called "winner Xiao He Xiao He lost." Java's garbage collection have brought many benefits for the development is made easier. However, in some high-performance, high concurrency situation, garbage co

hibernate performance tuning note points

1) In dealing with large amounts of data, there will be a lot of data stored in the Session of a buffer cache, this cache is too large will be severely display performance, so using Hibernate to handle large amounts of data, you can use session.clear ( )

Hibernate Developer Guide

They come in here and are attributed to Sri Lanka. Hope to talk to some use. This is not trying to replace Hibernate Reference, relatively speaking, Hibernate Reference Purpose is the preparation easier for developers to provide the index entries, and thi

[Transfer] Hibernate performance tuning

Many people think that Hibernate naturally low efficiency and, indeed, in the general case, the need to perform the conversion for the SQL statements Hibernate efficiency than direct JDBC access, however, after after a good performance optimization, Hiber

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space errors,

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space errors Today especially depressed, get hold of the wrong eclipse get a long time, 囧 ~ Generally speaking what is said, the jvm memory leak. To modify the size of jvm memory area permanently, the online

WebSphere Application Server memory leak detection and diagnostic tools

Level: Intermediate School North Lee (lixuec@cn.ibm.com), Senior Software Engineer, IBM China Software Development Center November 21, 2006 This article describes how to implement WebSphere Application Server application memory leak detection, and IBM pro

Middleware and Web Services

As a large class of middleware software, and operating systems, database management system and that "the troika", its importance is self speaking. So what is middleware? Middleware software is a stand-alone programs or services, distributed appl

Configure weblogic10 in myeclipse

1, start Eclipse, select "Window -> Preferences" menu, open the Preferences dialog box. Expand Application Servers node under MyEclipse, click on WebLogic 10, the right of the Enable radio button is selected, enable the WebLogic server.

Find the stack pointer / reference

To salvage some scraps of text. The letter is ItEye station a conversation. Here is the problem and reply to the content, with supplement. ================================================== ================= Problem Received when the beginning of this que

Oracle Database 11g for win7

win7 the system is installed Oracle 10g XE Database, you can not use. Reasons for the Oracle 10g Database system not supported win7 Please check Oracle's official website: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25329_01/doc/install.102/b25143/toc.ht

Reproduced <program to migrate from tomcat to websphere changes>

But recently moved to websphere, and many problems, now out, organize and share large 1 in the migration process, there's always the first guide: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot initialize context because there is already a root
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