vlan what is mmi

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cisco achieve division vlan (virtual LAN)

Connection diagram is as follows: switch1 port 1 with pc1 swtich2 port 2 with pc2 swtich1 switch2 port 12 with port 12 Set pc1 In the command line, type winipcfg (spelling failure can) Set ip address is as follows: Similarly set pc2 In the command li ...

android MMI (multimedia) interface - music player

android MMI (multimedia) interface - music player (Mainly the Activity class with drawing code button and textview other omitted public class mainActivity extends Activity ( / / To play music is to be the object of a media player private MediaPlayer

And L4 MMI Communications

1.1. How to communicate Send/Receive messages thru the message Queue. #define OslMsgSendExtQueue msg_send_ext_queue #define OslReceiveMsgExtQ receive_msg_ext_q SetProtocolEventHandler(FuncCB, msg_id); 1.2. Communication data typedef struct ilm_struct

gns3 by using 16ES card after vlan, vlan protocol problem can not be activated!

Question: 2 sets of 3642 using the command to create vlan vlan datebase, will be one of 16 board in the port to the vlan2. All ports and vlan svi 2 no shutdown router card after connecting the appropriate ports, cables that can not make one end of th

Create vlan, bridge, bond method

Find a ifcfg-eth0 file adapted this: bond: Bound to eth1 and eth2 as bond0, the copy of ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-bond0, adding at the end BONDING_MASTER = 'yes' BONDING_MODULE_OPTS = 'mode = 1 miimon = 100' BONDING_SLAVE0 = 'eth1' BON

CISCO3560 VLAN configuration example [original specification]

1 Note 1.1 switch startup takes about 4-5 minutes; 1.2 cable into the switch interface from yellow to green takes about 1-2 minutes, or enter the normal operating mode; 1.3 It is recommended using the XP operating system, 2003 HyperTerminal is not in

VLan way to organize the division of

VLAN classification in four ways: 1 According to divide the port VLAN Many companies take advantage of VLAN switch port into VLAN membership. The port is set in the same broadcast domain. For example, 1,2,3,4,5 a switch port is defined as a virtual n

What is a VLAN? VLAN classification method

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a virtual local area network, is a device through the LAN logically instead of physically divided into a segment in order to achieve a virtual working group of emerging technologies. IEEE 1999 standard promulgated

Guide to mobile development platform. Introduction tutorial and information

Recently, nothing, put the cell phone development platform study guides, tutorial and summarize information to facilitate your reference. Mobile client software development platform is the biggest difficult not uniform, many mobile phone development platf

Guide to mobile phone development platform. Tutorials and information on (reprint)

Welcome to reprint, please specify the source reprint. Author: mobile phone information blog that is: http://canco.javaeye.com Recently, no matter the cell phone development platform learning guides, tutorials and summarize information for your refer ...

adnroid Network

emulator-avd your_avd_name-http-proxy http://name:password @ At the same time also used to set the Internet access Android SDK1.0 Permission Daquan Access License Android Permission Daquan from 1.0 SDK record a new license to change the a

Access, Hybrid, and Trunk Ports What is the difference?

A net friend asked such a question: vlan 1 # vlan 2 # vlan 3 # vlan 4 # vlan 5 # interface Ethernet0 / 1 port link-type hybrid port hybrid vlan 1 to 4 untagged port hybrid pvid vlan 2 # interface Ethernet0 / 2 port link-type hybrid port hybrid vlan 3 ...

WINDOWS common port list

According to port number can be divided into three broad categories: (1) recognized the port (Well Known Ports): from 0 to 1023, they are tightly bound (binding) on a number of services. Typically, these ports communication clearly shows a service agreeme

Android Permission Daquan from 1.0 SDK record a new access permission to change the

Emck My technical career, cracked version of RC30 brush method (Note: Before upgrading the official RC30 ago) November 30, 2008 Online reads as follows: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=443797 Note: Brush can not ensure that every person a

Cisco Nexus 1000V Installation Guide

Cisco announced Nexus 1000V is the first software-only virtual switches, virtual environments in VMware Cisco Catalyst switches provide features such as QoS, ACL, SPAN, etc.. Cisco Nexus 1000V and VSM contains two parts VEM, VEM which is running in E ...

Solve the routing loop problem [reproduced a case Tutorial]

Three switches in a set number of VLAN, each VLAN are configured with a sub-IP address of the gateway, and set the default route to point broadband routing; associated with the broadband Internet to set a static route routing , used to enter the data ...

Routers, switches, hubs, and the difference between cats

First of all, that HUB, is the hub. Its role can be simply understood as the number of machines connected together to form a local area network. The switch (also known as switching hubs) and hubs much the same effect. But there are differences in per ...

EMS network management interface

The EMS network itself, with the interface to partition the way network has the following three major interfaces: G Interface: network to provide for the operation and maintenance personnel to operate man-machine interface (MMI), are generally based ...

Comparison of several major manufacturers of hypervisors

IT staff now have a large number of hypervisors to choose these hypervisors have advantages and disadvantages, so how to make a choice? To help IT staff selected for their environment, hypervisors, Burton Group analysis from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix ...

Use Erlang NIF to snoop, capture packets (in Windows XP), in OTP-R13B04

1. Introduction Http://xumingyong.javaeye.com/blog/586743 last blog post, I am in Erlang/OTP-R13B03, the use of the network packet nif realized grasping function, but due to R13B04 version, NIF form interface, occurred change (see next paragraph summ ...

Every beginner should get to know the issues

Java Essentials accumulation For this series of questions in each school who should get to know Java. Of course, if only learn Java play on do not care. If you think you have beyond the beginner, but do not really understand these issues, please return to

Virtualization Programmes - kvm simple tutorial (network bridge program, absolutely free, update to kvm-87)

Research for a long time KVM, feeling that I used the fastest virtual machine. Comparison of commonly used virtual machine, Vmware's full-featured, easy to set up, but the speed is not very good; VirtualBox efficiency although higher than in Vmware, b

Linux 2.6.31 kernel optimized -1

Introduction This document is an article on Linux Kernel 2.6.31 of the most simple optimization guide. Performance of the best and to build a suitable general Application / Server Development with the kernel. This article mentioned kernel tuning, mainly b

Three models configured LVS

LVS of three (LVS-DR, LVS-NAT, LVS-TUN) mode configuration summary What is LVS: http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/VS-NAT.html http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/VS-IPTunneling.html http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/VS-DRouting.html The first is to ins ...

Network language Daquan

Bearer channels (B channel: Bearer channel) Bearer channels (Bearer Channel), also known as B channel, is a full-duplex DS0 time slot (64-kbps), its carrying analog voice or digital data through the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). See D channe

Port describes the computer used

We often will see various types of technical articles, such as 135, 137, 139, 443 like the "port", but what these ports for? It will not give us the computer potentially a threat? How many ports are useful? If you want to know, just follow me: D

cisco switches, routers, configuration file

Summary and archive of the main configuration and the major difference between models, I hope to share with everyone!! ################################################## ######################################## 1900 basic configuration: Switch (confi ...

On the MTK in the understanding of media player

Mtk 6225 and 6235 on the audio player of the structure as a whole can be divided into three layers, the top of the application interface layer, the middle of the audio playback api layer, and the underlying codec libraries and the audio driver. Broad ...

Newbie: According to the ip address check switch port

interface map show cam arp cdp detail mac-address-table In the middle of a Cisco switched network, known IP address of a machine, how to find out which station it is connected to which port on the switch then? The most convenient way to make use Cisc ...

GetRemoteMac switch MAC address table on a few basic questions

Call format: <text-based> access the remote network card physical address (text-based IP address) - Application Interface Support Library -> Network Communications English name: GetRemoteMac According to the specified remote machine IP address to

simple case of the command tcpdump packet capture

tcpdump to capture packets saved to file with the command parameter is-w xxx.cap Eth1 packets grasp tcpdump-i eth1-w / tmp / xxx.cap Grasping package tcpdump-i eth1 host / tmp / xxx.cap Grasping port 80 pac ...

3G-related Abbreviations

This document is reproduced http://blog.163.com/wzx606 @ 126/blog/static/73732915200842004927236 / 1X EV 1X Evolution 1X enhanced   1X EV-DO 1X Evolution Data Only 1X enhanced - Data   1X EV-DV 1X Evolution Data & Voice 1X enhanced - Data and Voic

Order part mib information (Reprinted)

PC Monitor snmputil walk out the other ip public . system processes . VLAN This equipment card address . Port corresponding vLAN SNMPv2-SMI:: enterprises.2011. =

Entertaining, three-layer switching and exchange (Reprinted)

Linghu Chong 14 years old into the Mountain, lazy Susan-year-old that year, Yue Buqun day for two pointing swordsmanship, Linghu Chong night time story to the younger, she fell asleep. Later, Yue Buqun gradually collected Radno, Lu Dayou other disciples,

Maximize Java performance on AIX, Part 2: need for speed

Introduction It is composed of five parts on the AIX Java Performance Optimization Part 2 in the series. Strongly recommend that you read this series before proceeding further in Part 1 (if you have not done so). In this paper, for maximum execution speed

Memo --- Android Permission

android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES allows read and write access "properties" table in the checkin database, change the value you can modify upload (Allows read / write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database,

I have a little understanding of MTK

One purpose of coming here the past two months, a close proximity of the MTK. MTK platform are in product development based on tides, let me know more about MTK, not only in the platform technology itself. Technically, from a software point of view, ...

[Reprinted] MTK compile (revised)

http://blog.csdn.net/xuyizhu/archive/2008/07/03/2607835.aspx 1. Preparation of the purpose The main purpose of this writing is to understand the whole MTK compilation process in order to build faster processing problems encountered, and optimized for the

Port and the port closed method Daquan

1, port Daquan Port: 0 Services: Reserved Note: usually used to analyze the operating system. This approach can work because in some systems, "0" is invalid port, when you try to use the normally closed port to connect it will produce different

java object to lua script

Need to get rid of the wordFilter , This class is used to convert a Java object lua The string table and . Used in dynamically generated when using lua script You can get to el function inside , Famous original author, but please note , Object I didn't ha

Android Permission bilingual

android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES Allows read / write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change values that get uploaded Allows read and write access "properties" table in the checkin database, chan

android 1.6 describes all of the rights

Manifest.permission This class defines all of the rights of android 106 ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES allows read and write access "properties" table in the checkin database, change the value to modify upload Allows read / write access to the "

Android permission class and English instructions

public final class Manifest { public static final class permission { /** Allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change values that get uploaded. */ public static final String ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES="android.permi

Windows 2003 used port table

Windows 2003 Common port table Port: 0 Services: Reserved Note: usually used to analyze the operating system. This approach can work is that some systems "0" is invalid port, when you try to close port connection using the usual when it will pro

IP address and subnet mask

************* IP address Category: ************* Any 0-127 network addresses are a Class A address. Any one from 128 to 191 of the network address is a Class B address. Any one from 192 to 223 of the network address is a Class C address. Any of the f

tcpdump using (change)

Main options tcpdump Type host, net, port Direction src, dst, src or dst, src and dst Agreement ip, tcp, udp, arp, rarp, ether, fddi Logic and, or, not, or & &, | |,! Options -I specify the network card,-n show ip,-A text display -C get caugh

ccna_ third term test _ the first chapter answers all questions

Hierarchical network design model in which a layer of high-speed backbone network known as the interconnect layer, where high availability and redundancy is the key to the layer? Access layer core layer data-link layer distribution layer network laye

NIC Advanced Settings

(A) NF network card advanced settings Checksum Offload packet checksum advised to turn off Flow Control Flow control must be closed IEEE802.1P Support IEEE802.1P support the proposed closure Jumbo Frame Payload Size is 1500 by default This is a new g

android2.2 docs permissions table in the permission

String ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES Allows read / write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change values that get uploaded. The system properties to allow read and write the database table checkin String ACCESS_COARSE

H3C 2126 Configuration Notes

1, enter the privileged mode sys 2, back factory configuration restore default 3, restart reboot 4, configure the machine name sysname h3c 5, configuration, telnet password user-interface vty 0 set authentication password ***** 6, to create vlan vlan
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