ubuntu export GEM_HOME

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I'm so bad, Ubuntu can not start normally encountered rails3 application trouble

Recent finally hooked Ubuntu, listen to Cedric said, ruby1.9 + rails3 good, I try to install a environment learn, how the results so bad, tossing a few days, a running rails server, the error: xxx@xxx-ubuntu:~/rails_project/newapp$ rails server /home

Gem install to put under the HOME

~ /. bashrc add export GEM_HOME = ~ /. gems export PATH = $ PATH: ~ / .gems / bin Gem download and unzip ruby setup.rb - prefix = ~ /. gems - no-ri - no-rdoc cd ~ / .gems / bin ln-s gem1.8 gem The installation of Rails 2.3 gem install rack - no-ri - ...

Ruby 1.9.1 & Rails 3.0

Ruby http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/ Rails http://guides.rails.info/3_0_release_notes.html install guide http://www.javaeye.com/topic/586266?page=2 sudo apt-get install libmysql-ruby sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev gem install mysql unset

Manual configuration in UBUNTU under ruby on rails environment

Careless mistake for the day before yesterday, the sources, the results after 810 error after the upgrade, the loss of response button. On google found a lot of trouble really, lucky point modification under the / etc/X11/xorg.conf to restore both, b ...

ubuntu install rails environment

Environment: ubuntu 8.04 Software: ruby 1.8.7-p72 gem 1.3.1 rails 2.1.2 The installation process to install ruby Download ruby-1.8.7-p72.tar.gz $ Tar xzvf ruby1.8.7 p72.gz.tar $ Cd ruby1.8.7 p72 $. / Config-prefix = / usr / local / ruby $ Make $ Sudomake

ubuntu under the rails how to connect sqlserver?

Rails to connect SQL SERVER is a more complicated matter. Since different platforms are different methods of treatment. Take linux for a different release version has a different treatment methods. Record ubuntu here under the rails to connect sqlser ...

At the installation of Ubuntu 8.10 on Rails

With aptitude and gem, at the installation of ubuntu on Rails is not a difficult thing, but the actual installation perhaps encounter problems, such as the omission of certain library, and so on must be an updated version. If an error occurs the go can ch

Ubuntu Linux under ruby 1.9.1 and Rails 2.3 upgrade Record

Install ruby First of all, no longer use ubuntu's apt-get install ruby, install their own compiler, so that although we can not use the ubuntu system apt-get upgrade feature to upgrade to ruby, but the win at the highest degree of freedom, think how o

Ubuntu installation on NFS configuration

Ubuntu installation on NFS configuration NFS Linux host to access the network for other shared resources on a Linux host. NFS is the principle client remote host via a network shared file system to mount (Mount) way to add the native file system, the ...

Installing ruby-oci8 on Ubuntu

osted by 2muchtea under LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Oracle, Ubuntu, instantclient, oci, ruby, ruby-oci8, sqlplus | Tags: build-essential, instantclient, ldd, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, libaio, libsqlplus.so, mkmf, mkmf.log, oci, ORA- 12154, Oracle, ruby, ruby-oci8, sqlplus, s

ubuntu-qmail installation configuration Xiangjie (step by step) (2)

Compile and install deepfuture @ Ubuntu-SDP: / usr/tmp/vpopmail-5.4.30 $ make make all-recursive make [1]: Entering directory `/ usr/tmp/vpopmail-5.4.30 ' Making all in cdb make [2]: Entering directory `/ usr/tmp/vpopmail-5.4.30/cdb ' (Cat wa ...

Recommended Trial Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon)

Recommended Trial Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) October 18, 2007, fearless Gibbon - Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon has finally released! And 7.04 compared with more built-in Compiz Fusion, 2.20 version of GNOME, NTFS write, better Desktop Search, more updated ...

ubuntu-qmail installation configuration Xiangjie (step by step) (4)

Can send and receive message has been normal, we redouble our efforts to install anti-spam system and antivirus systems 1, install anti-spam system root @ ubuntu-sdp: / usr / tmp # cpan cpan [1]> install Mail:: SpamAssassin Eventually prompted the erro

Modify the default character set ubuntu

Today the former migrate to linux on the project, I installed the ubuntu, web server is tomcat, find the template with freemark all static pages generated Garbled, and the windows are all normal, guess might be linux character set issue, see ubuntu d ...

ubuntu 9.10 java development environment set up under

Personal use of experience, chose to personally build and maintain bones brother's Ubuntu source (the source is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Fast shared broadband telecommunications room) in Beijing is still very fast download speeds of choosing a g

The ubuntu install ns2-allinone-2.32

NS2 is a well-known network simulation software. Fairly simple to install in ubuntu, first need to install is: $ Sudo apt-get install build-essential $ Sudo apt-get install tcl8.4 tcl8.4-dev tk8.4 tk8.4-dev $ Sduo apt-get install libxmu-dev libxmu-he ...

ubuntu 407 proxy (change)

Update: a friend experience this problem, does not have to read the following, please use the cntlm it, more than ntlmaps easy to use! Inside the company, network access is through the ISA Server, (Microsoft ® Internet Security and Acceleration Serve ...

(Transfer) Ubuntu environment variables

Environment variable configuration file In Ubuntu, there are several files you can set the environment variable 1, / etc / profile: In the log, the operating system to use when customizing the user environment, the first file, the file system setting ...

Ubuntu 9.1 installed Zend Studio

Today in Ubuntu 9.1 installed Zend Studio 5.5, but I never thought would have to install Zend Studio is normal there was a small episode, the installation is complete, the implementation of ZDE, Zend Studio has found the open window is blank, the onl ...

Ubuntu 10.04 to install 64-bit Oracle11gR2 Notes

This development environment for individual users, so the directory structure, user settings and so is not rigorous, more emphasis on convenience, if it is used in the production environment, refer to the official documentation oracle adjusted accordingly

Virt-install & Virt-manager at Xen 4.0-rc8 ( pvops) Dom0 on top Ubuntu Ka

Virt-install & Virt-manager at Xen 4.0-rc8 ( pvops) Dom0 on top Ubuntu Karmic Koala Server March 26, 2010 The final target of this post is to demonstrate how flexible is Ubuntu Karmic Koala Server environment. Build Xen 4.0-rc8 and the most r

ubuntu install Java Development Environment

1. From the sun download the JDK for Linux version of the page, here to download the jdk-6u19-linux-i586.bin. 2. With the root user login ubuntu, or under the average user to use sudo-i command to switch users. Switch to the desired installation dire ...

windows on the use of procedures using putty ssh automatic login linux (ubuntu)

Note: The following file name authorized_keys is not changed by other names! Method 1: Use puttygen.exe The first step: generating key run puttygen.exe, select the key type and length, use the default SSH2 (RSA), length of 1024 on it. passphrase can ...

Installing maven2 in ubuntu

Installing maven2 in ubuntu download apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz from http://maven.apache.org/download.html uppack to / usr / local / apache-maven / sudo gedit / etc / profile add this: export M2_HOME = / usr/local/apache-maven/apache-maven-2.2.1 e ...

ubuntu nginx + mysql + php5-fpm + wordpress detailed configuration

Original link: http://www.netroby.com/article-1367.html The article wrote it myself, only in their own independent javaeye blog and blog. Welcome reproduced, thank acknowledgment. ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64-bit systems nginx + mysql + php5-fpm + wordpress de ...

openvz vps ubuntu install and configure the iptables firewall openvpn

Original link: http://www.netroby.com/article-1565.html The article wrote it myself, only in their own independent javaeye blog and blog. Welcome reproduced, thank acknowledgment. vpn can turn a jump movement skills. For bought openvz vps, would like ...

How to use the deb package update ubuntu launchpad in the ibus

ubuntu lucid's ibus and pinyin engine older, or last year's version, from the ibus official wiki to know how to use PPA to update, but still encountered and little trouble: the public key server (keyserver.ubuntu.com) can not access. tedeyang@morg

ubuntu server problem in Chinese

Install ubuntu server chosen Chinese, Bahrain and found not show up, all those dots, all in English. Solution: 1. / Etc / profile to add export LANG = zh.CN.GBK 2.sudo locale-gen zh.CN.GBK 3. Heavy landing This quite good, as to the contents if you n ...

ubuntu install cassandra distributed database

Because the default source in ubuntu 10.04 is not cassandra's so first step is to set the source: root @ shutiao: ~ $ sudo vi / etc / apt / sources.list Add apache official deb sources: Quote deb http://www.apache.org/dist/cassandra/debian unstab ...

Ubuntu Basic Commands Daquan

View the contents of the software installed on xxx # Dpkg-L xxx Find Software # Apt-cache search regular expression Find file belongs to which package # Dpkg-S filename apt-file search filename Check what software packages rely xxx # Apt-cache depends xxx

The Ubuntu Server in VMware build Java server environment (LAMT architecture)

(Connected to 1) Identified the installation of Linux strategy, then the following on my surgeon practices in a VMware Ubuntu Server-based Java server based experimental environment, I like to call LAMT architecture: Linux + Apache + MySQL + Tomcat. To be

Original - in Install Ubuntu 10.04 U disk

Ubuntu 10.04 published recently, have on hand, U-8G disk, so I want to install a play in the above, specific steps are as follows: 1. From Ubuntu's official website to download Ubuntu 10.04 2. If you want to use U disk to install can create a liv ...

Ubuntu installed JDK configure Tomcat service

1. First install JDK Install the jdk-6u13-linux-i586.bin version. First switch to the administrator account root @ bill021: / # sudo su Then go to the jdk installation directory are put directly to the Executive: root @ bill021: / # sh ./jdk-6u13-lin ...

Ubuntu jdk configuration

Ubuntu JDK installation and configuration of the detailed steps: Ubuntu JDK installation configuration 1. Download jdk Download link http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp Select jdk-6u14-linux-i586.bin download the jdk-6u14-linux-i586.bin pl ...

[Change] ubuntu 10.04 installed under the cvs server

ubuntu 10.04 installed under the cvs server 1. # Sudo apt-get install cvs 2. # Sudo apt-get install cvsd At this point you will be asked repository location, by default preparation. 3. Create / myrepos # Mkdir / var / lib / cvsd / myrepos 4. Initiali ...

Another hard drive to install Ubuntu experience

First of all, it said, why use "and" previously wrote a "very 囧 the Ubuntu 8.10 installation disk", think strange, originally very simple to install Ubuntu, to me became not very successful, probably elements of it have RPW ...

Set Oracle environment variables import and export data

To import the database to create table spaces and user sqlplus system / password conn / as sysdba create tablespace User datafile 'D: \ Oracle10g \ XXXX. dbf' size 500M; create user User identified by password default tablespace User; grant d ...

CAS service structures (ubuntu 10.04)

CAS (Central Authentication Service) Host Environment: ubuntu 10.04, JDK environment (set up environment variables) Setup: CAS Server, django-cas, tomcat Step One: Download CAS Server , Tomcat , Django-CAS ; Step two: install django-cas, used; Downlo ...

Service structures CAS (ubuntu 10.04)

CAS (Central Authentication Service) Host Environment: ubuntu 10.04, JDK environment (set up environment variables) Setup: CAS Server, django-cas, tomcat Step One: Download CAS Server , Tomcat , Django-CAS ; Step two: install django-cas, used; The do ...

Omnet + + 4.0 installation for Ubuntu / Windows / Inet

Omnet + + 4.0 installation for Ubuntu: $ Sudo apt-get install build-essential $ Sudo apt-get install bison flex blt blt-dev libgmp3-dev lmodern giftrans doxygen libxml2-dev graphviz imagemagick sun-java6-jdk $ Sudo apt-get install tcl8.4 tk8.4 tcl8.4-dev

ubuntu linux environment variables

Method 1: Modify / etc / profile file All users have the right to use shell environment variables <1> in the shell terminal execute the command: vi / etc / profile <2> end of the file in the profile by adding: JAVA_HOME = / usr/lib/jvm/ja

[Change] Ubuntu Configuration jdk

First of all, from http://java.sun.com download jdk, my version is jdk1.6.0_20, I downloaded the bin file, I put the downloaded jdk1.6.0_20.bin file / usr / java in the Then, in the shell to execute: Code: sudo chmod u + x / usr/java/jdk1.6.0_20.bin

mysql GUI tool under ubuntu

Under the mysql GUI tools in linux little find for a long time, no trace of her 1000 Baidu his surprise, the new Habitat in ubuntu found inside. Share Next: 1 # # mysql-navigator GUI client program for MySQL database server # # GUI client program for

ubuntu are three ways to modify the path

In Ubuntu system, there are two ways to set the environment variable PATH. The first one applies for a single user to set PATH, The second is a global setting PATH. The third method is suitable for temporary changes to log in again after the failure

fcitx input method to use ubuntu

1, I installed Ubuntu is a pure English environment, first install Fcitx: sudo apt-get install fcitx im-switch Setting process: sudo im-switch-s fcitx-z all_ALL 2. Edit / etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules (if any) or / usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodule-files.d

install Chinese Input Method in Ubuntu 10.04 [zhuanzai]

Transfer from: http://hi.baidu.com/fuziwang/blog/item / 55489cddf4bcc71e49540399.html (some changes), online Chinese input method on Ubuntu instructions N and more, the majority of the whole TMD is a waste, the following can certainly reposted elsewh

environment variable settings ubuntu

Transfer from Small soubo customer http://blog.csdn.net/xiaosu_521/archive/2008/03/09/2160458.aspx Environment variable configuration file In Ubuntu, there are several files you can set the environment variable 1, / etc / profile: In the log, the ope

Ubuntu install openssh-server

Windows on today's order by Putty + SSH protocol to connect to Ubuntu, fro 折腾了半天 , and finally the whole better. Did not expect just to install a openssh-server actually spend such a long time. Here to record the sol

JBoss 5.0.0GA the installation guide in ubuntu

Recent experience of the applications are basically based on JBoss, look at sales is Tianhundian were blown, sun, moon and no light, so they explore the meaning from one mind, had a look at Ubuntu 8.10 in the JBoss AS package, but it looked Readme, f

ubuntu 9.04 download android source

ubuntu 9.04 download android source As open-source mobile operating system, android, once introduced, will lead to the industry great concern. Google is now the android source version number is already 1.50r1's. More and more fans began to androi
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