the official extension is installed

Firefox Extension: Web Developer

Today I discovered this very useful Firefox extension, function is powerful! The extension is installed will be added to your Firefox Web Developer Toolbar. This is divided into several parts: Disable, Cookies, CSS, Forms, Images, Information, Miscel ...

Java JDK installed and set the system variable CLASSPATH

Java JDK installation, and set the system CLASSPATH variable is one. Preparatory knowledge 1.1 Install JDK To official website, according to different operating systems, download the appropriate version of J2SE JDK (when writing t ...

MyEclipse6.0 decompile plugin installed

jad decompiler is a tool that can operate through the command line Quote Jad simple decompilation tools use the following assumptions jad.exe in c: \ java directory the next, and basic usage Usage: jad [option (s)] <filename(s)> Class file name dire

mac shortcut key official Screen

Summary Learn about common Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. Means that by pressing the shortcut keys on the keyboard key combination to call Mac OS X in the function. To use the shortcut keys or key combinations, you can press the modifier key and the ch ...

Details of installed CentOS 4: apache module-mod_evasive Introduction

1, mod_evasive introduction; mod_evasive is Apache (httpd) server, anti-DDOS a module. For the WEB servers, is a good DDOS attack protection extension modules. Although not entirely defensive DDOS attack, but under certain conditions, or play a slow ...

The ssh2 php extension installed for open suse

Internet is a lot of posts on this topic are not available. Find their own way, and 1, there are three servers, operating systems, respectively: 10.1 10.2 11.2 3 different versions, found that 11.2 does not require installation, already has some expa

Bochs-2.4.5 is installed in the red Linux6.0

About process as follows: * Buy a CD Redflag 6.0 back in the sourceforge download and install the windows version of Bochs-2.4.5. * Use bximage.exe create a 3.5GB of img (note over 2GB, you must ensure that hard disk partition is NTFS file system) *

MyEclipse installed aptana plugin [Z]

Aptana is a very good development of Ajax ide, and even the company has its own separate Ajax Server and framework. Moreover, at least so far I have used in support JavaScript, ide, aptana is one of the best. And aptana plugin provides eclpse, get started

Python 2.5 is installed in the project management system Trac 0.12

Here we want to build a Trac-based project management system. Code management using Subversion, project management using Trac 0.12, database use MySQL, Python interpreter uses Python 2.5. Packages needed for the following: Trac 0.12, Trac program < htt

Official MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual

Directory Preface 1. General Information 1.1. About the manual 1.2. This manual uses the conventions 1.3. MySQL AB Overview 1.4. MySQL Database Management System 1.4.1. MySQL history 1.4.2. MySQL's key features 1.4.3. MySQL Stability 1.4.4. MySQL

Firefox extension development: Hello World! [Transfer]

Today, try to develop a Firefox extension. Although relatively simple, there are many online tutorials, but the feeling is too much trouble to write a number of tutorials, in the initial development process, and did not use those things, so their record t

Based libmemcached, php extensions installed memcached

First, why install memcached extension memcached to 1.2.4 and above increased by CAS (Check and Set) agreement, for the same key to process multiple concurrent processing problems. This is actually the root of the database like, if there are several proce

LINUX system is installed the memcached PHP extension (2011-date installation documentation)

The installation of the operating system used in the document is CentOS. 1, Why should install memcached extension memcached to 1.2.4 and above increased by CAS (Check and Set) agreement, for the same key to process multiple concurrent processing pro

PHP4 under IIS on WinXP and Apache2 installed on the server instance

Recently, many friends asked me WindowsXp under php installation process, just recently on my own machine in a modular way of the successful installation of the PHP4.23. Since so many friends need, I will take the most common IIS and Apache server, f

MyEclipse6.0 decompile plug-in installed

jad decompiler is a tool that can operate through the command line Quote Decompiler jad simply use the following assumptions jad.exe in c: \ java directory the next, and basic usage Usage: jad [option (s)] <filename(s)> Directly into the class file

Learn Object-C, GUNstep installed on the windows

Following the Windows system as an example to illustrate how to build a practice in Objective-C environment. First, to: # windows downloads development tools (1), gnustep-msys-system-0.25.1-setup.exe----- must

centos / apache and php installed memcache extension and memcache API

This reference to As a matter of time, so I finally good to each website to download the latest version A source package ready Server is to install memcache server side, the current latest v

Turn the PC installed mac os 10.6.3 Detailed (commonly known as Black Apple)

‚óŹ Install the software need to be prepared before the Snow Leopard install image OSInstall file HFS-explorer Window platform for the Java Virtual Machine Leopard hard drive Installation Assistant MacDrive Bootthink More software / tools to download the la

centos 5.0 compiled and installed apache 2.2.6 + php5.2.5 + mysql5.0.46 + Zend notes

V2.0 2007 Year in October 8-day operation system update to centos 5.0 apache updated to version 2.2.6, php 5.2.5 update to increase the integration Suhosin patch, mysql updated to 5.0.46, Zend Optimizer 3.3.0 update. Solve some of the problems under the n

Windows, installed free version of the whole installation process Mysql5.1

Windows, installed free version of the whole installation process Mysql5.1 Installation environment Description: Operating System: Windows7 Ultimate Mysql version: 5.1.57 version free installation 1. Mysql download Download the official address is no

Memcached version of windows installed!

Under normal circumstances, we use linux as a production environment, but development is still in the windows below, so we need to win release. . But memcache official website provides only source code. Here are the win with third-party compiled vers

Prompted to install SQL Server 2005 IIS is not installed or not enabled solutions

In the windows 2008 install SQL Server 2005 database, the process results prompted IIS is not installed or not enabled. See Microsoft's official website, found that such issues. Impact on the operating system: * Windows 7 * Windows Server 2008 R2

oSIP protocol stack (and eXoSIP, Ortp, etc.) Getting Started (change)

No detailed studies have been empty oSIP, recently has come to see its version of the 3.x version, see the online help instruction manuals are too many old, and many suspected of document content a bit fraught ~ ~ Linux, compile oSIP use should be very si

Hudson plugins plug-in development based on

by Justin 1. On the Hudson plug-in development environment set up Hudson officials said is the development of plug-ins rely on Maven2 and JDK6.0 or later. Would not be here on the Maven-related details. ok, first of convenience, we need to configure

GWT ExtJS development graphic tutorials

The relative prospects of development of JAVA JS not too convenient, a variety of optimization is also very irritating, GWT read the instructions, try a bit EXT-GWT development, write a simple tutorial for use. ================ ================== Dividing

jBPM Development Getting Started Guide

Although the workflow is still immature stage of development, not even a recognized standard. But its application has already been launched in the Express, indicating the market's demand for job-flow framework are urgent and enormous. Backgrounds of o

rails version of the change (b) - rails of the introduction

Prompted the new Rails 2.2 features October 24, Rails has released a preview version 2.2, Rails This is the history of a major version upgrade! Mainly includes the following major changes: 1, support internationalized! Rails2.2 integrates a i18n framework

Project management and defect tracking system software installation and use of MANTIS

At present, popular defect tracking systems Introduction For project management, defect tracking is a very important aspect, it can be apart from the completion of the demand for control, but also the quality of the software itself is controlled in order

Maven2 integration to build a J2EE project

1. Background Maven2 basic principle is very simple, the use of remote storage and local storage, as well as pom (project object model). Xml, will be defined in pom.xml files from remote storage jar download to a local warehouse, all applications using th

Maven to do with project management

This article is reproduced in: If there is infringement, please inform, thanks In our world a lot of Java developers who choose to use Ant to build projects, be able to achieve a build.xml compi

Hibernate code generation tools for the design of the entire Raiders -- Garden blog

Points Writing essay and the latest rankings here for easy access the main Ha ha - Big mouth Tsai - Big mouth Tsai - qianq put my keyboard with a small knife out of Alice, wiping a bit sensitive keyboard you reply! - steward good - students read the list

Rails project to install the compiler error when Swiftiply solution to problem

Recently, at a site to do with Rails, was originally selected Nginx + Mongrel deployment, but also tried Nginx + Thin, later JavaEye see an article on Ruby on Rails deployment of the program, of which there is a good introduction of the Swiftiply performa

Portlet development based on Tomcat

1. Document explains Portlet Based on the Tomcat development LifeRay official based in part on the Quick Start document "Writing a simple JSP Portlet" to streamline sections of the test made in accordance with the document version is RC1, the da

Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools

Eclipse plug-ins to use Ruby Development Tools Document options Send as an e-mail this page Tomcat Application Development Download IBM open-source J2EE application server, WAS CE new version V1.1 Level: Intermediate Neal Ford ( @ ), A

eclipse plug-in installation method

+ plug-ins eclipse platform eclipse is easy way to expand, eclipse plug-ins installed in two ways: 1. One is the built-in installed, or download the plug-ins after the extract, and then, after extracting the plugins and features plug-ins directory of the

Prototype study entry

Prototype by Sam Stephenson developed a Javascript library as well as the originator of other frameworks. Part of its existing Javascript objects such as Object, Function, Dom, String, such as expansion, and Ajax application package, to provide a standard

Computer algebra system Mathematics software

GentleYang of Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics and computer science in today has a very complex relationship, and computer technology is both a product of the common. For example, Google will claim that their software engineers to understand h

netbeans is expected to complete by 2010, the visual designer

With regard to the characteristics of netbeans6.9 official has given a detailed explanation, I netbeans6.9 a more detailed plan has been released A paper has been given most of the instructions. To participate in link:

classical configuration tomcat + jsp

Tomcat under the JSP, Servlet and JavaBean configuration of the environment Jsp beginners often see how to configure tomcat asked jsp, servlet, and bean problem, so summed up how to tomcat configure jsp, servlet, and ben, want to help those beginners. Fir

netbeans6.9 a more detailed plan has been released

netbeans official website released the 6.9 features detailed instructions: Are mainly embodied in the following points: 1 javafx support, will be the same as the swing of the GUI tools for easy to use. 2 platform development will be better support for 3 p

OOo installation

deb: Debian package format, the file extension. adoption debian and ubuntu and so on. rpm: Red Hat Package Manager acronym, is out of Red Hat contributions to the package management. Fedora, Redhat, SuSE and other uses. In general, Linux version of t ...

Begins with: netbeans RCP Introduction

netbeans platform commonly known as RCP, because the eclipse as its platform for eclipse RCP, they do so for the same purpose, to provide their own IDE based on the ability to build a comprehensive desktop application, in order not to confuse the concept,

Eclipse Wireless Developer Configuration Summary

Eclipse development environment to configure the wireless Summary JDK1.6 + Eclipse3.5 + Eclipse1.7.9 + WTK2.5.2/S60sdk (+ mtj) + SVN + proguard4.4 + NLpack-eclipse-SDK-3.0.x-win32 Note: This content search from the Internet, to sum up this easy you c ...

To learn the use of maven to see a very practical introductory tutorial (rookie level entry)

I. Preface knew maven project management in java distinguished reputation, so the thought of learning to master, so access to a large number of documents. The authors found that these documents are the biggest names in java, most of them are all on the ma

The use of CAS in the Tomcat to implement single sign-on

1 CAS is a Yale University launched an open source project, aimed at Web application system to provide a reliable method of single sign-on, CAS in December 2004 became a JA-SIG's a project. CAS has the following characteristics: 1. Open source enterpr

Eclipse plug-in installation order

1. Automatic mode: 1) Click on the Eclipse menu: Help-> Software Updates; 2) Click on Add Site ... In the ensuing dialog box that appears enter the URL; 3) Software Updates then returned to the main interface, in the list, check to install the plu ...

Liferay 5.2.3 development environment to build

Liferay 5.2.3 development environment to build Prepared by: recky Version: 1.1 E-mail: Date: 2010-03-04 1. About Liferay Liferay is a complete portal solution, based on J2EE applications, using technologies such as EJB and JMS, part of the

ESB Tour (thin dead mule than the Ma-loanBroker Continued 1)

Or a good mule, mule feels like struts, serviceMix like javaFX, de facto standard in the java world, tend to be more standard than the official standard. Look at the sun, "first-class enterprises selling standards" have to add points "Somet

On the version of the symbol

Whether right or wrong is for reference only Version Number: 6 g "O4 S:`. Z. o4 G9 ^ 3 m V (Version): namely, versions, usually numbers indicate the version number. (For example: EVEREST Ultimate v4.20.1188 Beta) 1 D 'l; Z3 Y "d8 T % X, v0 \

Eclipse startup parameter is set to solve the problem of insufficient memory When the project has just been done, MyEclipse Tip of memory, I have 1G of memory books for ? . Error something like this: MyEclipse has detected that less than 5% of the 64MB of Perm Gen (Non-heap memory) space rema
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