The function alert(String) is undefined

Depth understanding of the eval function in javascript In this paper, the discovery of an appropriate title is not so easy, huh, huh, so in this note under the first two purposes of this article: (1) introduction of the eval function in javascript usage (2) how to func

Eval function in Javascript detailed explanation of

eval string generated statement can be implemented, and the SQL of the exec () similar. the use of eval occasions what is it? Sometimes we do not know in advance what sentence to be implemented only when the conditions and parameters for the implementatio

Detailed usage jQuery.extend function

jQuery's extend method achieved through different parameters of the inheritance of several different methods: 1. Extend (src), expansion of jQuery static methods. In other words, the object's properties and methods of src to copy one by one t ...

jQuery.extend function study

jQuery's extend method to achieve through different parameters of several different methods of succession: Reprinted: For later view! 1. Extend (src), expansion of the static jQuery methods. That is, th ...

Named function expressions demystified

Known function expression (Named function expressions demystified) Original Address function-expressions / (Such as translation can be found in mail to my mailbox yangliang at by Juriy "kangax" Zaytse

Learning JavaScript must-(a), let your js in the function, javascript built-in objects, this concept and not confuse the relationship between

Function is the basis for modular program design, preparation of complex Ajax applications, you must have a deeper understanding of the function. javascript function in a language different from the other, each function is as an object is the maintenance

In-depth understanding of javascript eval function (Reprinted)

Found to be an appropriate title since this is not so easy, huh, huh, so in this note under the first two purposes of this article: (1) Introduction javascript eval function in the use of (2) how to function in the implementation of the global code ► ...

Two types of global JavaScript object / function

Talking about here refers to the browser JavaScript environment, including the host environment, including. The first is ECMAScript Global Object, the second is the host environment of the global object / function. The first is a built-in core JavaSc

In-depth JavaScript 'undefined'

We know, javascript is a weakly typed language, which means that we do not explicitly define the variable data type. In fact, we can not clearly defined in the javascript data types. Var statement can only display a statement by the variable: var myv

In-depth understanding of the eval function in javascript

Reprinted from: In-depth understanding of the eval function in javascript Category: Technology Zone :2007-5-21 15:04:58 author: supNate Found to be an appropriate title since this is not so easy, huh, huh, so

Javascript in a false, zero, null, undefined and empty string object

Turn E4% B8% AD% E7% 9A% 84false% E9% 9B% B6% E5% 80% BCnullundefined% E5% 92% 8C% E7% A9% BA% E5% AD% 97% E7% AC% A6% E4% B8% B2% E5% AF% B9% E8% B1% A1.html In Javascript, we often come into contact with t

Javascript array type detection: the preparation of the stronger isArray function

In the daily development, we often need to determine whether an object is an array type, the type of object in the js detected several common ways: 1, typeof operator. For Function, String, Number, Undefined These types of objects, there would be no

function object test

1. Test function object function jsObj(){ =""; =""; this.age=0; this.father = new person(); this.json = {}; this.array = ['1','2']; this.nullValue; this.methodA=function(){alert('i am methodA')}; } 2. Create a new object, traversin

jQuery function method commonly used summary

Event handling ready (fn) Code: $ (Document). Ready (function () { / / Your code here ... }); Role: it can greatly improve the response speed of web applications. By using this method, the DOM ready to be read and manipulated, immediately call your bound

ajax to submit data (agent function)

ajax submit / / 1. To determine whether the user for the landing function isLogin (url, page) ( try ( var a = new MyAjax (); var u = <% = request.getContextPath ()%>/ action = unLogin; var queryString = "validateCode =" ...

The use of EXT function to achieve the interaction between panel

Some time ago for a friend made a panel of the interaction between the function, I see some technical information, as well Ext2.3 implemented, this procedure is mainly used for learning and sharing purposes, if related to copyright issues, please Contact

[Memo] js determine the type undefined

Method: if (typeof (reValue) == "undefined") ( alert ( "undefined"); ) PS: typeof returns the string, there are six possible: "number", "string", "boolean", "object", "function", & ...

Javascript and ActionScript and undefined differences in null.NaN

Original Address: AS in: In fact, Null, NaN and undefined variables are the default initial value. Variables of different types, the system given the initial value is different: int, uint - ...

Chapter JavaScript function

JS use the method requires attention to several areas: There any way to return value, if not explicitly return a value, its return value is undefined . Method definition, the parameter list can write the variable names on OK, for example: diff (iNum1, iNu

How to judge undefined JS

var test = undefined; if (typeof (test) == "undefined") ( alert ("undefined"); ) typeof returns the string, there are six possible: "number", "string", "boolean", "object", "function&qu ...

js the type conversion and reference types (Boolean / Number / String)

1, type conversion 1. Converted into a string ECMAScript for Boolean values, numbers, and strings of the original value of interesting objects is that they are false, which means that they actually have the attributes and methods. Such as: Js code var sCo

Common form validation script function - Technical reproduced

Quoted from: Commonly used in previous projects check function, posted here, for future use. /*------------------------------------------| | Common Functions | |-------------------------------------------| | @A

How to access a variable inside a function namespace

To function as a namespace has javascript programming in today's very popular out. If you put your code is contained in a function in, then your code contains the variables and functions are local to the containing function, or are local, so that will

The data type javascript. Object and Function

1. Data Types javascript contains six kinds of data types: undefined, null, string, number, boolean, and object. These, the first 5 of the original data type, object is the object type. object types, including Object, Function, String, Number, Boolean, Ar

Method of implementation of the string the regular expression

match method Type: str.match (reg); With the regular expression exec method is similar to the method also returns a similar array of objects, but also input and index attributes. We define a function to test the following: function matchReg(reg,str){

Javascript Object Model

Javascript Object Model

javascript sum up study

<script type="text/javascript"> /** Define an array */ /* var a1 = new Array(1,2,3); var a2 = [1,2,3]; var a3 = new Array(3);//When there is only one digit, defined as the length of the array a3[3] = "jsThe array is not a fixed-length limits "; aler

JavaScript trap

This was originally Translation of Estelle Weyl "15 JavaScript Gotchas" , Which are at the introduction JavaScript programming practice usually prone to error or need to pay attention to place, and provide ways to avoid these traps, generally sp

JavaScrip (b)

Structure object Well, take us to discuss the creation of the object to another method. In addition to JSON, in JavaScript, we can use the new operator of the form combined with a function to create objects. For example: Js code function MyFunc () (); / /

JavaScript (1)

Original: Lee warfare (leadzen). Shenzhen 2008-2-23 Programming the world exist only two basic elements, one is data, a code. Programming world is in the data and code in a web of tangled displays unlimited vigor and vitality. Data is inherently quiet, wi

Wu first javascript Classic Introduction Programming the world exist only two basic elements, one is data, a code. Programming world is in the data and code in a web of tangled displays unlimited vigor and vitali

js entry class object-java programmers papers

Everyone to express their views or ha, I continue to study the well, me too just learn JS Ha, the original only as a simple API RIA is currently very hot, a lot of java developers also have to start using ajax framework, such as noisy javaeye living ...

json2.js json.jar

json.jar this thing really hard to find, download available to everyone. And copied an example to study study. Examples of sources: "Ajax basic tutorial" Kim Ryong Translation, etc. This book is very good. jsonExample.html <html> <head

Initial Study Notes

1. DWR document preparation dwr.xml <! DOCTYPE dwr PUBLIC "- / / GetAhead Limited / / DTD Direct Web Remoting 1.0 / / EN" "Http://"> <dwr> <allow> <create creator="new" ja

JQuery's json functionality expansion

In this paper, based on jQuery expanded its capacity to deal with json string, great jQuery will be great, ha ha! Writing javascript with jQuery is very efficient, jQuery for ajax package also in place; using jQuery after a certain period of time, jQuery

javascript create object

Transfer from: 1. Tectonic approach advantages: multiple instances of the object does not share the kind of property values, disadvantage: Each instance of the object function will have a say. 2. Prototyping app ...

Simple JavaScript (1)

The Return of the King javascript javascript does not support overloaded function or method, it will only cover function add(number) { alert(number + 10); } function add(number) { alert(number + 20); } add(20); // 40 javascript, the function is the object

QUI start - to create a simple and practical UI library collection LOGO

JUI official and EXT, MT with the UI components is not much more than comparable, Jquery plug-ins there are many good good things, like a remnant, but none the same, so the advantage of being flexible, powerful, have their own maintenance of hand, some po

(Private Lee war blog)JavaScript

Introduction Programming world there are two basic elements of only one data, one is the code. Programming data and the world is entangled in a web of code displays unlimited vigor and vitality. Data is inherently quiet, and always want to maintain t ...

Prototype study and document downloads and tutorials

1, Type - the type of 1) Object type. Prototype of the basic types in because js is not the type of language that non-type, when we look at the overall situation, Object to provide the overall situation for some of the static method call. These include: d

Javascript second day

1, the target with the conversion between basic types: No matter when, but the object is not empty, in the environment for Boolean true. Such as; new Boolean (false); new Number (0); new String (""); new Array (); Although the internal value of

Javascript Construction category

This article is reproduced in: Construction of javascript in 4 major ways 1. Tectonic defined category 2. Prototype defined category 3. A combination of structure and creating a prototype category 4. Prototype d ...

(Turn) proficient in JavaScript DOM events

Event (I) JavaScript Event List Event explain the general onclick event to trigger this event when the mouse clicks ondblclick this event is triggered when the mouse double-click the onmousedown This event is triggered by pressing the mouse onmouseup afte

Javascript Prototype Chain

Preface: If you want Javascript-depth understanding of object-oriented programming ideas, then for the prototype chain of understanding will be important, because the teacher saw Lee fighting "Wutou Javascript>, produced a lot of questions, s ...

javascript - as a false value, as well as typeof (val)

javascript was used as the false values: a. false b. null c. undefined d. the number 0 e. an empty string d. number of NaN Simple test: typeof: Return data type: it generates the value: 'number', 'string', 'boolean', 'unde ...

Interpretation of prototype code

A recent study it, it was a bit on the Internet google information in this regard, reproduced on this interpretation of foreigners (1.5 version), but also uploaded a prototype of the two versions 1.5 and 1.6, hoping to share with interested friends. What

javascript under the arguments, caller, callee, call, apply the sample and understanding

Seeing everyone so concerned about the JS inside of these objects, I tried to text and then change it, and strive to give a detailed clarification of secondary significance. Referring to the above concepts, first like to talk about javascript function is

Top 10 Things that JavaScript Got Wrong!!!

reference from JavaScript, if only by default, is one of the most popular programming languages available. Over the years, it's been labeled as a nightmare to w

jquery Getting Started

jQuery Getting Started guide in Chinese, translation plus examples, jQuery tutorials starting point Chinese version of the translator: Keel This article with examples based on a step by step description of the jQuery works. Present to the Chinese translat

JavaEye javascript object-oriented technology-based (b)

Transfer from: Director: sdcyst Array we have already mentioned, the object is the unordered collection of data, while the array is an orderly colle ...
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