struts 2 get absolute path of web root

Java EE Web project relative path and absolute path

Java EE Web development course, we can use many of the framework, I believe many fellow citizens in the use of these frameworks have been beset by problems over the file path. I said, the relative and absolute paths are for Web projects, rather than

java class to get the absolute path of the current

Jsp and class files in relative path to call different. In the jsp in the root directory is WebRoot in the class file, the root directory WebRoot / WEB-INF / classes, of course you can use System.getProperty ("user.dir") to obtain the absolute p

JSP Servlet path set path resolution

Written by JSP and Servlet in Web applications, often encountered problem is not found. Do path, or. Do not resolve the path, in fact, the final analysis, the problem is Servlet path settings, this article will explain with examples for. First of all

Struts 2 and AJAX (Part II) In the previous article "Struts 2 and AJAX (Part I)", I have simply introduced <s:tree /> some of the usage, then I will continue to further explain the use and adoption <s:tree

Struts multi-module design

Struts version 1.1 after the introduction of the module (Module) concept, to overcome the parallel development of the 1.0 problems. However, the planning template, they are too much trouble, if inadvertently, may be just the opposite, the impact of y ...

Struts, Spring, Hibernate Web Application Development 2

This article is taken from: 1. We have finished building the basic framework, then add the log function, simply amend the original web.xml, some additional configuration information: 2. ...

[Change] on the page file on the / WEB-INF directory

I see "J2EE Core Model" ( "Core J2ee Patterns", Liu Tin North, Bear Festival translation), which referred to a way to achieve resource protection, that is to restrict access to those resources (such as jsp source code) into the Web app

the focus of attention struts

1. Since Struts2.13. After the previous FilterDispatcher Marked as obsolete <filter-class> </filter-class> 2.action The default method for the execute() The default class is

log4j log file relative path to configure

Transfer from: This article written in a more comprehensive, in turn, be sharing it, and thank javaeye the zengjinliang Method 1, the solution is naturally replaced with the absolute path relative path, in fact,

Spring inventory outstanding tools, Part 1: File and Web-related resources, tools operation

Spring inventory outstanding tools, Part 1: File and Web-related resources, tools operation Transfer from: Spring not only provides a full-featured application development framework, itself has

Path problem learning Java (This article is aimed at web path problem)

Java path problem (paper focuses on web path problem) Recent studies have found the path of Java is a very tangled issue, to find some information online, through research are summarized as follows: Path problem in a very key concept: a slash "/

Spring file resources operations and Web-related tools inventory

The following is the log filter request tracking log record segments: ( 224) - JspEngine -> / htmlTest.jsp ( 225) - ServletPath: / htmlTest.jsp ( 226) - PathInfo: null ( 227) - RealPath: D

java in the path handling

java in the path handling Transfer: 1. How to get the current file path used: (1). Test.class.getResource ("") Get the current class FileTest.class file URI directory. Not includi

Mashi Bing notes finishing Struts

1.02_ Shangxue Tang Ma Shibing _Struts2_Struts2_HelloWorld_2.avi Specify Tomcat directory , Specifies the JDK development environment to build ( Copy of the jar package , Copy struts.xml file This file is not on the WEB-INF the following , The following s

Excellent tools Spring Part 1 file resource inventory operations and Web-related tools

Suppose there is a resource to access files in the Web application files to the class path, you can in the following ways to access resources on this file: • By FileSystemResource absolute path to the file system access way; • By ClassPathResource way to

log4j log file relative path in the configuration method

Reprinted from Natural solution is to use relative paths instead of absolute path, the following three methods: Method one, so log4j to read from the System attribute values corresponding to the property's

Detailed web log4j log4j configuration in the

log4j.appender.filelog.File = your file dir log4j.appender.filelog.MaxFileSize = your filesize log4j.appender.mylog.MaxBackupIndex = num Set the number of backup files kept log4j.appender.appenderName.layout = layout type (set the layout type) Log4j provi

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren


Learning struts +spring+hibernate, In particular, the process is Appfuse ant use a large number of involved, so I think it is necessary to ant to be a more in-depth study, the following is collected in the learning process the material. More detail, it is

log4j.xml configuration description

log4j.xml configuration description There are two ways to configure log4j, people familiar with the properties file, but the recent implementation of the project, Every time I go there and pretend to the system the user must log files in distress in diffe

Tomcat Configuration Highlights

Tomcat server, the key parameters to configure server.xml Note: The following words are tomcat5.0.30 as an example. 1, configure tomcat server to access the port, just configure the Connector for port port can be. Tomcat defaults to 8080, modify the port

With regard to a comprehensive understanding of Ant

In learning struts + spring + hibernate, in particular, Appfuse heavily involved in the process of the use of the ant, so I feel it is necessary to ant to be a more in-depth study, the following is in the learning process to collect material. In more deta

ant fully explain the (transfer)

In learning struts + spring + hibernate, in particular, Appfuse heavily involved in the process of the use of the ant, so I feel it is necessary to ant to be a more in-depth study, the following is in the learning process to collect material. In more deta

Ant's most complete build.xml (change)

The concept of Ant Make command is a project management tool, achieved Ant functionality is similar. Like make, gnumake and nmake build tool to have some of these defects, but Ant has to overcome the shortcomings of these tools. Ant developers in the deve

Some summary Struts2

jar package: commons-logging-1.1.jar freemarker-2.3.13.jar ognl-2.6.11.jar struts2-core-2.1.6.jar xwork-2.1.2.jar commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar commons-io-1.3.2.jar src directory into struts.xml <constant name="struts.devMode" value="true

Src attribute on the embed tag

A while back to be a project, users need to upload the pdf file converted to swf file and then the page shows is mainly to prevent the crawler, use a conversion Gongju SWFTools, the use of the Internet on SWFTools many. Save the converted file's

Detailed seven JSP related technologies (Jsp three basic grammar-Jsp compilation instructions)

JSP JSP engine instruction will be converted to the corresponding Java code, but the Java code does not directly produce any visible output, but tells the engine how to handle the JSP page, JSP, or how to generate Servlet classes. JSP directive syntax is

Learning to write your own pace ----- simple Struts1.x (learning to use, feature incomplete)

Project Analysis: Struts1.x MVC framework is based on the development of a project: M --- model (DAO + DAOMAIN) ------- à java class is a group of ordinary V ---- view (jsp )------- à responsible only for display and form submission C --- controller (serv

FCKeditor Introduction (reprint)

Xingneng First, FCKEDITOR performance is very good, with little time users can load FCKEDITOR the required documents. For other online editor, it is almost hard to solve the problem, because when you open the editor need to load too many files. such as CU

Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips (rpm)

Coauthor's note: Now that writing Java web applications has become a common way to create and deploy new web content, people around the globe are finding the Jakarta Tomcat servlet and JSP container useful. It's free, it's multiplatform, it

Diagnostic and tuning Websphere

Technical summary of the Java virtual machine (written in 2007, the original JavaEye essence posts) Original: IBM WebSphere Application Server diagnostic and tuning (a)) You can google: "IBM WebSphere Application Server Diagnostics and Tuning."

SSH configure log4j framework of the method (transfer)

SSH configure log4j framework of the method / * August 29, 2011 09:52:54 by Rush * / SSH framework convenience of using log4j 1 record level of dynamic change and strategies that modify, do not need to restart your Web application, w

Terracotta tc-config.xml configuration instructions (this really is the turn)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <!-- All content copyright Terracotta, Inc., unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. --> <!-- tc-config-reference.xml This is a sample Terracotta configuration file. In it, you will find

(R) Log4j configuration webAppRootKey

Quote In order for the Spring Web project to use Log4j configuration as follows: 1, in web.xml add the following: <! - If you do not define webAppRootKey parameters, then webAppRootKey is the default "webapp.root". But the best setting t

English configuration manual FckEditor details

Author: ruizhi date :2009-03-15 call javascript method: ------------------------------------ <script. type="text/javascript" src="FCKeditor/fckeditor.js"> </ scrīpt> <textarea name="content" cols="80"

struts2 + spring2.5 + hibernate3.2 + MySQL5 fully integrated

struts2 + spring2.5 + hibernate3.2 + MySQL5.1 Learning is still school tutorials, according to their own understanding, through a simple user login detection framework for the implementation to complete the three kinds of structures, all documents and pac

[Change] Java learning topics for (8)

J2ee finally officially entered the detail, and bear the brunt of the course, Servlet and Jsp, and the articles have mentioned J2ee just a standard and guidelines, define a set of interfaces must be followed, the core concept of components and contai ...

JDBC learning summary

JDBC part of the terminal into mysql: mysql-u root Enter the terminal into the oracle: telnet then sqlplus openlab/open123 MySQL frequently used commands: show databases; use tableName; show tables; An overview of JDBC JDBC from the physical

TOMCAT6.0 configuration

Reprinted: Tomcat is a good JSP / Servlet container, originally developed by the SUN, later contributed to the Apache community. The current version of Tomcat to 6. Tomcat6 realized Servlet2.5 and JSP2.1 specifications. For web development and web service
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