spring velocity configure url resource loader root

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Excellent tools Spring Part 1 file resource inventory operations and Web-related tools

Suppose there is a resource to access files in the Web application files to the class path, you can in the following ways to access resources on this file: • By FileSystemResource absolute path to the file system access way; • By ClassPathResource way to

In the Spring to configure Service

JTA in Spring Development Environment: JDK1.5 (sun) + Myeclipse6.0 + Tomcat5.5 + ant 1.7.1 + MySql5.0.4 Framework version: JSF1.2 (sun) + hibernate3.3.1.GA + spring2.5.6 JTA (Java Transaction API) Only supports the standard EJB Persistence (JTA) transacti

In the Spring to configure declarative transaction

In the Spring to configure declarative transaction: <bean> <property name="sessionFactory"> <ref bean="sessionFactory"/> </property> </bean>

spring datasource configure multiple users

Configure two different data sources 1, jdbc.properties file hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto=update hibernate.show_sql=true #SQL SERVER 2000 SP4 #database=SQL Server 2000 hibernate.dialectSql=org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect jdbc.driverClassNameSql=net.

spring-security3 configure and use.

Recent projects to be used to spring-security, free study tends to under. That entry very easy, here made his own experience, I hope to contact with the lack of contact with friends helpful. 1, in the spring-security official website to download the lates

spring tool configure

If you use Spring in your Java projects, you are probably familiar with the PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer . Using this BeanFactoryPostProcessors, you can Pull property values from a Properties File. Security example XML context Snippet from the Sprin ...

Spring to configure Hibernate combination C3P0

<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns = "http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns: xsi = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns: jee = "http://www.springframewor

Spring Velocity Email

send email with velocity and spring a complete sample 1. Package e-mail messages categories: package com.chenlb.mail; import java.util.Map; import javax.mail.MessagingException; import javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage; import org.apache.commons.loggin ...

spring ibais configure connection pooling

1, download related resources. From http://proxool.sourceforge.net/ site to download resources that we need, proxool-0.9.1 is the latest version, unzip under the copy from the lib inside the two JAR package proxool-0.9.1.jar and proxool-cglib.jar to ...

Spring Security intercept url

Part of the legacy system customers using Spring security permissions in the FilterSecurityInterceptor, by setting the intercept-url and the corresponding authority for verification. The typical usage is in the configuration file of Bean in the defin

html in the link url to the root directory, or the parent directory

1. With the site's domain name on it, such as: "../../../ index.htm "into: 2. With the code: local_path=Request.SeverVariables("local_addr") path=local_path & "/index.htm" With an absolute path from the root dire

Spring to configure Hibernate mapping files

1, file folders

[Change] Spring integration velociy / freemaker related configuration

Spring Framework Developer Reference: 14.4. Velocity and FreeMarker Velocity and FreeMarker are two templating languages that can be used as view technologies within Spring MVC applications. Their language style and applies to the object are very similar,

spring is how to parse its own configuration file (1)

Recently all right, wanted to see how the spring loaded configuration file (for example: applicationContext.xml), fear that they will forget, so write it down: 1. Entrance org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener (where recommended listener,

struts2 + hibernate + spring + flexgrid page implementation

struts2 + hibernate + spring + flexgrid page implementation: 1, new construction, adding struts2, hibernate, spring, and the corresponding version of the required jar package jar file list to be added as follows: 2, modify the web.xml configuration: <?

spring interview Daquan (3)

Reprinted: http://www.mianwww.com/html/category/it-interview/spring/page/2 1, Spring how to achieve resource management? Use applicationContext.getResource ("classpath: file name"): In the src root directory, in the class path applicationContext

Velocity Java template engine user manual (1)

Velocity Java template engine user manual (1) Posted: 2006.04.17 08:50 Source: Saidi Bo off of: itzealot 1, Velocity is what? Velocity is a java-based template engine (template engine). It allows anyone to use just a simple template language (template lan

spring of the fourth study

On spring integration 1, spring, and a combination of jdbc development <br /> use Spring + JDBC integration steps are as follows: / / First of all configuration data source <bean destroy-method="close"> <property name="driver

Struts2 + Spring + iBatis based on the best practices for web applications one of the series (auto-configuration chapter)

With the recent bit of time, wish to write something hands-on, one regarded as the time to the project of their own experience of a summary of the other, and we also hope to explore the best practices under the theme. Strange to say also on the network on

Spring MVC: used InternalResourceViewResolver view resolver

Reference: Sping 2.0.8 \ docs \ MVC-step-by-step To achieve its objectives Write a ShirdrnController, implements org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.Controller interface; Using the JSP file as a view of the controller to return the Model rendered, JSP fil

Testing framework to use Spring 2.5 TestContext

Spring 2.5 TestContext testing framework for testing Spring-based programs, TestContext testing framework and a low version of the Spring test framework does not in any way, is a new annotation-based testing framework for Spring recommend using the test f

Velocity Study Notes (1)

I made a note of the first small example: velocity of a document written really not very good, a lot of nonsense, Read most of the day even the small examples to draw up, also throw exception ... A search online, actually it was for this reason to sw ...

velocity applications

Velocity in the front http://freesea.javaeye.com/admin/blogs/652707 beginners simply learned about velocity, the velocity of the practical application also need to learn that today a little bit of time, tests were done, a simple application In the ab ...

Spring data source in different configurations

The use of the database, I would like to virtually any Java EE systems will save the persistent data in the data, however, Whether through persistent Jishu and what Shu Juku, the first first step, we have Bixuyongyou the database connection, the data ...

spring + struts + hibernate several configuration data source (original)

spring + struts + hibernate several configuration data source Environment: JDK 1.6 + tomcat 6.0 + spring2.5 + struts2.18 + hibernate3.x 1. C3p0 connection pool data (need to mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar file into tomcat's lib copy below) <? X

Spring Annotations Learning Letters (1) build a simple Web application

This series of study notes are derived from Daniel's blog: http://snowolf.javaeye.com/blog/577989 Recent work has changed, it is necessary to learn about the Spring annotation! Found some examples, more general, soil, mostly reprinted excerpt, follow

Spring + ibatis integrated configuration description

1, pom.xml added spring, ibatis dependence <dependency> <groupId> org.springframework </ groupId> <artifactId> spring </ artifactId> <version> 2.5.6 </ version> </ Dependency> <dependency> <groupId

spring in the connection pool configuration

In the default configuration, generated by myeclipse, spring using the dbcp connection pool apache <Bean class = "org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource"> <Property name = "driverClassName" value = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Rapid Construction of Spring + hibernate WEB Application (1)

Spring MVC Dispatcher First of all, we will be Spring, hibernate and its dependence on the jar package WEB-INF/lib directory. Here Note: with the latest package, hibernate 3.0 Chinese character has the bug! When the hibernate package to replace the t ...

Struts2 spring hibernate integration example

Private http://www.blogjava.net/fundei/archive/2009/05/14/270668.html Integrate struts, spring, hibernate, for the beginner is the biggest trouble on its cumbersome xml configuration file. All of which are now based on the configuration of notes provides

Spring JSR-250 annotations -1

Reprinted from: http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/spring-2.5-part-1 Note configuration relative to the XML configuration has many advantages: It can take full advantage of Java's reflection mechanism to obtain the class structure information, which can

Velocity.properties file

Velocity.properties file velocimacro.libraary: a comma-separated list of template library. By default, velocity to find the only one library: VM_global_library.vm. You can configure this attribute to specify your own template library. Velocity.proper ...

struts2 + spring 2.5 + ibatis (reproduced) someone else's bad, beginner, refer to the following is said not to spend a good multi-function

http://blog.diybl.com/drhwjh/archive/2010/2/5/C65D3A7F-601A-4541-8C7C-700A027060FA.html For a long time does not do struts2 + spring 2.5 + ibatis this combination, and now learned something, I write my small example of shared to share with everyone svn do

E-mail using Spring

22.2. The use of Spring mail abstraction Suppose a business interface called OrderManager: public interface OrderManager { void placeOrder(Order order); } We also assume that there is a use case: the need to generate email with the order number of the let

Step by step to learn spring (2) - ApplicationContext, and the difference between BeanFactory

BeanFacotry is the spring of the more primitive Factory. If XMLBeanFactory is a typical BeanFactory. BeanFactory can not support the original spring many of the plug-ins, such as the AOP functionality, Web applications. ApplicationContext interface, ...

Spring Framework WEB based application security framework - Acegi

Acegi Introduction Acegi Security System is a security framework for Spring Framework, to popular Web container, and seamless integration. Spring means it uses to provide security and authentication security services, including the use of Bean Contex ...

Velocity cache and penetration

/ ** * Original: * Author: Water.DH (Huang Chun-chieh) * Date :2010-04-18 * / Introduction: Easy to use Velocity as a template web application framework, the widespread love of java developer, for more information using the search "Velocity" ...

velocity study notes

Source Address: Home Java Network Programming Velocity note Friday, at 9:09 on the January 15, 2010 "Velocity will be Java code from Web pages in separate, Use Web site in the long run easier to maintain, and provide a viable alternative to Java ...

Spring Framework's design concept and design patterns of (turn)

See the article in http://www.ibm.com feel very good, and records about, the original address: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-lo-spring-principle/index.html Spring bone structure Spring total of ten components, but the real core components on

Spring Security Acegi way of learning a

Outline Acegi Security (hereinafter referred to as Acegi) for a Spring-based enterprise applications provide powerful and flexible security framework for access control solutions, Acegi has become an official Spring sub-project, I also called Spring Secur

Velocity to help us achieve static page

Velocity as a mature java-based template engine that can help us to achieve the static page. It allows the use of template language (template language) to refer to an object defined by the java code. Most importantly, easy to use, and even look at th

Excellent spring Tools --- 1

Spring not only provides a full-featured application development framework itself also has Zhongduo can be used directly when programming Gongju Lei, You Budan Spring applications can use these tools can also be used in other applications, these tool

spring common interview questions

http://www.mianwww.com/html/category/it-interview/spring/ What are the advantages of Spring framework? <! - [Entry] -> Spring is a layered architecture, you can choose the layer you want and leave no part of the Spring is a POJO programming, POJO pr

Spring Framework core source code analysis and feelings -2

Oh, in terms of call relations, method names and comments can be sensitive to feel the right place, prepareRefresh the comments to the "refreshing", really confused about this concept, advanced to see: protected void prepareRefresh () { thi

Struts / Spring / Hibernate wiki translation in English

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Struts Apache Struts From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Apache Struts is an open-source web application framework for developing Java EE web applications. It uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage dev

Integrated struts2 spring hibernate, using annotations

Integrated struts2 spring hibernate, using annotations 2009-04-24 10:43 Integrate struts, spring, hibernate, the biggest problem for beginners on its cumbersome xml configuration file. Now all of which are annotation-based configuration provides good supp

Spring dependency package Jar Profile

Dependence of Spring Dependence of sub - JAR file Description ant ant.jar, ant-junit.jar, ant-launcher.jar Spring used as part of its Apache Ant build tool, also used to complete a large number of other tasks such as document generation and test execution

5 SSH package: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the servic

SSH package in the basis of the four SSH package was revised to five 5 SSH package: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the service layer *** Note: SSH package combination of the four programs in the SSH add a layer of thre

SSH package four: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the DAO layer

In the SSH package to amend the basis of three to four SSH package SSH package four: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the DAO layer *** Note: SSH package combination of the four programs in the SSH add a layer of three,

SSH package c: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the DAO layer

SSH package c: Hibernate.cfg.xml from Spring management, use services, services in the DAO layer 1, should first write the packet com.mengya.entity: is this package com.mengya.dao: DAO interface package com.mengya.dao.imple entity package com.megnya.util:
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