Spiral Model + software engineering + picture

Software engineering ideas

Note: 1) Dr. Lin Rui Zheda the "software engineering thinking" book full chapter 8. This is Mr enough in their own operating company after the success of a profound summary, it is the recommendation of another of his article entitled "Unive

Basic theory test

Software engineering model Learn about the test and had to discuss the software engineering model, because the test of learning and the development of software engineering Yiyi related and mutually reinforcing. Another test for the more advanced concepts,

What is Extreme Programming

ExtremeProgramming (Extreme Programming, or XP) are from KentBeck in 1996. KentBeck in the early nineties and worked WardCunningham, it has been to explore new software development method of software development will enable more simple and effective. ...

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming (eXtreme Programming, or XP) by Kent Beck in 1996. Kent Beck in the early nineties, when working with Ward Cunningham, has been to explore new software development method of software development can be more simple and effective. K ...

Successful project team Winning Project Teams

By Russ Finney (From the Software Engineering Forum seforum.yeah.net) (Translation yanrj) What makes a winning techical project team? A quick look at some of the factors which seem to be consistently present on winning project teams is appropriate. T ...

Play arrangement and daily chart in Figure

scrum in our company has finally landed a. I like it. In order to demonstrate our several months of practice, I think to do a ppt to everyone. Doing it, I want to contrast it was necessary, I think of 2003, we have examined the rup, 2005 years of cmmi and
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