source insight utf8

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source Insight common custom commands and some tips

Source Insight in to add a custom function, follow these steps: 1.Source Insight in, Options-> Custom Commands ...-> Add ..., New Command name casually written, I am the "Edit with Vim" 2.Run write: "C: \ Program Files \ Vim \ vim63 \

Source Insight under Linux

Online to see a friend wrote a recommended Linux tools under the code to read the Source Insight . I would like a more refined and even try to do some for your future use. Is: wine + Windows files under the Source Insight. My environment is: Ubuntu 9

source insight in the use of the code formatting astyle

How to source insight code in order to use astyle function? Edit code with the source insight, suffer from source insight code formatting tools not integrated, GNU's astyle is a free code formatting tools to organize meet the c / c + + specificat

source insight shortcuts and tips

Exit the program: Alt + F4 Redraw the screen: Ctrl + Alt + Space Complete syntax: Ctrl + E Copy the line: Ctrl + K Just copy the location to the right of the character of the line: Ctrl + Shift + K Copied to the clipboard: Ctrl + Del Cut line: Ctrl + U Cu

Use source insight can handle the macro to insert doxygen comment

Macro file is as follows. Set shortcut key, double-click the highlighted content to comment, use the shortcut keys can be triggered. Automatic Identification General: Adding in the head Macro: add comments at the end Variables: add at the end Functio

Wsimport solve Netbeans maven project class can not "source insight" problems

I recently started working in the building with maven2 as build tool. Could not get started, but with in-depth understanding, I am beginning to feel the maven powerful. Today also resolved a project in Netbeans maven wsimport class can not "source in

Source Navigator PK Source Insight

A, Source Insight practical skills: Source Insight (SI mean is below it) is such a thing: Windows, developers loved, powerful, user-friendly. Syntax highlighting, jump sign, also supports the function call graph display. This is a professional progra

Source Insight and serial number RI

In fact, this is a look at the code of the tool. . . Annex. SI3US-298456-90907 SI3US-749231-59396 Can also generate their own serial number

(R) linux source code analysis and comparative reading tools

Reprinted from: Windows source code under the reading tool Souce Insight by virtue of its ease of use and variety of programming languages, this area is undoubtedly the "take the

(R) linux source code analysis tools, and read more

Reprinted from: Reading tool for Windows source code Souce Insight With its ease of use and a variety of programming languages, no doubt in this area, "lead Big Brother." Lin

sourceInsight read the php source Quote Source Insight (hereinafter referred to as SI) is a very powerful code reading tools, installation will only 3M size, but in reading someone else's code when it is too convenient, especiall

A game programmer of the information (one)

Think of writing this article was to see Mr. Hou Jie's "layman's language and MFC" when I suddenly found myself at the university in recent years on the game did show some programming experience, so write this message, introduced me ...

ARM's learning and development need to learn what the software [transferred from Baidu Encyclopedia]

To sum up the main bar in the following 1 ADS debugging exactly is ADS + AXD. ADS, embodying AXD. Originally, it was used to stop, ARM SDT SDT was supported, changed to support ADS, and ADS, or use it. Some procedures are still SDT version released, ...

ARM's learning and development need to learn what the software [Transfer from Baidu Encyclopedia]

To sum up the main bar in the following 1 ADS debugging exactly is ADS + AXD. ADS, embodying AXD. Originally, it was with the ARM SDT SDT support the company to stop, change to support ADS, and ADS, or use it. Some procedures are still SDT version re ...

Efficient programming of 14 things to do

Plan (Plan) The so-called Plan, in fact corresponds to the programming in the "design" stage, of course, where the Plan did not like the design heavyweight. It requires the programmer in a formal program before we at least have to consider

Efficient learning Linux kernel

End of the world's grief and octopus brother also retired, and even, if you're in the worships money and women are suddenly a lot less. This is the "Linux kernel cultivation of the Road" in the excellent and Down, china-pub also has

(Transfer) kscope compile install

Under the windows are used to source Insight, feeling very good, in fact, under Linux there is also a powerful tool for the code view, I remember two years ago to attend school when RoboCop is used kscope, may you not be familiar, but we've heard

sourceinsight configure and use a

Source Insight is essentially a support multiple development languages (java, c, c + +, etc.) the editor, but because of their look, location, color display features a powerful, often we read the source code as a tool to use. Therefore, in order to e

sourceinsight configure and use two

SourceInsight functionality provided 1, the log information analysis is very useful Source Link Overall speaking, SourceLink according to specific search mode to meet the current file mode of the line, and link to the bank designated by the other sou

Recommended high resolution two fonts (English-width)

1, XP on the Times New Roman + Courier New Times in the past slightly Previous 17-inch LCD to write code against the time-width font with Courier New feel bad, after all, also comes with two English WINXP-width fonts, and do not have this, then it ca

Introduced several VIM plugin

Look out of Windows, there is no more painful source insight Configuring a bit vim, you can read the code more comfortable attachment picture, is to configure the effect after vim plugin 2 =============== 3 TagList 4 ==== 5 Tag list 6 7 mru.vim 8 ===

pom maven project file

Long time no update blog, and recently due to the companies need to use maven, 自己 would like to follow maven Di use, study a little, Wang Shang Di maven too many examples, except for a pair of Jianli Shao's maven project in the generated pom Wen

Taught you how to put Vim into an IDE programming environment converted 1

Taught you how to put Vim into an IDE programming environment modification (Photo) By: Wu Yin Date: 2007-09-07 Version: 0.5 Email: # Homepage: Copyright: Copyright of the article by Wu Yin and his lovely wi

(Reprinted) Cygwin GCC's Makefile in the Eclipse CDT project symbols and the path to configure automatic discovery

(Reprinted) MinGW GCC tool set first to use the project does not have this problem: CDT can be found a very good set of tools installed MinGW, MinGW GCC's Toolchain and th

Install and configure Django development environment (Eclipse + Pydev)

The so-called must first sharpen his tools. Python, there are many tools, including Eclipse + Pydev is one of them. Although the python @ newsmth the home at the end of the combined evaluation of these articles is not high, but in pipi's insisten

Programmers editor - VIM

Programmers editor --VIM dieken at newsmth dot net yubao.liu at gmail dot com A. VIM history 1. ed ed The oldest is the most basic UNIX editor , It was originally the father of UNIX Ken Thompson Written his first ed The application of a regular expression

Virtual Machine ubuntu10.10 with xp shared folder (samba service mode)

Find a lot of information, and finally found an article, I realized sharing, hereby share with you: Environment: host windows xp system, virtual machine vmware 7.1.3, virtual machine installed ubuntu10.10. Requirements: I hope that in xp using source insi

Some commonly used software for Linux

Under Linux there are some commonly used tools, I think good for everyone to recommend it. Development tools: I use Eclipse to develop C program under Linux, Python programs, Java programs, OCaml procedures. Eclipse has a wealth of plug-ins to support the

"Turn Can not find the original address" technical leveling programmer Raiders from: coolshell personally find it very interesting very detailed

Moonlight blog on June 12 issued a " letter addressed to novice programmers ", translated from the" Public Security Open letter to those who want to Start Programming ", my friend (his site's id is Mailper ) told me He hopes to see

Share: Programmers technical leveling Guide

I have this friend to take the name of the article Build Your Programming Technical Skills, I really do not know how the Chinese translation, but I was writing the process, I think this is like playing online do a task to upgrade a process it's called

Programmers technical leveling Guide

REVIEW: This is Chen Hao and his friends Mailper collaboration, originally called "Build Your Programming Technical Skills", and the author of this shared Mailper personal learning experience. Every programmer wants a smooth upgrade to higher le

VS project configuration in detail

Transfer ( One. IDE-based configuration 1 font VC6 in "Tools → Options → Format → Font" configure font; VC2005 "Tools → Optio

Development of commonly used open source J2EE project

Read other people's records, feel good, on the collection here, Original Source: Persistence Layer 1: 1) Hibernate This need not introduce, and used very frequently, used more are mapped

VC in Ansi.Unicode.UTF8 conversion between strings and write the text

Copyright: Reprinted with hyperlink form, please indicate the source and author information in the original article and the statement Ansi string we are most familiar with English makes a byte, 2 byte ch ...

Install MySQL source

Install MySQL source Linux environment: Linux AS 4.7 1, the first to use rpm-qa | grep mysql see whether the system has been installed on other versions of MySQL 2, If you have installed other versions of MySQL, use rpm-e removed, shall be in accorda ...

Data analysis for high-performance open source database - monetDB

For data warehousing and large-scale data analysis of the database much, much less open source. Mysql database is based on a good database infobright Unfortunately, the open source version of its communities a lot of short boards, corporate boards are not

[Reprinted] Rails using gb2312/gbk and coexistence solution utf8

Source: Author: xuxu Recently had an item requires database is UTF-8 encoding, and Rails uses GBK encoding. (Do not ask why) So how to achieve the coexistence of the two encoding it? First of all

linux install and set utf8 encoding oracle10g

1. Resource requirements: At least 1024 MB of physical memory 1024-2048 be 1.5 times the interaction space 2048-8192 be an interactive space times 8192 - Need at least 0.75 times the interactive space 400 MB / tmp temporary directory space oracle software

linux install oracle10g and setting the encoding utf8

1. Resource requirements: At least 1024 MB of physical memory 1024-2048 be 1.5 times the interaction space 2048-8192 be an interactive space times 8192 - Need at least 0.75 times the interactive space 400 MB / tmp temporary directory space oracle software

rails source code syntax highlighting and code display format

Code syntax highlighting rhighlightjs Official website: Relatively simple to use enviroment.rb config.gem 'romanvbabenko-rhighlightjs', :lib => 'rhighlightjs', :source => '' sudo ra

Introduce a JAVA open source blog - APACHE ROLLER

BLOG system open source, PHP is still the most recommended, and so many choices, JAVA's choice of small, But today actually found a top-level project APACHE roller, project address is, explained below, under its simple i

lamp source code installation

The required source code package: httpd-2.2.4.tar.gz mysql-5.0.27.tar.gz php-5.2.1.tar.bz2 freetype-2.3.2.tar.gz gd-2.0.34.tar.gz jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz libpng-1.2.8.tar.bz2 libxml2-2.6.24.tar.bz2 zlib-1.2.2.tar.gz Installation order: apache -> mysql

China Open Source CMS took a dramatic turn:. Net rise of open source cms

1. Origin Open source is open source, source code can allow the user: use, copy, distribute, study and improvement of software. Open-source can be traced back 60 years that the twentieth century: around 1960. Then IBM, some software and source code b

CentOS install using the insight

What is Insight? Insight is a version of GDB that uses Tcl / Tk to implement a graphical user inter-face. It is a fully integrated GUI, not a separate front-end program. The interface consists of several separate windows, which use standard elements

SQLITE Source Analysis (12)

Disclaimer: The SQLite source code analysis series Xing ( original, without author authorization, any human institution can not be reproduced / * ** The type for a callback function. ** This is legacy and deprecated. It

linux latex Chinese solution (UTF8)

CJK talking about here is a solution, but simple, step by step, it wants to follow suit. The focus here is the Chinese character configuration (UTF8 encoded). latex has been the Chinese font configuration is headache. If you do not find on the way Af

Python source code encoding declaration in the role of the string

Python source code that compiled the original head of the # encoding: utf8 string parsing code for the python is no actual impact. But today found a very interesting question. Mark it. When the python code in a similar u 'Chinese' when such a

openJPA1.2.2 data source using the Tomcat6.0.29

Tomcat6.0.29 are two kinds of data sources 1. System wide: all the webapp in the tomcat can use the global data sources, to configure the% TOMCAT_HOME% / conf / context.xml, also make the database jdbc driver, copied to the% TOMCAT_HOME% / lib below.

Chinese word segmentation algorithm for open-source

A, IK Analyzer (Diablo's "Immortal King Immortal King"): IK Analyzer is more Internet users consider the name and address information in the product and the application of this search, IK particularly applicable to the search business,

struts2 myeclipse how to import the src package (source code)

Click on a. Class files, if myeclipse can not find the source of that class, then in the right window (when there will be some of that class variables and methods of information), and that if we can see the source code of that class does ? We can add
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