show me a spreadsheet code for Android

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Using Cygwin on Windows, to obtain the source code for Android

Using Cygwin on Windows, to obtain the source code for Android 1 in preparation for Cygwin environment, which should curl, wget, python and other basic tools. 2, ready to store source code directory (eg: c: \ myeclair), into the Cygwin Shell environment,

The source code to Android SDK

When you debug Android program encountered "source not found" error it should be very crazy, Goolge in the SDK did not release the source code included into the event, rather perplexing to many people, Git is a jerky thing no doubt, but framewor

How to write efficient code for Android

Modern handheld devices, so much the phone, more like a computer in your hand. However, even the "fastest" of the handheld device, its performance is also not keep up with an ordinary desktop computers. That is why we write Android applications

git source code for Android

git source code for Android: 1. git clone git:// + project path. 2. Mkdir mydroid cd mydroid repo init-u git: / / / platform / manifest.git repo sync git clone for the larger source, it can not HTTP, more anno

Ubuntu 10.04 Environmental download & compile the source code for Android-2.1_r2 <switch>

Preface This paper describes how to build from scratch based on the official Google Android 2.1-r2 source development environment, including how to download the source code, compile the source code, and compiled to run in the emulator image. In this paper

The Java source code for Android and Eclipse View the latest methods of Association

Of: lizongbo Posted: 01:59. Saturday, January 1st, 2011 Copyright : free to reprint, reprint, sure to articles marked hyperlink original source and author information and this copyright notice. In the Google

Writing Native Code for Android Systems

Writing Native Code for Android Systems.

ubuntu9.10 next download and compile source code of android

For a long time did not update your blog, and put under the ubuntu9.10 write down the steps to compile the source code to facilitate future access to: sudo apt-get install git-core curl sudo apt-get install gcc g + + flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0

[Change] how to write efficient code for Android Modern handheld devices, so much the phone, more like a computer in your hand. However, even the "fastest" of the handheld device, its performance is also not keep up with an ordinary desktop compute

In the win under Cygwin source code download android

First download cygwin, cygwin is a linux platform for a class. Environment that is simulated in the windows linux terminal. Compared to the virtual machine to run linux, is a lightweight solution. In addition to this source code to download android,

Common code for Android

Code to achieve some common features, extracted from the document Display page: 1. Uri uri = Uri.parse (""); 2. Intent it = new Intent (Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri); 3. StartActivity (it); Show Map: 1. Uri uri = Uri.parse (

One-dimensional bar code scanner Android QR Code two-dimensional bar codes source download apk

BarcodeScanner android platform is the most powerful bar code scanner, scanning the fastest and powerful. Features: 1, scan one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional QR code. After identification to open a browser, or by e-mail, SMS sent to friends 2,

View the source code for Android

If you do set, with the F3 view a category, such as the ListView's source code will be prompted to not support the source code. If all the source code to compile on the code works too stupid. The solution is: 1. Cd android_sdk 2. Find.-Name

Hide Code Complete Android phone

Phones from different manufacturers will hide the code, used to view system and firmware version, or hardware testing, of course, is no exception Android phone, in addition to the computer as if the phone can display more detailed information, it can rese

Practical code fragment android

1. Android access to the system is 24-hour or 12 hour clock? Use the following code: ContentResolver cv = this.getContentResolver (); String strTimeFormat = android.provider.Settings.System.getString (cv, android.provider.Settings.System.TIME_12_24); if (

Automatic Updates client code for Android

import; import; import; import; import org.apache.http.HttpEntity; import org.apache.http.HttpResponse; import org.apache.http.client.ClientProtocolException; import org.apache.

Android source code to the SDK

When you debug Android programs encounter "source not found" error should be very crazy bar, Goolge, when the release of SDK did not really go in the source code contains a bit confusing for many people, Git is undoubtedly a jerky thing, but fra

Made using Cygwin on Windows, Android source code

1. Install cygwin, because the installation time special for a long time, so to choose the local download (supports breakpoints, that is, reinstall). So downloaded and then run setup.exe, select the local installation. About 5hour + 2.cygwin gain root pri

Android IPC communication mechanism for source code analysis

Android IPC communication mechanism for source code analysis Binder Communications Description: Linux system, inter-process communication methods are: socket, named pipe, message queque, signal, share memory. Java System inter-process communication with s

Android layout java code to achieve

General situations in which the Android layout we often use program XML documentation in preparing, this can increase development efficiency, but given the secure code and the implementation of efficiency, you can perform create Java code, although Androi

(Reprinted) how to use Eclipse to develop Android source code + comments

Android with eclipse + ADT as a development tool, can be very convenient, in HelloActivity applet in eclipse features we feel great. So, we can use eclipse to develop android source it? If we direct the android source code in a project into eclipse,

The android sdk 1.5 source code to SDK

Development, debugging Android procedures sometimes need to see when the source code of android sdk, Goolge did not put in the released SDK contains the source code into the event, rather perplexing to many people, Git is a jerky thing no doubt, the

Ubuntu 8.04 compile the whole process of Android source code

First, the source code for Android Git is a linux Torvalds (Linux father) to help manage Linux kernel development and the development of an open source distributed version control software, which is different from Subversion, CVS such a centralized versio

Android source code to the SDK (Updated)

When you debug the program encountered Android "source not found" error should be very crazy, right, Goolge the release of SDK contains the source code did not really get a little confusing, no doubt to many people, Git is a jerky thing, an

android source code distribution structure

provided by google Android Android includes the original target machine code, the host compiler tools, simulation environment, through the decompression code package, the first-level directories and files as follows: | - Makefile (global Makefile) | - Bio

How to use Android TextView (including source code).

How to use the TextView, including source code. TextView android is the most commonly used, but used to swing with people who may try to new a Textview,, but android have their own 'rules' for view management. /** * */ pu

Android source code editor with all the operations related to introduction

Android source code editor with all the operations related to introduction Android source code related to Note: The following is carried out in the ubuntu 10.04. The birth of this article, my internship at the Meizu learned the past two months, who have l

View the source code in eclipse android

To be able to view the eclipse source code of Android SDK, we can do the following methods: 1, according to preferences of each version of the android sdk download the source code 1.5_R3:

study sample code android

study sample code switched android: 1.Android sample project team Android SDK, if not from the study sample code provided in the beginning that there may be no better way to grasp in this framework to develop Android. The core

Android-depth analysis of code structure

When we program on the Android operating system, will produce a highly structured Android code structure, then we can on this article from the detailed analysis of this structure, as a reference, to deepen the people of this operation understanding o

Android SDK to get the source code and associated view in Eclipse, the method (for sdk2.3)

The following is the Java source code for Android and Eclipse, the latest operating methods and associated steps: 1. First, download the Android's SDK installation file: Then extract to: E: \ Ja

Android code in Java style property set in - use the object code to create ProgressBar

In andriod development, and resources must deal with a large part, for example: pictures, layout files, strings, style, and so on. This gives us the components you want to develop some common cause great difficulties, because the public might be more will

Android source code in Eclipse View

Only 5M to android Source: After downloading the source code for Android, how in the Eclilpse Android source code inside the view? See on the Internet are many ways, I feel very complicated, if you just want

Read the product of a pre-listing Android interface development Jie Mi

New to android platform, personally feel that the layout of the most difficult interface. I did a recent attempt on his own as a product (please be patient, probably this year's meet with you), explain the interface of the production process, wish to

How to call android built-in images, such as menu-> add the plus sign image, search the magnifying glass image

In the android source code to find \ frameworks \ base \ core \ res \ res \ drawable \ Standard menu icons Shown below are standard menu icons that are included in the Androi ...

[Android] problem records - Android support the unit of measurement

Transfer from android official documents, can not provide links, because the android official website of the links are in harmony. I have the Japanese version of google android in the cache inside the turn to the following. Quickly preserved. 1. You ...

android Asynchronous Show View

android asynchronous Show View for beginners will be met for each View the asynchronous display problems (such as an asynchronous network of image display, asynchronous data show Listview only La. , etc.), where I briefly describe the following I hav ...

Android Permission Daquan from 1.0 SDK record a new access permission to change the

Emck My technical career, cracked version of RC30 brush method (Note: Before upgrading the official RC30 ago) November 30, 2008 Online reads as follows: Note: Brush can not ensure that every person a

Android build environment (change)

Android build environment itself is complex, and unlike the common build environment: only the top-level directory only Makefile file, while others use a unified standard for each component of the file itself is relatively simple, b

How to call android built-in picture, such as menu-> add the plus sign image, search the magnifying glass image

Android source code where you can find \ frameworks \ base \ core \ res \ res \ drawable \ Standard menu icons Shown below are standard menu icons that are included in the Android

Android Intent explained in detail in (turn)

Android explained in detail in the Intent In an Android application is mainly composed of four components, these four components can refer to "Android application form." And these four components are independent, and they call each other, coordi

Android XML-Based Graphics

Before the drawing, there are two ways, first of all a good UI to graphic design, we directly attached, for those simple graphics, such as rectangular, fan-shaped like graphics, the general system API will provide this interface, but Android Next, there i

Own use android to do a simple player

Because of the need to participate in software design contest What, precisely selected knowledge of the subject use android, so the unpleasant task learned. Through the study of some of the knowledge, I tried to do a simple player android, although very s

Examples of learning HelloAndroid Android development

After the recent completion of the project, idle boredom, the want to learn C, C + +, on very poor, and too hard, used java development, I recall my colleagues, do not dry, learning Android, then began to study their development of Android . This article

Snake game in learning Android (2)

snake category Activty class, is the Android project's main class. package; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.Window; import android.widget.TextView; /** * Snake game ( Code source

Android install uninstall program analysis

Uninstall programs installed in the Android source code, we know: Java code <Activity android: name = ". PackageInstallerActivity"> <Intent-filter> <Action android: name = "android.intent.action.VIEW" /> <Cate ...

Android Developer's Guide - 3D Graphics

3D graphics 3D with OpenGL Android through the OpenGL API to support high performance 3D graphics - specifically, is the OpenGL ES API. OpenGL, OpenGL ES is a customized version for embedded devices. OpenGL ES is not fixed in all versions correspond ...

Android drawing study summary (2) - Bitmap

Through the former a study, drawing on the core of Android have a certain understanding of the back pages, we will detail the various drawing objects Android use, begin with our most popular Bitmap (bitmap). Bitmap is the most commonly used development re

android source download and compile - reproduced information - andykuo (Reprinted)

1. PC to prepare the working environment 1. official home page from the Ubuntu download Ubuntu8.04 desktop, and then a full installation. 2. Open the ubuntu terminal, type sudo apt-get install ubuntu server via command line to install so

Android uses Intent Filter in response to implicit Intent

If a request in a data Intent to perform an action, Android how to know which applications (and components) can be used to respond to this request? Intent Filter is used to register Activity, Service and Broadcast Receiver with data in some kind of abilit
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