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Secret: GCMail bulk mail server technology sharing

I believe that many enterprises have been very concerned about the mass mailing, mass mailing to promote the marketing and promotional strategies. Many owners have used the mass mailing to promote off site, most owners believe that the success of mas

Redmine 126 mail server configuration

A synchronous send mail configuration 1 to config / email.yml.example rename config / email.yml (2) modify the config / email.yml file, modify the information as follows: Wrote # Outgoing email settings production: delivery_method:: smtp smtp_setting

Gmail pop3 and smtp mail client server configuration

Gmail pop3 and smtp mail client server configuration Enable Gmail account first POP. Open Outlook or Outlook Express. Click the "Tools" menu and select "Account ..."。 Click the "Add", then click "Mail ..." In t

Our mail server to avoid the messages being sent as spam

Go to: (After two days of efforts, finally doing a good job of the SPF and DKIM. Glad I have to record matters down) (DKIM what is it? According to the official DKIM ( http://www.dkim.

Use GCMail Server install mail server set up

GCMail is a smart full-featured mail server software , supporting SMTP, POP3, WebMail, multi-domain, certified letters, anti-spam, mail filtering, mail groups and other standard mail features, built-in world-class Kaspersky anti-virus engine, Bayesian alg

java e-mail system (a) - mail server

Introduction and basic configuration James is an enterprise class mail server, it is fully realized, as well as smtp and nntp agreement pops (do not support IMAP). At the same time, james server is also a mail application platform. James is the core of Ma

James mail server installation and configuration

James mail server installation and configuration of environment: Mail Server: OS: REDHAT LINUX AS 4 IP: Subnet Mask: 255.255.0 Gateway: DNS: Client: Operating System: windows 2003 IP: Subnet Mask: 255 ...

UBUNTU JAMES mail server set up under the Daquan

First, install the download jamesAMES mail server JAMES mail server under UBUNTU Download file james-binary-2.3.1.tar.gz Extract tar zxvf james-binary-2.3.1.tar.gz mv james-2.3.1 / usr / local / Authorize chmod + x chmod + x Run . / ...

doNet mail server (including the open source server)

1, LumiSoft Mail Server Is an open source, free mail server, can run in the .net / mono, supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/WebMail, support for MS Sql Server / PostgreSql / Xml and other data stored. 2, WinWebMail 3, hMailServer 4, ...

postfix mysql sasl ssl linux mail server build notes

Basically, this tutorial is done in accordance with Write a few places to note Configure postfix mail system to a lot of configuration files, which some of the configuration file which is not automatically trim (), such

SMTP mail settings moodle users

Their configuration is as follows: smtp host: smtp user name: xiahch smtp password :******** Support email: Other default settings can be. The following are extracts of the Internet: Key 1: Administrator E-mail f

Introduction of open source mail server hMailServer password encryption algorithm

This company gave me a two-day mission, let me give the company and a customer install a mail server, and demand is: Free, the best is genuine; Multi-domain (because of the company, customers of the two domain names the same time with a server); Supp

Apache James Mail Server Configuration

Apache James referred to James, is the Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server acronym. James is 100% Java-based e-mail server. It is a stand-alone mail server, and provides a complete email solution, used for sending and receiving e-mail. package com.juv

Chat-based mail server code sample test ------

Now a lot of the mail service provider, and the speed of the mailbox is also very good, but also between each other the information, chat-based mail server for information, should also be good. Write a simple version of the client-side tool under tes

GCMail open green postal mail server, create a convenient and environmentally friendly business life

The competitive business mail market, the domestic mail service businesses have been offering a variety of corporate email, recently, GCMail announced the formal launch of a mail mail server software security escort green products "GCMail v8.0

GCMail mail server, how to do reverse DNS?

Today in the proliferation of spam, junk mail to our lives, work, learn to bring great harm. Because the SMTP server to send the lack of effective authentication mechanism, even with the spam blocking technology effect is still the general recognitio

GCMail mail server, set up anti-virus spam gateway

(Article provided by: widely adopted technology, the official website: GCMail mail server, mail gateway server is used as a filter for the original company, which is mounted on the front of the o

Management is a good helper to share three high-quality mail server

In recent years the popularity of Internet in China, promote the rise of many enterprises. Innovative use of IT technology, enterprise management has played a more speed over the nature, of which e-mail is one of the most core applications. E-mail mo

U-Mail sending and receiving mail server problems overseas break

With the rapid development of economic globalization of the world to import and export business for the support of many businesses benefit. The growing proportion of overseas business, a huge economic boost of the wave of Chinese enterprises. In the

Sendmail mail server set up and configure CentOS

View Installation rpm-qa | grep sendmail rpm-qa | grep dovecot rpm-qa | grep cyrus Install the mail server yum install sendmail sendmail-cf Installation pop3/imap Service yum install dovecot installed user authentication yum install cyrus-sasl yum in

Choose instead of Sendmail mail server software

E-mail is that people on the Internet one of the most frequently used communication tool, it has become an indispensable part of life online, so the establishment of a secure, reliable e-mail system is very necessary. The use of e-mail has a long his

GCMail mail server: mail server software industry, King of Kings

The first thing to go to work every day, is to open your mailbox to see if their mail messages sent to customers, inexplicably, to open a "relevant product offer," the title of the e-mail, opening the connection, pop-up a lot of spam really anno

GCMail mail server for the "super factory" virus attack defensive measures taken

China 600 million personal computer users were "super factory" virus attack, all businesses have to make a comment. 360 non-professional, 360 deceive 400 million Internet users at random interpretation "super factory" behavior, an

Easy ways to respond to the mail server attacks

Invasion on the mail server attack a variety of forms: there is the use of a buffer overflow vulnerability, as well as denial of service attacks and directory harvest attacks, and so on. Reinforcement mail server, use the mail filtering tools, the use of

Mail Server articles: three e-mail server software, "Huashan Mountain"

At present, enterprises in the development and growth, will increasingly focus on the use of the network and development. Whether it is online advertising delivery, or staff office network, or remote network meetings, etc. also. Network, has become a

GCMail relay services the best strategy: the use of IIS SMTP mail relay service to stop spam

You can use the IIS SMTP mail relay service to stop junk e-mail direct contact to your GCmail Server. Your GCmail Server internal network may be built in order to keep within the user receives all messages sent over. If you start GCmail Server's SMTP

Mail server set up Linux system process analysis

1 with the following command to see whether the system is installed sendmail: [Root @ mail / root] # rpm-qa | grepsendmail sendmail-8.11.0-8 2. Uninstall sendmail: [Root @ mail / root] # rpm-esendmail-nodeps 3 with the following command to kill the r

[Practice has proved that finishing line] CentOS 6 in the easy set up Apache James mail server

Reference 1 set up with Apache James mail server to send and receive e-mail practices (a) 2. James + mysql 3. Apache James user information database to store and passwor

Mail server domain name resolution

Normal mail delivery, need to set the domain A records and MX records first to add a A record to point to the server IP to use this, this is preparation for the MX record, MX records set up, if you mail domain name is, then you a ...

mail server sendmail

sendmail refuses to start due to permissions unreasonable solution 2009-09-23 17:17 today RHEL5.3 system installed on the mail server host. Well fitted by yum install sendmail and sendmail-cf sendmail start both packages have been rejected. # Service ...

ECShop 2.7.2 mail server settings and "Access is denied" solution

ECShop 2.7.2 mail server settings and "Access is denied" solution If you use your own domain name configured mail, please sign out the following line. Can not send mail to solve the problem. $this->host = "ssl://" . $this->host;

JMS based - Camouflage mail mail server (without user name and password)

One. mail server for non-verified addresses 1. Open a command window C: \ Documents and Settings \ meiyoudao> nslookup Default Server: Address: 2. Set the query type to MX (Mail Server records) > Set type

U-Mail mail server: all commercial security under control

According to the data, e-mail communication is essential to facilitate and highlight the growing, nearly 40% of business contacts to rely on the e-mail. Cumulative business resources of the mail server, but also need to be properly protected. However

U-Mail Mail Server: System DIY are you ready

U-Mail is the mail server business application software development, system integration of complex information, the largest professional public Division One: Shenzhen Fu contact the company developed the product. U-Mail team to focus on businesses, g

GCMAil mail server description

Widely adopted technology is the first began to promote the professional e-mail services (mail server software), carrier-grade e-mail service providers. GCMail with new ideas and breakthrough features. Widely adopted by self-developed technology. Sup

GCMail mail server set up manual installation

(Original URL: Welcome GCMail mail server set up manual installation GCMail mail system in Windows Server2000/2003/2008 operating system to install. The following illustration GCMail mail s

U-Mail: mail server solution for enterprise groups

Background With the popularity of the Internet in-depth, more and more relying on e-business dealings. E-mail are increasingly being valued by the majority of enterprises, which not only facilitate unified corporate image, demonstrate the strength of ente

Mail server set up hot standby solution

This focuses on the mail server set up, the hot standby solution. To U-Mail mail server, for example, to share information. Hot standby of the corporate mail server needs an object need to use hot standby scheme, according to their requirements for e-mail

Cream of the crop: Kaspersky antivirus engine best choice of mail server

GCMail make a technical strength of the mail server software developer, choose the best security technology R & D cooperation is inevitable, and it is correct. GCmail mail server selected the well-known worldwide, "Kaspersky" This is no

GCMail mail server and mail server which the traditional distinction

Recent users often ask: "GCMail mail server", but not very professional for some users, many of the current traditional business users are the wrong mail server down, or even many users to GCMail mail server with 263, Coremail, Winmail, CMa

u-mail mail server to allow enterprises to stand higher

Article from: Throughout the rapid development of IT technology, intensified international e-commerce. In recent years, E-mail in the information management of important applications and development potential for the Intern

Comprehensive evaluation of the mail server software security papers ---

2011 as the "five" in the first year, the line of business organizations are facing huge "professional information" change. Mail server software in the enterprise applications with the deepening this reform. Thus, information managemen

[Practice has proved that finishing line] CentOS 6 in the easy set up Apache James mail server (continued 1) - into the database of users and e-mail

Reference 1. James + mysql 2. MYSQL user rights management (Grant, Revoke) Order Network resources, but I do not know why, when I follow the online step by step tec

Ubuntu Mail Server Setup

Originally built shelves Ubuntu LAMP, apt to install many packages need to remember the names of those packages is a very painful thing, here is another simple and convenient way to use tasksel install the LAMP stack. Let us talk about what is Taskse

James built the mail server when they encounter problems and solutions

James Downloads path # Apache_James_Server Question 1: james the run.bat in the bin does not start, always flash, this is mainly because of james set the JAVA_HOME problem. Solution: See run.bat should know that a ...

Open source mail server set up the system-JAMES

James3.x Apache James (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a subproject of the Apache organization is one of completely pure Java technology development, to achieve the SMTP, POP3 and NNTP and other mail-related protocols. James also has a stable

jsp sending mail (using mail server)

jsp page (form page) <form name="form1" method="post" action="email.jsp" onSubmit="return mailCheck()"> <table width="100%" height="225" border="0" cellpadding="0" ce

Server articles: Ten Steps song mail server installation

GCMail mail system in Windows Server2000/2003/2008 operating system to install. The following illustration GCMail mail system installation steps: First, the official website you can download the installation package GCMail (Download URL: http://www.9

E-mail server temperature detection script

import string import os import smtplib from email.mime.text import MIMEText def send_mail(to_list,sub,content): me=mail_user+"<"+mail_user+"@"+mail_postfix+">" msg = MIMEText(content) msg['Subject'] = sub msg['From'] = me msg['To'] = ";".join(to_lis

apache James Mail Server 2.3.2 send and receive messages outside the network

Reference: If it is outside the network can send mail, but can not receive external network mail (after receiving the message i ...
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