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Facebook, real Memcached

memcache @ facebook speaker is Marc, FB, senior architect, the PPT FB discussed how to carry out scale memcache to host high traffic. PPT quite this level, a lot of ideas worth learning from. Because not participate Qconf, just try to figure out from the

Gerry Edition Web Crawler V0.01 (Java language version) (P2)

public ByteArrayOutputStream getAddressContext(String str_url) throws Exception { URLConnection conn = null; String str_urlhead = "http://" ; str_url = str_urlhead + str_url ; URL url = new URL(str_url); System.setProperty("http.proxyHost", "openprox

Reptile source <switch>

Spidr web crawler is a Ruby library that can be entire website, multiple websites, a link full crawl to the local. Web Crawler summary, worth collecting wiki http://wiki.bluei

Learning finishing HttpClient

From: deep in the ship HttpClient is something I want to study the recent past, thought about some of the applications did not have a good implementation of the open-source project that looks a little bit after, the headache problem or a solution to the c

JAVA-use HttpClient to simulate a browser GET, POST

From: deep in the ship Under normal circumstances we are using IE or Navigator browser to access a WEB server, used to browse page to view information or to submit some data and so on. Some of these pages visited just some ordinary pages, and some require

JAVA-use HttpClient to simulate browser GET, POST

From: deep ship Under normal circumstances we are using IE or Navigator browser to access a WEB server to browse the page to view information or to submit some data and so on. Some of these pages visited just some ordinary pages, and some require the user

facebook proxy software

facebook proxy software

Setting up proxy for Android Emulator

There are three ways to go to the Android Emulator settings proxy. 1.-Http-proxy option See # proxy In this way, I did not succeed. 2. Add value to settings.db 1) Connect to the emulator us

Use PHP to master Facebook Application Development

Application, an application to the Java ™ code. Before you begin About this series Rational Application Developer, Zend Core for IBM, PHP 5, and DB2. You will use Java and PHP 5 are part of the code written. Performance of an existing stockbroker company,

Arch-03-06-end of the realization of imitation facebook chat

facebook is the fire to draw the line at the bottom of the toolbar can chat more eye-catching, it seems easy to copy, as if still good enough, decided to copy one. (1) based on the election framework DWR, why, because I hate to write too much JS script. T

Spring AOP using the configuration description (3): automatically creates a proxy

The basis of (a), (b) the method described in the configuration aspect has been learned, but they are configured to use org.springframework.aop.framework.ProxyFactoryBean agent, the method can only be for a single class configuration agent. It is not ...

Apache load balancing setting method: mod_proxy

In general, load balancing is to divert the client's request to the back-end all the real servers to achieve load balancing purposes. Another way is to use two servers, one as the primary server (Master), another as a hot backup (Hot Standby), all par

maven2 configuration file pom.xml setting.xml

This article is mainly about maven2 core set of two documents with the understanding: pom.xml and setting.xml. pom.xml in folder to create the project, setting.xml maven package in the conf folder after extracting. Start with settings.xml, settings.x ...

The mainland to visit Facebook.Twitter.Youtube. MySpace and other sites the simplest way

Original Source:, readers bring their own ladder. The use of encryption online proxy access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other site should be the wall in the mainland to visit the most simple way for site, encrypted ...

javascript Summary (5) for setting element styles and elements of the event monitor

Catalog (1) the framework (b) file organization and code organizations (c) JS interact with FLASH (4) ajax partial refresh and RPC (E) for setting and monitoring elements of the event elements of style (F) the creation of page elements and the associated

Permission denied: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to (localhost)

From: Problem: Few days back we were working with Apache web server and were using it for proxy. We want to use HTTPD for directing requests to 8080 port where Apache tomcat was running. We configured the proxy settings su

java http proxy settings

Java HTTP Proxy Settings Posted on May 4, 2007 by Imran Aziz Overview For local networks within an organization, access to the public-domain Internet is often via a HTTP Proxy. This article talks about the HTTP proxy settings for the Java environment. I d

Appear on the hibernate3 could not initialize proxy - no Session discussion

This is clearly an error caused by Hibernate lazy ah. There are four kinds of solutions: 1. Close delayed loading, that is to set lazy = "false". 2. Using join fetch, you can write HQL statement explicitly using join fetch associated entities cr

Android emulator proxy settings

From: Here I will explain: Many articles from the selections from the other, I have written the source, the other good things in addition to the article, you can through this web site,

Keep in mind when using the Maven proxy settings

】 【Phenomenon Client machines are required to set the proxy server, Then use the Maven will also set the corresponding address, Otherwise the implementation of the MAVEN will report similar to the following error message. [WARNING] Unable to get resource

build personal use gappproxy ubuntu proxy server

The whole process mainly of two parts: 1) upload a to google app engine (GAE); 2) to establish the connection between local and GAE. 1) From 1.1 Create google app engine account: (that is with their own google acc

linux (CentOS, fedora) and under the reverse proxy configuration to install squid3

Download Source Package and extract . / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / squid - enable-gnuregex - enable-async-io = 20 - enable-icmp - enable-linux-netfilter - enable-kill-parent-hack - enable-snmp - disable-ident-lookups - enable-cache-digests

Linux, the Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary

Linux, Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary of the collection in the write down this conclusion, I would like to say a few words: Do not mix work and love together, anxious edge distressed ah! In order to complete a seemingly simple past an

could not initialize proxy - no Session

Original Address: In <many-to-on> of this error is common, literally just can not be initialized because the session was closed. Easy to understand because, you use the lazy = true, In this way hibernat

Fackbook API use Facebook SDK Development

Today, the network that Microsoft has developed a Facebook's SDK, location: Facebook SDK Overview This SDK contains the files inside, Sample Code, Source Code, resources be quite complete, was going to say look at the example it should be able to

iPhone to use a key share ShareKit Facebook, Twitter and other multi-platform

ShareKit is the iPhone, one key to share text, images, links, documents to Facebook, twitter, delicious, tumblr, google reader and other third-party sites objc library (1) Download: (2) Github: http://githu

java application to use a proxy to access network settings

To get your java applications to use proxy connect to the network, there are two ways to do so. First, set the System's properties, the disadvantage of this approach alone can not set different proxy. Second, the use Proxy class, this method can

Taught you how to develop Facebook Application

Original Facebook Translator: runer Directory One. Introduction 2. Creating "Hello World" program 3. In the User Information box using FBML (FaceBook Markup Language) 4. In the User Information box using the mock-AJAX technology 5. Use Mysql dat

facebook technology related to architecture

Talent Study sparse shallow, raised this problem is to start a discussion, hope you Neng good in the areas of Ziji li right in Facebook may Cai Yong of a Jishu Huozhejiagou方案or optimization Fangfa , Be your own Lunshu. According to September 1, 2008,

framework related to technology facebook

Talent Study sparse shallow, raised the issue only to initiate the hope that we can excel in their own field may be used on Facebook to a technology or architecture program or optimization methods , to be a discussion of their own. According to September

HttpClient proxy settings based on system configuration

import org.apache.http.HttpHost; import org.apache.http.client.HttpClient; import org.apache.http.client.params.HttpClientParams; import org.apache.http.conn.params.ConnRoutePNames; import org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient; import org.apache.h

What is a reverse proxy, how to use reverse proxy to improve site performance

Often see these days talking about in the blog kangzj agent, the article notes also mentioned reverse proxy, and some students use the absolute path of the accelerated play around ghs not quite understand, then to summarize the knowledge of the reverse pr

Access to some web site through a proxy

import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import java.util.Properties;

How to use the proxy server

A few days ago, I consulted with two colleagues, how to use a proxy, I found the process or with a lot of, rather than tell them to listen to me step by step, it is better to write a tutorial, so that they can better understand and operate. Here I will ex

Outlined the function of the network proxy springboard.

When the other hosts from the local invasion, the local IP will be exposed to each other. By setting a proxy host, the host re-invasion by other hosts, which would leave a springboard to the IP address of proxy and effectively protect their safety.

myeclipse svn and use the browser proxy Sogou

A function of the svn in the setting options Network, check the Enable Proxy Server, enter the server address in the, port 8081 can fill in the limits of education outside the network for download on the case of network resources , provided

Compile and install with a mac authentication squid proxy server

Squid's RPM release because usually this feature is not enabled, this version will be prompted to use the wrong MAC match acl type, so we have to manually compile the source code. Download squid, http://www.squid-cache-org ./configure --prefix=/d

Set the proxy server maven

Open% m2_home% / bin / settings.xml, add the following paragraph: <settings> <proxies> <proxy> <active> true </ active> <protocol> http </ protocol> <host> </ host> <port

Web-based reverse proxy cache acceleration

Abstract: For a day visit the site reached one million, the rate quickly became a bottleneck. In addition to optimizing the application of content publishing system itself, if it can not updated in real time the output of dynamic pages into static pages t

Java design patterns with beginner in mind - agent (Proxy) mode of the dynamic proxy (Dynamic Proxy)

What is a dynamic proxy? Proxied object (reality theme (RealSubject)) can be dynamically changed at runtime, need to control the interface (abstract topics (Subject)) can be changed at runtime, the control can also dynamically change the way in order

The upstream module and Nginx reverse proxy

Nginx because of its excellent ability to handle concurrent connections, more and more as a reverse proxy server is used. The so-called reverse proxy, that is the most Nginx placed in front of user access, monitor the user sent the request, and forwards t

(Rpm) using squid reverse proxy to improve site performance

Article Category: Web front-end text: This paper describes the working principle of squid reverse proxy based on that reverse proxy technology to improve site access speed, enhanced usability, se

[Android] to access network resources properly use ---- Proxy

Heavenly has a lot of unique things, today is related to CMWAP and CMNET. There are still many Android phones connect to the network using a CMWAP, if simply drops using URL.openConnection () opens a HttpURLConnection, will be found to have a UnknownHostE

Compiled and installed squid proxy authentication with the mac server

As the RPM release Squid usually not enable this feature, this version will be prompted to use the wrong MAC match acl type, so we have to manually compile the source code. Download squid, http://www.squid-cache-org ./configure --prefix=/data/squid/app --

What is called a reverse proxy?

In many sites, especially now that some support for high-traffic, highly concurrent Internet sites which have heard of a component architecture "reverse proxy", that in the end what is the reverse proxy server? Literally reverse proxy serve

Reverse proxy in Apache configuration and implementation of output substitution

A recent local projects need to build a demonstration environment. The presentation environment is up in the company's existing systems built, all test data from existing systems to import, but because of new customers (B customers) with existing

nginx reverse proxy, static and dynamic requests separation, proxy_cache clear the cache and cache

Today his spare time, continue to arrest fiddle a bit nginx, tried it, nginx reverse proxy, static and dynamic separation of the request, and nginx cache applications, and clear the specified URL using the ngx_cache_purge A, nginx reverse proxy confi

Using yum with a Proxy Server

By default, yum HTTP connection to the network through the warehouse. All yum HTTP operations use HTTP/1.1, and support the standard web proxy servers. You can also connect to the FTP repository, and configure yum to use an FTP proxy server. squid package

[Transfer] Facebook's system architecture

Source: (by the Micha? l Figuière answer) Based on my current reading and conversation, I understand today, Facebook is organized as follows: Web front end is written in PHP. Facebook's HipHop [1] wi

Secret Facebook's system architecture

Facebook is a social network service website, while Facebook is the United States ranked first photo sharing site, upload a daily 8.5 million photos. So what is Facebook architecture like? This article will give you Secret! Source:
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