sample java application using primefaces

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Pure java application using spring used proxool

For Proxool, maybe we are all familiar with, it is a stable and efficient connection pool, in the most common web applications, especially in the use of Struts, Spring framework, web applications, etc., because it greatly increased the repeated operations

Developing java application using SQLite3

Here are a Chinese site URL: Will be downloaded to be unpacked jar package sqlitejdbc-v033-nested.jar into% JAVA_HOME% \ lib under And add to the classpath system environment variables, my

Develop java application using SQLite3

Here is a Chinese site's URL: The package will be downloaded to unpack jar files sqlitejdbc-v033-nested.jar into% JAVA_HOME% \ lib, the And will add to the classpath system environment

Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (on)

1. Currently affecting the choice of developing greater control of foreign geographic server has Mapinfo MapXtreme, MapObject, Autodesk Map Guide, ArcIMS, Argcgisserver and other domestic Super Map. Considering we are using the Java language to develop ap

java application for registration as back-office services

The project, there is a java application, user requirements after delivery made to put this program back-office services, namely: the system starts automatically after the program start, and do not appear to run in the foreground window, and maintena ...

transfer java application jcom to word pdf

1. Java application jcom will transfer pdf word 2. 3. Experience 2009 - 03 - 01 09: 47 to read 528 comments 0 4. Font size: much of the small 5. In JAVA using JCOM and JXL tips: 6. 7. (1) should be under your lib jdom-1.0. Jar, jxl-2.5. 5. Jar, jcom-2.2.

Flex and Java communication using the JSON format

Keywords: flex java communication using the json format Flex and Java communication using the JSON format The use of Flex, Java, Json data update Mysql Senior Posts] [I remember in the Flex interface data is to use a JsonArray package passed after th ...

Ant with jar.exe or Java application packaging and distribution

Posted Java application you will find it difficult? Fortunately, Java offers a range of packaging and publishing tools that can significantly simplify the publishing process The article provides several methods of packaging Java code, we will explore the

Tomcat Web application using web.xml control Xiangjie (1)

Transfer from: Tomcat Web application using web.xml control Xiangjie (1) Study: feng_sundy Source: unknown (2006-04-29 13:39:34) A definition of the head and the root element Deployment descripto

Tomcat Web application using web.xml control Xiangjie (2)

Tomcat Web application using web.xml control Xiangjie (2) Study: feng_sundy Source: unknown (2006-04-29 13:42:24) 7 specified welcome page If the user provides a http://host/webAppPrefix/directoryName/ such as a directory name that contains the file name

In the java program using comm port in the local management [Back Qinbo: Senior Software Engineer]

In the java program using comm port in the local management Recently did telecom project encountered a number of professional issues, to share with everyone here, under the comm package class and how to use the next issues: In java program, the local syst

Reprinted: JAVA character encoding Series 3: Java application coding issues

Another two days time to summarize / organize a bit of encoding a variety of encoding methods, and Java applications 在 usage here recorded for future reference. In order to constitute a complete text encoding of knowledge against and in-depth Bawo, t

JAVA application developer needs to know some of the problems

1. What is J2ME? A: J2ME is short for Java 2 Micro Edition, is introduced SUN consumer electronics products for embedded development platform, such as mobile phones, PDA and TV set-top boxes. In fact, J2ME is a collection of a set of technologies and spec

JAVA Application of reflection (2)

table {font-size: 10pt;} JAVA Application of reflection (2) table {font-size: 10pt;} Spring's AOP (aspect oriented programming) In the MVC, the business object layer plays a very important role, it represents the core business logic methods, but

Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (below)

Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (below) 3.3.3 write the code generated here, the map server generates maps of the service referred to is the web server side code in the servlet response to client requests image information gene

Java file using the JAD decompiler good light JAVA _

Java file using the JAD decompiler September 2, 2007 Sunday, 02:22 AM Recently drawn the short straw, the computer system unit accidentally hang out, and restore the system also failed, the most terrible is when colleagues in restoring my machine to

Java developers using a proxy server

Java developers using a proxy server:

flex module can not load the problem (deployed to the Java application environment)

Start Module named is lowercase, and the generated swf file is lowercase, and later changed the name of the Module capitalized, but the module loaded in the name of the xml did not change, or lowercase, <node code = "designerExplorer" label =

start java application packaged into a jar Runtime usage

jar java application to achieve the main code starts as follows: String str = "D: \ \ cs.jar \ n"; byte [] b = str.getBytes (); Process p = Runtime.getRuntime (). exec ("C: \ \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ cmd.exe "); OutputStream out ...

Position java application under linux

Scene: java application is different from other programs, when viewed in the name of the program are ps / Usr / ... / java-classpath ..... class Very long, see them very inconvenient, but in general, and each application is placed in a separate appli

Java application to change the default icon title bar

Java application title bar to change the default icon Now offers two methods: Method 1: If you used the Toolkit (java.awt.Toolkit) class, which is a very simple thing: Toolkit tk = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit () Image image = tk.createImage ("imag

Notes of the JAVA api using to send mail (code fragment)

Notes of the JAVA api using to send mail (code fragment) Recently the use Notes to write a program to send mail automatically to study the `` day finally OK to share with you the code here import lotus.domino.AgentBase; import lotus.domino.NotesException;

[Reprint] Java language using authentic

Java language using authentic Original Address: Native non-Java programmer language fluency Elliotte Rusty Harold, software engineers, Cafe au Lait Elliotte Rusty Harold Java language is the first

VisualVM Use of point (can not detect the local java application)

1, win use error "can not detect the local java application" To win the next "TMP" environment variable to point to a NTFS formatted disk. 2, the environment variable add: VMARGS =- XX: + PerfBypassFileSystemCheck

[Transfer] Java application skills - to add a close button JTabbedPane

Java application skills - to add a close button collection JTabbedPane JTabbedPane component Many people are unable to add the title in the JTabbedPane close button and frustration. In fact, starting from the Java SE 6, this problem has been resolved

Java application security

Part I: Java's security infrastructure - virtual machines and byte code security in general: the number of security problems for many people is very important. From historical point of view, Java virtual machine and security essentially means that byt

java application to read a complete sample configuration file

package com.jcms.cms.core; import; import; import java.util.Properties; import org.slf4j.Logger; import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory; / ** * * @ Author runningsnail * @ Date 2009-12-28 * * / public class Glo ...

Java applications using JNI to monitor the CPU Xiangjie

How to get Java CPU The use of the situation? Here also have a good news and bad news . The bad news is not the method by using pure Java CPU Use. Do not have direct API. A suggested alternative method is through Runtime.exec() JVM process to determine ID

In the Java application to start the local exe file

Today in the Java code needed to start an application prior to export products that exe file to view on-line information, initially using the following method: Runtime.getRuntime().exec(wkspacePth + "/ReaderDevice.exe"); This is probably the most common w

OAuth security protocols based on the Java Application Programming

Description: OAuth protocol committed to making websites and applications (collectively referred to as consumers of Consumer) can not disclose the user authentication information in the case, the user through the API to access the service provider (Servic

High-end Java-Java annotation Java annotation using Xiangjie

And more open source frameworks provide "metadata" support. In order not to outdate, today to learn about Java's annotation system (also known as metadata). This article will follow the structure of the layout 1. What is Metadata? What ...

In the Flex application using the AnyChart (a)

AnyChart Flash Charting Component is a flexible Adobe Flash based solution that can be used to create great-looking, interactive flash charts and dashboard (dashboard). It is a cross-browser and cross-platform graphics solutions that can be used to c

Java implementation using zip compression / decompression

As network bandwidth is limited, so the data file compression is conducive to the rapid data transmission on the Internet, but also section Province server external memory space. Java 1.1 implements the I / O data flow and data flow of a single netwo

Zeng Xianjie: decryption in Java application in Taobao [Reserved]

At 11:41 on July 15, 2011 Source: InfoQ Author: Ding Xuefeng Editor: Hu Ming Ya Comments: 0 This Tag: Java Java framework [IT168 comment] At the recent carnival of technology Taobao Taobao special on technology from Taobao Middleware Products and Technolo

Turn: java application of the IP address of the string into an integer

A range of applications tends to be used in the registry restrictions, find IP host cities such as demand, windows of the ping command also supports the integer form of IP. 2, the key technical point IP addresses into integers as follows: 1, through ...

java method using String.split problems

String.split method using the delimited string, the separator, if used in a number of special characters, you may not get our desired results. We see jdk doc described public String [] split (String regex) Splits this string around matches of the giv ...

Java code using JDEE as a reader

Emacs is absolutely great software, some shameless villain than the secular far to great, but some of its design to the letter and still affect a lot of development tools. JDEE is a great software, I JDEE mailing list, get feedback very very happy: Welcom

File Upload Java Application Development

Today, spare nothing, did not write a blog for a long time, and suddenly remembered a lot of web development projects, used for file uploads using Apache commons-fileupload to achieve the next upload. I implemented a servlet file upload, as I am limi ...

[Reprinted] Java application development specification outline

1. Coding Standards 3.1 Package naming Package names are composed of a lower-case word. Word only by lowercase letters. Each Package must be: com.jutone. [Project name]. [Module name] composition. For example Jserver projects: com.jutone.jserver.cpma

fckEditor in java application

Ckeditor online editor used in javaEE project 1. Information ready: A: fCkeditor2.1.rar B: A place which is the front page, css, js, etc. B fCkeditor jsp application does not directly support, all must be under ckeditor-java.zi

c # desktop application using vs2008 Dotfuscator Community Edition that comes with built-in problems arising

When using the code Obfuscator Dotfuscator Community Edition, the Professional Edition will be prompted to register activate, you can skip the non-registration. Use the tool will be a problem. Drop-down box value is not taken! The following is the de

The light can be embedded java application server

In some applications, we need to distribute a web application to the customer's PC, --- this means that we need in the customer's PC, open a web server to run our web application. Often, we have all the required resources and the code is pack

Java object using POST to Servlet Communication

In order to achieve real-time push features BlazeDS, and found one with the Servlet implementation example. But the second example uses a thread push, so some waste of resources. Search a long time and did not find the Java Servlet class in the example ca

Java development using ASN.1

Recently did telecom prepaid user if one (ASN.1 format), due to more urgent needs of the customer as soon as possible buttoned. So busy these days, almost to google the information can be found asn1 all tried it today, finally a little success, and g

WIN platform application using the batch update their own

Today they met to do a simple automatic upgrade of the client, Client program to get updates and decompression after the update and how to restart it from? Here I have a class package, using the batch, the upgrade file overwrite local file, then restart t

java application to use a proxy to access network settings

To get your java applications to use proxy connect to the network, there are two ways to do so. First, set the System's properties, the disadvantage of this approach alone can not set different proxy. Second, the use Proxy class, this method can

ExtJS build an application using (b)

In the article, the detailed implementation of the main interface of the application process, in which part of a Tree, is to show the stock of data, including three levels: the stock type, subtype, stock. Tree with purchase history for the branch, the eye

ExtJS build an application using (c)

In the application's main window, use Tab displays a variety of Panel. Pdf document of which a display needs, ExtJS, using an embedded iframe display the contents of the document. In ExtJs3.2.0 version does not contain support for iframe the panel, bu

Mobile application using a simple widget development (a)

Widget primarily as a Web 2.0 front-end services or Internet content. Web designers and developers can use the Widget to create the most popular Internet experience, users simply S60 desktop or application menu, click to access. WeatherBug Widget Widget a

About C # operate EXCEL, generated one of Chart of the full application (using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel)

Lately I've been in the development of a use of C # generate EXCEL document procedures, which according to the data generates the appropriate chart, the chart of color and form, there are stringent requirements, in Baidu and Google to search all the r
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