sample dropdownlist in jsp

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About jsp in page, request, session, application scope of the difference between

application: the global scope, the entire application program sharing, is the deployment of file sharing in the same webApp life cycle: the application start to stop. session: the session scope, when users first visit, create a new session, after the ...

JSP in the application, session, request, page

Note: This article comes from Javaeye the junier, I reproduced the O ( ∩ _ ∩ ) O Haha ~ application: the global scope, the entire application sharing, file is deployed to share the same webApp life cycle: the application starts to stop. session: sess

Return JSP basics: a new understanding of the scope of the request

application: the global scope, the entire application sharing, file is deployed to share the same webApp life cycle: the application starts to stop. session: session scope, when the user first visit, create a new session, after the server can remembe

Tomcat configuration tips Xiangjie Analysis

1. Configuration System Management (Admin Web Application) Most commercial J2EE servers provide a powerful management interface , And the most easy-to-understand Web application interface .Tomcat In his own way, also provides a mature management tool , An

springMVC next configuration fckeditor2.6.6 (1. how to integrate fckeditor)

Previously used ckeditor, configuration is easy. Later, the functions required to upload pictures and found that must be integrated findeditor, ran to the official website a look, no JAVA version of the .. Only come back to the fckeditor. Start with how t

Spring Security 2.0 + CAS configure single sign-on learning configuration notes

Spring Security 2.0 + CAS configure single sign-on learning configuration notes Spring Security 2.0 is based on the original Acegi Security framework for secure authentication based on the new version. Which integrates a lot of authority verification

The first JSP + Servlet + JavaBean + JDBC sample programs

Operating Environment: Quote JDK1.5 Tomcat5.5 MyEclips5.5.1 GA SqlServer2000 windows2003 1. SqlServer Query Analyzer under the new table: create table dbuser( userId int identity(1,1) primary key not null, userName varchar(50), userPasswd varchar(50)) 2.

jsp to connect various databases summary

There is a lot of beginners in jsp netizens often ask how to connect database, ah, how old wrong ah? So I focused on writing in this article for your reference, in fact, this logic entirely on the database may not be good practice jsp years, but ther ...

Sybase / PHP / JSP development environment, the establishment of the main points

Sybase / PHP / JSP development environment, the establishment of the main points Apache/2.0.54 Sybase / 11.9 Client PHP/4.3.7 Weblogic / 8.1 Windows / 2000 Pro Development workstation window2000 pro, ip:, while a Sybase server database s ...

jsp garbled solution Daquan

A, JSP page display garbled Second, when the Chinese garbled form submission Third, the database connection Everyone in the JSP of the development process, often in Chinese garbled question which might be one to haunt you, I shall now put my JSP developme

JSP page where the editor called FCKeditor

FCKeditor is a powerful web editor, it is an open source project on, functions are more and can be customized to provide multi-lingual versions, including (asp, cfm, php, lasso, perl, py, jsp). 1, we can o

jsp Smart Upload Upload all Gonglue! (reproduced)

1, the installation chapter jspSmartUpload Web site developed by a fully functional free download of the file upload component, suitable for embedded implementation of the uploading and downloading operations JSP file. The component has t

JSP to connect various databases Daquan

1, jsp connect Oracle8/8i/9i database (thin model) testoracle.jsp are as follows: <% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = gb2312"%> <% @ Page import = "Java.sql .*"%> <html> <body> <% Class.forNa ...

Struts2 main properties of several commonly used and the sample label (1)

Done before a struts2 project, summed up the use of several commonly used struts2 tag usage, and to respond to the sample code, each label summarizes the key attributes about the page code, background code and the generated html code 1. Checkbox Checkbox

jsp Smart Upload Upload all Raiders! (Reprinted)

First, install articles jspSmartUpload site developed by the free use of a fully functional file upload and download components, suitable for embedded implementation of the uploading and downloading operations of the JSP file. The compone

Order Jsp generated html file

Recently generated html file with jsp, sorting out the three methods, we want to help. Method 1: In order to reduce the server stress, the original article management system by the JSP file to take data from the database to generate static html files from

The Grid using ExtJS of what has contributed to all sample

Recent studies ExtJs think some of the official sample code too, especially the use of Grid Code and some little much effect. After careful study I wrote the following example of a streamlined Grid, We hope you point to help with photo quality in the anne

ajax + jsp example entry

Consider the following examples you will find really good simple ajax First, prepare two jsp pages 1.index.jsp code is as follows (direct copy, tested by a) <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8" import="java.util.*" pageEncodi

Using JSP to achieve Web-based RSS reader (REMO)

An RSS description According to Wikipedia ( ) definition, "RSS is used for sharing news and other Web content data exchange standard", which is a combination of a series of norms, with XML format. Currently the m

(Transfer) Tomcat replace JSP Compiler, Restricting Access to Specific Hosts

Change Tomcat's JSP compiler (JSP Compiler) In Tomcat 4.1 (or later, probably), JSP compilation in Tomcat inside from the included Ant direct implementation of the program controller. This sounds a little strange, but that is part of Ant intentio ...

The action by Struts2 validation sample after the jump page

login.jsp after validation by Struts2 in action Jump to main.jsp, main.jsp is the framework page, sample as follows: <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <% String path = request.getContextPath(); String basePath =

JSP handle all garbled

1, JSP pages display garbled Second, when the Chinese garbled form submission Third, the database connection Members of the development process in the JSP, the problem often garbled in Chinese, may I to haunt you, I am developing my experience in JSP The

Forward and redirect in JSP in the example application

Absolute path and relative path If we use the URL URL is "/" at the beginning, then this site is called the absolute path. If we use the URL URL is not "/" at the beginning, then this site is called a relative path. The relative path,

Wrap on the jsp in question

Database for behavior '\ r \ n', but the page you want to convert to <br>. The page display time to pay attention to a property <c:out> EL tag. escapeXml == "false" The default attribute is true, will '<'

jsp difference in the response and request

1, response Belongs to redirect the request; The URL address bar will change; Sent two requests to the server; 2, request Belongs to forward the request; The URL address bar will not change; Send a request to the server; They cite a distinction between a

Session mechanism Xiangjie (jsp-servlet technology)

Although the session mechanism web application has been used for a long time, but still many people do not know the nature of session mechanism, as well as the application can not correct the technology. This session will discuss in detail the working mec

Apache Tomcat 5.5 Servlet / JSP container how to prepare Cluster / Session Replication

Source text: Apache Tomcat 5.5 Servlet / JSP container How to prepare the cluster / Session Replication Getting Started To the Tomcat 5.5 container for session replication, you must complete the followi

JSP page to export Excel file and Chinese garbled solution

Web application to export Excel reports of the simple implementation (HTML) In Web applications, a lot of data often want to export into Excel documents. Generated using a special Excel document real way to more complex, not easy to use. I often use a sim

Tomcat 6 AIO support Comet sample

Source address link: Tomcat 6 AIO support Comet's sample code: public class ChatServlet extends HttpServlet implements CometProcessor { protected ArrayList<HttpServletResponse> connections = new A

Study Notes jsp garbage handling

Pages, databases, servers and other encoding utf-8 to move closer to 1.JSP Chinese garbled output problem 1). Jsp page header <% @ page contentType = "text / html; charset = utf-8"%> (in Servlet using httpServletResponse.setContentType (

Using JavaMail in JSP

In this article you can learn some of the points JavaMail API and how to use it in JSP. This also includes the use of JavaMail in JSP examples. JavaMail JSP application is very strong in the API. Jsp you want to create a mail collection tools? Is describe

EL expression in the use of jsp

EL expressions, called Expression Language EL-wide EL syntax is very simple, it's biggest feature is very convenient for use. Next comes the main grammatical structures EL: $ ( EL are all starting with $ (to) for the end. EL mean

The details of the use jsp tag

Article from: Keyword: tag Recent research has been ext, by chance found a exttld, its own principle is jsp tag, special collection of some information, want to help the brothers. Tag file is JavaServer Pages (JSP)

FCKEditor 2.6 JSP use (embedding)

FCKEditor 2.6 Help (B article only applies to version 2.6, do not change the lib archive contents. Description: fckeditor during text editing, html tag is still used, but end users see when editing a series of labels and carry on. It sets the string is pa

Jsp upload files using components

1> First create a HTML page. Note that all files to upload the form enctype attribute must be set, and the value of the property must be a multipart / form-data, while the request method must be POST. <form name="myform" action="

Solve the session expires, write JSP database operations

Background is as follows: Hope to achieve when the user clicks the logout button on jsp page stored in the database when the realization of the time the user logs off. Also, if the user does not normally exit, then log out automatically when session

Scanner programming examples jsp source code download

jsp programming scanner jsp source code download scanner jsp source code of the scanned image jsp source code download scanner program web programming control sample was scanned images download

Detailed large object JSP 9

JSP 9 Detailed study of large objects of his nine key learning JSP large objects (request, response, pageContext, session, application, out, config, page, exception), these objects are static objects, no definition can be used directly to They unders

jsp Learning Experience

First, the basic configuration The importance of the basic configuration in the web.xml file. 1, Jsp Properties Group This setting can specify a page encoding, header footer, and so on. Setting UTF-8 has the advantage of each page like this do not need to

jsp connect to the database Daquan

Many beginners often ask users jsp of how the database connection ah, I summarize for your reference, In fact, this logic entirely on the database may not be good practice in jsp, but beneficial for beginners to learn, when we learn to a certain exte

Extreme Table use -> JSP page displays

eXtreme Table Description ================== eXtreme Table is ExtremeCompontents ( in a powerful and easy to configure, extend, customize the Table control, which include paging, sorting, filtering, export Excel, pdf and aggre

Several common file upload in jsp and struts Methods

Upload files using FileUpload Component File upload in web applications are very common in the environment to achieve jsp file upload feature is very easy, because there are many web development with java file upload component, this paper commons-fileuplo

jsp page, the problem uploading on fckeditor2.6

Write log and other operations that need to use html text editor. When I was there with fckeditor2.6 several problems. The problem is relatively tangle upload is not successful. A lot of site investigation finally resolved. About my problem. Since I

JQuery programming sample code scanner

1.js $(function() { $('#btnScan').click(function() { document.getElementById('scaner1').scan(); }), $('#btnUpload1').click(function() { ajax_post_1(); }), $('#btnUpload2').click(function() { ajax_post_2(); }) }); function getServerUrl(){ if ($('#asp').att

jsp-servlet technology: a detailed written a good article in session

Abstract: Although the session mechanism is used in web applications is very long, but still a lot of people do not clear the nature of session mechanism and, as the correct application of this technology. This session will discuss the working mechanism d

jsp custom production.

1. First, create a java class. Assuming called inherited javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.BodyTagSupport class. 2. Began to realize doEndTag method. Throws JspException exception. 3. Define a string variable String tagStr = ""; The interfac

MyEclipse optimized, open the JSP pages much faster ah!

Step one: cancel the automatic validation there are a bunch of validation, what xml, jsp, jsf, js, etc., we do not need to automatically check all about, but time will need to manually check it! Cancellation method: windows-> perferences-> myeclipse

Jsp file name support Chinese download (Fixed BUG Edition)

down.jsp code: <% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = gbk"%> <% @ Page language = "java" import = " *, .*" pageEncoding = "gbk"%> <html> <head> <title> test

JSP Servlet File Upload

JSP Servlet file upload and software to achieve first is the preparation of the environment: common-fileupload component Download: You must extract the zip package, commons-fileupload-1.0.jar will be copied to

JSP connect to the database (oracle, sqlserver, DB2, MySQL, etc.)

A, jsp connection Oracle8/8i/9i database (with thin model) testoracle.jsp as follows: <% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = gb2312"%> <% @ Page import = "java.sql .*"%> <html> <body> <% Class.f
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