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Twitter application on the use of OAuth

Twitter will be on June 30 after the cessation of unsafe Basic Auth authentication, OAuth fully enable more secure authentication method. This article describes how to use OAuth authentication Twitter application. I. Introduction OAuth Twitter does n ...

To consider the replacement of authentication module to begin preliminary research OAUTH

Let himself into a door OAUTH Related Terms In clear OAUTH process, we first understand some of the terms under OAUTH definition: OAUTH related to three URL: Request Token URL: Unauthorized Request Token for the service address; User Authorization UR

OAuth security protocols based on the Java Application Programming

Description: OAuth protocol committed to making websites and applications (collectively referred to as consumers of Consumer) can not disclose the user authentication information in the case, the user through the API to access the service provider (Servic

At ajax use url rewriting them to avoid exposure url

I remember the first interview, questions have to do together Noodles: jsp page using ajax which required the implementation, when necessary java call the url; at this time the problem is that if users view the page source you can see is the url, how to a

Deal with the two JavaScript functions URL

Deal with the two JavaScript functions URL

SQLserver 2005 URL JDBC

SQLserver 2005 URL JDBC 1. Preparation work: ready-related software (Eclipse, except open-source software can be download from official website) <1>. Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express Edition Download Address: http://download.microsoft.com/download/

javascript URL encoding encode

java. io. CharConversionException: isHexDigit. make the time pass parameters ajax experience this anomaly, in-line to find a solution that I have not found that errors are caused by escape. Issued the following solution to put Another way to thank the Fri

JSP / JS in URL handling

JSP / JS in URL handling

js JavaScript encodeURIComponent () function, URL encoding conversion, esca

encodeURIComponent () The definition and use of encodeURIComponent () function can be the string encoded as a URI component. Syntax encodeURIComponent (URIstring) Parameter Description URIstring necessary. A string containing components or other URI- ...

Js perfect verify url (jackey regular expressions)

Its verification, including: IP, domain name (domain), ftp Two domain names, domain name of the document, together with the port name. <script language="JavaScript"> <! -- function IsURL (str_url) ( var strRegex = "^ ((https | ...

Js perfect authentication url (jackey regular expressions)

Its verification, including: IP, domain name (domain), ftp Two domain names, domain name of the document, together with the port name. <script language="JavaScript"> <! -- function IsURL (str_url) ( var strRegex = "^ ((https | ...

ruby visit website (to deal with the Chinese url)

1 require 'open-uri' 2 require 'net / http' 3 require 'iconv' 4 require 'uri' 5 6 src1_file = "place_file.txt" 7 src2_file = "things_file.txt" 8 save_file = open ( "key_word_rank_baidu.txt" ...

Token distribution of action under the struts used to submit questions to resolve duplicate

First, write a post with the link to jump page, click, in the corresponding action will be submitted to the meeting together with a Token Token 2, Action in forTopic method to the submission of Canada Token Token Third, post the contents of fill in t ...


URI: marked statistical resources. URL: Statistics Resource Locator Generally speaking, each URL is URI, but not necessarily for each URI is URL. This is because the URI also includes a sub-category, namely, Uniform Resource Name (URN), which name re ...

url contains a plus sign

Some characters are escaped url, such as the space is encoded into a plus sign, then pass the parameters it is clearly a plus sign, get the value of the space has become. How do I solve it? If it is passed through the url parameters, we should exerci ...

jsp with urlrewrite achieve URL rewriting

Do you see other people's Web site names are not compared with a cool name suffix, such as qq address space, in fact, use urlrewrite This package is very easy to achieve. Here are instructions: 1. Download urlrewrite, the official download addres ...

java url mapping

java url mapping is relatively simple, it can be said to function relatively weak, but can be extended also high. mapping is divided into four categories 1. With '/' at the beginning of ,'/*' to indicate the end of the path pattern ma ...

With regard to spring security of the URL path validation problems

The previous article, or in some places did not make it clear, but the article has a little bit longer, they still talk about the bar separately. See SecureResourceFilterInvocationDefinitionSource Code: This method's main role is loaded from the ...

Cannot create JDBC driver of class''for connect URL 'null'

Record a configuration point! Tomcat 5.5.27 environment, configure a connection pool: This on the server.xml of the GlobalNamingResources node, the code will throw an exception: To change into the application of the Context node. Normal! so funny!

HttpClient to read the contents of a URL to return

Jar files required core HttpClient-4.0.1.jar: http://apache.freelamp.com/httpcomponents/httpclient/binary/httpcomponents-client-4.0.1-bin.zip httpcore-4.0.1.jar: http://apache.freelamp.com/httpcomponents/httpcore/binary/httpcomponents-core-4.0.1-bin. ...

window.location.href url with the Chinese server receives a garbage problem-solving

window.location.href = url + "& name =" + encodeURI (encodeURI (name)); One name in Chinese, some pages need to encode twice name = java.net.URLDecoder.decode (name, "UTF-8"); Server-side, to decode

Is only to replace part of the characters inside the URL string

URL for the phone. Xls If you use URLEncoder.encode will put a colon to replace the other one http% 3A% 2F% 2F192.168.1.1% 3A8080% 2Fresources% 2F% E7% 94% B5% E8% AF% 9D.xls This is not what we need, we just want t ...

URL to pass the Chinese garbage treatment issue

URL to pass the Chinese garbage treatment issue At 10:12 on May 27, 2009 Method 1: In the background to get some string iso-8859-1 encoding the form of an array, and then use this array of instances of a UTF-8 encoded form of String type String. Url submi

url of the jsessionid to explain - --

url of the jsessionid to explain - -- (1) This is an insurance policy because the Session default Cookie support is required, but some customers Cookie browser is closed at this time of need in the URL specified in the server session ID (2) Link 1: w ...

java implementation uses a proxy server to create URL link

package cn.arthurs.web; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.net.Authenticator; import java.net.HttpURLConnection; import java.net.MalformedURLException; ...

java proxy server to connect across the URL

1. Read network resources, image streaming public static void main (String [] args) ( / / TODO Auto-generated method stub / / Proxy server to connect across the network try ( java.net.InetAddress addr = InetAddress . getByName ( " ...

java files from http url to download a simple way

import java.io.File; import java.net.URL; import org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils; public class DownloadURLFile { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { String res = downloadFromUrl("http://images.17173.com/2010/www/roll/201003/

url of the jsessionid explanation (change)

(1) This is an insurance policy because the Session default Cookie support is required, but some customers Cookie browser is closed at this time of need specified in the URL on the server session ID, which is 5F4771183629C9834F8382E23BE13C4C Using a ...

javascript url parameter to pass the Chinese garbage problem-solving program

This article comes from http://hi.baidu.com/% B4% FA% CD% E9/blog/item/b195d554158ba45f574e005e.html javascript url parameter to pass the Program in Chinese garbage problem-solving a html page: function testOne () ( var url = "testTwo.action? expr =

Javascript version of UrlEncode and UrlDecode function (URL address bar encryption and decryption parameters)

When doing the project the need for (Internet) Search Engine to import links Keyword analysis. Google are using a js' decodeURI () decoding. Baidu is using is: System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode ( "code", System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding ...

URL and the HTTP request process

Seen foreigners in an article "What really happens when you navigate to a URL" very well written and easy to understand. This web site planning, front-end optimization, has a very strong guiding significance. Excerpt point: As a software de ...

JS to get the page's URL top.location.href and window.location.href

JS to get the page URL: (1) The common format is: window.location.href (2), but if you are logged on when the first pop-up a dialog, this dialog box, which is the login page login.jsp, this time in this dialog box if you want to get inside the outermost o

javascript data validation js legal validation. js email verification. js url validation. js length of the authentication. js digital certification, etc. (pop-up dialog box form)

javascript data validation js legal validation, js email validation, js url validation, js length of the validation, js digital certification, etc. (pop-up dialog box form) 2008-11-07 02:51 / ** * To be in English and Chinese characters long * @ Para ...

URL parameters to pass on the adoption of the Chinese question

Needless to say directly on the other gossip Code: The script is written in the js: Explained: var var_keyword = encodeURIComponent (encodeURIComponent (keyword)); the sentence for Chinese encoding parameters. In the java program: ok! Passed through ...

With regard to the length of URL

Extract 1: See a lot of friends in the browser URL length the biggest problem. In fact, the actual length of URL is determined by the two areas. A client browser to accept service requests of the two server-side settings. For most users, they use the ...

"Reprinted> struts2 achieve remove the suffix and the url rewrite" / reproduced "

To remove the suffix in the struts2 to achieve and url rewriting Keyword: struts2 2009-06-21 13:10 First, it use to the two packages, one SmartUrls (Struts2 plug-in, download address: http://code.google.com/p/smarturls-s2/downloads/list), there is a ...

Token duplicate submission problem-solving

1: The submission of the page before an action this.saveToken (request); 2: Submission Page <input type = "hidden" name = "org.apache.struts.taglib.html.TOKEN" value = "<% = session.getAttribute (" org.apache.strut ...

On the different browser URL encoded Analysis

Let's look at three url: url1. http://hi.baidu.com/ love of Yan Bao url2. http://hi.baidu.com/% E7% 88% B1% E5% AE% 9D% E7% 9A% 84% E5% A6% 8D (UTF-8 encoding) url3. http://hi.baidu.com/% B0% AE% B1% A6% B5% C4% E5% FB (GBK encoding) Three url point t

With regard to url mapping

Recently in the new project you want to use a mapping rule, as follows: URL mapping process (strictly adhered to, if the method is empty, then the default name of the implementation of a particular type of method) http://host:port/model/method?paramName=p

Chinese tomcat url parameter question (turn)

tomcat url parameters of the problem in Chinese Tomcat url parameters of the problem in Chinese reference: http://www.javaworld.com.tw/jute/post/view?bid=9&id=44042 Probably aware that there are two ways to pass parameters, depending on the request me

Struts-Token (token) mechanism

2010-03-05 20:55 Struts-Token (token) mechanism can be properly resolved to submit the form to repeat the question, the basic principle is: the server-side in dealing with requests arrive before the request will be included in the token value stored in th

When the key for the url when the memcached

memcached client's best-known is that this 2: memcached client for java and spymemcached. The former, the most widely used. Stability is better. The latter access speeds will be higher than the former, but the stability of the bad. I used the former.

java URL encoding and decoding

HTML encoding rules are: Character "a" - "z", "A" - "Z", "0" - "9 ",".","-","*", and" _ "are not to be encoded to maintain the original value, Space & ...

To prevent the page refresh submitted Token for Secondary

1, their feelings strut1 the Token is not useful, perhaps I did not use to understand, so I decided to write a public class RequestToken ( / * * Deposit token * / static public String saveToken (HttpSession session) ( Long requestToken = System.curre ...

java to read a remote url pictures, get a high width

import java.io.IOException; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.net.URL; import java.io.BufferedInputStream; import java.io.OutputStream; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.io.File; import javax.imageio.ImageIO; public class Im ...

Read the local file streaming data, URL of Chinese in

public static void main(String[] args) { try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("D:\\workspace\\testHession\\src\\test\\ Create a new text document .txt")); String line = null; while((line = in.readLine())!=null) { System.out.println(

URL rewriting to implement session management

Typically, the session management through the server Session ID as a cookie is stored in the user's Web browser to uniquely identify each user session. If the browser does not support cookies, or set your browser to not accept cookies, we can ach ...

Url address to use to achieve URLRewrite pseudo-static

1.1URLRewirte the usefulness of 1. To meet the requirements of search engines. 2. Hide the technology to improve the site portability. 3. To meet the aesthetic requirements (personal feeling of this useful too far-fetched). 1.2 Project Deployment 1. Http:

BufferedReader - URL - FILE - INPUT

URL url = new URL("http://www.baidu.com"); URLConnection urlconnection = url.openConnection(); BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlconnection.getInputStream())); int i = 0; while ((str = bufferedreader.readLine

struts2 tag Memo action token

The use of action tags, may be allowed to call in the jsp page directly Action <s:action name="toptenjob" namespace="/shhr" executeResult="true"></s:action> id: an optional attribute, a reference ID as the Action name: Required attribute, spec
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