ruby `each_hash': NULL pointer given (ArgumentError)

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jsp daily news null pointer exception

Long time never met a mid-year report jsp null pointer exception, and today, because jsp in <script type="text/javascript"> <%%> </ script> generated due to a null pointer.

SQLQuery null pointer

Do queries need to use a more complicated sql, using SQLQuery, query.list (); reported a null pointer. debug found that query is not empty. Sql reduced to the simplest form, is still. Suddenly found query.addEntity (XXX); of the XXX fields where ther ...

Accidentally committed a null pointer error

Today met a null pointer exception, the code looks very ordinary, a little can not see will be a null pointer, then debug the problem was discovered. It is easy to overlook the place, a record, do not know if you are not encountered. The following co

Object is empty, call the method ran out of a null pointer exception

Today's java jsp code is written when a user object with the session was, as the main interface is not registered state, it can obtain the value of the session is empty, but I have not been to judge whether an object is empty go to call its metho

C language null pointer. Null pointer constant. NULL & 0

1. What is a null pointer constant (null pointer constant)? [] An integer constant expression with the value 0, or such an expression cast to type void *, is called a null pointer constant. Here to tell us: 0,0 L, '\ 0', 3 - 3,0 * 17

struts2 null pointer exception

"Reproduced" The struts2 of struts.xml in <constant name="struts.devMode" value="true"/> When set to true, start tomcat the following problems: Null pointer exception, strust2, at com.opensymphony.xwork2.util.FileM

Do not know if strange null pointer error, no bullshit, and look at the code

The following code test, reported a null pointer error, the code is as follows: <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> <Mx: Application xmlns: mx = "" layout = "absolute"

Null pointer exception NullPointerException

When the reference variable to access the instance through the property, or call non-static method, if the reference variable does not reference a valid object, the program will trigger a null pointer exception NullPointerException runtime exception.

org.w3c.dom: Null pointer in Node.getCData ()

This problem has troubled me for a long time in which to get CData Nodelist always return when the null pointer, the same code can be compiled by using android1.6, for 2.2 would be wrong to do. for(int i=0; i<len; i++){ UserDataStore us = new User

Two null pointer error

A few days ago, when doing remodeling projects, baffling to find that two null pointer errors: No. 1, debug, found many times the basic types of object references to null when the null pointer error will be directly reported. Business code is not posted,

IMtalk Development - JAVA JMF CaptureDeviceManager.getDevice null pointer problem

smack while providing a framework for multimedia communication jingle, frustration has not released its API, look everywhere, even in the online discussion was rarely published in their source code, which makes my IMtalk it is hampered development, t

poi look forward to reading excel2007 null pointer appears resolved

public static void main (String args []) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException { String file = "d: \ \ user.xlsx"; List <User> list = importExcel (file); for (User u: list) { System.out.println ("Name:" + u.getName () +

springMVC when using nested object annotation null pointer exception solution

org.springframework.beans.NullValueInNestedPathException: Invalid property 'brand' of bean class [when.we.collide.Product]: Value of nested property 'style' is null Before using the annotation, the use of springMVC will be executed be

Eclipse plug-in projects cited external JAR package to resolve a null pointer abnormal

Eclipse plug-in projects cited external JAR package to resolve a null pointer abnormal

eclipse open a jsp file reported that a null pointer error

Solution: 1st: Document Right-click -> open wITh - "Open the other editing tools 2nd: windows -> preference ..--> General -> EdITors -> File ass .. select *. JSP document, and then select one to open the document in the following ...

jxl string data type of cell-free solution caused a null pointer

Jxl package is the problem. When I replaced jxl-2.6.jar from the background type of data transmission over the Strin is empty, Excel normally displays as a blank.

request.setAttribute () null pointer

Have recently written a struts2 project Times this exception, specifically: public String selectByCondition () throws Exception { String ntype = this.getNtype (); / / ActionContext ctx = ActionContext.getContext (); / / HttpServletRequest request = (

jsp-apr.jar null pointer problem

Today in the development process of the project, add the jsp-api.jar, has been reported that the server starts to access the page NullPointerException, the following error: Serious: Servlet.service () for servlet jsp threw exception java.lang.NullPointerE

adroid texting question? null pointer.

SmsManager.getDefault (). SendTextMessage nullpoint why why why

weblogic application null pointer error solution released

weblogic published applications reported the following error, the first suspicions of jar conflict, and other items but nothing to compare the difference, then look at the web.xml configuration, finally found the cause of the error, the original is t

jdbc mysql stored procedure is called a null pointer exception report

Recent projects use stored procedures, stored procedures that call the Times the following mysql error check the following information found online is a permissions issue, increasing the current user's access privileges to stored procedures to so

Answer: After 2.2 upgrade mysql question-driven

windows installed after the mysql gem error, error is approximately: ArgumentError (NULL pointer given): (eval): 3: in `each_hash ' (eval): 3: in `all_hashes' This is feeling under the windows of the question if the mysql gem version libmysql ...

Ruby string pack unpack detailed usage

The following is the Array # pack, String # unpack the template used in the list of characters. Characters can keep up with the back of the template that "length" of the figure. If you are using '*' to replace the "length", the

C Language Introduction: generous read pointer

Pointer is the C language is widely used as a data type. The use of pointer programming style is one of the main C language. Pointer variable can be expressed using various data structures; can be very easy to use arrays and strings; and to the same treat

A two-way linked list of single-pointer implementation (Reprinted)

In the quest to make small devices cost effective, manufacturers often need to think about reducing the memory size. One option is to find alternative implementations of the abstract data types (ADTs) we are used to for our day-to-day implementations

<An Introduction to Boost> Part I General Library weak_ptr pointer

weak_ptr Header: "boost / weak_ptr.hpp" weak_ptr is shared_ptr observers. It does not interfere with ownership shared by shared_ptr. When a shared_ptr is weak_ptr the observed to the release of its resources, it will set the pointer associa

Introduction to install ruby and Grammar Learning About

Hope to people who just want to touch a little help ruby. I was also new to this period of time to prepare their free time learning about ruby, I was mainly used for product integration write automated web testing tool. ruby Download: http://www.ruby-lang

Chapter II pointer to pointer to allocate and free space (transfer)

Loaded <vernacular c + +>: 20.1 Understanding pointers two "change" 20.1.1 change the pointer value 20.1.2 change the value of a variable pointer 20.1.3 two change? A change? 20.2 C + + memory allocatio

The whole person's return null; attached <s:iterator> Tags

One and a half hours, was <s:iterator> Gaode mad fast, and I checked the action to the page in all the things that pass values, but also try an online page seized a variety of ways to receive action value , but all to no avail. Phenomenon: the ...

java null and "" difference

1.null the equivalent of an object is not instantiated Cause null pointer exception 2. The "" equivalent to an object has been instantiated, but examples of the content is empty Personally feel: more use of "" and less use of null ...

Eliminate the "wild pointer"

Said to be "wild pointer" is man-made term, I first saw in a forum, and then find the "high-quality C + + / C Programming Guide." Later See also: "Wild pointer is translated AMBITION, largely undefined or invalid pointer, res ...

Article 6: Remember to delete in the destructor in dealing with pointer members

1, to delete a null pointer is safe (did nothing). Therefore, the object should be for each member function pointer member "Otherwise point to valid memory, or else null";

c / c + + how to pass the memory pointer parameters

He has been the allocation of memory management for many c + + enthusiasts headache, do not resemble the following things to see! Lin Rui from the "high-quality c + + Programming Guide" How to pass a pointer parameter is memory? If the func ...

getLastKnownLocation () returns null solution

Using LocationManager.getLastKnownLocation ("gps") for the process of gps positioning always reported null pointer exception Baidu online search found a lot of information over this issue in more than 2.0 above solution is: 1. AndroidManife

<An Introduction to Boost> Part I General Library scoped_ptr pointer

scoped_ptr Header: "boost / scoped_ptr.hpp" boost:: scoped_ptr used to ensure that the right to delete dynamically allocated objects. scoped_ptr with and std:: auto_ptr similar characteristics, but the biggest difference is that it can not

C language pointer Detailed

A pointer is defined in c language dealing with a variable, an array, a function, a file, the need for the operating system to the amount transferred to the memory of these different storage units, each memory cell has an address to store the amount of sa

ColumnChart only one data source a "null object reference can not access a property or method" solution

NPE in AxisRenderer when stacked column chart has one data item Error message: I have been unable to create a simple test-case that reproduces this error, but I think a code inspection shows a problem. I've also been unable to get any help with a

null and "" Little mind

Time to write code today struck a method to determine: String point´╝Ť if ("".endsWith(point) || point == null) { } At first glance looks like no problem, the results reported to a null pointer exception error, the original is an empty string and null

Boost Learning 1 - smart pointer

The principle is based on smart pointers RAII: application of resources is initialized. A dynamically allocated object managed by the smart pointers, in any case the memory can be dynamically allocated to get the right release, which will be develope

Return NULL or throw an exception

em.createQuery ("SQL ..."). setParameter (1, xxx). getSingleResult (); em the EntityManager object. Today the test, we found that reported NoResultException exception. The reason is that some information stored in cookie, and the informatio

Learning Ruby On Rails resources

A: site and its blog: 1 .. Ruby on Rails Learning Network is an exchange of learning Ruby on Rails knowledge, professional website. 2.http: / / / wiki / rails_weekly Monday Question Rails 3.

WebService call the solution space pointer exceptions

As a deep understanding of the WebService, the first encounter at work, call the following exception when the exception message is as follows: Exception in thread "main" AxisFault faultCode: {}Server.userExcep

ctypes python module applications in Chinese help documentation

Translator: butland, translated in 2010.1.2 - 2010.1.3, personal blog: Content: . Load the dynamic link library . Dll is loaded from the reference function . Call the function 1 . The basic data types . Call the functi ...

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren

java abnormal Help

Arithmetic exception classes: ArithmeticExecption Null pointer exception classes: NullPointerException Abnormal type cast: ClassCastException Negative abnormal array subscript: NegativeArrayException Cross-border abnormal array subscript: ArrayIndexOutOfB

Java abnormal number of sets

Abnormal types of arithmetic: ArithmeticExecption Null pointer exception classes: NullPointerException Abnormal type cast: ClassCastException Abnormal negative array subscript: NegativeArrayException Cross-border abnormal array subscript: ArrayIndexOutOfB

Six of the bad habits of exception handling

Do you think it is a Java expert right? Sure they have complete control of the Java exception handling mechanism? The code below, you can quickly identify the six exception handling problem? 1 OutputStreamWriter out = ... 2 java.sql.Connection conn = ...

java exception finishing

Arithmetic exception classes: ArithmeticExecption Null pointer exception class: NullPointerException Type cast exception: ClassCastException Array of negative subscript Exception: NegativeArrayException Subscript array bounds exception: ArrayIndexOutOfBou

A nice article explaining Java exception (reproduced)

Exception handling six kinds of bad habits Do you think he is a Java specialists? Is it a must that he has complete control of the Java exception handling mechanism? In the following code, you can quickly identify the exception handling of the six questio


In general, we use LayoutInflater to do one thing: inflate. inflate this method a total of four kinds of forms, the goal is to xml representation of the layout into a View. This class is used to instantiate layout XML file into its corresponding View ...
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