ruby class "can't convert Class into String

Note 2 to upgrade to Ruby 1.9

Ruby 1.8 String support only ASCII code, in Ruby 1.9 increase in the encoding (Encoding) property, to support Unicode. New features help Ruby better support internationalization, but since the string object is used too widely, the new interface resulting

Ruby numeric type is converted to string

Ruby script written often encounter some minor problems when, for example colleagues met today a: convert Fixnum to String error Numeric type conversion is actually not, for the Ruby language of this type of weak data, the type of conversion seems to

[Portal] with Ruby call ICE interface

Ice is not introduced, Ruby is not introduced. I try ah, the steps I will be clearly recorded, One to definitely not let the people Society, Second, I am afraid I have forgotten the past two days, brain hypoxia, only three days to re

For prime numbers ruby version

Just writing to be a Record $ arr = [] # set up a global array $ arr $ arr [0] = 2 def add_prime (n) # define methods within n odd prime add $ arr 3.step (n, 2) (| num | $ arr <<num if is_prime? Num) end def is_prime? (number) # define methods ...

Convert C + + using SWIG interface to the Java Interface

SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) is the C / C + + Interface into other languages interface tool, which can speak C / C + + library into the other language system. SWIG now have support for Python, Java, C #, Ruby, PHP, R language 10 langu

Ruby in the string and symbol

Ruby beginners, it is often the string (String class) and symbol (Symbol) and could not distinguish the two types of variables, in fact, we need not dwell within these two types of variables to achieve, just remember that their characteristics and th ...

ruby join operations sql2005

The following is improved version of the code created by David Mullet, from require 'win32ole' class SqlServer # This class manages database connection and queries attr_acc ...

Ruby String # unpack

An example from the beginning: how to convert a string to a hexadecimal string. One way is to use string each_byte to do: res = [] "abc".each_byte {|i| res << i} {|i| i.to_s(16)} To realize the three lines before writing this function, very

The basic types of ruby

ruby basic types include numbers, strings, arrays, symbols, scattered tables, range and regular expressions, these basic types are defined in the form of class Figures: ruby in the figure is divided into plastic (Integer), floating point (Float), Com ...

Upload and convert video using the Rails

Premised on the need to install FFMPEG, video conversion and upload realize we need some plug-ins Paperclip Nothing better that the choice of history, or the upload Github Acts As State Machine State machine support, are often used on the state machine, t

Starting from main.c into the Ruby-exception

This is really no time for a while, even had no time in early September, the first large. Written interview the day before yesterday when the subject met the two methods of setjmp and longjmp, So think of R uby the exception handling is how to achieve, an

Ruby on Rails: Action View Overview (rpm)

This article will discuss the basic services provided in RoR One: Action view. Action view allows you to display the data more quickly to the user. This article will introduce some action in view of the service, and to give an example to illustrate how to

Baby ducks learn Ruby-18. Object

Object Objects Ruby is purely object-oriented language: all values ​​are objects, and there is no fundamental difference between types and object types. Object all objects inherit from a class, share such a method 1, the object reference used in the Ruby

ruby textfile vs binaryfile

The Difference Between Binary and ASCII Files; Converting them At heart all files are binary files - that is, a collection of 1s and 0s. But there's a subset of binary files we call ASCII, or plain text files. ASCII is short for American Standard

[Transfer] Ruby using Neo4j - Neo4j.rb Profile

[Turn] the use of Ruby Neo4j - Neo4j.rb Profile Originally posted address: Installation The difference with Neo4j.rb Neo4j Installation Neo4j Installation jRuby Installation Neo4j.rb Data type definition Data Types Define the n

Send the rfetion Fetion user experience

Flying letter, said much of its limitations, although it is not as large-scale applications, but also a very good personal entertainment. Here the letter of the ruby package using the fly, rfetion version 0.5.7 Installation gem ins rfetion Call mode

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren

And rails 2.0 with Swing - rails2.0 comprehensive Tutorial - Part I

About a rails 2.0 Introduction of the article, a total of two parts. Translate the following article from here, or new Translation not please everyone exhibitions. I am pleased to see my video tutorial rails2.0 widely accepted. More than 1500 people have

Flv to try: demonstration ajax implementation puff at RJS in effect

Troublesome really ah, finally get Some RJS message Introduction What are RJS? What are RJS? Ajax allows users with the interaction between the browser experience is more like desktop programs. Since Ajax allows the browser to initiate a remote call in th

Flv to try: demonstration ajax implementation of puff at the effect of RJS

It's really annoying, ah, finally get Some message RJS Introduction What is RJS? What is RJS? Ajax allows the user and the interaction between the browser experience is more like desktop programs. Since Ajax allows the browser to launch long-distance

Ajax Study Notes (d) server-side JSON

Article reprinted from: POST request using JSON data When the decision to use JSON data POST request sent to the server, does not require substantial changes to the code, as follows: var url = "

jQuery grammar summary and Notes

1, Introduction 1.1, an overview of WEB2.0 and ajax with the idea at the rapid development of Internet communication, one after another there have been some excellent Js framework, there is one of the most famous Prototype, YUI, jQuery, mootools, Bindows,

About JSON

Abstract XML - this for that client and server data exchange between the payload format has become almost synonymous with Web services. However, because Ajax and REST technology applications that affected the structure, forcing people to seek alternatives

ROR some skills

ROR some skills 1. Change the default Home Rails request URL needs to be http://localhost:3000/controller_name/action_name form, thus we can not seem to store our homepage, in fact, we have to do is modify routes.rb (config / routes.rb) 1.route: routes.rb

Prototype study entry

Prototype by Sam Stephenson developed a Javascript library as well as the originator of other frameworks. Part of its existing Javascript objects such as Object, Function, Dom, String, such as expansion, and Ajax application package, to provide a standard

Lucene in Action (Simplified Chinese)

A total of 10 part of the first part of the Lucene core 1. Contact Lucene 2. Index 3. To add a search procedure 4. Analysis of 5. High-pole search technology 6. Extended Search application of the second part of the Lucene 7. Analysis of commonly used docu

jdk 1.6 New Features

By the end of 2006, Sun released Java Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) of the final official version, code-named Mustang (Mustang). The sixth version of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), code-named Mustang, has released the second Beta version

The basic functions of Java reflection mechanism Xiangjie

In general, the developer community comes dynamic languages, generally accepted definition is: "the program is running, running to change the program structure or a variable type, this language is called dynamic language." From this point of vie

Interpretation of prototype code

A recent study it, it was a bit on the Internet google information in this regard, reproduced on this interpretation of foreigners (1.5 version), but also uploaded a prototype of the two versions 1.5 and 1.6, hoping to share with interested friends. What

prototype.js 1.4 version of the developer manual (change)

See a very good thing in the country has not been a lot of people use them is really unhappy, so I spent a lot effort into this manual is translated into Chinese, as the article is very long, so the translation of the heavy workload and some of Local Engl

HTML5, CSS3, ES5 a new browser that supports web standards and the list of transfer (1)

This article compiled some of the most important (or popular high strike) of the new standard, although most of them have just w3c draft, from the Recommendation level still early, but it has become a new round of browser wars in the highly sought after s

java coding problems in Chinese sentiment

String newStr = new String (oldStr.getBytes (), "UTF-8"); java's String class is conducted in accordance with unicode encoding, when using the String (byte [] bytes, String encoding) constructor string, encoding refers to the bytes of the da

jquery Skills Summary

jquery skill concluded a brief 1.1, an overview of thinking as WEB2.0 and ajax on the Internet, the rapid development of communication, one after another there have been some excellent Js frameworks, which are more well-known Prototype, YUI, jQuery, mooto

jquery rookie Getting Started

Transfer from: B7% C9% D4% BD% CA% B1% C9% D0/blog/item/c96d3716fc57da1d972b43e1.html I. Introduction 1.1, an overview of thinking as WEB2.0 and ajax on the Internet, the rapid development of communication, one after another there ha

MongoDB basic briefing

Mongo is a high-performance, open source, no model document database, which in many scenarios can be used to replace the traditional relational database or a key / value is stored. Mongo using C + + development, provides the following features: For the co

[Translation] Railscasts [155] Beginning With Cucumber / / bilingual

Cucumber is a high-level testing framework which is designed to let you use Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to Create Ruby on Rails applications. Cucumber's unique Feature is that it uses English (or a number of other supported languages) to define

Rails Learning Notes (2)

1: start the web server, you can add-e option to specify the startup to choose any environment ruby script / server-e development | test | production 2: rails in emphasizes "custom reuse configuration" from the database table, to the controller,

[Translation] Railscasts [155] Beginning With Cucumber

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- [Translation] [155] Beginning With Cucumber Translation: snail RailsQQ Skirt: 42,598,81 ...

MongoDB Introduction

Information on the MongoDB less now, and mostly English website, more than most of the content translated from the official website by the author, please understand that is wrong with the translation or requested to testify. I will continue to pay attenti

Rails Recipes reading notes

Today finished the rails recipes, the book older, and many things have to understand, we only looked under the rough. Simple to record notes. The following records are in accordance with section come. 1, User Interface Recipes 1, In-Place Form Editing.plu

Rails detail (8) ActiveRecord base (columns and attributes)

ActiveRecord objects in a database table is equivalent to a line, object properties corresponding to table columns, ActiveRecord at run time to determine correspondence. Our orders table may use the following sql to create: create table orders ( id int no

Rails detail (14) dynamic query

Database than most running query returns matches based on the specified conditions of the result set, the query may return all name is 'dave' orders, or all the title of a certain blog, Han Rails's post, in many other frameworks and progr ...

40 very useful lightweight JavaScript library

Popular JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Dojo, and YUI, etc., since the completion of common JavaScript tasks handy. JS library for the client of these actions (events), animated effects (effects), and AJAX applications offer a l

MongoDB Introduction Introduction (change)

The following article is reproduced from: Information on the MongoDB less now, and mostly English website, more than most of the content translated from the official website by the author, pl

Unix time: 1234567890

This are my solutions to convert the Unix time '1234567890 'to human readable format: GNU date: BSD date: Zsh: Python: Ruby: Perl: MySQL: PostgreSQL: C: Java: Javascript: PHP: This entry was Posted by Mika on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at 01 ...

BattleMoonWars archive decompression / compression program (cut re-refining Edition)

Previously written BattleMoonWars filing process. Unfortunately JavaEye on old posts in the code is really very old; that I was to turn over the code several times, and pared off before the lazy and do not support the issue of multi-directory, but also re

Understanding the MVC Programming PHP MVC Framework Introduction

【What is MVC? 】 MVC allows you to put a "three-part (ie, MVC's full name, Model, View, Controller)" harmonize to form a complex application of the concept. A car is a very good in real life examples of MVC. Neither do we see the two cars Vie

Mysql database encoding problem

Coding problem: First of all consider their own application process, encoding the entire web line The following summary from different aspects of the problem set code: Set the servlet code String shuoming = new String (addrecordForm.getShuoming (). GetByt

[Reprinted] Rails using gb2312/gbk and coexistence solution utf8

Source: Author: xuxu Recently had an item requires database is UTF-8 encoding, and Rails uses GBK encoding. (Do not ask why) So how to achieve the coexistence of the two encoding it? First of all

Rails way --->< The Rails Way> extract (6) using ActiveRecord

1. When you Zai Xia Run Rails development mode server O'clock, Web browsing device right through the data Biao Li Ji Jie Gou's change will come out in the ActiveRecord object Zhong Fan Ying. However, if you run Zhao Rails of Kong Zhitai, Name chan
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