regex using chinese characters

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Using Microsoft Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 for Simplified and Traditional site of the system conversion and get Chinese characters. Pinyin. Stroke and other related information

March 31, 2009, Microsoft released the Microsoft Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 SR1. Visual Studio International Pack contains a set of class libraries, the library expanded. NET Framework on the globalization of software development support. Classe

Chinese characters in the address bar pass

/* Filename: encode.js Function: encodechinese(uri) - The string ( Including Chinese ) Converts URLs in the passed string , The receiver need to use the Base64 decoded and then on the application/x-www-form-urlencoded Decodes a string . utf16to8(str) - Co

PHP substr interception of Chinese characters garbled Knotty Problems (change)

We use the PHP substr interception when the Chinese characters, often garbled, resulting program can not function properly, then how caused it? Through the analysis, we know, mainly substr religious ties will be a Chinese character "saw "in

pdfkit: how to make Wkhtmltopdf in the generated PDF document embedded in Chinese characters correctly in it?

In the use of the Ubuntu Server 10.10 PDFKit, using the compiled Wkhtmltopdf (see:, works fine, but the resulting PDF document is not embedded in Chinese characters, only the E text fonts, document all Chi

js determine the character is Chinese, Chinese characters, numbers

/ * Determines whether the specified content is empty, if the pop-up alert box is empty * / function isEmpty (theValue, strMsg) { if (theValue ==""){ alert (strMsg + "can not be null!"); return true; } return false; } / * Chinese judge

MySQL Chinese characters by alphabetical order

Used for the mysql database know to use MySQL default character set latin1, that is, the field of Chinese characters within the code directly using GBK encoding for storage when the need for some sort of Chinese characters spelling the field by defau

tcpdf display Chinese characters

The original technology from the zero Recently made the content output into pdf documents in a project, find a lot of class, php_pdflib, fpdf, HTML_topdf, etc., but eventually found this easy to use, study the processing of Chinese characters to writ

mysql query in the console when the Chinese characters garbled solution

This time in the study of mysql, well after the success of the win7 installed into the console, the query data in the table, the data will be garbled in Chinese characters, read the next line solution, solved the problem, especially down After the in

Abbreviated Chinese characters Search

public class ChineseTools ( / ** * 1 GB storage of the different pronunciations of Chinese characters starting area code * / static final int [] secPosValueList = ( 1601, 1637, 1833, 2078, 2274, 2302, 2433, 2594, 2787, 3106, 3212, 3472, 3635, 3722, 3 ...

Regular expression matching Chinese characters, Ctrl + F of the Gospel!

Chinese characters matching the regular expression: [\ u4e00-\ u9fa5] Comment: The match really is a headache for the Chinese thing, with this expression on the much easier to handle Matching double-byte characters (including the Chinese characters i ...

Chinese characters into pinyin

<? /* * The Chinese characters, words into Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo abbreviations , If : Deep development >shenfazhan, sfz * Note : The file encoding must be gb2312 */ $d=array( array("a",-20319), array("ai",-20317), array("an",-20304), arra

python determine whether Chinese characters

Transfer from

Chinese characters Mysql Data too long for column 'name' at row 1

INSERT INTO Shenzhen (ItemId, Title, City, PostCode, X, Y, en_title) VALUES (1720, 'Shenzhen News-Shenzhen Post', 'Shenzhen','', 114311218, 22598236, '2 ') Just doing an insert operation when prompted 1046 - Data too l ...

Chinese characters for the length of the string

/** * 获取字符串中的中文字符长度 * @param str * @return */ public static int getChineseCharacters(String str){ byte chars[]=str.getBytes(); String cc=""; byte temp[]=new byte[2]; for(int i=0, count=0; i<chars.length; i++){ if(chars[i]<0){ temp[count]=chars[

telnet input Chinese characters are converted to garbage

Some time ago with a telnet connection to the remote machine, enter the Chinese is no problem, but through the machine and then telnet to other machine up time, enter the Chinese all have been replaced by the form of letters + numbers. Then consult t

[PY notes] with built-in function "str ()" test Chinese characters

str (): string network interpretation: Into the parameter string | string | string object * Because it would be unusual for the Chinese characters, it can be used to detect the string is a Chinese / Russian or special characters. # The following is m

Tablesorter Chinese characters to solve sorting and scope

tablesorter jQuery plug-in is a relatively good form sort plug-ins, I think we all used or have heard, I am here not too much description, and more information can look at the official website: Docs / (more complete one of the

Add Chinese characters to FCKEDITOR

First in the fckeditor folder to find documentation, follow the prompts to copy the code below to </ head> tags. <script type="text/javascript" src="fckeditor/fckeditor.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onlo

SQL to determine whether it contains Chinese characters

SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE len (col) <> datalength (col) len is the length of the field calculation datalength is to calculate the number of bytes in the field share of Chinese characters (Japanese, Korean, etc., as well) is two bytes, the lengt

Chinese characters matching the regular expression to others reproduced ------- ----- ---- hope useful for you to share

Chinese characters matching the regular expression Here are a few main characters in the range of non-English languages 2E80 ~ 33FFh: Japan and South Korea sign area. Asylum Kangxi radicals, Japan and South Korea assisted radical, phonetic symbols, J

Office 2007 ppt PowerPoint 2007 can not input Chinese characters to input Chinese

Office 2007 ppt solution can not input Chinese characters: Create a txt file, copy the following code: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ CTF \ TIP \ {5621CC0F-3ABF-428b-BDF0-D8544FD3ED75} \ LanguageProf

ruby url parsing with Chinese characters

url contains Chinese characters, you must first escape url Contains Chinese characters need to escape, in resolution require 'uri" url = "http://localhost?world= How do you do " url = URI::escape(url) url = URI::parse(url)

linux do not install Chinese character input method, a very simple way to input Chinese characters

In site, the "right-click the Favorites cloud input" into the collector rack in the future to save the input of the machine is not installed, you can input Chinese characters to like in linux page in, ha ha very good u

Importing Chinese characters in MySQL solution [Data too long for column XX at row n]

Import and export data in the database is one of the most simple and most essential features. For example, when the individual in the development of the system on a PC, the database has a lot of initialization data, the system developed, and then mak

Database of Chinese characters by alphabetical order

Database of Chinese characters by alphabetical order 2009-06-17 12:19 SQLServer: SELECT * FROM dept ORDER BY name COLLATE Chinese_PRC_CS_AS_KS_WS Oracle: 1 / / by alphabetical order select * from dept order by nlssort (name, 'NLS_SORT = SCHINESE_

Drop-down list of Chinese characters first letter of inquiry

First, to establish for the first letter of the function of Chinese characters: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION F_TRANS_PINYIN_CAPITAL (P_NAME IN VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS V_COMPARE VARCHAR2 (100); V_RETURN VARCHAR2 (4000); FUNCTION F_NLSSORT (P_WORD I

PLSQLDev tool into the oracle database into Chinese characters can not be resolved

Wrote Chinese can not use the tool into the insert, will be reported: quoted string not properly terminated exception information is the database character encoding issue, this means that the lack of a quote, you obviously have been added in Chinese

MySQL5 database garbled perfect solution Chinese characters (Windows)

With the MySQL root user login 1> check the current encoding format > Show variables like 'character%'; +--------------------------+---------------------- ------+ | Variable_name | Value | +--------------------------+-------------------

Text using the index of Chinese characters clucene

Java-lucene is orthodox, more powerful, developing fast, and natural and J2EE integration (both using Java), how to look much stronger than clucene. Why do you want to use clucene? There are two reasons: A: C + + is faster. When the index of magnitud

Fast broadcast film and television to provide [unmanned DVD Mandarin Chinese characters] [2010 New-made romantic comedy]

DVD version of online play address: Unmanned ◎ ◎ Chinese name English name Spacked out / Driverless / Wu Ren Jia Shi ◎ 2010's ◎ Chinese ◎ category national drama / love film 100 Min ◎ ◎ director Zhang Yang Yang Zhang ◎ C # get Chinese characters spelling the beginning of the string

#region GetChineseSpell获取汉字拼音的第一个字母 //获取汉字拼音的第一个字母 static public string GetChineseSpell(string strText) { int len = strText.Length; string myStr = ""; for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) { if (getCheck(strText.Substring(i, 1)))//判断这个字符是否是汉字 myStr += get

Java MySQL Chinese characters problem

MySQ If no special settings during the installation process, L the default character set is latin1, it can not properly access the Chinese character set Access to the Chinese character set gbk, gb2312, utf8 View more than 3 mysql whether to support t

Hibernate HQL supports convert sort of Chinese characters

hql does not support utf-8 characters in alphabetical order, need to be converted into gbk, it is necessary to extend the database dialect, using a mysql database: package com.jbms.util; import org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect; import org.hibernate

Hibernate QBC sort of Chinese characters

Usually in the Criteria query, is criteria.addOrder (Order.asc ("name")) sort; However, default does not support GBK format, so characters can not be sorted according to pinyin. The following method is to override the Hibernate Order method

Js solution to the Chinese characters

try ( SatQuestion satQuestion = (SatQuestion) convert (form); satQuestion.setPubtime (System.currentTimeMillis ()+""); this.satQuestionManager.saveSatQuestion (satQuestion); List list = satQuestionManager.getAllSatHotquestions (); request.s ...

Allows only numbers, letters, Chinese characters, and telephone number of the judge to determine and bytes

1. need regular expressions in the 2.

Unicode - CSS coding Chinese characters turn

Chinese name English name Unicode Unicode 2 Mac OS Chinese small black STHeiti Light [STXihei] \ 534E \ 6587 \ 7EC6 \ 9ED1 Chinese small black Chinese blackbody STHeiti \ 534E \ 6587 \ 9ED1 \ 4F53 Chinese blackbody Chinese italics STKaiti \ 534E \ 65 ...

mysql can not read and write Chinese characters Chinese characters into garbage problem

Environment: mysql-5.1.43-win32.msi + myeclipse8.0 + apache-tomcat-6.0.24.exe + jdk-6u18-windows-i586se version. Exe Key code mysql my.ini configuration file to set the character set to gbk (restart effective) [Code = "ini configuration file&quo ...

Odd number of Chinese characters url garbled transmission

When the page url parameter passed in an odd number of Chinese, garbled, you can use href = "javascript: location.href = encodeURI ('with the Chinese argument url')", encoded on the url address.

uddi4j incoming juddi Chinese characters fails

Today, try to use uddi4j incoming juddi a Chinese name Web service discovery garbled, they did not know how to solve. Want to have shrimp gets advice! This is my modified samples.prop file, change the value of the last of businessName = S Computer Science

How to remove a string of Chinese characters

A table TEST in the field prod_name have the following values: 'HRB335 rebar ф36 * 9m' how to remove the product name in the 'rebar' three characters 1. select trim (translate ('HRB335 rebar ф36 * 9m', '0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMN

Flash as3 embedded in Chinese characters means

As recently done a project involving the importation of text, Flash input text by default can only display fonts. Even within the system can not set the font must be embedded in order to enter. as2, one can load the font library used to solve, Adobe

mysql concat to splice the use of Chinese characters garbled solution

mysql concat garbled problem solving concat (str1, str2) When concat result set garbled, the large field types are different because the connection lead, such as concat the fields are varchar type parameter a, one type or doule int type, there will b

. NET interception of specified length, the excess part of the "..." instead of Chinese characters

[Size = small] .NET Interception of a specified length of characters beyond the part to replace the "..." /// <summary> /// Adds the specified string at the specified length to cut /// </summary> /// <param name= "oldStr "> Need to

Under Ubuntu 9.10 OpenJDK.SUN JAVA environment and issues related to Chinese characters

Ubuntu by default uses JAVA as the OpenJDK, JAVA support on the need to use software and website, there is no big problem (of course not all, but for now I feel for desktop use have been enough.) Fonts only support and SUN JAVA (JRE, JDK) does not li

Transformation between Unicode and the Chinese characters

import java.util.regex.Matcher; import java.util.regex.Pattern; public class Unicode { public Unicode () { } public static void main (String [] args) { String str = "haha"; String str1 = StringToUnicode (str); System.out.println (str1); Str

Native2Ascii (native tools called Java unicode and Chinese characters Huzhuan)

Reference to a similar article Modified from reference to this article] [ The main idea is actually a reference to the article and the first nat

Mutual Convert Unicode and Chinese characters

/// <summary> /// The Vice- Unicode /// </summary> /// <param name="text"> The string to convert </param> /// <returns></returns> public static string GBToUnicode(string text) { byte[] bytes = System.Text.Encoding.

In Mac Os X they do not know Chinese characters, you can do ..

Today inadvertently by a shortcut: shift + option + L Out of a can view the pinyin of the panel. As follows: --- Finally found it necessary to Apple's own Chinese Pinyin input method to point out the following.

Mac OS X system comes with the Pinyin input method to input Chinese characters will not be read method

Pinyin input method with the most depressing thing is to book a passage into the computer, it was found not read some words, such as the "Chua." If it is, and people exchange, we would say: "left three 'fire', the right one
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