rails how to replace content on page

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Replace the template page content is saved as the other pages

Html template page <html> <head> <title>###title###</title> <meta http- equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312"> <LINK href="../css.css" rel=stylesheet type=text/css> </head> <body>

From the Rails environment on the ordinary web page with a ruby test

Also some common examples, get them to facilitate the Lao Zhu own easy to find. Common test page needs to look at the support package require "rubygems" gem "selenium-client" require "selenium" One example of the most simple test #!/usr/bin/env ruby

Using ruby on Rails environment from the ordinary test page

Also some common examples, get them to facilitate the Lao Zhu own easy to find. Common test page needs to look at the support package require "rubygems" gem "selenium-client" require "selenium" One example of the most simple test #!/usr/bin/env ruby # # S

Replace content in MySQL using REPLACE

Team in a project because staff did not do a database check to the client's data errors. . No way to change it Internet search of the next Will comment in the table author_url record contains www.sohu.com, which sohu replaced sina, a statement bu

mysql batch replace content (filtering words)

A field in a database containing sensitive words filtered volume replacement when needed, you can use the following statement: UPDATE `table` SET `field name` = replace (`name` field, 'needs to be replaced by the string', 'will be asked t

5.2 modify the master page content

Modify the master page content 1, the use of Title property <% @ Page Language = "c #" MasterPageFile = "~ / SimpleMaster.master" Title = "Content Page File"%> .... 2, using the Page Header property if you need to

Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Michael Hartl) Chinese translation of Chapter II demo (4)

(Connected to one of today's goal is to end ~ ~ refueling Chapter) 2.3 Microposts resources in the generation and exploration of the Users of resources, let us turn to look at another related resources - Microposts. In this section, I recommend two re

Yahoo team experience: Website page performance optimization of 34 gold code

1, to minimize the number of HTTP requests for end-user response time, 80% of the content for download. This part-time, including the download page of images, style sheets, scripts, Flash and so on. By reducing the page elements can reduce the number of H

Yahoo Web page performance optimization of 34 gold code

Yahoo team experience: Website page performance optimization of 34 gold code 1, to minimize the number of HTTP requests for end-user response time, 80% of the content for download. This part-time to download pages, including images, style sheets, scripts,

Agile Web Development with Rails 3nd Edition study notes - to create a shopping cart based on Ajax

The article notes, we have the shopping cart through the partial information placed on the index page of the Sidebar. When we click on "Add to Cart" button, Sidebar on the goods and number change. However, we also find that not only refresh ...

Using string and IO generated page

Make a template, using the string replacement method to generate a new file. Use StreamReader to read, Then replace the tone and then use the StreamWriter repalce write Case code: string path = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath ("");// get ...

How to read database content, layout and content

Question: Definition of the four fields ID (Auto ID) title (text) content (Note) time now () But I have access to display content, tune out the page the text is neither space nor section, tightly side by side, showing a good chaos ah do not know what the

Point back button, display the page or operation timeout expired

Browser's back button allows us to easily return to previously visited page, it is undoubtedly very useful. But sometimes we have to turn off this feature to prevent users from disrupting the scheduled order of pages visited. This article can be found

ssh page (more examples)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------- First, a page of the bean: package com.leatherstore.other; public class Page { /** If there are previous */ private boolean hasPrePage; /** Is there a next page */ private boolean hasN

content provider (Reprinted)

Study on Android 【2】 - ContentProvider Data Model Overview [Favorites this page] [Print] Author: 2008-02-25 from ITPUB Forum Content Navigation: Page 1 Page 1: the first one the text Tag: Android Java Android】 【IT168 technical documentation of the data (i

You are a professional page reconstruction workers do?

This time to come to interview students often use "page that you are a professional reconstruction of workers do? "In three parts at different stages of doing self-test and found a lot of people feel good about themselves, give me the answe ...

Ruby on Rails and J2EE: can they coexist?

Ruby on Rails is a relatively new Web application framework, built on the Ruby language on top. It was promoted as an alternative to existing enterprise frameworks, and its goal, in short, is for life, or at least Web development life easier. In this arti

Reprinted: Rails 3 Reading Material

Rails 3 is going to bring a lot of new stuff to the table. Wouldn't hurt to organize some reading material in categorized and chronological order. So here goes whatever I scavenged so far. Leave comments so I can add more links or if I should mark som

Js page Jump (change)

Common function toUrl(ul){ if("" == ul || null==ul){ alert(" Thanks for the concern "); }else{ window.open(ul);// This is a new window // window.location.href=ul;// This is directly on the current page jump } return; } Other online: (with repeat) 1. In th

php class Yung-page article

Write a simple article page content type ~ ~ ~ <? Php class contentPage ( private $ content; private $ pageSize; private $ breakFlag; private $ url; private $ pageVar; / / Parameters are as follows: content, page size, paging flag (default is newl

Broadband Web Content Management System (CMS)

Survey transit multimedia Web content management system (BroadVision CMS) is the set of the first set of text, images, video, audio and other information in one of the professional website construction and maintenance system for information dissemina

JSF page template of

JSF has been out for many years, since the proposed to bring some new ideas, but until the introduction of JSF2.0, it will truly reflect the many original ideas out, and really for the majority of developers with a convenient road development . JSF i

Struts + hibernate peeping page (second method)

Applications to implement paging query Hibernate3's DetachedCriteria -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Hibernate3 provides DetachedCriteria, allows us to layer structure in the Web detachedCriteria, then

Various sizes by page JS

http://hi.baidu.com/330334037/blog/item/87866e126a09d12fdd5401c6.html offsetTop, clientTop, scrollTop, offsetTop Visible region wide web: document.body.clientWidth; Page shows the regional high: document.body.clientHeight; Visible region wide web: do

General PHP Pagination Class page.php [fake google page]

<?php /** ** Universal paging class php .( Google style imitation ) ** The total number of records simply provide the number of two parameters per page .( Detailed instructions have been attached ..) ** Without specifying the URL, the link generated by

Use C # to get to crawl and analyze data content

private void button5_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string html = ""; WebHeaderCollection header = new WebHeaderCollection(); header.Set("Pragma", "no-cache"); html = getHtml("http://www.biomart.cn/info/infoDemand.htm?pge=1",header); Regex regex

What is a canonical page? Why should specify the standard Web page Detailed

[ view original web site] In fact, standardization is more important, but certainly for why there should be standardized web unclear. What is a standard page? Why should specify the standard Web page? Specification is a set of web pages similar to th

Page oracle stored procedure (a)

create or replace package page is type type_cur is ref cursor; procedure p_pagintion ( psql in varchar2, -- Conditional SQL statements pfrist in number, -- A few pages psize in number, -- A page number pcount out number, -- Total pages pnotecount out

MySQL batch replace string in a specified field

When we upgrade the web site or database applications, we often encounter a field in the database string replacement bulk of the problem. This will be introduced if using MySQL built-in SQL functions to achieve the string-volume replacement. Batch Re

Web site speed program

Visit the slow pace of the Internet has become the past, but the page can be instantaneous only the future will show what is happening. Christianheilmann some skills, you can now visit the site together smoother. First visit to the page when the delay is

WEB development of the first day of

Knowledge about this point A Web development process The basic B JavaScript syntax C JavaScript method and the use of the definition of D JavaScript event-driven and event handling E JavaScript in bringing the subject of I point to the analysis of knowled

CKEditor 3 to open the file upload feature (Servlet implementation)

This paper describes http://sarin.javaeye.com/blog/599056 the basis of further study. The CKEditor in to upload a configuration to the open, very simple script that set the paragraph to read as follows: <script type="text/javascript"> CKEDITOR.repla

CKEditor 3 to install and use

FCKEditor is a good rich text editor, in the Web development as a text editor plug-in, very easy to use, and now has been upgraded to CKEditor3, interface, more cool and more feature-rich. FCK have been used before the file upload feature (common fil ...

Yahoo! Team practice sharing: Website performance optimization of 34 gold Code (switch)

Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team to bring best practices to improve the Web performance. They therefore conducted a series of experiments to develop a variety of tools, written a large number of articles and blog and participate in various meetin

Yahoo! Team practice sharing: Website performance optimization of the 34 golden rules (change)

Yahoo! The Exceptional Performance team to bring best practices to improve the Web performance. They do this to conduct a series of experiments, development of a variety of tools, written numerous articles and blog and participate in a variety of conferen

32 ways to improve site traffic SEO

32 SEO methods to improve web site traffic: 1. Title of importance: Title is the html in the search engines to return search results in the first element is the most core keywords, recommends no more than 100 bytes. 2. Key words in the Meta Keywords ...

TurboGear Study Notes 3

First of all, thank JeffreyHsu ~ ~ ~ ~ my question that gave me a clear direction to help ~ ~ ~ ~ very, very grateful ~ ^ ^ ~ Left before the save method can not save problem. The reason is the in the foreground. This should have been changed But I W ...

Continuous spinning slurry type and application

Keywords: pulp, spinning, dextrin Jei-Wen Chang [1b] 1 [/ 1b] [1b] Introduction [/ 1b] Continuous production of viscose fiber spinning process is the way of significant advances in technology, sizing is an important part of the production process, go ...

Pop-up window, window.open achieve Usage of (js code)

Pop-up window, window.open achieve Usage of (js code) [1] basic pop-up window code In fact, the code is very simple: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"> <!-- window.open ('page.html') --> </SCRIPT> Because this is a javascripts codes, so they

DEDEcms SEO optimization techniques and precautions (turn)

DEDE cms webmaster for those starting or very convenient to use the tag is also very simple advantages GOOGLE will know what you try UTF-8 version of the proposed international code as possible to bring more traffic to your Web page link: / This bar is Im

JS collection of some useful code

Selection against the body of the page <Body oncontextmenu = "return false" ondragstart = "return false" onselectstart = "return false" onselect = "document.selection.empty ()" oncopy = "document.selection.e

FCKeditor Introduction

1. FCKeditor Introduction FCKeditor this HTML text editor, open source can have a web program such as MS Word so powerful editing functions. FCKeditor support popular browsers such as IE 5.5 +, Firefox 1.0 +, Mozilla 1.3 + and Netscape 7 +, etc.. FCKedito

QueryPath, php on jQuery

Extremely popular the jQuery Javascript framework is dedicated to the page program design, it adopted an elegant way to make our pages easier to operate freely without fear of all the elements of the browser version and compatibility issues. Inspired by j

shortcut keys in windows (all)

Useful shortcuts 1, window operations keyboard shortcuts F1 Help F5 in the current open Notepad into the current system time F10 Activate the menu Alt + F4 close the current window or exit the program Just Ctrl + Z Undo operation Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl + ...

META feature summary

1, META role: meta tags for search engine robots are usually used to define the theme page, or define users browser cookie; it can be used to identify the author, set the page format, label executive summary and keywords; also can set the page so that it

Improve your jQuery in 25 steps

1. JQuery load from Google Code Google Code has been hosting a variety of JavaScript libraries, jQuery from the Google Code to load than the load directly from the edge of your server. It saves you server bandwidth, can be quickly from Google's conten

CKEditor secondary development ---- as CKEditor add watermark features to increase

Add a watermark on the increase in CKEditor function, believe we have not seen. CKEditor's predecessor was FCKEditor, FCKEditor from 3.0 after the change called CKEditor. Man of few words said, we go,, First, the changes introduced in that part of the

True static and pseudo-static

Currently many web sites of the press release systems use a dynamic server technology generates static HTML approach, the benefits of this are: First, to alleviate the burden on the server, and second, because it generates static HTML pages, so the site w

W3C OWL - web's future is the semantic

Just saw an article about development of the Internet, that have reference value, then reproduced. http://www.fengfly.com/ Yu Feng technology tutorial web This article is reproduced from: http://www.fengfly.com/plus/view-39098-1.html For more information

Code Complete, practical under js

Super practical js Code Complete (Next) Pop code summary [0] super-perfect pop code Features: 5 hours behind the pop-up bomb a + Resolution + + automatically adapt to different quasi-full-screen display Code: <script> function openwin () ( window.op
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