rails how to replace content on page

Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Michael Hartl) Chinese translation of Chapter II demo (4)

(Connected to one of today's goal is to end ~ ~ refueling Chapter) 2.3 Microposts resources in the generation and exploration of the Users of resources, let us turn to look at another related resources - Microposts. In this section, I recommend two re

A classic english Rails AJAX sorting and paging sample

This is a classic (in my opinion ^ _ ^) is used to display, ajax call to sort, search and paging example. This sample is characterized by the process of writing put considerable wordily, designed to kill Mother. So very good understanding, very primary, v

Introduced the Ruby On Rails

=== To http://kiwi.csie.chu.edu.tw/blog/archives/133 This article from the PHP and Web programmers point of view, and gradually bring out the Ruby on Rails and Web Application Framework of the advantages of the concept structure. Next Introduction to lear

Rails localization plugin to achieve multi-language support

<br /> localization plug introduced in Rails 2.2 version before, Rails applications that are used to achieve localization plug the localization of applications to support multiple languages. localization somewhat similar to the gettext, using a very

[Translation] 174 to page with AJAX

174: Using AJAX for paging ( see the original video ) View the original English In any number of items to display Rails program, preferably a series of items to this page, so that we can display only a certain number of items. There are some pages you can

Agile Web Development with Rails 3nd Edition Study Notes - Use Ajax to shopping cart Add to Sidebar

Ago, when the user clicks the "Add to Cart" button, the page will jump to add_to_cart page. Users want to continue purchasing products need to click your browser's back button to return back to product list page. In addition, users view ...

Agile Web Development with Rails 3nd Edition Study Notes - hide empty shopping cart

Position now, we have completed product list and shopping cart. Although the look has been great, but there is a detail that is when a user login, there will be a list of any items the shopping cart there. We hope that in this case can not show it. B ...

Agile Web Development with Rails 3nd Edition Study Notes - hidden empty shopping cart

To the present location, we have completed the product list and shopping cart. Although the look has been great, but there is a detail that is when a user login, there will be a list of any items the shopping cart there. We hope that in this case can ...

Ruby on Rails: Action View Overview (rpm)

This article will discuss the basic services provided in RoR One: Action view. Action view allows you to display the data more quickly to the user. This article will introduce some action in view of the service, and to give an example to illustrate how to

rails part of the study notes

In fact, there has been a long time in the machine, and today things suddenly turn a bit useful, very important it notes. Mess, then simply put txt in, put a network, have unexpected needs. For the program to learn humor The following method call will ret

Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Michael Hartl) Chinese translation of Chapter III of static pages (1)

(Lazy weekend... This week the third chapter.. Static pages, filling ~) Chapter Mostly static pages In this chapter we will begin to develop a sample program, this program is the book used in the following example. Although this process will ultimately ac

SD2C: CSDN Product Director Fankai - Building High Performance Web Applications with Rails

SD 2010, the General Assembly over two weeks, the official said that out of PPT, but not to download (to prompt the user name password error), this sounds like it spent some of 1800 Ocean grievances. The most detestable is the official site to provide lec

prototype of Ajax.updater () method

bring their own rails in prototype.js <a href="javascript:void addlist('cunzhuang',cunzhuangs,zoomlarger)"> village </ a> | Cunzhuang''in rthml is another page in ror should not increase in rhtml suffix html or. ...

Groovy on Grails implementation using Ruby on Rails15 minutes to create the Blog

In advance, I have only a superficial Ruby. And Rails do not come into contact with. After watching the video, or can read, and perhaps what kind of grammar can guess the meaning. Now studying Grails, by Grails so want to see implementation. First analysi

webServer LiteSpeed

404 Not Found http://bbs.zmke.com/dv_rss.asp?s=xm&boardid=26&id=2531&page=1&star=1&count=1 Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site! [Reprint. By commen

Flv to try: demonstration ajax implementation puff at RJS in effect

Troublesome really ah, finally get Some RJS message Introduction What are RJS? What are RJS? Ajax allows users with the interaction between the browser experience is more like desktop programs. Since Ajax allows the browser to initiate a remote call in th

Flv to try: demonstration ajax implementation of puff at the effect of RJS

It's really annoying, ah, finally get Some message RJS Introduction What is RJS? What is RJS? Ajax allows the user and the interaction between the browser experience is more like desktop programs. Since Ajax allows the browser to launch long-distance

Why is there no way to deal with form

At the recommendation of a lot of code Rails2.3 form form_for deal is not written in the form of action submitted So, obviously, the Rails convention of the other. This agreement are the rules of how to do, and what relationship there is Rest. For example

Seven reasons to use AppFuse

Started learning in the Java ™ platform such as Spring, Hibernate, or MySQL, such as open-source tools can be very difficult. In addition, Ant or Maven, as well as small DWR with Ajax, there are Web framework - that is, JSF, we have eyes fixed on how to c

mongodb + helma to achieve rapid development of web

Mongodb is a high-performance, open source, non-model document database, online presentation have been many, not more to say. Official Website: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Home. In some of the transaction, they are not strict project, you can cons

Interpretation of prototype code

A recent study it, it was a bit on the Internet google information in this regard, reproduced on this interpretation of foreigners (1.5 version), but also uploaded a prototype of the two versions 1.5 and 1.6, hoping to share with interested friends. What

jquery1.4 Chinese Document

jquery1.4 Chinese Document Original: http://api.jquery.com/category/version/1.4/ By convention, we provide two copies of jQuery, one is minimized ( We are now using Google Closure as the default compression tool ), One is uncompressed ( For error correcti

[Translation] Railscasts [155] Beginning With Cucumber / / bilingual

Cucumber is a high-level testing framework which is designed to let you use Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to Create Ruby on Rails applications. Cucumber's unique Feature is that it uses English (or a number of other supported languages) to define

[Translation] Railscasts [155] Beginning With Cucumber

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- [Translation] [155] Beginning With Cucumber Translation: snail http://ywencn.javaeye.com RailsQQ Skirt: 42,598,81 ...

[Translation] 205 Unobtrusive JavaScript

205 Unobtrusive JavaScript View the original English Translator: darkbaby123 Translators Preface: Unobtrusive JavaScript in China it is called the word different, I do not know how to translate more appropriate, simply to direct the use of English. 1 to a

[Translation] 175 AJAX browsing history and bookmarks

175: AJAX browsing history and bookmarks ( see the original video ) View the original English On a set list to the product page we added AJAX functionality. HTML link with the usual differences through non-intrusive JavaScript link in the page click event

40 very useful lightweight JavaScript library

Popular JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Dojo, and YUI, etc., since the completion of common JavaScript tasks handy. JS library for the client of these actions (events), animated effects (effects), and AJAX applications offer a l

[Translation] railscasts 136: jQuery

136: jQuery Original railscasts -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- Query translation process some information, that if $. Post () set the dataType to 'script

[Change] Web 2.0 concept of summary

- "Induction: web1.0 every day on the portal, web2.0 on personal; web1.0 on content, web2.0 on application; web1.0 business model, web2.0 on services; web1.0 on closed, large All, web2.0 talk about the open, on the joint; web1.0 website centralized,

Rights Management gem devise a popular custom

Devise a presentation in the last [video] reading, we have been able to build our Rails applications and use the basic functions of the devise. Now, we introduce the one question left to begin to explain how to customize the devise. In a previous presenta

Redmine Installation

1, download Redmine, http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/Download 2, download Ruby 1.8.7. Redmine does not support the current version 1.9 of Ruby. http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/ 3, install Rails, open the Ruby command line, type gem install rails

A / B test the ultimate guide

A / B testing is not a fashionable term. Now a lot of experienced marketing and design workers use it to get the visitor behavior information to improve the conversion rate. However, A / B testing and SEO is different, people do not know the only river co

The first depot building process RoR program

1, first set up rails application using rails depot into the depot directory / / 2, in the depot directory, a database mysqladmin-u root create depot_development Configuration application, can directly use the command ranlis - database mysql depot, while

Flash & Flex tool tryout

2008-8-29 Update Flash video from H.264 vs On2VP6H.264 MPEG AVC Video Codec comparisonFlash Video bit-rate estimates Flash 3DAway3d http://code.google.com/p/away3d/ http://away3d.com/Papervision3D http://code.google.com/p/papervision3d/ Introduction (Tran

Domain driven design and development of real

http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/ddd-in-practice Background Domain Driven Design (DDD) is central to the concept of how the business is mapped to software artifacts. Most books on the subject and articles to Eric Evans book "Domain Driven Design

PHP framework: starting with three popular frameworks (a)

Technical documentation】 【IT168 few years ago, the most common criticisms of PHP does not support MVC-style architecture. With the changing times, now in the field of PHP frameworks available choices. This series will present three widely used PHP fr

Introduction to Language Groovy Grails framework

Grails development to master the basic techniques and be able to further independent study of the advanced features of Grails. Grails is built on top of the dynamic language Groovy, an open source MVC Web development framework, Grails is a distinctive fea

7 open-source ERP system more

There are many companies will ERP project, implemented in the enterprise is not good, blame the software product is poor. In fact, this is just your excuse. If you want to ERP software and enterprise integration of the real one, must first consider the co

7 Reasons to use AppFuse

Description: Start learning to use the Java ™ platform such as Spring, Hibernate, or MySQL open source tools like can be very difficult. Coupled with Ant or Maven, and together with the small DWR Ajax, and Web framework - that is, JSF, we have eyes wide o

MongoDB document reading notes - elegant NoSQL

From http://chloerei.com/2011/02/04/778 NoSQL database fried in very hot last year, so I have to write the initiation of a database application using NoSQL idea. First, to understand what NoSQL. NoSQL is an acronym meaning from the original No-SQL now has

Common abnormalities resolved

ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList comparison. Blog categories: Java ConcurrentHashMap ConcurrentHashMap introduced Segment, each Segment is a hashtable, the equivalent of two Hash table, and then lock in the Segment level, and increased concurren
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