putty HOW TO SET Chinese_GB2312

Putty tips from this article summary: Original Link Development Institute http://edu.codepub.com: http://edu.codepub.com/200

putty to input Chinese Default, to enter the Chinese will become putty ... can solve the following: Category, select Window => Appearance => change ... the font is set to Fixedsys character set is set to CHINESE_GB2312 then do not forget to save abo

How to make putty to support Chinese

langiner@gmail.com As the putty is a foreigner developed for the Chinese language support is not friendly and, by default, putty can not be shown in Chinese characters, as way to make the putty can display Chinese characters (both in shell condition

Linux operating system how to solve the garbage problem in the putty

Open a putty main program, select window-> Appearance-> Font settings-> Change ... ..., select the Fixedsys font, character set selection CHINESE_GB2312. In the window-> Appearance -> Translation in, Received data assumed to be in whic

Let putty supports Chinese input and display (turn)

Let putty supports Chinese input and display in the windows for often remote ssh to the linux users, putty may be your best choice. But by default, putty, but the support of the Chinese people boast about, if the locale is set to a remote linux zh_CN

[Change] SSH Secure Shell logon Linux garbage problem

Method 1: Modify the Linux code Use vi to open / etc/sysconfig/i18n file, LANG = "zh_C: UTF-8N" SUPPORTED = "zh_CN.UTF-8: zh_CN: zh" SYSFONT = "latarcyrheb-sun16" Modified to the following: LANG = "zh_CN.GB18030" LA

Chinese garbled SecureCRT

[Transfer] SecureCRT Chinese font solutions Ssh log on before in Windows has always been to use putty, although it is simpler and smaller, but after missing a lot of features. Today tried it SecureCRT, feeling much better use than Putty, SecureCRT the def
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