putting drool file in android project in eclipse

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Build a good environment after the first Android project

Following the article Android built environment, this was a write how to create a simple Android project, to the entry of xdjm a little help. Open the Eclipse (like oh crap), click the menu File-> New-> Android project In the project name enter ...

The fourth series of tutorials Android: Android project directory structure

Wrote Two days off at home network, you can not write at night, please read the official forgive me. The last time we used the Android ADT created a HelloWorld project, and describes the configuration of the simulator and the simulator, this section to fo

The third series of tutorials Android: Android project directory structure

A: Android project directory structure Android Overview of project structure. Actually, Android and the Java project directory structure is similar, not much change, as shown below: Can see the src folder in the source file, Android2.2 is a reference

Android project structure, and HelloWorld

1, set up development environment, see the text configuration Android development environment 2 new projects: 1) New -> Android Project Expand directory structure: src in com.leoms.hello under a HelloWorld.java, his name on the new project from the tim

Browsing Android Source in Eclipse

Google's Android SDK includes android.jar, which Contains the Android public API Class Files. They also provide an Eclipse plugin , making it quite Easy to Get started. What you will not Find, However, is androidSrc.jar, so when you try to look at And

In compiling its own source Android project

In compiling its own source Android project 08/27/2010 1) in Eclipse (of course, can also be written with Notepad) to write a good pure source code (src + res + AndroidManifest.xml) Kaodao Android source code folder of the packages / apps folder, such as:

Android project directory structure

We HelloAndroid project, to analyze the project directory structure, further in-depth understanding of Android project. First start Eclipse, launched "Package Explorer" Navigator's "HelloAndroid" project, as shown in Figure 3-1. Fi

Installation. Uninstall. Compile android project

】 【Compile: Eclipse, compiled android project, the project's bin directory will automatically generate a apk file, and J2ME is different without manual packaging. As long as the code has changed to automatically build, build out of the apk is a s

Android created in Eclipse works, the problem error

Android mobile development has just started to learn, create android working Cheng Shigang project was always an error flag, say No such file or directory, the problem is R.java file, restart Eclipse to re-create the android project is also no use, t

Android Development - Learn about android project directory structure

Android directory structure We must first of its profits. Android same when I design a program, but also very necessary to understand the android directory structure, directory structure by understanding that we can know what type of resources placed in t

android Project Directory Introduction

Build a good one android project structure: Project Name: src: store java source code; your documents are here and I'll Activity gen: store the java compiler automatically generates code; this directory files are automatically maintained assets: ...

An android project running

rt First of all: When a project deployed to the simulated environment, the application when the user clicks your name "android: label =" @ string / app_name ">" when the list of operating systems based on configuration file (Android

Myeclipse project into Eclipse

One. Please first make sure you are javaee versions of eclipse, or see wtp plugin installed 2. And then modify the project under eclipse. Project file: 3. <natures> </ Natures> to add <nature>org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.cor

android project documents under the resource type

An android project, there are various types of resource files, can be divided into the following categories: 1, color # RGB # ARGB # RRGGBB # AARRGGBB Color resources should be located in <resourses> </ resourses> tab Path res / values / color

android project switching problems on different platforms

Recent development in the android's android project needs to switch on different platforms, at 2.1 and 2.2 platform for testing and deployment. But it has encountered a problem. Development projects in the 2.2 platform can be deployed, but the sw

Android project to solve a system crash: Exceptions are not yet supported across processes.

Currently in the development of an android project, which has a function to read contacts. I am a one-time contact all the time out, when the small number of contacts, the dozens, no problem, more than 200, then a problem is: every open the second pr

Android Development Learning II. Android project structure

Second, the code structure 2.1 Android procedural framework for We build a Android Project project, expand the project file, project file structure is: 2.1.1 src The following is the main class in the src. If in the establishment of the project, select an

ant compile the android project

Recently lazy, blog has been no update, the last was asked to compile android ant works, and here I compiled to complete it. If you think or feel too slow IDE manually compiled more Cool, not IDE you can learn more. Is also a required course for cattle ah

android project, various types of resource files

1, color # RGB # ARGB # RRGGBB # AARRGGBB Color resources should be located in the <resourses> </ resourses> tab Path res / values / colors.xml name free Definition <color name="cname"> value </ color> Use Resourse.getVal

Project in eclipse using maven dependency management

The content described in this article does not use any eclipse plug-in, tested the latest version of eclipse Europa applied overview: How to import a maven project in eclipse Maven Java class library to establish its own server Maven repository stand

android file upload (android client and server) to pay source

I made a file upload android Upload the specified file (image,. Zip, html, mp3 and other files) to the specified server.

maven project into eclipse project

There is actually a very Easy Solution for this. The Maven S W "Eclipse: Eclipse" Goal Will Download Update any necessary dependencies and our Project's Will. classpath to include these dependencies. The Maven command using the Eclipse:

How to install Android on the eclipse plug-ins

About Android Android is Google on November 5, 2007 announced the open source Linux-based mobile operating system, the name of the platform by the operating system, middleware, user interface and application software, which claims to be the first to creat

android project can not find R.java Handling

When prompted to find R.java android project, you can delete R.java re-build

R.java android project file is missing how to rebuild after the ---

Many times we will meet project R.java file is missing, if necessary, emergency, repair is simple. Methods: Right-click your project (project) -> Android Tools -> Fix Project Properties can be. Note: Do not create your own R.java class files.

Heritrix project configured eclipse occurs when Failed to load properties file from filesystem or from cl

This time we prepared to look Heritrix, to read up on the source code, and then some extension to their own needs. Heritrix profile today to eclipse occurs when the resource file not found exception. Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: Fa

Android project commonly used methods of compiling

0 / preparation work (such as commands generated mm, the specific reference to: ~ / mydonut / build / envsetup.sh) $ Cd mydonut $ Sh. Build / envsetup.sh 1 / compile the project (Package: out /..., image file path: ~ / mydonut / out / target / produc

android project "poetry" Summary

Some time ago (between about 2010-6-20 to 2010-9-20) developed a android of "poetry" program. The program contains more than 2,600 first poetry, there are three main functions, first, according to Tang or Song, show all of the second, according

Android Notes (a): Android project directory description

Andrew installed the SDK, the new program AVD for debugging, you can create and run inside the Eclipse Andrews program. This section as a whole to understand the basic processes and new projects in the Eclipse project directory Atradius and specific role

How to publish a project with Eclipse

Project completion will certainly be released, here how to use Eclipse to publish a web page project. 1. To create dynamic works under Eclipse, myweb 2. Establish index.html page, the contents of input to output to the page 3. Right-click the project mywe

webapps deployment project to eclipse, how to access without the contextPath

Since we go back to the eclipse, from the last night thinking about such a thing, you see ah, we have projects such as application named app, deployed to the external network to use, basically if you want to access non-project name (that is, contextPath n

How to configure the Android SDK in Eclipse

Students blog to share the first Google Summer Competition - 2010 Andriod Posts To obtain and install Eclipse If you do not install Eclipse, then from the Eclipse Foundation to download and install the latest stable version of Eclipse IDE. Installation pa

Android under the Eclipse update the upgrade process and resolve problems

This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced, please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/sx1116/archive/2010/06/08/5656378.aspx If you previously used to install android in the sdk, you can Android SDK and AVD Manager (in the eclipse-> Window-

Create a restful webservice project using eclipse

RESTful Web Service (2): Using eclipse project to create restful webservice Use of the environment: jdk1.5 + eclispe3.4 + myeclispe7 File => New => Web Service Project. project name: restblog, select the REST (JAX-RS) the next step. Check the core,

How to install Android SDK and Eclipse plug-ins

The required development environment: JDK 5 or JDK 6 (not just JRE) Eclipse 3.5 (galileo) Download ADT's Eclipse plug-ins http://dl.google.com/android/ADT-0.9.5.zip Install Eclipse plug-in (ADT) Start Eclipse, select Help> Install New Software, the

Web.xml file configuration Struts project

Reprinted (http://blog.csdn.net/songqiu/archive/2007/09/08/1776880.aspx) web.xml file for Java Web applications to configure any necessary. (1) Configure the ActionServlet Struts element to declare the ActionServlet <servlet> <servlet-name> el

android project reported that your project contains error (s) exception, not the implementation

Android using Eclipse to write procedures, often following exceptions: your project contains error (s), please fix them before running your application The solution: 1, eclipse restart, if not the implementation of the second step. 2, the first item

android development tools Eclipse + Android SDK + ADT

http://dl.google.com/android/ADT-0.9.7.zip Android ADT-0.9.8.zip Official Download: http://dl.google.com/android/ADT-0.9.8.zip see the law of that? Then I tried: Android ADT-0.9.9.zip Official Download: http://dl.google.com/android/ADT-0.9.9.zip succ

Sign for the Android applications using Eclipse

Read all hair on the signature, do not enter the following command in dos, like too much trouble, can have a very simple way, using Eclipse, no nonsense, direct to map this application in my example, the right project, find the export Ok and then Fin

MyEclipse Web project into Eclipse

Acceptance of the project these days, I used to use the eclipse, the original project with myeclipse development is the web project, import the eclipse there is an error, then find the following solution, I measured pass. 1. First make sure that your

multi-project dependencies eclipse

Conference project growing into multiple sub-projects rely on more than one sub-master eclipse how to achieve it? There are two master and sub projects Reference to the master sub, usually playing a sub.jar then master reference sub project if the co

android project log output attached to source

1. Log output: We have developed from time to time in the console output data First, we will eclipse of the android's console log output level is set to infor window-> prefernces Then add the activity code Log log; package cn.aboutlog.activity; imp

Error when creating a new Android Project Cannot create linked resource

Create a new Project in when suddenly error Cannot create linked resource '/. Org.eclipse.jdt.core.external / folders/.link0 '. The parent resource is not accessible Solution: delete the workspace and re-build a workspace, it will better.

The first Android Project

The first Hello World application development complete, we do not have to write a code, a simple bar. When we create the end of this project, the project will have a red cross, then do not rush, to open in the src directory HelloActivity.java, casual ...

pull parsing xml file using android source attached

pull parsing xml file, and sax and dom from the android as can be used alone, pull and sax the same principle, not the same place is called after the pull method to read xml file back to the figures, Xml statement read to return the number 0 START_DOCUMEN

myeclipse project into eclipse project (testing possible)

1. Modify the project. Project documents In <natures> ... </ Natures> Add between <nature> org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.nature </ nature> <nature> org.eclipse.wst.common.modulecore.ModuleCoreNature </ nat ...

Android development using Eclipse

Android Eclipse plug-ins installed 1. Click Help -> Software Updates. 2. Click the Add Site button and enter "https: / / dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse /", point OK to confirm. 3. Select Developer Tools, point Install to start the dow

Java Project using eclipse facete will be converted to Dynamic Web Project

Ago wrote a story about how Java Project Dynamic Web Project into the article (http://jazgung.javaeye.com/blog/438962), but has been in eclipse 3.6 does not work, and must be converted to the following methods: 1. Open the project propertise window 2

jsp file in the project path

<% @ Page language = "java" import = "java.util .*" pageEncoding = "GB18030"%> <% String path = request.getContextPath ();// get the project name String basePath = request.getScheme ()+"://"+ request.g

Android project source collection (continuously updated ...)

1 Picture Viewer 2 File Browser 3 Contacts 4 Task Manager 5 Music Player 6 Weather 7 Multimedia Player 8 SMS Voice Broadcast 9 Mobile Remote Monitoring Snake 12 Address ": http://www.eoeandroid.com/thread-13618-1-1.html Detailed source Android A
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