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J2EE face questions Highlights

A basic Q & A 1. The following categories which can be inherited? java.lang.Thread (T) java.lang.Number (T) java.lang.Double (F) java.lang.Math (F) java.lang.Void (F) java.lang.Class (F) java.lang.ClassLoader (T) 2. Abstract class and interface differ

J2EE face questions explained [1]

JSP What are the built-in objects? What is the role of each? A total of nine built-in objects pageContext javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext request javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest response javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse session javax.servlet.htt

J2EE face questions explained [2]

7, indicating the role of JSP in errorPage range of applications. Operations that the error page, the site in general, the only procedural error occurred and Jiu Shi let an exception, Zeke Yi unified Jump to page on to Xian Shi, then this operation Jiu Zh

Summary 2010 J2EE interview questions

State! If identical, very happy! Popular frameworks and new technologies 1 , talk about your understanding of Struts. A: 1. Struts MVC pattern is designed by Web layer framework, in fact, it is a big servlet, the Servlet called ActionServlet, or a subclas

Development of commonly used open source J2EE project

Read other people's records, feel good, on the collection here, Original Source: Persistence Layer 1: 1) Hibernate This need not introduce, and used very frequently, used more are mapped

The J2EE application Transplantation methods and Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction The J2EE application to WebSphere Application Server transplant, even though IBM provided a lot of information and articles to illustrate how to run on WebLogic applications to WebSphere, but the people may still be wondering: Does migration

J2ee web developer on a number of questions

Recently read about the development method knowledge, but not in actual use over the project. There are many questions, I hope you can help pointing about ah. I work in the j2ee web development, has been developed is very confused, this persistence i

J2EE questions Noodles

2. Abstract class and interface difference (1) interface can be multiple implements, can only be a single abstract class extends (2) only the definition of interfaces, abstract class can have the definition and implementation (3) the definition of the def

Java interview questions encountered in some of the classic algorithms, and the three major J2EE framework

1. To write a method, using a for loop to print multiplication table / ** *//** * Print Jiujiuchengfa formulas sheet * / public void nineNineMulitTable () { for (int i = 1, j = 1; j <= 9; i + +) { System.out.print (i +"*"+ j +"="+ i

JAVA interview questions

JAVA interview questions 1, object-oriented features of what has 1. Abstract 2. Inheritance 3. Packaging 4. Polymorphisms 2, String data types are the most basic right? Basic data types include byte, int, char, long, float, double, boolean and short. java

Some interview questions java

The first is the company give you a chance to meet, it is necessary to know to meet from time to equal the interview, and have a lot of companies to see you at the first time will give you a ready point of doing something trivial, these questions, althoug

12 The most important J2EE best practices

MVC Framework (as well as the J2EE implementation of the MVC) is one of the advantages of the component elements can (in fact, very easy) on your application for unit testing. Therefore, you can easily entity bean, session bean and the JSP an independent

12 The most important J2EE best practices (transfer)

12 The most important J2EE best practices (transfer) Best Practices: 1, always use the MVC framework. 2, at each level are the application of automated unit testing and test management. 3, in accordance with the norms for the development, rather than in a

Java Notes Annotations can really simplified J2EE development?

With the J2EE entered after 5.0 time, Java EE5.0's a lot of features have also been widely used in J2EE programs. The Java EE5.0 Notes (Annotations) characteristic is one of the most widely used characteristics of one. If a slight glance at the l ...

Uncover the hood of j2ee clustering

Source article: Article discussion: Preface More and more mission-critical and large scale applications are now running on J

J2EE comprehensive brief introduction

In this paper, five aspects of J2EE have been more comprehensive introduction. Speaking from the concept of J2EE, to its advantage, to the typical four-J2EE model, and its frame structure, and finally J2EE are 13 kinds of core technology, a brief int ...

Several J2EE business agent model implementation and comparison

Several J2EE business agent model implementation and comparison-UML software engineering organizations - pitaya software <! - @ Import url (.. / css / style.css);. Style3 (font-family: "\ 000B"; font-size: 9.0pt; color: black) -> <! - @

java interview questions large aggregate sum

java interview questions Pen ~ a very comprehensive summary of major java interview questions large aggregate sum First, to talk about the final, finally, finalize the distinction. The most commonly asked. Second, Anonymous Inner Class (anonymous inner cl

Summary of basic java questions, one of Noodles

1. Abstract: the abstract is a topic neglected in the current goal has nothing to do with those aspects in order to more fully with the current attention to aspects of the goal. Abstract does not intend to know all the questions, but only one of the selec

Their understanding of the J2EE three-tier architecture (design patterns and software differences between the contact)

As Figure 3 layer 1.J2EE points: Server-side business logic (Business Logic Tier, and there is persistent data layers, Businness Tier and the EIS Tier), server-side presentation layer (Web Tier) and express the client layer (Client Tier) J2EE design patte

Their understanding of the J2EE three-tier architecture (design patterns and software differences between the links)

As Figure 3 layer 1.J2EE points: Server-side business logic (with Business Logic Tier and data layers of durable, Businness Tier and the EIS Tier), server-side presentation layer (Web Tier), and the client presentation layer (Client Tier) J2EE design patt

"J2EE development without EJB" reading notes (2)

Productivity Automatic Code Generation For general applications, instead of using code generation to deal with, it is better to find ways to reduce the complexity, such as the use of design as simple as possible, using a suitable framework to avoid duplic

How to learn j2ee

How to learn j2ee (change) Has recently been a number of reasons, technical things that do not learn how much the technology has been stagnant. But still learned a lot of technology outside the Dongdong, after all, technology can not solve all problems. S

Great summary of examination questions java interview Pen

Great summary of examination questions java interview Pen Great summary of examination questions java interview Pen First, to talk about the final, finally, finalize the difference. Most frequently asked. Second, Anonymous Inner Class (anonymous inner cla

[Servlet/Jsp/J2EE technical basis]

Technical base】 【Servlet/Jsp/J2EE servlet basics 1. servlet Introduction SUN like to use 'let' suffix to indicate the name of a small object, and group pieces. applet actually means little application (I always thought that when the applet beginne

javamail Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions Asked. What is the JavaMail API? Answer: JavaMail API is a set of abstract API, it can be used to build e-mail system. API provides a platform-independent and protocol-independent framework for building Java-based technology, e-mail clie

Questions Java side xxx

Articles Category: Java programming one, Java Basics 1.Java What are the basic data types, String is not a basic data types, what their differences. 2. String operations: Write a method to achieve reversal of the string, such as: input abc, the output cba

java face questions -

java face questions ~ Articles Category: Java Programming 1, xml parsing technology what? What is the difference? A: DOM, SAX, STAX, etc. DOM: handling large files, the performance drop sharply. This issue is a DOM tree structure resulting from this struc

Great summary of java interview questions document

Great summary of java interview questions document Basic knowledge JAVA 1, object-oriented features are what 1. Abstract: Abstract is to overlook a topic unrelated to the current target those aspects in order to more fully pay attention to related aspects

J2EE performance optimization techniques depend on procedures for details

Ying Yong J2EE platform for the development of the system performance is system users and developers are concerned about the questions, this paper should pay attention to programming from the server Duan Taolundaima several aspects of the performance impa

java written test questions (change)

First, talk about the final, finally, finalize the difference. final statement for the properties, methods and classes, respectively immutable properties, methods can not be covered, the class can not inherit. finally exception handling statement is part

java software engineer interview frequently asked questions! (2)

16, similarities and differences between synchronous and asynchronous, the circumstances under which they were used? Example. If the data will be shared between threads. For example, after the data is being written by another thread may read or is reading

[Sharing face questions 2] Spring, hibernate, struts interview questions document (with answers)

Disclaimer: This is not for other business interests, is to study and discuss the use of) 】 【Solemnly declare: simple access points will be deleted posts, I hope everyone has their own feelings Hibernate works and why to use? Principle: 1. To read and par

Java Web interview questions

java web face questions 1, jsp and servlet difference between common ground, the scope of their application? ? JSP Servlet technology is an extension, in essence, a simple way Servlet. JSP compiled a "class servlet". Servlet and JSP The main dif

spring common interview questions What are the advantages of Spring framework? <! - [Entry] -> Spring is a layered architecture, you can choose the layer you want and leave no part of the Spring is a POJO programming, POJO pr

Frequently Asked Questions Technical Interview

Frequently Asked Questions Technical Interview (VIII): Interview Technical Interview This is the final part of an interview: Technical Interview. For computer-related jobs. For this part of the interview, there is no much skill at all, mainly a matter of

Uncover the mystery of J2EE clusters (b)

Original WEB Layer Clusters WEB J2EE cluster layer cluster is important and fundamental functions. WEB WEB cluster technology, including load balancing and HTTP Session failover. WEB load

Struts, Hibernate, Spring collection of classic interview questions

Struts, Hibernate, Spring collection of classic interview questions from time to time just in case. Keywords: struts, hibernate, spring Hibernate works and why to use? Principle: 1. To read and parse the configuration file 2. To read and parse the mapping

Summary information on J2EE clustering concept

J2EE clustering concept In addition to load balancing personal feeling is frequently used in the production, failover, I have not come across such a project. Failover too expensive, considering the problems are very complex, the feeling is not very high p

Pen questions part of the SSH

struts + spring + hibernate interview questions set 1 Action is not thread safe? If you can not have any way to guarantee the thread safety of Action? If so, why not declare local variables, or extend RequestProcessor, so each time to create a Action, or

Summary SSH interview questions

Summary SSH interview questions MVC 1. Talk about your understanding of mvc MVC is the Model-View-Controler for short. The Model - View - Controller. MVC is a design pattern that the mandatory application of the input, processing and output separately. MV

common interview questions based on java

Java basic areas: 1, the scope of public, private, protected, and not write the difference between A: The differences are as follows: Descendants of the current class scope of the same class of other package package public √ √ √ √ protected √ √ √ × friend

Quickly build J2EE applications using AppFuse (a)

On AppFuse's features, architecture, and why to use AppFuse, AppFuse Matt Raible, founder of the "seven reasons to use AppFuse," a paper has done a very detailed exposition, not going to repeat here. This article will focus on practice, name

The database part of the pen questions

Database part In two ways depending on the sector number from high to low, from low to high wage lists each employee's information. employee: eid, ename, salary, deptid; select * from employee order by deptid desc, salary select * from employee order

Arch-05-13-maven Frequently Asked Questions

maven Frequently Asked Questions 1 Introduction Maven, pronounced [`meivin]," expert "means. It is a good project management tools, very early into the ranks of my essential tools, b

J2EE Architect road

J2EE Architect road Looking casual, working into the fifth year, the discovery came from the Java programmer to architect J2EE course. Found that computer to install a wide range of J2EE tools: JBuilder, WSAD, Eclipse, Rose, Together, Weblogic, Jtest, Opt

Getting Started Programming spring Ten Questions

1, how to study Spring? You can study through the following means spring: (1) spring package download doc directory under MVC-step-by-step and the sample directory are relatively good examples of spring development examples. (2) AppFuse integrates a numbe

J2ee Development Without ejb reading Notes <1>

Our company is too old to use the framework, and is based on jdk1.4, of course, this does not deny that she is an excellent framework. Recently, the project director to allow me to take some time to study another company's products to see if we c ...

Agile Agile development advocates the eyes of the Frequently Asked Questions

1. Technical liabilities at Agile team will be the expansion of Express. One problem is the truth, but this is not agile per se, but are at Agile Import and implementation process did not arouse enough attention. Experienced Agile coaches tend to att ...

OpenLaszlo and how to enter the J2EE development tools

This article reprinted from the IBM tutorial, the original text see: https: / / OpenLaszlo This section details on OpenLaszlo, including how it suitable Java 2 Platform,
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