prototype.js example

prototype.js Development Notes (transfer) 1.3.1

Original Address: https: / / 1.1. Prototype What is this? Perhaps you have not used it, prototype.js is a JavaScript package written by Sam Stephenson. Wonderful idea to prepare a good section of

prototype.js 1.4 version of the developer manual (change)

See a very good thing in the country has not been a lot of people use them is really unhappy, so I spent a lot effort into this manual is translated into Chinese, as the article is very long, so the translation of the heavy workload and some of Local Engl

The use of object-oriented prototype js

1.prototype property js simulate the role of the parent class, reflected in the js object-oriented ideas, prototype property is critical. 2. You must figure out what class variables, class methods, instance variables, instance methods. 3. Now you mus ...

compared with the jQuery prototype.js

Quote Quote For any node in a HTML tag by adding an arbitrary In Prototype: new Insertion.After ('myId', 'Arbitrary HTML'); In jQuery: $ ('# MyId'). After (

prototype.js common functions

prototype.js commonly used functions: Example to explain the function name Element.toggle alternately hide or show Element.toggle (''div1'','' div2'') Element.hide Hide Element.hide (''div1'','' div2

Read "prototype.js 1.4 Developer Edition Manual" excerpt

Information Address: Extract 1, $ F () function Function: Return of any form input control value, the parameters are the element id or the element itself Example: <script

js example

js example

pseudo-class learning and prototype js

Construct pseudo-class to inherit Mammal, by defining its constructor function and replace it with a prototype example of a mammal to achieve var Mammal = function(name) { = name; }; Mammal.prototype.get_name = function() { return

Understanding the prototype js

A procedure not only to know these, but also to know why ! Prototype is a very important concept Js , Each function ( There is also the object function in the Js ) Prototype that has a prototype called ) Properties, but in general its value is null,

prototype to study the use of (b) Ajax partial update

Ajax object A common feature of the above-mentioned method is very good, but let's face it, they are not the most senior of the kind of things. Which is it? You might even have written the script in your function there are similar methods. However, th

NetEase said its free mail ( the js code

After roughly 163 free mail browser (126, and 163 of the js with the same way as a matter of fact, but not the same page and css), after the core js (the article has a context, see my previous articles), personal js feel their writing there ...

JSON example (AJAX + STRUTS)

Some time ago to do a project using json, I take the time to write a struts + ajax + json examples. Ajax + json personal feel to a large extent reduces network and server IO, is a very good combination! 1: json the lib I'm using json-lib-2.1-jdk15.jar

Interpretation of prototype source I like Javascript, keen on Ajax applications. I read the prototype source code of their own experience to write it down, I hope all of you to help understand Javascript. I believe that the prototype of the developers will certa

Interpretation of prototype code

A recent study it, it was a bit on the Internet google information in this regard, reproduced on this interpretation of foreigners (1.5 version), but also uploaded a prototype of the two versions 1.5 and 1.6, hoping to share with interested friends. What

js function to the space to enjoy (reproduced)

To achieve a String.prototype.trim = function() { return this.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, ''); } Looks less like to spend two regular replacement, the actual speed is amazing, mainly thanks to the internal optimization of the browser. A well-k

Prototype examples of learning

Prototype examples of learning Prototype combat ---- 1. $ $ Java code <html> <head> <title> Test $ $ </ title> <script src="prototype.js"> </ script> <script> function test $$(){ /**//* in case CSS is no

Extjs API official introduction and examples of Ext JS 3.1 RC

extjs 3.1 API Ext JS 3.1 RC download examples Extjs Introduction (Reprinted) Official Website: API: Chinese API: extjs 3.1 API examples download Annex in the

jquery and prototype conflict Using jQuery with Other Libraries

Category: Overriding the -function (rewrite $) However, you can override that default by calling jQuery.noConflict () at any point after jQuery and the other library have both loaded. For example: The first is to join jQuery.noConflict (); using jQue ...

AJAX and the relationship between JS and XHR

Has been the relationship between these three is not very clear on this record these relationships: Explanation in Wikipedia: AJAX full name "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript

Prototype of the Ajax support

2.3 Prototype of the Ajax support As an Ajax development framework, Prototype on Ajax development provided strong support. In the Prototype, the with the Ajax-related classes and objects, including: Ajax, Ajax.Responsders, Ajax.Base, Ajax.Request, Aj

JS in the introduction and use of prototype

Quote js itself is an object-oriented language, involving the different elements according to their attributes are attached to a particular class. Our common categories include: an array variable (Array), logical variables (Boolean), the date variabl

jquery and prototype conflict resolution

Background problem: want to use jQuery to do AJAX deal to do with form-based Prototype of EasyValidation validation, but the two can not coexist, because both use the same method name: $ (). Address: <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery.

prototype.js1.4 Edition Developer Guide

Some useful function in this library with many predefined objects and utility functions, such stuff was clearly aimed at you from some repetitive typing freed. Using $ () method $ () Method is used too frequently DOM document.getElementById () method is a

prototype + json + struts2 ajax applications

<%@page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title>test</title> <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"

Analysis DWRutil.js package

DWR - Direct Web Remoting ajax is a web site to improve the attractiveness and practicality of the method of writing web pages. It is updated from the server-side web page special area to enhance the user's interaction. It allows information in a

JS framework comparison of eight

The present situation, JS framework, and a number of development packages and libraries for a number of classes, Dojo , Scriptaculous , Prototype , YUI-ext , Jquery , Mochikit , MooTools , moo.fx Dojo (JS UI Library and Component): Dojo is the most p

Advanced js tutorial, a tutorial transferred abroad writes Hey, I didn't know you could do that If you are a web developer and come from the same place I do, you have probably used quite a bit of Javascript in your web pages, mostly as UI glue. Until rec

Struts 1.1 Validator conflicts with the prototype solution (from 51cto move over)

First, describe the problem: Needed because of the recent progress in the J2EE project (already almost over, or will consider using ROR), the need to support AJAX functionality (Type Aheand suggest), so the page references prototype.js, while the pro

prototype function and its use of common

prototype function and its use of common prototype.js commonly used functions: Function name Explained Example Element.toggle Alternately hide or show Element.toggle (''div1'','' div2'') Element.hide Hide Element.hide (

Implemented in Javascript into JS file named prefix +

Javascript unlike Java, does not import keyword (said Javascript2.0 will join the Import and namespace). Many others in the online search function of the code written by Import are usually inserted directly in the HTML, script elements to achieve. Synchro

Introduction and eight JS framework comparison

Introduction and eight JS framework comparison Dojo Dojo is the most powerful JS framework on its own Wiki gave herself a definition, Dojo is an open source, written using JavaScript DHTML toolkit. Dojo would like to make a "unified" toolki

scriptaculous animation library effect.js (Principles and Use) (rpm)

scriptaculous contains the following sections: builder.js: provides a convenient way to create html elements controls.js: dynamic editing includes auto-prompts and two controls dragdrop.js: drag and drop functionality to provide elements effects.js: good

js events dynamically add and write-off

IE's JScript existence of memory leak bug must we all know or have heard of. This is because of IE's memory recovery manager of a design error. When we create a prepared script when a cross-reference, for example, the following code: window.o ...

JS after ajax request return of the problem can not be implemented

1: Send ajax request, in the onComplete, if back when the html contains a javascript, then these javascrip and will not be realized, it does not mean not to implement. This problem has troubled me for a long time, behind the hair and then put this kn ...

ajax package (create, call) Example

1.share.js function MyAjax (url) ( this.url = url; this.xmlHttp = (); ); MyAjax.prototype.createXMLHttpRequest = function () ( if (window.XMLHttpRequest) ( this.xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); ) Else if (window.ActiveXObject) ( this.xmlHttp = new Ac ...

js information prototype property

Information: prototype property Return object type of the reference prototype. objectName.prototype objectName parameter is the name of the object. Description Prototype object property used to provide the class a group of basic functions. The new ob ...

Detailed Js Call Ways

call method Please refer to Applies to: Function objects Request Version 5.5 An object calling a method to replace the current object to another object. call ([thisObj [, arg1 [, arg2 [, [,. argN ]]]]]) Parameters thisObj Optional. Will be used as the obj

prototype, jQuery, Mootools, ext, dojo speed comparison

Web20 are the cornerstone of AJAX, and now several online popular open source AJAX frameworks, such as: jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS and so on, then we in the end of the circumstances under which the use of that framework? Following excerpt is a set of

js format function of time and tools categories (collections)

This is a collection of tools function DateUtil () () / ** * Functions: formatting time * Example: DateUtil.Format ( "yyyy / MM / dd", "Thu Nov 9 20:30:37 UTC +0800 2006"); * Return: 2006/11/09 * / DateUtil.Format = function (fmtCode,

JS in the replaceAll method of implementation

JavaScript found in the first replace () method if the direct use of str.replace ("-","!") will only replace the first matching characters. And str.replace (/ \ - / g ,"!") can replace all the characters match (g for the ...

js closure on

Understanding of JavaScript closures To become advanced JavaScript programmers, it is necessary to understand the closure. In this paper, ECMA 262 specification explain the closure of the internal working mechanism for JavaScript programmers understanding

custom object on js

this [200] = "year"; ) var user = new User ( "user1"); alert (user [1]); In the above example, we should pay attention: Various through this [1] to obtain property age, it can not be this [0] to get the name property, namely, by w ...

Js a small example of the classic

<script type="text/javascript"> function foo () ( = function () (alert ( 'def')) = function () (alert ( 'xyz')) abc = function () (alert ('@@@@@')}; var abc = function () (alert ('$$$$$$ ...

js entry class object-java programmers papers

Everyone to express their views or ha, I continue to study the well, me too just learn JS Ha, the original only as a simple API RIA is currently very hot, a lot of java developers also have to start using ajax framework, such as noisy javaeye living ...

javascript html js many custom class linkage floating menu, js produced menu

Procedures for Principle (recommended reading by reference to the code): Procedures are based on traditional floating menu to expand from here, let me talk about some more crucial or useful places: [Function] Delay A lot of people understand this is ...

javascript html js lightbox show the effect of imitation, div cover, lock the page

Lightbox effect (also called Windows shutdown some effect), but need not be so complicated, can display a content box on the list. Is a full-screen coverage of the layer, add a layer to display the content. Use position: fixed the new features ps: "l

json2.js json.jar

json.jar this thing really hard to find, download available to everyone. And copied an example to study study. Examples of sources: "Ajax basic tutorial" Kim Ryong Translation, etc. This book is very good. jsonExample.html <html> <head

js string operation

1.Asc (x), Chr (x): convert characters, character code 2. Filter: string array search for specific strings Format: Examples: 3.InStr: location search string (InstrRev: to turn around and look for the string) Format: v = instr (x, y) 'from the x s ...

Guinness js string operations

Encyclopedia of string manipulation functions Js / * ****************************************** String function expansion ****************************************** * / / * =========================================== / / Remove the spaces left ====== ...

AJAX + XML-based XLoadTree dynamic loading of components of the document tree JS

Tree node has recently started to load and read a good article, look around them to share BeanSoft evaluation: This component tree is not perfect, but it is based on self-object-oriented, based on the AJAX + XML + DOM, the head is also relatively small, r
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