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JForum source code study (7)

About Cache, Cache The JForum in, net.jforum.cache.CacheEngine interface provides these methods: Can store or retrieve multiple (key, value) pairs (where value of the type of non-Map) Can store or retrieve multiple (key, Map) pairs, while the Map in ...

JForum source code analysis notes

My development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. From the beginning web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, not much content. Wrote Can see that inside there is listener Foru

JForum source research (5)

JForum in dealing with database connectivity and supports a variety of databases, were used in the model shown below. Abstract class variables = ( An abstract class )Class.forName( Subclass name ).newInstance(); Of which: "sub-class name" from t

JForum source code study (4)

JForum is how to support multiple databases? JForum "Support for several popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB". JForum system for the persistent entity classes are placed in net.jforum.entities package, for exam ...

JForum source code study (6)

About Cookie and Session First get to know javax.servlet.http.Cookie and javax.servlet.http.HttpSession. JForum system has a feature that is: real-time display online membership registration, the number of visitors anonymously. Log in to this machine ...

JForum source code study (8)

Internationalization, I18N. Java classes used to implement only net.jforum.util.I18n international. Configuration file in the WEB-INF \ config \ languages \. 2.1.8 version supports nine characters. Among the many. Html file, through I18n.getMessage (Strin

Jforum Chinese search problems

Recently installed Jforum 2.1.8, found that the Chinese search does not search out and looked at the statistics, the original need to modify the two places: Modify the Tomcat / conf / server.xml of the Connector, add URIEncoding = "UTF-8" a ...

JForum source code study (10)

JForum in the MVC MVC talk about the "control" used in the command mode. The following figure is a "Java and patterns" P824 page, 47.2 "command mode structure," given the command pattern class diagram: Click "Java and th

JForum source research (1)

web.xml The document is very concise. A filter <filter> <filter-name> clickstream-jforum </ filter-name> <filter-class> net.jforum.util.legacy.clickstream.ClickstreamFilter </ filter-class> </ filter> <filter-ma ...

JForum Source Study (2)

JForum implementation of the MVC Reference: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/519446 JForum home page Installation Directly jforum-2.1.8.war still in Tomcat webapps directory. In the browser address bar enter:, URL autom ...

JForum source code study (9)

Monitor configuration file changes, that is, modify the configuration file with immediate effect. If the file filename has been modified, and you want to do, to achieve fileChanged method. For example:. Properties file is modified, you may want to re ...

JForum beginner must know the top ten issues

JForum uses MVC architecture; Jforum code structure clear, concise, Java Web development is a good learning materials; Jforum database structure from phpBB; Jforum interface is modeled on the traditional style of phpBB forum Jforum not using Structs, ...

JForum source code of (11)

First experience without signing in, click the "keynote": Jump to the login page, login is successful, jump to the "new topic." This is common in many Web applications, "permission to intercept." JForum is how to achieve it?

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-4-26 Company: JAGO Software Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 Error message 1: 11:53:24,781 ERROR [ExceptionWriter] net.jforum.exceptions.ForumException: java.lan

Modify the top of the LOGO reminder "Powered by Ecshop"

Use a text editor (recommended UltraEdit) to open ecshop root / includes / lib_main.php, find the following code: / * Initialize the "page title" and "current location" * / $ Page_title = $ GLOBALS ['_CFG'] ['shop_title

On equipped URIEncoding after, jforum problem can not search Chinese keywords

In the Tomcat deploy jforum projects If the Tomcat, Connector configured URIEncoding = "UTF-8" parameter, then Then jforum any Chinese keyword search can not search posts. The solution: Will SystemGlobals.properties in default.container.enc

jforum database dictionary

Data Dictionary (unofficial) For Jforum 2.1.8 author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-10-3 Email: denghuafeng@live.cn Company: YueGou Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 jforum_users Member exemplar Description: records member information. Field Type Null Default

(Transfer) JForum source of notes

JForum source of the article notes Category: Java programming my development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. Start from the web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, the cont

Jforum source code analysis

JForum source of 5-MVC framework of learning theory JForum Source Learning 4 - preparation of action JForum Source Learning 3-Cache JForum Source Learning 2-ClickstreamFilte

Was our oldest ancestor Proton powered rock?

Why life energy for the production of such a complex and bypass, when a simple chemical reaction would suffice? It just doesn't make sense. They think that most counter-intuitive feature of life is one of the best clues of their origin. As a result, t

chx learning jForum four notes

2010.12.6 then morning. In net.jforum.repository / ForumRepository.java in public synchronized static void start (final ForumDAO forumDAO, final CategoryDAO categoryDAO, final ConfigDAO configModel) { instance = new ForumRepository (); if (cache.get

chx learning jForum seven-ForumAction two notes

2010.12.8 pick yesterday. The following sentence is present in the net.jforum.view.forum / ForumAction.java in public void list () { this.setTemplateName (TemplateKeys.FORUMS_LIST); / / sentence did not understand, literally to see the name of the te

Good web site on the JForum

http://canbeatle.javaeye.com/blog/128626 http://hi.baidu.com/zhangtianshun/blog/item/6d318101ca37cb0c1d958397.html http://blog.csdn.net/JForum/archive/2007/10/31/1859690.aspx http://dev.firnow.com/course/3_program/java/javajs/20090828/172608.html htt

JForum frame structure and the main configuration file description

Learning JForum Summary: Environment to build: TOMCAT + MYSQL Step One: Install Deployment 1 to http://www.jforum.net/download.jsp website jforum release package. 2, the installation of mysql database. In order to solve the garbage problem in Chinese foru

Expo 2010 Shanghai Demo powered by TWaver


Career Success Powered By Delegation Of Responsibility

Bosses who truly want to achieve career success delegate as much responsibility and authority to their subordinates as they can handle. That's the way they can gain more time and energy to shoulder duties of greater visibility and value that advance t

chx learning jForum Notes II

My source is version 2.2.1 An Daosen martial arts room http://www.andowson.com/ 2010.12.5 then on Friday, continue to study. private void loadForums(ForumDAO fm) // Access plate { List<Forum> list = fm.selectAll(); // Read all the sections from

jforum trydone deployed to modify the contents of the records oracle

jforumT deployment need to do the following changes to the oracle 1, trydone_src / com / trydone / forum / action / AttachmentAction.java Line 97 plus JForumExecutionContext.enableCustomContent (true); 2, WebRoot / templates / default / search.htm 2

PHPRPC 2.1 of the ASP server and client

After three days of efforts, finally put the ASP server and client PHPRPC written, in order to make full use of already written code, ASP's server and client are using JScript's implementation, which calls the original written utf. js, base64.js,

Development of commonly used open source J2EE project

Read other people's records, feel good, on the collection here, Original Source: http://blog.csdn.net/fenixshadow/archive/2007/11/17/1890010.aspx Persistence Layer 1: 1) Hibernate This need not introduce, and used very frequently, used more are mapped

One of the most read books on software development management

Original See also: http://www.noop.nl/2008/06/top-100-best-software-engineering-books-ever.html 1 Steve McConnell Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction 2 Elisabeth Freeman, etc. Head First Design Patterns 3 Steve McConnell Rapi ...

webServer LiteSpeed

404 Not Found http://bbs.zmke.com/dv_rss.asp?s=xm&boardid=26&id=2531&page=1&star=1&count=1 Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site! [Reprint. By commen

23 Free AJAX tree menu component

<noscript type="text/javascript"> </ noscript> <noscript src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js" type="text/javascript"> </ noscript> 1, dTree 2, Treeview JavaScript 3, YUI Tree P

I like Ruby's 37 reasons

I do not intend to waste time talking about the history of Ruby, if you have not heard of it, you can go to its home page to see www.ruby-lang.org , Or to its newsgroup comp.lang.ruby. If you know Ruby, I will talk about why I like it It is object-oriente

OK, I admit it. I'm baffled. - Ext JS

I want to upgrade to the new grid. I've been reading source code, but going round in circles. Using 0.33, I implemented my own custom DataModel which extended LoadableDataModel and used DWR to pull in this.data [] []. Dead easy! And I had a custom Col

Detailed API Object XMLHTTP

XMLHttpRequest To provide client server communications with the http protocol Dim HttpReq As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP30 HttpReq.open "GET", "http://localhost/books.xml", False HttpReq.send MsgBox HttpReq.responseText Remarks XmlHttp client object can (MSXML2.XM

Lucene in Action (Simplified Chinese)

A total of 10 part of the first part of the Lucene core 1. Contact Lucene 2. Index 3. To add a search procedure 4. Analysis of 5. High-pole search technology 6. Extended Search application of the second part of the Lucene 7. Analysis of commonly used docu

Deepen the study and hibernate

3.4.5. Query language in the replacement of You can use the new hibernate.query.substitutions defined in the Hibernate query symbol. For example: hibernate.query.substitutions true=1, false=0 Causes the symbol true And false In the generated SQL is transl

Install Glassfish 2.1 with HADB

Glassfish Logo If you want 99.999% availability of your Glassfish cluster then you should do 2 things: 1. Use HADB for user HTTP and Session persistence, 2. Get some SUN support. I cannot help you with the decision on point 2, but with point 1 I will show

Proficient in Grails: create custom plug-ins

This includes: About ShortenUrl plug-in Creating TinyUrl class Test TinyUrl class Creating IsGd class Creating ShortenUrl Service Package and deploy plug-ins Conclusion Download References In this " Proficient in Grails "Series, Scott Davis show



java database connection pool to achieve

java database connection pool to achieve

HQL statement Daquan (change)

Hibernate is equipped with a very powerful query language that looks very much like SQL. But do not be grammatical structure of the confusing similarity, HQL is very conscious of is designed to be fully object-oriented queries, it can understand concepts

[Change] Android Opengl - Colored 3D Cube

What is this: This tutorial shows how to create colored 3D Objects using the OpenGL ® ES cross-platform API. What you learn: You will learn how easy it is, to create a Colored 3D Cube, using OpenGL ® ES. Problems / Questions: post here Difficulty: 1.5 of

Collection of ant tasks for building blackberry application

Collection of ant tasks for building blackberry applications. Home Documentation Support SourceForge Project Page Downloads Credits Documentation Requirements Reference <rapc> <sigtool> <alx> <jadtool> Preprocessor Examples Require

What is Android

[size = large] the following are entertain themselves, if an error or wrong with that, please forgive me! ! ! [/ size] What is Android? Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The

M3G Tutorial: Advanced articles (1) Pyramid

About World public class World extend Group A special Group node that is a top-level container for scene graphs. A scene graph is constructed from a hierarchy of nodes. In a complete scene graph, all nodes are ultimately connected to each other via a ...

[Change] Setting up a Device for Development

Setting up a Device for Development With an Android-powered device, you can develop and debug your Android applications just as you would on the emulator. There are just a few things to do before you can start. Declare your application as "debug ...

OPENGL ES display a string (Windows Mobile)

Of course, abroad POWERVR the OPENGL ES-based SDK package APPPRINT3D class to handle the string display and GLFONT for windows ce and so on. But we put together here is a function: Thank you support!

Jetty6 guide book - first chapter describes Jetty

EDITORIAL: Use the jetty has been a long time, it is a very good web containers and tools to share in this special jetty6 knowledge. Network, there are some information on the jetty, but it used outdated and does not have a systematic, resulting in a lot
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