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On the software configuration management of the human factor

[Abstract] August 2008 to December 2008, I participated in a provincial-level wireless operators online business hall three development projects and served as project manager jobs. Online Business Office was the wireless operator's provincial Internet

JForum source code study (7)

About Cache, Cache The JForum in, net.jforum.cache.CacheEngine interface provides these methods: Can store or retrieve multiple (key, value) pairs (where value of the type of non-Map) Can store or retrieve multiple (key, Map) pairs, while the Map in ...

JForum source code analysis notes

My development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. From the beginning web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, not much content. Wrote Can see that inside there is listener Foru

JForum source research (5)

JForum in dealing with database connectivity and supports a variety of databases, were used in the model shown below. Abstract class variables = ( An abstract class )Class.forName( Subclass name ).newInstance(); Of which: "sub-class name" from t

JForum source code study (4)

JForum is how to support multiple databases? JForum "Support for several popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB". JForum system for the persistent entity classes are placed in net.jforum.entities package, for exam ...

JForum source code study (6)

About Cookie and Session First get to know javax.servlet.http.Cookie and javax.servlet.http.HttpSession. JForum system has a feature that is: real-time display online membership registration, the number of visitors anonymously. Log in to this machine ...

JForum source code study (8)

Internationalization, I18N. Java classes used to implement only net.jforum.util.I18n international. Configuration file in the WEB-INF \ config \ languages \. 2.1.8 version supports nine characters. Among the many. Html file, through I18n.getMessage (Strin

Jforum Chinese search problems

Recently installed Jforum 2.1.8, found that the Chinese search does not search out and looked at the statistics, the original need to modify the two places: Modify the Tomcat / conf / server.xml of the Connector, add URIEncoding = "UTF-8" a ...

JForum source code study (10)

JForum in the MVC MVC talk about the "control" used in the command mode. The following figure is a "Java and patterns" P824 page, 47.2 "command mode structure," given the command pattern class diagram: Click "Java and th

JForum source research (1)

web.xml The document is very concise. A filter <filter> <filter-name> clickstream-jforum </ filter-name> <filter-class> net.jforum.util.legacy.clickstream.ClickstreamFilter </ filter-class> </ filter> <filter-ma ...

JForum Source Study (2)

JForum implementation of the MVC Reference: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/519446 JForum home page Installation Directly jforum-2.1.8.war still in Tomcat webapps directory. In the browser address bar enter:, URL autom ...

JForum source code study (9)

Monitor configuration file changes, that is, modify the configuration file with immediate effect. If the file filename has been modified, and you want to do, to achieve fileChanged method. For example:. Properties file is modified, you may want to re ...

JForum beginner must know the top ten issues

JForum uses MVC architecture; Jforum code structure clear, concise, Java Web development is a good learning materials; Jforum database structure from phpBB; Jforum interface is modeled on the traditional style of phpBB forum Jforum not using Structs, ...

JForum source code of (11)

First experience without signing in, click the "keynote": Jump to the login page, login is successful, jump to the "new topic." This is common in many Web applications, "permission to intercept." JForum is how to achieve it?

"Activity Factor" Flax Technology

Keyword: "Activity Factor" Flax Technology Co., Ltd. Harbin Plaza Premium Knitwear research "activity factor" Flax technology projects, through scientific and technological, research and development work has been completed and ide ...

Automatic screen printing machine garment investment ideas and factor analysis

Keywords: automatic screen printing machine clothing, investment ideas, factor analysis of the text / art group level Yong Kang efforts after year after year, I believe you have already invested in the new manual platen, hand machines, dryers and printing

Recursive decomposition factor

Sometimes, we need to be factoring a number, I use recursion to help us do this, if wrong with that, also hope all friends correct me!

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-4-26 Company: JAGO Software Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 Error message 1: 11:53:24,781 ERROR [ExceptionWriter] net.jforum.exceptions.ForumException: java.lan

POJ 1142 Smith Numbers [number theory - prime factor decomposition]

Smith Numbers Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 7141 Accepted: 2505 Description While skimming his phone directory in 1982, Albert Wilansky, a mathematician of Lehigh University, noticed that the telephone number of his broth ...

POJ 1142 Smith Numbers [number theory - prime factor decomposition of]

Smith Numbers Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 7141 Accepted: 2505 Description While skimming his phone directory in 1982, Albert Wilansky, a mathematician of Lehigh University, noticed that the telephone number of his broth ...

Modify the top of the LOGO reminder "Powered by Ecshop"

Use a text editor (recommended UltraEdit) to open ecshop root / includes / lib_main.php, find the following code: / * Initialize the "page title" and "current location" * / $ Page_title = $ GLOBALS ['_CFG'] ['shop_title

lucene standardized factor norm

The lucene series of articles taken from forfuture1978 to understand the standardization factor for the particular Why do standardized factor? Description from the first chapter, we know that in the search process, search out the documents according

On equipped URIEncoding after, jforum problem can not search Chinese keywords

In the Tomcat deploy jforum projects If the Tomcat, Connector configured URIEncoding = "UTF-8" parameter, then Then jforum any Chinese keyword search can not search posts. The solution: Will SystemGlobals.properties in default.container.enc

Calculate the greatest common factor of two numbers

Given two positive integers m and n, seeking their greatest common factor, that can also divides m and n, the largest positive integer. E1. 【】 To seek balance and to make r m n addition to the remainder as income. (We will have 0 <= r <n) E2. 【

jforum database dictionary

Data Dictionary (unofficial) For Jforum 2.1.8 author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-10-3 Email: denghuafeng@live.cn Company: YueGou Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 jforum_users Member exemplar Description: records member information. Field Type Null Default

Internet Banking Security: two-factor authentication to ensure online security

California Avenue, Palo Alto Edison Spa Federal Credit Union plans to use the dual variable password authentication measures to strengthen the security of its network of banks, this also makes them one of the few in the industry to take such security meas

(Transfer) JForum source of notes

JForum source of the article notes Category: Java programming my development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. Start from the web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, the cont

Jforum source code analysis

JForum source of 5-MVC framework of learning theory JForum Source Learning 4 - preparation of action JForum Source Learning 3-Cache JForum Source Learning 2-ClickstreamFilte

Was our oldest ancestor Proton powered rock?

Why life energy for the production of such a complex and bypass, when a simple chemical reaction would suffice? It just doesn't make sense. They think that most counter-intuitive feature of life is one of the best clues of their origin. As a result, t

The greatest prime factor problem 3-600851475143

Description of the problem are as follows: "13,195 of the quality factor (or called prime factor, prime factors) for 5,7,13 and 29, find the largest prime factor of 600851475143 is the number?" Here the concept of prime factors not go into

Male-factor infertility caused by sperm problems in common

Being overweight, will have an impact sperm production. One man, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, there is infection or any other health problems, the male may need to seek professional help to fix simple problems and the larger issues affectin

chx learning jForum four notes

2010.12.6 then morning. In net.jforum.repository / ForumRepository.java in public synchronized static void start (final ForumDAO forumDAO, final CategoryDAO categoryDAO, final ConfigDAO configModel) { instance = new ForumRepository (); if (cache.get

chx learning jForum seven-ForumAction two notes

2010.12.8 pick yesterday. The following sentence is present in the net.jforum.view.forum / ForumAction.java in public void list () { this.setTemplateName (TemplateKeys.FORUMS_LIST); / / sentence did not understand, literally to see the name of the te

Good web site on the JForum

http://canbeatle.javaeye.com/blog/128626 http://hi.baidu.com/zhangtianshun/blog/item/6d318101ca37cb0c1d958397.html http://blog.csdn.net/JForum/archive/2007/10/31/1859690.aspx http://dev.firnow.com/course/3_program/java/javajs/20090828/172608.html htt

sicp Exercise 1.21 to find the minimum with the smallest-divisor factor

(define (square x) (* x x)) (define (smallest-divisor n) (find-divisor n 2)) (define (find-divisor n test-divisor) (cond ((> (square test-divisor) n) n) ((divides? test-divisor n) test-divisor) (else (find-divisor n (+ test-divisor 1))))) (define

JForum frame structure and the main configuration file description

Learning JForum Summary: Environment to build: TOMCAT + MYSQL Step One: Install Deployment 1 to http://www.jforum.net/download.jsp website jforum release package. 2, the installation of mysql database. In order to solve the garbage problem in Chinese foru

On the human factor in software configuration management

[Abstract] August 2008 to December 2008, I attended a provincial radio operator's online Office 3 project development, and served as project manager positions. Internet Office is the wireless operator's provincial web portal, e-marketing channels

Gossip two-factor authentication

This document Copyleft owned yfydz all use under the GPL, can be freely copied, reproduced, reprinted, please maintain the integrity of the document, Be used for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. msn: yfydz_no1@hotmail.com Source: http:

KSF - critical success factor method

First, an overview Critical success factor method (key success factors, KSF) is one of the methods of information system development plan from 1970 by Harvard University professor William Zani proposed. Critical success factors (key success factors,

oracle clustering factor (Cluster Factor)

Source: http://www.itpub.net/thread-1317424-1-1.html # Diagnosis of a simple performance optimization, clustering factor is too high result in full table scan . Operational staff to reflect a very slow query : ---------------------------------------------

Silk gloss yarn shortage of factor analysis

Keywords: yarn mercerized Influence gloss yarn mercerized main factors in the following areas: (a) scouring effect on the gloss. If uneven cooking is not through training, poorly cleaned, after scouring, cotton yarn containing more residual alkali, r ...

Dyeing properties of acrylic fiber factor

Keywords: fiber chemical structure: acid groups not only directly related to the fiber content of the dye saturation, but also affect the dye diffusion rate in the fiber. High content of acidic groups, the diffusion rate of speed. Supramolecular stru ...

Impact of Web search engine server is an important factor

What is the quality of the server? High-quality server for Web search engines found recorded what advantage, what effect? The so-called high-quality servers, means that the server performance is stable, fast access to the server. High-quality server ...

Requirements Document prepared by the "Six Factor"

Demand for documents on how to write a lot of people would be more anxious when starting. In fact, popular demand for the document stresses mainly used to describe the "thing", through the description of the demand to do "something" to

5.12 factor loading condolences CSS

For the convenience of site mourning, to provide special equipment code elements to the table condolences. The following CSS code for the whole station. html (filterrogidXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage (grayscale = 1);) Usage: This code can be c

Expo 2010 Shanghai Demo powered by TWaver


Oracle creates an index factor

After reading this benefit In the Oracle database, create the index is a relatively simple. But to a reasonable index of the more difficult to create. I believe that when you create an index appropriate to do three, namely, in the appropriate table, the a

Career Success Powered By Delegation Of Responsibility

Bosses who truly want to achieve career success delegate as much responsibility and authority to their subordinates as they can handle. That's the way they can gain more time and energy to shoulder duties of greater visibility and value that advance t

chx learning jForum Notes II

My source is version 2.2.1 An Daosen martial arts room http://www.andowson.com/ 2010.12.5 then on Friday, continue to study. private void loadForums(ForumDAO fm) // Access plate { List<Forum> list = fm.selectAll(); // Read all the sections from

jforum trydone deployed to modify the contents of the records oracle

jforumT deployment need to do the following changes to the oracle 1, trydone_src / com / trydone / forum / action / AttachmentAction.java Line 97 plus JForumExecutionContext.enableCustomContent (true); 2, WebRoot / templates / default / search.htm 2
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