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Apache Wicket out of the prize contest of the new

Members Css master, you design masters, apache wicket want to have to give them a demo expert to provide a new design, if the winner can get prizes and honors, the original http://go2.wordpress.com/?id=725X1342&site=karussell.wordpress.com&ur ...

JForum source code study (7)

About Cache, Cache The JForum in, net.jforum.cache.CacheEngine interface provides these methods: Can store or retrieve multiple (key, value) pairs (where value of the type of non-Map) Can store or retrieve multiple (key, Map) pairs, while the Map in ...

JForum source code analysis notes

My development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. From the beginning web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, not much content. Wrote Can see that inside there is listener Foru

JForum source research (5)

JForum in dealing with database connectivity and supports a variety of databases, were used in the model shown below. Abstract class variables = ( An abstract class )Class.forName( Subclass name ).newInstance(); Of which: "sub-class name" from t

JForum source code study (4)

JForum is how to support multiple databases? JForum "Support for several popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB". JForum system for the persistent entity classes are placed in net.jforum.entities package, for exam ...

JForum source code study (6)

About Cookie and Session First get to know javax.servlet.http.Cookie and javax.servlet.http.HttpSession. JForum system has a feature that is: real-time display online membership registration, the number of visitors anonymously. Log in to this machine ...

JForum source code study (8)

Internationalization, I18N. Java classes used to implement only net.jforum.util.I18n international. Configuration file in the WEB-INF \ config \ languages \. 2.1.8 version supports nine characters. Among the many. Html file, through I18n.getMessage (Strin

Jforum Chinese search problems

Recently installed Jforum 2.1.8, found that the Chinese search does not search out and looked at the statistics, the original need to modify the two places: Modify the Tomcat / conf / server.xml of the Connector, add URIEncoding = "UTF-8" a ...

QQ, sina, 163, sohu join in the microblog's market, who is the winner in China?

Microblog's market is just begin in China, as qq.com, sina.com.cn, 163.com, sohu.com has microblog product. Every company is good in China market process. Then, let's guess who is winner in China? I think it is the best Gift for China Local S ...

JForum source code study (10)

JForum in the MVC MVC talk about the "control" used in the command mode. The following figure is a "Java and patterns" P824 page, 47.2 "command mode structure," given the command pattern class diagram: Click "Java and th

JForum source research (1)

web.xml The document is very concise. A filter <filter> <filter-name> clickstream-jforum </ filter-name> <filter-class> net.jforum.util.legacy.clickstream.ClickstreamFilter </ filter-class> </ filter> <filter-ma ...

JForum Source Study (2)

JForum implementation of the MVC Reference: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/519446 JForum home page Installation Directly jforum-2.1.8.war still in Tomcat webapps directory. In the browser address bar enter:, URL autom ...

JForum source code study (9)

Monitor configuration file changes, that is, modify the configuration file with immediate effect. If the file filename has been modified, and you want to do, to achieve fileChanged method. For example:. Properties file is modified, you may want to re ...

JForum beginner must know the top ten issues

JForum uses MVC architecture; Jforum code structure clear, concise, Java Web development is a good learning materials; Jforum database structure from phpBB; Jforum interface is modeled on the traditional style of phpBB forum Jforum not using Structs, ...

JForum source code of (11)

First experience without signing in, click the "keynote": Jump to the login page, login is successful, jump to the "new topic." This is common in many Web applications, "permission to intercept." JForum is how to achieve it?

Bo 100 excellent Chinese domain name advantage in SEO Contest

We all know that the English site, the domain name in the keyword weight is very high. But for the Chinese, this weight is not shown, because for most of the key words, the key words are not reflected in the English domain names in. Many people have propo

google contest problem SecretSum of C + + Solution

SecretSum google 2005 second-round knockout competition score of 500 points a race issue. In fact, the problem asks rather than with the round head of that Road 1000 score of RecurringNumbers difficult (RecurringNumbers the difficulty level at best R ...

Java note card devices (for winner Landlords)

================================================== ============ VC Landlords note card device, you can refer to: QQ Landlords card device development practice note Note cards on Principle (source line) 1, intercept IP packets. 2, blocking the functio ...

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered

Jforum secondary development problems and solutions encountered author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-4-26 Company: JAGO Software Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 Error message 1: 11:53:24,781 ERROR [ExceptionWriter] net.jforum.exceptions.ForumException: java.lan

[Epic equipment] Jordan Wand (Staff of Jordan): master contest inspirational works

Jordan Wand Binding equipment hands Wand 119 - 180 Damage Speed 3.70 (40.4 damage per second) +11 Intellect +11 Spirit Durability 120/120 Requires Level 35 Equip: Increases spell power by 26 points. And Jordan-related articles, and both are legends,

Modify the top of the LOGO reminder "Powered by Ecshop"

Use a text editor (recommended UltraEdit) to open ecshop root / includes / lib_main.php, find the following code: / * Initialize the "page title" and "current location" * / $ Page_title = $ GLOBALS ['_CFG'] ['shop_title

On equipped URIEncoding after, jforum problem can not search Chinese keywords

In the Tomcat deploy jforum projects If the Tomcat, Connector configured URIEncoding = "UTF-8" parameter, then Then jforum any Chinese keyword search can not search posts. The solution: Will SystemGlobals.properties in default.container.enc

jforum database dictionary

Data Dictionary (unofficial) For Jforum 2.1.8 author: Hua-Feng Deng date: 2010-10-3 Email: denghuafeng@live.cn Company: YueGou Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 jforum_users Member exemplar Description: records member information. Field Type Null Default

(Transfer) JForum source of notes

JForum source of the article notes Category: Java programming my development environment: JForum2.1.8 tomcat5.X JDK 1.6X Routines can not be refined in order to start. Start from the web.xml web.xml includes a filter, a listener, and two servlet, the cont

Jforum source code analysis

JForum source of 5-MVC framework of learning theory JForum Source Learning 4 - preparation of action JForum Source Learning 3-Cache JForum Source Learning 2-ClickstreamFilte

[Transfer] ACM contest and algorithms related

Turn】 【 http://jiangkeke.blog.hexun.com/19887637_d.html Algorithm to share Books 1, Concrete Mathematics --- A Foundation For Computer Science Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, Oren Patashnik The book "concrete mathematics" is a Stanford c

Was our oldest ancestor Proton powered rock?

Why life energy for the production of such a complex and bypass, when a simple chemical reaction would suffice? It just doesn't make sense. They think that most counter-intuitive feature of life is one of the best clues of their origin. As a result, t

Krist v. Rubio contest in Florida Gets a bit tighter

politicsdaily.fm Новая политика Ежедневно панели инструментов!. / P> in August at Quinnipiac poll was Christ leading Rubio 55 per cent to 26 per cent margin decreased by 50 per cent to 35 per cent when she interviewed voters again in mid-October.

Papaya (Papaya) Android developer contest is about to start business

Event Website: http://papayamobile.com/engine_en/contest.html Activities: Papaya (Papaya) Android developer contest is about to start business If you are a creative yet very skillful game developers, do you dream of the past San Francisco to attend t

chx learning jForum four notes

2010.12.6 then morning. In net.jforum.repository / ForumRepository.java in public synchronized static void start (final ForumDAO forumDAO, final CategoryDAO categoryDAO, final ConfigDAO configModel) { instance = new ForumRepository (); if (cache.get

chx learning jForum seven-ForumAction two notes

2010.12.8 pick yesterday. The following sentence is present in the net.jforum.view.forum / ForumAction.java in public void list () { this.setTemplateName (TemplateKeys.FORUMS_LIST); / / sentence did not understand, literally to see the name of the te

Good web site on the JForum

http://canbeatle.javaeye.com/blog/128626 http://hi.baidu.com/zhangtianshun/blog/item/6d318101ca37cb0c1d958397.html http://blog.csdn.net/JForum/archive/2007/10/31/1859690.aspx http://dev.firnow.com/course/3_program/java/javajs/20090828/172608.html htt

JForum frame structure and the main configuration file description

Learning JForum Summary: Environment to build: TOMCAT + MYSQL Step One: Install Deployment 1 to http://www.jforum.net/download.jsp website jforum release package. 2, the installation of mysql database. In order to solve the garbage problem in Chinese foru

Of the Internet on a word - chaos, who can solve customer problems, who is the winner!

In recent years the rapid development of the Internet, people gradually have become accustomed to rely on the Internet, the Internet industry virtually impact on people. Based on the characteristics of Chinese Internet users, Internet companies want to ma

Yang Chang-Sheng: Taobao "Confession" Who is the winner

Taobao door, also known as "10.11 incident", the cause of the incident was mainly due to a major reform of Taobao Mall, announced the upgrade business management system, significantly increasing the cost of mall stores. Reform, including tw

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.4 min

1. Topic views: s [cnt_s], t [cnt_t] cnt_t> = cnt_s. Return ts the absolute value and the minimum. (Cnt_s elements) 2. Ideas: Dynamic Programming d [i] [j]: that t j +1 before the number and s i +1 before the number of matches, get the minimum. Tr ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _1.4 hostels

1, the meaning of problems: String matches a string to be matched M ("*" 0 or more arbitrary characters "?" An arbitrary character), a verification string T Length of not more than 50 Output: the number of eligible 2 ideas: Dynami ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.8 basic graph problems

1, the meaning of problems: Given a sequence of integers from 1 to n. Connected to the m-side command (s, e): that: s s e a month to between the maximum and minimum number of links up. k were asked: (x, y) points x and y are connected. 2, problem-sol ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.21 Turan graph

1, the meaning of problems: Input: Vertices (n), the order of (k) Requirements: the figure must not contain any of a k-complete graph. Output: the largest number of edges in the graph. 2, address: The n vertices evenly as possible into k-1 copies, th ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.20 BOB

1, the meaning of problems: a string end to end connection, the smallest order to find a dictionary string. 2, address: Initialized with a position p = 0, q = 1, next scan tp, tq scan location were recorded. If s [tp] <s [tq], then q = tq +1; If s ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest delicious cake example _5.11

1, the meaning of problems: input matrix of dimension n, the number of m date 2, output: whether the matrix is divided into m squares, each square contains a date. 3. Answer: Extend down to the right, pay attention to the case of a need to back date. ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.12 Fight Club

1, the meaning of problems: n members 22 duel, the outcome of relations is given. Q: Reasonable arrangements for the duel sequence, members of the i possibility of winning? 2, solution: dynamic programming 0 ,..., n-1, 0 ,..., n-1 meet [2 * n] [2 * n ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.13 pebble game

1, input: w, b (white, black number) Pumped out of white, black pumped into them, White won the last pumped. Requirements: the probability of winning the first pumping. 2, solution: i have a recursive formula for the probability of winning the White ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.15 construction sequence

1, the meaning of problems: construction of 01 sequences of length N input M command (B, E, T) (from 1) Required position B to the E T were at least 1. Output: the number and location of 1 2, solution: greedy algorithm. Sorted according to E from sma ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _5.16 tree

1, the meaning of problems. Root is designated as 0, find the root of the sub-tree node to ensure that distance / maximum average number of edges. Maximum output. 2, address: On Meike subtree can do a dfs. 3. To achieve code #include <iostream> #inc

International Collegiate Programming Contest Examples _1.3 conflict

1, the meaning of problems: Input string, there are several relations ">",">=","!=","=" Check: whether the conflict 2, address: Relationship can be converted to "<=" and "<" two ...

International Collegiate Programming Contest stick example _1.7

1, the meaning of problems: n root (n is odd) the stick, there are n-1 / 2 equal in length, only to find out the length of that length. 2, solution: use a xor b xor b = a. 3, example code:

International Collegiate Programming Contest String substring Example _1.5

1, the meaning of problems: given a string, put them together, presented results of the lexicographical minimum. 2, address: to the sub-string sorting, note: ba and a, sort of way Location: str1 + str2 <str2 + str1 3, example code:

International Collegiate Programming Contest from the Examples _5.9

1, find the tree distance between two nodes 2 Answer: seek u and v of the recent common ancestor (LCA) Do first time dfs, transformed as it first appears between u and v the depth of the biggest point is that their common ancestor. 3, example code:

International Collegiate Programming Contest _4 example, a distance

1, the meaning of problems: y-axis is about two point sets, find the midpoint of the maximum distance they are. 2, address: Two points must be the most distant point in the convex hull of all, the point to point correlation of the most remote point o ...
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