oracle store java swing

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java swing development of C / S mode of information management system

My QQ: Technology: Java Swing + SQL Server 2000 Environment: XP Development Tools: eclipse Reference package: datadirect the sql server jdbc driver, jfreechart.jar, dom4j.jar, commons-email.jar, commons-dbutils.jar, jxl.jar, mail-1.3.2.jar. Implement ...

Java Swing text box to enter the Chinese pop-up input window solution

java Swing inside the text box will pop up when you enter an "input window", the window people look unhappy, and there are a few bug: 1. In some versions of the jvm, there is a lot of layers of the modal dialog box when the top is using a modal

In the Java Swing to display HTML pages, and can respond to link ()

Java Swing development, if done, should know, can be applied to the control hyperchromic HTML tags, such as the view plaincopy to clipboardprint? / / Must be <html> and </ html> wrap JLabel label = new JLable ( "<html> <font colo

Java Swing layout manager introduction

Java Swing layout manager features a strong, JAVA which GridBagLayout is the most flexible but also the most complicated of a layout manager, the other component manager, such as BorderLayout, FlowLayout, etc. can not be set without a component of th ...

java swing event handling small projects (Tuixiangzi)

This is a Sokoban game, the algorithm is very simple, you can learn to practice your hand when the Java swing

oracle call java method example

Call java program in the oracle, attention: java method must be static type, if you want to use JAVA system.out / err output log. Oracle need to perform "call dbms_java.set_output (5000);". 1, helloWord A write JAVA programs, but also in SQ

oracle and java array of interaction through

Recently done by an array of interactive java and oracle, that pass the array to java oracle, oracle returns an array. As Internet's many resources, is also very detailed, I Jiu Shi Zai their base of Jinxingxiugai's, in which said special thanks h

[Transfer] Java Swing event handling in the keyboard

[Transfer] Java Swing event handling in the keyboard Programming in java Swing, often need to handle keyboard events, such as handling of shortcut keys and so on. Here is how to define keyboard events, and how to handle these events. In jdk1.2, respective

Java swing calculator.

Written in Java using java swing calculator.

Java Swing explore (a) LayoutManager

Source: BorderLayout FlowLayout GridLayout GridBagLayout CardLayout BoxLayout 1.BorderLayout java.lang.Object - Java. Awt.BorderLayout The layout is divided into east, west, south, north, i

oracle and java arrays interact through

Recently made by an array of interacting with the oracle java, java pass that array to oracle, oracle returns an array. Because a lot of resources online, and very detailed, I was at their base to be modified, and to express special thanks to the web

Testing Oracle 11g java connection

package; import java.sql .*;// project to add ojdbc6_g.jar public class OJ { public static void main (String args []) { String url = "jdbc: oracle: thin: @ localhost: 1521: orcl11"; try { Class.forName ("oracle.jdbc.driver.

[Turn] to deal with the oracle in java array of objects (nested tables)

To deal with the oracle in java array of objects (nested table): sp file: ------------------------------- Create Object Type ---------------- ------------------ create or replace type o_tmp as object ( userid varchar2 (10), username varchar2 (20) );

Father of Java: Oracle Management Java reassuring

Quote [Change] U.S. time on March 17, after the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Java father James Gosling first appeared in public, he always maintained a high degree of concern on Java and Java in the Oracle's charge that under the reassuring

oracle store large image files are stored

public class SaveImage { / / This method is used to store pictures, calling this method, the image is not stored in the database, must approach save_2 () described below with reference to the class can be / / Call the class calls the 【1】 public void

oracle store large image files stored

public class SaveImage { // The method used to store pictures, after the method call , Picture is not stored in the database, and methods must be save_2() Can be described with reference to the following category // Call the [ Class called 1] public void

Oracle released Java Development Strategy

Oracle has completed the acquisition of the SUN on January 27 announced the integration of Sun's various businesses planning. Generally speaking, Oracle to become an integrated total solution of hardware and software vendors. Following on its Java are

Oracle using Java program to write and read out picture

-------- Oracle to write a picture import; import; import; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java. ...

Oracle RAC java connection configuration

Oracle RAC RAC, full name of the real application clusters, translated as "Real Application Clusters" is a new version of Oracle database using a new technology, Oracle database to support grid computing environment is the core technology. ...

oracle call java using socket listening port test

As an article on a simple call to the successful, happy dead, Ha ha! And then wrote out a program to monitor the internal to create a sockate 10000 port, the server was in the process here, and then write in the oracle client inside, and then start t

JAVA Swing production process EXE file

Development Tools Eclipse, JETA the Abeille Forms Designer (hereinafter Abeille) Abeille is a section Swing graphical development tool, you can easily frame and setting up the page, it is written in java green, compact, some time it has been like this swi

and oracle in java format date in a different part of the

Format is the same as the date format java code: Date of transfer string: new SimpleDateFormat ('yyyy-MM-dd'). format (new Date ()); Turn date string new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy-MM-dd"). parse (src); oracle in: Date of transfer string: S

Implemented using java Swing Tips bubble effect

Stunning results, see Annex screenshot package monitor.ico; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Font; import java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment; import java.awt.Insets; import java.awt.Rectangle; import javax.swing.BorderFa

By Java Swing MVC design pattern seen through

A good user interface (GUI) design in the real world can usually find the performance. For example, if placed in front of you the keys of a computer keyboard like a simple button, but is as simple as a button, we can see that the rules of a GUI desig

Java Swing graphical programming of the FlowLayout layout manager

2.FlowLayout The layout manager's strategy is very simple, it is added according to the control order from left to right, one line and back to the next line is full, then continue from left to right. Each line of the components are arranged in th pages, java unified interface page

Definition: pageStart start page, pageEnd end page, pageSize the page size oracle page: select * from (select mytable .*, rownum num from (the actual transfer of SQL) where rownum <= pageEnd) where num> = pageStart sqlServer Page: select * from (sel

Oracle Call JAVA program

Oracle call in a java program, helloWord A JAVA program written create or replace and compile java source named hello as public class Hello { static public String Message(String name) { return " Hello, " + name; } } / 2 JAVA program released create o

Resolve Oracle 10G: java.lang.Exception: Exception in sending Request:: null

Today launched Oracle 10g EM, reported an error: java.lang.Exception: Exception in sending Request:: null Workaround: Locate the following files $ ORACLE_HOME \ db_1 \ $ HOSTNAME \ sysman \ config \ Which agentTZRegion default is GMT,

Chinese garbled on linux java swing solution

In the window to get the program running under normal linux (ubuntu) run, the program code is not garbled, print to the console of the Chinese statement is also normal, but the swing is the graphical interface of the Chinese garbled. Solution is as f

oracle: Cause: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establ

2011/10/17 11:27:10 DEBUG 000000000000885: null org.springframework.transaction.interceptor.TransactionInterceptor http-8080-2 - Getting transaction for [] 2011/10/17 11:27:1

Java swing drawImage

Images used in support of the distribution in the java.applet, java.awt, and java.awt.image package. Each image is expressed with a java.awt.Image object. In addition to Image class outside, java.awt package provides other basic image support, such a ...

java BoxLayout layout experience | # java # swing

Very much like the way the layout of java, but the system provides the basis for searching the layout of several ways too powerful, when in use is very inconvenient. In particular BoxLayout, it will change one of the components added to the size of c ...

ubuntu10.04 on the java swing in the square of the solution

Today ubuntu10.04 install netbeans6.9, ready to do ruby development, GUI box inadvertently encountered the problem. Old problem, but it seems very easy to solve. Ubuntu comes with the Wen Quan Yi is black font that link to jre / lib / fonts / fallbac

Java Swing components and drag the image

Drag a component in Swing or image, we locate the layout does not say that aside, is a very easy thing. Drag the image and drag components are the same token, if you plan to drag a component, as long as the listener to add two components on it. One i

The oracle database java related interview questions and answers

- Create table dept - ( - Deptno varchar (10) primary key, - Dname varchar (10) -); - Create table emp - ( - Empno varchar (10) primary key, - Ename varchar (10), - Job varchar (10), - Mgr varchar (10), - Sal varchar (10), - Deptno varchar (10) refer ...

Java Swing jTextField how to get the focus

jTextField.requestFocus ();

Write their own control of a Java Swing Calendar

Code is small, only 30 K, the interface that I designed, quite dog hanging

Collection of common errors on Oracle java.sql.SQLException

Collection of common errors on Oracle java.sql.SQLException July 26, 2009 Sunday, 02:35 PM Always encountered when using Oracle recently java.sql.SQLException error, which led me to look up slaving away on the Internet, so the breath of several common sea

ORACLE JAVA stored procedures using BLOB export pictures

A few days ago a friend of mine to solve the problem: XX received a single system, need to trade statistics from the addition of a system to store and export the images the way to view Figure Film to exist in the database BLOB type directly. Original

IDC: Oracle management challenges faced by Java

Father of Java James Gosling this week left the Oracle, throw away the Oracle given to him by the client software group CTO position, so the spotlight again turned to the database giant is now owned and controlled Java, according to IDC analyst analy ...

Oracle to swallow Japan, java where to go

After the acquisition of Sun, Java's future is uncertain. Sad-feeling in the Java developer community, speculation about the fate of Java, so Java developers know what to do. Was incorporated under the command of the Java Oracle how the future is ...

java / oracle date of treatment (change)

public class Test ( public static void main (String args []) ( java.util.Date a = new java.util.Date (); System.out.println (a); java.sql.Date b = new java.sql.Date (a.getTime ()); System.out.println (b); java.sql.Time c = new java.sql.Time (a.getTim

JAVA and ORACLE stored procedure

In large database systems, there are two very important functions, that is, stored procedures and triggers. Whether in the database system stored procedure or trigger, is through SQL statements and control flow statements to complete the set. In contrast,

Oracle Java method calls

1. Write and compile java class (oracle call java method must be static) package; public class TestOracle { public static String sayHello(){ return "Hello Java product"; } } 2. Read the java class to oracle loadjava-r-f-vd: / Test

Java example code to explain the various methods of connecting Oracle database

java and oracle of the interface: JAVA can be run in the database is ORACLE8i of the most exciting new features. ORACLE8i you create a database application to use, you can use the new features and JAVA, easy to program on the release to the INTERNET or IN

ORACLE JAVA stored procedure using BLOB image export

A few days ago a friend to solve the problem: a XX acquiring system transactions need another set of statistics from the system to image storage and export the view mode. Figure Type of direct film to exist in the database BLOB. Would have thought that a

[Reserved] java / oracle date processing

public class Test{ public static void main (String args []){ java.util.Date a = new java.util.Date(); System.out.println(a); java.sql.Date b = new java.sql.Date(a.getTime()); System.out.println(b); java.sql.Time c = new java.sql.Time(a.getTime()); Sy

Oracle Java method called

1. Write and compile the java class (oracle call java method must be static) package; public class TestOracle { public static String sayHello(){ return "Hello Java product"; } } (2) read the java class to oracle loadjava-r-f-vd: /

Java connect Oracle database using OCI driver implementations

Java connect Oracle database using OCI driver implementations Java program to connect oracle database using oci drivers better performance than with the thin driver. The main difference is that when using the thin driver, no need to install the oracle cli

Java code examples to explain the various methods of connecting to an Oracle database

java and oracle of the interface: JAVA can be run in the database is ORACLE8i the most exciting new features. ORACLE8i you create a database using an application, you can use and JAVA-related new features, easy to program to the INTERNET or an INTRANET on
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