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Router of

MAC MAC (Media Access Control, Medium Access Control ) MAC address is burning in the Network Interface Card (NIC, NIC) inside. MAC address, also known as the hardware address is 48 bits long (6 bytes), 16 hex .0-23 bit numbers assigned by the manufacturer

mysql odbc does not recognize

Today, the reverse with the power designer mysql database and found that actually can not establish mysql odbc data source, reports: Connection Fialed: [HY000] [MySQL] [ODBC 5.1 Driver] Access denied for user 'xxx' @ '192 .168. 19

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY' mypassword 'WITH GRANT OPTION

RROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ '192 .168.2.12 (using password:

This is a mysql permissions not reported on a solution: 1, landing mysql, mysql-uroot-hlocalhost-p 2, use mysql (must be the library system) 3, update user set host = '%' where user = 'root'; (can be anonymous and no password will be able

java project can not use the Server to publish to the tomcat problem

Recently took over another project trsBackEnd, clone on the project from the git down, into the eclipse, to build a new server, point "Add and Remove" found in this project is not Available, which is not directly through the server publishi

To achieve local port forwarding with iptables

Scene If you are debugging a Web program with resin, requires frequent restart resin. The Web program needs to open port 80, while the Linux port below the limit of 1024 must have root privileges to open. But you're not willing to adjust when the

James mail server installation and configuration

James mail server installation and configuration of environment: Mail Server: OS: REDHAT LINUX AS 4 IP: Subnet Mask: 255.255.0 Gateway: DNS: Client: Operating System: windows 2003 IP: Subnet Mask: 255 ...

Agent to accelerate service platform

Apache WEB server is efficient for handling a large number of requests for static application environments for accelerating the introduction of Squid as a proxy cache, you can better improve the performance of the server. The following draft a set of ...

ip command manual (1)

ip command manual (1) Abstract ip is the iproute2 package inside a powerful network configuration tool, it can replace some of the traditional network management tools. For example: ifconfig, route and so on. This manual will be a chapter on the ip c ...

erlang remote control other nodes

Note setcookie to set the remote control (read a lot of articles are not clearly stated, cookie must be consistent with beginners is easy to overlook) 1, the first node to start a langzhe langzhe @ lang: ~ / bcast_server $ erl-name langzhe@192.168.1. ...

Linux packet capture tools: TCPDUMP Introduction

About TCPDUMP For the network management personnel, the uses Sniffer is available at any time of Web actual situation Zai Wang Luo performance dramatically come down, you can Tongguo sniffer tool to Fenxiyuanyin what contributed to the network conges

Debian Install Apache

1, the installer # aptitude install apache2 apache2-utils apache2-utils provides a maintenance process in the configuration we have a very useful tools. 2, start and stop Apache service: # / etc/init.d/apache2 start / stop 3, open your browser and en

MySQL CLUSTER (Cluster) series (2. Alternative-line increase in node-online hotplugin)

I. Introduction This document aims to introduce the design of MySQL Cluster, and making the cluster template, effectively circumvent the mysql limit. (This article is the second administration, four stores, eight data module production) environment and th

Amoeba reading and writing to achieve separation of master-slave mysql

Been looking for a tool that can achieve a good separation of mysql master-slave architecture to read and write, had tried to use mysql-proxy lua found it very uncomfortable, especially do not know lua script, suddenly found the Amoeba this project, the n

Encryption, anti-brush, punishment processing program (early out)

The program involves the client encryption, decryption server, anti-plug, to reduce a certain amount of brush behavior Analysis: Thailand players as an example, Wen Feng done before a more detailed analysis S

Building on Freebsd on PPTP VPN with mpd5

In Freebsd build on the PPTP VPN with mpd5 ( Installation MPD5 cd / usr/ports/net/mpd5 make make install If there after the make install error "/ usr / share / mk /", line 12:

Encryption, anti-brush, punitive treatment options (early out)

This program involves the client encryption, decryption server, anti-plug, to reduce a certain amount of brush behavior Analysis: Players in Thailand as a case, Wen Feng done before a more detailed analysis S

MySQL CLUSTER (Cluster) series (2 alternative online add node-online hotplugin)

I. Introduction This document aims to introduce how to design a MySQL cluster, making the cluster templates, mysql effectively circumvent the restrictions. (This article is two management, four stores, eight data module production) environment and in

Amoeba mysql master-slave to read and write to achieve separation

Been looking for a tool to achieve a good separation of read and write mysql master-slave architecture, has tried to use mysql-proxy lua found it very uncomfortable, especially do not know lua scripts, suddenly discovered the Amoeba project, the next

js convey the value of the two select

Reprint: <!-- Departments --> <script type="text/javascript"> function getSelectedDepartmentValue(){ var temp=""; var obj2=document.addNotice.selectDepartment; var length=obj2.options.length; for(i=0;i<

Use maven2 configuration organize a team of ...

For the team, the establishment of a unified development environment is a necessity maven well assist the establishment of a unified environment. Here's how to introduce more effective unified configuration. Preparation work: Download the necessary so

Android development, how the implementation of POST requests

A brief description of the last article I had in the Android development, how to send a Get request, under this article we explore how to implement an Android development of Post requests. Get under the First, we first understand the difference betwe ...

Mobile IP Messenger: Wireless Qian

【Chinese Name】 【English name】 wireless pull Wireless Linker 【】 PC -side component (PC version) WirelessLinker-PC.jar, Mobile terminal (mobile version) WirelessLinker.jar 【Author】 fire studio (Tinder Studio) 【Email】 【Caution】 1, the so

maven2 use Xiangjie maven2 start I believe everyone maven1 already very familiar with the specific maven can do, is not explained in detail. Personally feel that the open-source projects using maven or relative

[Change] maven2 full manual

maven2 start I believe everyone maven1 already very familiar with the specific maven can do, is not explained in detail. Personally feel that the open-source projects using maven or relatively more within the company, it is not clear. I've used the co

nginx configuration file

# Run the user # User nobody nobody; # Start the process worker_processes 2; # Global error log and PID file error_log logs / error.log notice; pid logs /; # Maximum number of working patterns and connections events ( # Use epoll; worker_co ...

Standard C / C + + program by calling WebService gSOAP

First, prepare the environment In this article, all procedures are completed in Linux, under development, were able to function properly. In the development process, we need to use gSOAP, you can download from the following Web site: [url] http://www ...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux5 ftp configuration under

1, install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is installed by default on the ftp, we can rpm-qa | grep vsftpd to see if you have successfully installed 2, set the boot from the start vsftpd chkconfig vsftpd on service vsftpd restart 3, open the ports 21,20 i ...

Centos5, DNS installation and preparation

If the installed system, you want to install dns, just select the installation you can install the dns service. If you are adding an existing server dns service, you can simply use yum install bind * bind server software installed. (A) adjust selinux ...

Java build environment under Linux

First, install jdk my version is: jdk-6u10-linux-i586.rpm Install jdk1.6 installation package: rpm-ivh jdk-6u10-linux-i586.rpm Configure environment variables: 1, into the profile file: vi / etc / profile 2, in the file add the following code: export JAVA

Oracle10G Express (APEX) Gossip

Oracle10G Express limit on the total user database table space 4G, memory 1G, the initial limit only the local user access management page, you can change the cost to / remote can log management -> managed to set up http access Management page htt ...

About Ruby's URI and the two small tangle Rack

Internship company Internet use http proxy that requires authentication (but a lot of software, even if the support does not support http proxy authentication). The last year has just been to Dalian Pei Xun Gong Si Hoodwinked the time, five or six pe ...

Openfire custom database And http-bind

Currently I need working on instant message, so choice openfire as XMPP server. Enviroments: Openfire (3.6.3) Mysql (5.0.75) Requirements: Intergeneration with local user, the same as custom database of user in openfire tutorial. Depend on the tutori ...

nginx see the number of concurrent connections

Concurrent connections by looking Nginx, we can be more clear to know the site load. Nginx complicated view there are two ways (This is so because I only know of two), one is through the web interface is through the command, web view than the command to s

(Transfer) nginx + resin session problem-solving

A few days ago to see have nginx_upstream_jvm_route project, read the introduction, very excited, because it is written by a Chinese patch to address the session of sync problem, but he is not shared, nor is it synchronization, but

Apache Dynamic Virtual Host Configuration

Massive presence of dynamic configuration of virtual hosts, the number of WEB sites for the huge amount. Standards provided with the apache module + mod_vhost_aliases dynamically configured hosts. Role is to check the URL to come in after the actual

String hashcode transfer

function hashConvert(v,ext) local ch = 0 local val = 0 if(v) then for i=1,#v do ch = v:byte(i) if( ch >= 65 and ch <= 90 ) then ch = ch + 32 end val = val*0.7 + ch --0.7是加权 end end val = val .. '' val = val:gsub("+","") val = val:gsub("%.","")

FashDFS development environment and configuration

Reference resources (after the regular meeting to write) 0 \ in windows eclipse compiled under the first project to build a hello, and to compile, then FastDfs file directory to the src directory copy a: set the environment variable CYGWIN_HOME b: th

Android Video Player

1. Using the system comes with VideoView play MP4, 3pg video files, etc. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fil

Axis2 SOAP may use (1)

Axis2 SOAP may use (1) Home GuickStart Guide # introduction Axis2 Quick Start Guide It introduce many methods here, I just read them and find that axis2.war is useful. So I

lua parsing url parameters

function Split(szFullString, szSeparator) local nFindStartIndex = 1 local nSplitIndex = 1 local nSplitArray = {} while true do local nFindLastIndex = string.find(szFullString, szSeparator, nFindStartIndex) if not nFindLastIndex then nSplitArray[nSplitInde

the configuration of the system hosts file windows

Path: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc File Name: hosts File format: hellotiky # tiksy server

apache2.2.12 + tomcat6.0.20 integration Xiangjie

<! - [If gte mso 9]> <xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View> Normal </ w: View> <w:Zoom> 0 </ w: Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> < w: TrackFormatting /> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:DrawingGridVerticalSpacing>

-Maven 2 set articles

settings.xml settings.xml file settings element contains a number of sub-elements, their definition of value is used to configure the Maven implementation. The settings file settings will be applied to many projects, so there should not be setting any bin

Continuous Integration Summary

First, what is continuous integration (Continuous Integration)? This term has been in the field of software development lasted N years, a relatively simple definition as follows: Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice that allows teams to receive feedb

Linux, the Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary

Linux, Apache reverse proxy ProxyPass IIS Web site summary of the collection in the write down this conclusion, I would like to say a few words: Do not mix work and love together, anxious edge distressed ah! In order to complete a seemingly simple past an

spring and hessian Integration - HessianServiceExporter & BurlapServiceExporter

Introduction: Hessian recently started studying a bit of rmi program, because the client is a variety of mobile terminal platforms, originally wanted to use the legendary phprpc (hprose?), But read the following official documents, found no object-c

sakai installation instructions

sakai installation instructions Zhao strength on 2010-4-1 order Finishing is completed in 2010-4-3 Directory 1 Download the software ... 3 1.1 Download the latest version of the sakai source code, javadocs, Taglibdocs. 3 Download the JDK 1.2 version

Conquest of Apache + Tomcat (transfer)

Original Transfer from Apache and Tomcat is an original, but is a pro! Apache and Tomcat integration is none other than Apache as a front-end path, upon request, port, agent to a number of Tomcat, to reach the purpos

Simple to use Apache's ProxyPass

The instructions can be mapped to the remote server to the local server's URL space; local server does not play a traditional role of a proxy server, but show a mirror for the remote server. This local server is often a reverse proxy (reversed pr
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