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nginx + mongrel (only their own records)

Many of these articles, I write something just for the record about their: 1. Nginx0.7.65 online version of the next, more stable version is said to be 2. Install mongrel gem install mongrel gem install mongrel_cluster 3. Configure nginx, open the D: ...

Nginx location command to use (Chinese translation)

location syntax: location [=|~|~*|^~] / uri / {...} Syntax: location [=|~|~*|^~] / uri / {...} default: no Default: No context: server Context: server This directive allows different configurations depending on the URI. It can be configured using both con

Windows, built using Tomcat + Nginx HTTP Server

Tomcat handling static resources due to the slow rate, so the first thought is that all static resources (JS, CSS, image, swf) that a separate server, HTTP server with a faster, where a selected nginx, nginx, compared apache, more lightweight, easier

Rails nested resources

Nested resources [size = medium] [/ size] When the application of nested resources, REST development will become more interesting. In this chapter, you will be more simple to understand the importance of URL of the URL, but also the concept of REST has mo

Rails week 1 (b): routes

Rails in fact know very well, video source and the many notes, you just do not have the heart to get what. Today to take a look at the routes it looks like the mysterious. A command First of all, the introduction of a rake command. The routes do not under

Magento of the layout of the loading sequence

Layout file loading order is uncertain, if you always want to own the final implementation of the Layout configuration should be in your design directory, such as app / design / (package) / (your_layout_theme_name) / layout established under local.xm ...

In the navigation bar or other location Add Home link

This section does not intend to translate, when left to their own needs with Copy Add Home Link with functional active state to Menu Bar (Alternative Method) Find the file called top.phtml in app / design / frontend / default / yourtheme / template / cata

. Net 4.0 new features and improvements of

About. Net 4.0 1. Compatibility has been a cause for a headache problem in the. NET 4.0, in the same process, different runtime (CLR) components that can run on, which we call In process Side by Side. In the Win32 era, we called the general development of

Redirection statement Response.Redirect () method and Response.RedirectPermanent () on the page rankings of search engines

In ASP.NET, developers often use the Response.Redirect () method, using programming techniques, it will request the old URL to the new URL. But many developers do not realize is, Response.Redirect () method is issued HTTP 302 Found (Temporary shift)

Magento - the head of the page to add a Top Link

Scenario: When a user enters Customer Login page, want to see the top of the page to add a menu item My Blog Open layout / customer.xml, in <customer_account_login> tab add the following code <reference name="top.links"> <action method="add

How to set the footer display

Text I: Into the background CMS-> Static Blocks from the list, select the Footer Links, change the content you want Text II: This reads all the layout (. Xml) file, the block on the name of the link for the footer_links additional items, such as:

Nginx module development to read the contents of the variable from the url and display

This is from the front of one of the most simple example of changes made to. The previous example is read from the configuration file content, and display. This example is to read the contents of the variable from the url and display. # Include <n ...

Nginx module development in the key variables from the url value to determine the upstream server

Source file (the file changes from Miller from) / * * Hash a variable to choose an upstream server. * * Copyright (C) Evan Miller * * This module can be distributed under the same terms as Nginx itself. * / # Include <ngx_config.h> # Include <ngx

In Nginx configure wordpress URL rewrite the general rules

Before the introduction of URL rewrite rules may be multi-layer structure of the catalog to support the poor, so I find the following simpler formulation of this can be common directories and files. Quote if (!-e $ request_filename) ( rewrite ^(.+)$

Configure Nginx support the URL rewriting and PATHINFO ThinkPHP

ThinkPHP supports URL rewrite PATHINFO and friendly manner to provide URL, just set in the configuration file 'URL_MODEL' => 2 can be. Under the Apache mod_rewrite module is only open access to be normal, but is not supported by default Ng

Nginx support for URL rewriting and PATHINFO ThinkPHP

ThinkPHP in nginx on achieving the right to run. Just add the following information in the configuration file, you can make the correct resolution nginx ThinkPHP site. location /project/ { index index.php; if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite ^/project/(.

Nginx module of URL authorization

According to business needs, the user requests authentication, Nginx out according to the ID of the URL value of memcached, and contrast with the URL authkey certification. Need to use third-party libraries libmemcached. Add in the config: CORE_LIBS=

url rewriting rewrite nginx server parameters and examples

This Transfer: Recently installed in the VPS on trying to configure a Web site, VPS installed LNMP (Linux + Nginx + MySQL + php) rules in the configuration weight problems often encountered

url rewrite under nginx if (!-e $ request_filename) ( rewrite "^ / index \. html" / index.php last; rewrite "^ / category $" / index.php last; rewrite "^ / feed-c ([0-9] +) \. xml $" /

nginx + ttserver do URL forwarding

tt Version 1.1.41 by: Alex Search /* handle the HTTP GET command */ static void do_http_get(TTSOCK *sock, TASKARG *arg, TTREQ *req, int ver, const char *uri){ Which are: int vsiz; char *vbuf = tcadbget(adb, kbuf, ksiz, &vsiz); if(vbuf){ tcxstrpri

WP Rewrite url for nginx server{ server_name *; listen 80; #on server block ##necessary if using a multi-site plugin server_name_in_redirect off; ##necessary if running Nginx behind a

nginx vs lighttpd

I have been using Lighttpd for almost a year and Nginx for a month on my servers. I know that they were created to be massively scalable, solving the C10k problem . However their asynchronised-IO model and small memory foot-print also make them suita ...

Linux under nginx, resin, squid, lighttpd related

Questions in mind: nginx, resin, squid, lighttpd between these four, there is no direct correlation; put together just like to summarize my personal knowledge of your own but do not he intended! 1 Nginx: General, we use Apache; non-norma

java url mapping

java url mapping is relatively simple, it can be said to function relatively weak, but can be extended also high. mapping is divided into four categories 1. With '/' at the beginning of ,'/*' to indicate the end of the path pattern ma ...

apache server platform with lighttpd.nginx analysis of the three WEB

This did not include the IIS server, which, because IIS can only run on Windows, but apache and lighttpd, nginx three WEB Web server can be run on various platforms. See the following article analysis: 1. Software Description (apache lighttpd nginx) 1. Li

nginx upstream of several distribution

nginx's upstream currently supports four kinds of ways of distribution 1, polling (default) Chronological order, each request individually assigned to different back-end server, if the back-end server down off that can automatically remove. 2, weight

Nginx php-fpm fast-cgi 502 Bad Gateway Error Handling

Nginx php-fpm fast-cgi 502 Bad Gateway error is FastCGI problems, resulting in the possibility of error NGINX 502 more. Some will find on the Internet and 502 Bad Gateway error-related problems and troubleshooting methods listed about, starting with ...

CodeIgniter independence Url multi-language website (favorable SEO optimized)

Feature 1. Method is simple and does not require Session, Cookie Class Library 2. Different languages use different Url, your search engine help pages in different languages Quote Achieve similar after Url (default language, such as englis ...

Analysis of the request in the request nginx

ngx_http_init_request in the event the handler is initialized ngx_http_process_request_line, then the first call ngx_http_read_request_header to read the head, then began to call the function that ngx_http_parse_request_line on the request line parsi ...

Nginx + tomcat under linux installation and configuration of integrated

Objective: To build Nginx integration with tomcat, apache with Nginx instead of Steps: First, install Tomcat and JDK 1, From apache-tomcat-6.0.18.tar.gz and jdk-6u12-linux-i586.bin to / usr / local 2, execute the following command to install tomcat: ...

Nginx configuration optimization # User and group to run as user ez ez; # Number of nginx workers worker_processes 6; # Pid of nginx master process pid / var / run /; # Number of worker connections. 1 ...

[Reprinted] rails Helper analysis In Ruby on Rails which, first of all should be clear - Helper is the view of the helper, according to this principle, under the default implementation, controller is not allowed to access ...

CKEditor Helper for CodeIgniter

Using CKEditor as a plugin in your CodeIgniter applications CKEditor is a powerfull WYSIWYG text editor licensed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source licenses. CKEditor can easilly be added to any web page, you will find below a simple way to inte ...

Nginx mogilefs module (v 1.0.3)

Original Address: (the wall) Nginx mogilefs module (v 1.0.3) RUS ENG MogileFS client for nginx Web Server. Description The module queries MogileFS Tracker specified by mogilefs_tracker Directive and uses ...

Apache and Nginx pseudo-static implementation

PHPWind pseudo-static rewrite rules 1, Apache pseudo-static (URL Rewrite) Set method: (1) Open the Apache httpd.conf configuration file (2) # LoadModule rewrite_module modules / mod_rewrite to remove the preceding # (3) In httpd.conf add: RewriteEngi ...

Some optimization nginx

In this site to see a few on the nginx optimization, feel more useful and convenient for you to configure nginx, so translated. 1. Nginx configuration of static files on the service Our goal is to configure a service and the fastest cpu / ...

nginx see the number of concurrent connections

Concurrent connections by looking Nginx, we can be more clear to know the site load. Nginx complicated view there are two ways (This is so because I only know of two), one is through the web interface is through the command, web view than the command to s

nginx in the handler's address (2)

This time we look at each phase of the checker processing. First of all we have to figure out a thing that is in the nginx in general, are NGX_HTTP_CONTENT_PHASE call outputfilter, meaning that filter is called in the handler, so that only one handle ...

Analysis of access logs awstats Nginx

Analysis of access logs awstats Nginx Study: Fan Cheuk Yun This article describes how to analyze by awstats nginx access logs, and output through Nginx results to the browser. Preface In my previous article "Using Nginx improve ...

Nginx common Rewrite (pseudo-static rules)

I believe most now use Linux VPS friends are using the rapid spread of Nginx, today the most common sort of PHP programs Rewrite (pseudo-static rules). Wordpress: location / ( index index.html index.php; if (-f $ request_filename / index.html) ( rewr ...

Configure Nginx to Rewrite

Nginx's Rewrite After inspection and testing of online and found Nginx of Rewrite Rules and Apache's Rewite rule difference is not great, almost directly. For example, in Apache, he wrote the rules rewrite ^ / ([0-9] (5)). html $ / viewthread.php?

Three Web Server analysis (Apache.Lighttpd.Nginx)

Transfer from race question First, the software introduced 1. Lighttpd Lighttpd is a very low memory overhead, CPU occupancy rate is low, performance is good, and a wealth of modules and so on. Lighttpd is a lightweight, OpenSource webserver many of

Nginx 0.8.40 installation under linux

Nginx As a rising star, his charm has a lot of people are into his arms. Simple configuration, implementation is simple. Be a load balanced better. First, reliance on procedures 1. Gzip module requires zlib library 2. Rewrite module requires pcre lib

The perl Nginx Module Development

Because the company business need to record each user a type of file Mou last request, to continue their reading capabilities, so a small module Nginx Riga, when a user requests come in, the response data in Memcached and Mongodb record this URL. Con

"Spring security application" of the basic certification conflict with nginx's basic certification

Today's visit was originally to nginx plus a certification requirements, using a auth_basic, results not only certification of the time my own authentication pop-up box, you enter in my own authentication information, then pop up a prompt is not

Nginx Introduction (written well)

About Nginx Nginx ("engine x") is a high performance HTTP reverse proxy server, is also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. Nginx by Igor Sysoev of Russia visited the second site development, it has been the site run more than two years an

Nginx (or Lighttpd) + PHP (fastcgi) how to use. Htaccess

Nginx (or Lighttpd) + PHP (fastcgi) how to use. Htaccess $ Cd / usr / ports / devel / pecl-htscanner $ Make install clean lighttpd.conf in the access-deny is defined as follows (prevent people get to go) url.access-deny = ("~", ". inc

Nginx support for PATH_INFO

Many PHP framework to use PHP in the PATH_INFO to the default for URL rewriting when using Nginx as http server when a problem arises, is willing to define PATH_INFO Nginx to this variable, we want to use PHP framework PATH_INFO rewrite the time, mus

Shorten the URL of the realization of micro-Bo

With the Twitter micro-blog site similar to the appearance of the character of the limit of URL shortening services increasing. With URL shortening service provider web site tracking services, the business gradually rise. Famous URL shortening servic

Nginx and Memcached, a 400% boost!

If Web architectures, performance, or scalability are topics you would like to keep on top of (who does not!), Then chances are, you've heard of Nginx ("Engine x"). Originally developed by Igor Sysoev for rambler . ru (Second largest Ru
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