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Open Source ESB: Steed ESB small mind (a)

From launching the first national open source ESB with the convening gone more than a month has passed, the busy period, although some progress has been work, but there was no planning can be completed in accordance with their corresponding tasks. Du ...

Open Source ESB: Steed ESB development of small mind (a)

China launched the first open source ESB from convening posts now gone more than a month has passed, during the busy, although the work has been some progress, but not able to follow its own plan to accomplish the task. During which I also keep think

ESB Tour (mule to see libretto)

Continue, the beginning of each will be the end of the end of each time a new beginning, and this is life. Every time we thought that reached a destination, it is the starting point of the journey the next trip, whenever we believe they have found a parad

ESB Tour (La Bashi small mule)

Company to add esb in the product and work flow capabilities, the company did not want to spend money, oh, it was usual comrades from the programmer to run for a small mule, push lightly push lightly open-source, Internet, google, own research and st ...

ESB Tour (thin dead mule than the Ma-loanBroker Continued 1)

Or a good mule, mule feels like struts, serviceMix like javaFX, de facto standard in the java world, tend to be more standard than the official standard. Look at the sun, "first-class enterprises selling standards" have to add points "Somet

ESB Tour (thin dead mule than the Ma-loanBroker continued 2)

LoanBroker example of the structure has been clearly defined, and the startup script first used openEJB start an EJB service as an external application - act as a CA (credit agency) by the role of credit. The reason is because the adoption of such a ...

ESB Tour (thin dead mule than the Ma-loanBroker Continued 3)

Summary achieve eclipse internal debugging LoanBroker changes: 1, using org.mule.example.loanbroker.esb.LoanBrokerApp to start the java application then needs to be main function of the last sentence to read: (true); - If you still false

ESB Tour (motorized mules pull-liferay + mule + jbpm)

Read a lot of online information, sum up experience of a: see information in English! Do not covet save trouble look Chinese! liferay integrates a mule + jbpm, the mule as the ESB acts as an intermediary between the portal and the jbpm role that communica

Select a memorandum ESB

Mule and other ESB products in the true value of scene at least a few integration points, or at least three integrated applications. They need a good application of loose coupling, scalability, and robustness of the scene. 1, you choose to integrate ...

[Discuss] what is the ESB

I recently implemented an ESB project, using IBM's websphere message broker, IBM has three ESB products are WEBSPHERE ESB, WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKER, DATA POWER Which can only use java websphere esb to access, and the most expensive product. data

Positive and negative arguments cloud ESB

ESB cloud-based integration can reduce machine cost? Based on our recent article, the answer is yes, but depending on how to use it, you may find the operation has been created to support, security and latency issues go hand in hand. WSO2 announced the cl

SOA.BPEL.ESB of reincarnation [change]

SOA BPEL ESB's reincarnation I am not selling middleware, so I do not advocate the concept of SOA and the major principles. I am not ready to write a SOA book, so I do not write a blog to share experiences when quibble over. This article related to SO

ESB in SOA Positioning System features

Enterprise Service Bus (Enterprise Service Bus, ESB) in the field of modern IT can be said of a hot term. As the process moves forward and landing SOA, ESB further key has been widely recognized. Manufacturers, the media interpretation of them from v

JBoss ESB study notes 2 - Hello World application of the first ESB

Continued after the above build a good development environment to develop ESB applied. This article describes the first ESB application - Hello, World. Note: This article and subsequent articles, though not a hundred percent original, but after all my eff

ESB product architecture design of the channel

1. Overview Message processing pipeline architecture is a core part of the ESB, ESB has information processor core is divided into two parts, the routing processor, part of the endpoint processor. Of course, we will timely basis components of the two

Literacy learning web service According to the definition of wiki, web service refers to the network through internet access and be able to run on the remote host services (web) API. It generally refers to between the client and the server ...

(R) MB and MQ Introduction

Today, IBM's engineers to listen to MQ and MB presented the characteristics and differences and relations between them, I feel very easy to understand, hereby records to facilitate future beginners can quickly grasp the characteristics of both. F

[Wang Cheng Si] IBM MessageBroker Notebook Series (a)

Preface SOA has been shouting for a few years in China, even the ivory towers of university students are aware, but not many cases implemented, and as SOA infrastructure, enterprise service bus ESB, application in China is scarce, mainly banks and te

Master data management and implementation

Master data management and implementation Lou Lijun ( ), Software Architect, EMC Lou Lijun, IBM's software architect, in 1998 joined IBM Software Group, IBM has been engaged in communications and business integration middleware (WebSp

JBossESB on the Message filter for an example of

Introducing the first example, we start with a few casual remarks. MessageFileter the name suggests, is the message filtering. MessageFilter is content-based routing (Content Based Router) is a form (the next will be gradually explain other forms of ...

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 Programming Guide in Translation 3 - Services and News

Welcome to the translation errors in translation for correction and criticism, contact e-mail 3. <br /> Services and message-based service-oriented principles, JBoss ESB where anything is a kind of service or message. Service enc

ESB Tour (mule looking for horses)

Chris Hane published a blog: ServiceMix vs Mule ESB , From his own experience of the ServiceMix and Mule was the use of comparison: As our growth in a variety of applications, we have a variety of external systems to create a lot of one-time, non-generic

Donkey saw SCA (SCA with mule ESB)

Southern white on the mule, SCA article: Other: Mule has started to pay attention SCA , the SCA specification Primeton Chinese: (tmd up to, but more abstrac

ESB Tour (mad rush of the mule - an example echo.hello.StockQuote analysis)

The translation of the first three examples to explain and mule source code analysis, English and Chinese language and customs are a greater difference, meaning that even if the literal over the content of most of you look very awkward, English is not goo

Mule ESB Introduction

Mule is a MuleSoft (formerly MuleSource) developed a framework based on the concept of ESB messaging platform. Mule is the core of a SEDA-based services to container, the container management is known as the Universal Message Object (Universal Messag ...

ESB Tour (thin dead mule than the Ma-loanBroker continued 4)

The previous three examples are basically around the loanBroker background and peripheral knowledge, only the beginning of the chapter explains how to transform the internal loanBroker makes it possible to start debugging in eclipse, to spend time to lear

ESB Tour (Kwan Shan are at least 10 million re - ErrorHandler. LoanBroker)

Some people say that the arrogance of white people is soaked in the bones, although the surface did not come out, perhaps to be longer and then I can have some personal experience that time again to tell you. But even so, Q and I are also acceptable. Wher

5 ESB mainly to solve the problem and its alternatives

Do you have a number of agreements, hoping to Huawei shares a single protocol (such as FTP email XMPP to a messaging system), such as ActiveMQ, ESB can help you implement the decoupling of services from the agreement. You want a consistent way of con ...

Prepare for the multi-system integration 1-esb

Found a lot of information, jboss, mule, esb, soa, find technical articles have been Baidu guide to javaeye. It also shows a high degree of activity here. Because I am responsible for the project to the multiple systems involved in the integration of both

ESB products of medical and health information technology application

ESB products of medical and health information technology application With the rapid development of information technology, more and more domestic hospitals accelerate the development of information-based platform, HIS system, the whole building, to impro

Correctly understand the true meaning out of the ESB SOA Lost

On how to put the necessary enterprise service bus into service-oriented architecture there has been controversy. Stressed the ESB for SOA with its own people the importance of focus, and question the ESB as an SOA-based view also has a deeper considerati

Independent research and development of the ESB product is about to release it!

Features hair products base directory, too afraid of the detailed content of the commercial rights related to the company, to a lot of understanding, can be considered years of research and some of the results obtained, in the hope SOA / ESB technologies

Various open-source ESB products

The first record, for future reference Mule Released the latest version of the current 3 ApachMule ESB is a lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to quickly and easily connect to applicati

EDA / SOA / ESB practice summary - refer to

Reference Note: the original from , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. EDA / SOA / ESB practice summary Event-driven Architect

2010.02.09-10 oracle training esb's PPT

oracle training esb's PPT

ESB feeling a little

ESB that feeling: Role: Allow service providers and consumers of decoupling Communication from different applications to do protocol conversion The other is its internal management functions

Implementation of BPM should be understood ESB

According to Gartner analyst Roy Schulte stated, business process management (BPM) implementation of the need to consider existing enterprise service bus (ESB) is used to communicate a variety of ways. In the estimation of Roy Schulte, as the prolife ...

JBoss ESB Development Practice and Notes

JBoss ESB based on the development of the Chinese little information on the Internet these days because of work needs to study a little, hope a friend of need it up on to the next! Required reading: "JBoss SOA P 4.3.GA.ESB.Programmers_Guide.pdf& ...

JBOSS --- ESB sequence of one of the Getting Started

JBOSS EBS processes (unAware): 1.ESB Unaware JMS Client endpoint puts an ESB Unaware "Hello World" Message (plain String Object) into JMS Queue "queue / quickstart_helloworld_Request_gw". 2.The JMS Gateway Listener receives the ESB Una

JBOSS --- ESB one of prior knowledge (key concepts description)

Please read about Yuexiang Cheng in a jboss esb introduction, details of which are important concepts related to the structure and JBOSS ESB 1. Message a. UnAware Message b. Aware Message 2. Service 3. GateWay Listener 4. Esb Listener 5. Esb Bus 6. A

JBOSS --- ESB detailed sequence of two helloworld

This is the most simple quickstarts a sample, follow-up from 11 describes each sample, from simple to complex. 1. Esb configuration file <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <jbossesb xmlns="http://anonsvn.lab

JBOSS --- ESB series of three helloworld_file_action Details

helloworld_file_action shows how to use FileGateway cycle monitor a specific directory the file specified suffix <br /> this process to document the interface of some form of integration, particularly useful 1.helloworld_file_action EBS configu

JBOSS --- ESB series of four helloworld_ftp_action Details

helloworld_ftp_action shows how to use FtpGateway cycle monitoring remote ftp server specific directory specified file suffix <br /> this process a number to a remote ftp server to file for the interface mode of integration, particularly useful

ESB architecture quality attributes - a general description

The full name of ESB Enterprise Service Bus, the enterprise service bus. His presence is mainly to integrate the former, after the subsequent application, the application of a business can be combined into one, rather than divide and rule. ESB enterp

Use Servicemix (ESB) released an external WebService

A: Upon joining the company recently took over a an open source project Apache ServiceMix, the company needs so many of their own self a bit of information is available for everyone on your own research. What is SOA? Service-oriented architecture (Se

JBoss ESB study notes 1 - ESB development environment to build

Recent result of the need to use the JBoss ESB, available online at this information is less people boast, and JBoss ESB official documentation for beginners too abstract, so that I began to take a lot of detours, waste a lot of time to finally find

JBoss ESB Study Notes 3 - the second ESB application Hello World Action

Continued on the article about the first ESB application, this paper introduces a second ESB application - Hello World Action. Note: This article and subsequent articles, though not a hundred percent original, but after all my efforts and includes pay, so

Oracle ESB vs Oracle Service Bus

Oracle ESB stands for Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, is a lightweight service bus, the development of integrated JDeveloper. Oracle Service Bus is acquired from BEA's AquaLogic Service Bus, is a more powerful product, not only conversion of the m

What is (IPC, RPC, LPC), NFS, REST, SOAP, SOA, IoC, GoF, ROA, ESB, AOP, DCOM, CORBA, and so many very complex ..

Cramming something recently, which is not to say some things that you can read to understand, not to say a few words can say cleared, is needed to understand, so here to be a record of the way and people and discussing: Such as RPC ..., NFS, REST, SOA, Io

What is (IPC, RPC, LPC), NFS, REST, WSDL, SOAP, SOA, IoC, GoF, ROA, ESB, AOP, DCOM, CORBA, and so many very complex ..

Cramming something recently, which is not to say some things that you can read to understand, not to say a few words can say cleared, is needed to understand, so here to be a record of the way and people and discussing: Such as RPC ..., NFS, REST, SOA, Io
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