MTK Platform programs

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I have a little understanding of MTK

One purpose of coming here the past two months, a close proximity of the MTK. MTK platform are in product development based on tides, let me know more about MTK, not only in the platform technology itself. Technically, from a software point of view, ...

Guide to mobile development platform. Introduction tutorial and information

Recently, nothing, put the cell phone development platform study guides, tutorial and summarize information to facilitate your reference. Mobile client software development platform is the biggest difficult not uniform, many mobile phone development platf

Guide to mobile phone development platform. Tutorials and information on (reprint)

Welcome to reprint, please specify the source reprint. Author: mobile phone information blog that is: Recently, no matter the cell phone development platform learning guides, tutorials and summarize information for your refer ...

On the MTK in the understanding of media player

Mtk 6225 and 6235 on the audio player of the structure as a whole can be divided into three layers, the top of the application interface layer, the middle of the audio playback api layer, and the underlying codec libraries and the audio driver. Broad ...

MTK picture Detailed picture decoding process and png

MTK picture Detailed picture decoding process and png (reprint) 2009-12-05 22:21 MTK platform workers in many high imitation machine to do a lot of people, MTK has become more and more fancy interface, but the MTK platform for research in the article are

MTK's HTTP connection

MTK using Socket to implement HTTP request. Socket MTK platform to create these steps: 1, soc_create () Create a Socket, success will return a socket_id use the following function for the successful running of the effect is on the phone's GPRS icon to

How to create and use MTK in lib

Method 0: MTK platform how to survive LIB library file: 1. Make folders need to generate a library established mylib, into the c and h files, separately compiled module mylib 2. Make file COMPLIST adding mylib 3. REL_MMI_GPRS.mak adding mylib in CUS_

MTK modis simulator in the setting of http access to the network

Mtk platform http debugging in the Internet, you can "network services" necessary to set in before they can. (1) web services -> Internet Services (2) Internet Services - "Set (3) Set - "Set profile (4) activate the settings in

Chapter IV to explore Android SDK

Key skills and concepts l using the Android SDK documentation l using the Android SDK tools l use application examples l to understand the life cycle of Android applications Since you have already built good development environment, you can explore the An

java Origin

Chapter 1 Java computer language for the origin of the development history of the industry is generally believed that: B languages led to the birth of the C language, C language evolved out of a C + + language, C + + language will give way to Java. To bet


LITTLE-ENDIAN (small byte order, low-byte order). Corresponding is: BIG-ENDIAN (big byte order, high byte order) Network byte order the host byte order JAVA byte-order one. BIG-ENDIAN, LITTLE-ENDIAN with multi-byte type of data related to for example ...

The next 2 years Application Development Trends of Mobile

This time the hot fried mobile application development, mobile development in the field of the math themselves also blend into the 3,5 years, large and small have seen hundreds of mobile applications, nothing else to sum up and reflect recent exposur

3G Software Engineer Training details

3G, the definition and development process of the definition of "3G" (English 3rd-generation) or "third generation" is the third generation mobile communication technology to support high-speed data referred to is the transfer of

Pinyin Input Method platform MTK tips AI

Pinyin Input Method platform MTK tips AI Enter the PP can enter the radical, such as: left foot, Lv, Chuo ... ... ps Well, this is performance art. . . . . . . .

Business SMS communication platform - construction and implementation of programs

Business SMS communication platform - construction and implementation of programs Directory Overview of Chapter business messaging platform .... 2 1.1 Overview ... 2 Objective 1.2 ... 2 Range 1.3 ... 2 Chapter 2 .... 2 business messaging platform cap

smartrcp open source platform using Java and Flex to build desktop programs

What SmartRCP SmartRCP is written using Java and Flex highly scalable desktop can be configured to cut the development process platform that it inherits the advantages of java and flex, and to avoid weaknesses, to take full advantage of their strengths. T

smartrcp open source platform using Java and Flex to build desktop programs 6 (right menu)

Needless to say nonsense, just following a few simple code to create a fully functional right-click menu mxml defined as follows: Effect diagram is as follows:

Influence far beyond imagination Java - Why Java platform to be adopted

Types of development projects from the perspective of the java platform is based on B / S structure of the system, in the direction of the competition is fierce, there is this focus on the LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + Php); also just the rise of Ra ...

Qt for Symbian platform to build

1. The first erected in the development platform for Symbian-Carbide, here ignored. I'm using Carbide 2.3 version. Ensure normal operation and then perform the following installation Hello world. SDK is best FP1, FP2, S60_5rd. 2.Qt for Symbian in ...

J2ME mobile gaming platform migration experience

First thing to say is that I transplanted in the company's two main mobile phone games. Most of them need localization processing. A few related to cross-platform portability. I was using the programming environment is very common WTK + JDK. And ...

java's platform-independent nature of

java architecture network environment very suitable for the development of software, platform-independent nature of the network environment can be said to the essence of high-quality software. A development, many software developers to run is the cur ...

Integration platform component framework and background engines basically determined.

Prototype has been developed, people interested in things that I need to do the next process by the follow-up. This year's work is really busy, and now the two departments leaving a shortfall of provision, hope all my friends will strongly recomm ...

apache server platform with lighttpd.nginx analysis of the three WEB

This did not include the IIS server, which, because IIS can only run on Windows, but apache and lighttpd, nginx three WEB Web server can be run on various platforms. See the following article analysis: 1. Software Description (apache lighttpd nginx) 1. Li

In the Linux platform using the JNI

This carried over: In the Linux platform using the JNI Document options <script type="text/javascript"> </ script> <noscript> </ noscript> <noscript> </ ...

IPhone platform development on the ecology of my views

Original Source:, slight changes Very concerned about the recent words of watercress iPhone platform, they have just launched the iPhone version of the radio watercress (address: I am n

Based e-commerce: Small Jianzhan programs and resources

From: Currently the number of SMEs have been several thousand million, but information technology is not ideal, not only has the site more than 2 million, tens of millions of e-business needs of SMEs exi ...

Small Jianzhan programs and resources

Currently the number of SMEs have been several thousand million, but information technology is not ideal, not only has the site more than 2 million, tens of millions of e-business needs of SMEs exist, but not their own independent website. Now, more and m

Several programs WEB Print

------------------------------------------- Web-based printing solutions for a more Analysis -------------------------------- Printing With web-based, the difficulty lies in the browser to render html, accurate print to paper, but also enables the locatio

WINCE 5.0 platform for ACE and. NET compatibility issues between.

In preparation for the LC6311 TD WINCE 5.0 platform module U turn string drive, use the ACE part of the components (log component, thread management component, synchronization primitive components). C / C + + program to the normal operation of the vi ...

Linux platform to achieve high availability program DRBD

Linux platform to achieve high availability DRBD DRBD program is actually a piece of equipment to achieve, primarily used for Linux platform for high availability (HA) programs. He is a kernel module and related procedures which consists of a network ...

SOA-based platform for the exchange of government information resources

In accordance with the National Leading Group issued the "overall framework of national e-government" e-government network, government information resources directory system and exchange system and information security based on the three ma ...

Introducing the Android Computing Platform

Computing continues to become more "personal," increasingly accessible anytime, anywhere. At the forefront of this development are handheld devices that are transforming into computing platforms. Treatment, continues to become more humane, and m

[Reprinted] MTK compile (revised) 1. Preparation of the purpose The main purpose of this writing is to understand the whole MTK compilation process in order to build faster processing problems encountered, and optimized for the

Python programs and C programs of integration (transfer)

Chen Jian, Software Engineer, IBM Liang Ren, Software Engineer, IBM Zhou yi, Software Engineer, IBM Description: Python is a rapid development of software for the programming language, its syntax is relatively simple, easy to master, but there is a proble

Programs running in memory mystery

Memory management is the core operating system functions, both for developers or system administrators the importance of memory management is self-evident. I will keep posting the actual operation of the process through the computer to talk about memory m

Joe built mobile office platform solutions v4

Mobile OA Features I. Introduction of office automation system (OA) l office automation system (OA) based on the concept of workflow, so that internal staff to quickly and easily share information, work together efficiently; change the complex, ineff

How to choose platform mobile developer?

Vision Mobile website for the latest of the "mobile developer Economics 2010 and the Future" report, which proposed a number of mobile development in the field of new ideas, including mobile developers concerned about changes in force, Behind th

Program task management platform

Program task management platform Enterprise management, management tasks can be repeated to achieve communication, process reporting, inspection evaluation. 1, FORP design idea of management by objectives We know, through the management software to i

In the Linux platform debugging C / C + + memory leak method

Since C and C + + programs completely independent application and release by the programmer memory, little carelessness will import a memory error in the system. Meanwhile, the memory errors are often very serious, the general will bring such as system cr

rapid web development platform I see

the evolution of web development platform programming <br /> from the beginning, they inevitably and methods, classes, interfaces, and the like dealing with. Over time, nature will have to sum up, the resulting a development platform. Now among Chin

Android platform, the four methods of data stored

For most of us are familiar with the software has the characteristics of a typical application of existing data according to different needs to get the corresponding results. For example, our most popular Office word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office so

FlowPlayer hack and compile under Windows platform

2009-06-09 02:41 PM FlowPlayer is a very well-known Flash player, and another par JW Player, use the open source GPL 3 agreement, in accordance with the three authorized release (Free, Commercial, Multi-Domain), the first one is the free version, after th

FlowPlayer hack and compile a Windows platform

2009-06-09 02:41 PM FlowPlayer is a very well-known Flash player, and another par JW Player, use the open source GPL 3 agreement, in accordance with the three authorized release (Free, Commercial, Multi-Domain), the first one is the free version, after th

Build a platform-WTK

Mainly about J2ME development tools most commonly used novice Wireless Toolkit (WTK). From WTK installation, to create a MIDlet project, and the final packaged, and released into the MIDlet takes the reader step by step development of the world! 1 Wh

Recommended open source cloud computing platform five

Original Cloud computing is a hot word IT sector, open source, cloud computing is the trend is considered to be IT. We know of several IT giant cloud computing platform, such a

Developers how to use the Sky platform to promote free

Developers how to use the Sky platform free promotion? Sky Mobile advertising platform from Zhaozhuo (Guangzhou) Advertising Company Limited, a mobile advertising platform. Sky Mobile advertising platform for developers to bring a winning way to prof

visualrules business rules platform features custom value

VisualRules rules engine is developed on the basis of a product, adhering to the rules engine can change the business logic programs can be independent of the characteristics of outside, combined with the characteristics of the domestic software project f

Easy to build a private cloud platform

As everyone is well known that a public Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform, is IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) category. There is an open source project Eucalyptus (Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful System

First Android platform a simple software installation Raiders

[Size = xx-small] NOTE: This switched: [/ size] Based on the Gphone Android smartphone operating system has been hailed as the most powerful beat iphone mobile phone, in addition to

In RedHat5 platform installation oracle10g

oracle installation of platform above the RedHat5 oracle installation on windows platform above is relatively simple, but in the linux platform above it is rather cumbersome, see steps: (A) check the linux version of the information, #> Uname-m If
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