mssql-ds.xml +reconnect

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SmartGWT where the right ds.xml English title display method

SmartGwt used inside. Ds.xml file to define the interaction between the client and server data source. English, there is no problem, once encountered Chinese title, with a normal <script src="sc/DataSourceLoader?dataSource=xxx"> </ scri

JBOSS configuration data source of problems [in MSSQL as an example]

JBoss5.0.0GA accessories in the data source will need to install library: sqljdbc.jar FOR SQL SERVER 2005 to jboss \ docs \ examples \ jca under the mssql-ds.xml to copy jboss \ server \ default \ deploy, modified as follows <datasources> <local-

Seam built environment

Installation JDK5 (j2SE development kit 5), Set environment variable JAVA_HOME = D: \ jdk1.5.0_18 Set Path Path =% path%; D: \ jdk1.5.0_18 \ jre \ bin Install Jboss 4.2.3.GA, Set environment variable JBOSS_HOME = D: \ jboss-4.2.3.GA Ant install Set ANT_HO

jboss5 jta configuration of things

Requirements: Existing databases A, B, C, D Asked A, BA, CA, D operation when the database can be synchronized. Using mssql 2005 database-driven sqljdbc Solution: 1. Based on the solution to the container, using jboss, weblogic 2. Jtom framework for ...

The EJB3 Persistence

EJB3 persistence with Hibernate is very similar to the mechanism: Environment: Server: JBOSS5.0 Database: MySQL5.0 1. Set up a data source First of all, in jboss-5.0.0.GA \ server \ default \ deploy, the establishment of a database used to connect the dat

ActiveMQ practice the road (four) ActiveMQ 4.x + JBoss 4.x MDP actual articles

Keyword: ActiveMQ ActiveMQ practice the road (four) ActiveMQ 4.x + JBoss 4.x MDP actual articles At <<ActiveMQ Practice ( Three ) ActiveMQ 4.x +JBoss 4.x Consolidating articles >> which we compare in detail the ActiveMQ with JBoss integration

6. Configuration JBoss data source

M in the main SQL as an example: (1): add driver package Put MySQL driver mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar copied to the% JBOSS_HOME% / server / default / lib directory (the default configuration is the default, can be altered according to the actu ...

JBoss directory structure that

jboss-as directory structure (Directory Structure) Directory Description bin Contains startup, shutdown and other system-specific scripts. Basically all the entry point JARs and start scripts included with the JBoss distribution are located in the bin dir

jBoss installation and application of

1, the installation 1.1, software installation First of all, you want to install JDK (just install the JRE is not ideal because it needs to compile JSP pages), the latest official version of JDK1.4.2. JBoss and then unzip the compressed package into a dir

JPA (1)

JPA full Java Persistence API, is a Sun-defined norms of the company, to achieve a variety of the specification, with more than the realization of the Hibernate and Oracle implementations. Compare the two to achieve, Hibernate-entitymanager is open source

JBoss Seam to learn from scratch 14 --- eclipse foot in, dvdstore example of the realization of

Continue to bring their own learning in the seam examples, this study is dvdstore, characterized by the use of -> jBPM pageflow -> business process management. The realization of these steps: Create a "dvdstore" The seam web project. ...

Under JBoss data source password encryption

1. The first look at a common data source configuration file Java code <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <datasources> <local-tx-datasource> <jndi-name> MySqlDS </ jndi-name> / / jndi name <us

Jboss data source password encryption

Take a look at this document, which the user name and password are stored in clear text, so that the system in terms of security the child has brought a great co-wai. So we want to express our look at the password plus secret, and this is the purpose ...

Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: unknown Oracle major version [0]

Yesterday, a try to configure the mysql data source mysql-ds.xml on jboss the following run was successful; then I think that oracle data source to configure oracle-ds.xml in jboss the following can also be run. I tried it, you start Eclipse Times the fol

JBoss User's Guide - About ClassLoader (rpm)

JBoss User's Guide - About ClassLoader Because JMX's natural beauty, suitable as a large application framework / platform, JBoss has become one of their experiments in the. The use of JMX as an application framework is that the benefits of at leas

SmartGWT idea where the realization of dynamic DataSource

The idea is to solve the problem when the Chinese title found. And thought, I will not do it myself A DataSource definition. SmartGWT Lane, DataSource is the core of its metadata. Here, DataSource actually two, One is the client

In the EJB using JPA and JPA in the methods and Hibernian in a few compared

Configuration steps using the jpa Review: 1, Copy the database-driven into the JBOSS_HOME / server / default / lib, copy docs / examples / jca / mysql-ds.xml to / server / default / deploy directory, and modify the database user name and password Mysql-ds

Common Errors in Setting Java Heap Size

Two JVM options are often used to tune JVM heap size: -Xmx for maximum heap size, and -Xms for initial heap size. Here are some common mistakes I have seen when using them: * Missing m, M, g or G at the end (they are case insensitive). For example, java -

JNDI advantages (switch:)

JNDI is what Dongdong? JNDI is a Java Naming and Directory Interface (Java Naming and Directory Interface), in the J2EE specification is one of the important specifications, many experts believe that, without a thorough understanding of the significa ...

Deploy directory JBoss4 the introduction of each file

bsh-deployer: the BeanShell script to deploy into the JBoss service. cache-invalidation-service.xml: allows the help of JMS, and EJB caches achieve control. client-deployer-service.xml: the deployment of J2EE application clients. ear-deployer.xml: de ...

[Change] JNDI article

Print edition 1] ------------ JNDI is the Java Naming and Directory Interface (Java Naming and Directory Interface), in the J2EE specification is one of the important specifications, many experts believe that without a thorough understanding of the signif

Download install and run JBoss

EJB3.0 application needs to run on JDK1.5 or later. EJB3.0 application needs to run in the EJB container, JavaEE application server contains the Web container and EJB container. EJB3.0 application requires the following version of JavaEE application serve

Jboss data source configuration

Why create a data source, do not say it here. Ha ha. How to create a data source in the jboss it? We are going to jboss installation directory docs / examples / jca, the directory has a lot of data source configuration template Here are mysql (mysql- ...

JBoss directory structure description

Directory Description bin Contains startup, shutdown and other system-specific scripts. Basically all the entry point JARs and start scripts included with the JBoss distribution are located in the bin directory. Contains the server startup, shutdown and s

JBoss DataSource encrypted under the [transfer]

1. First look at a common data source configuration file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <datasources> <local-tx-datasource> <!-- jndi First name --> <jndi-name>MySqlDS</jndi-name> <!--URL Address --> <u

You are trying to use a connection factory that has been shut down: ManagedConn

Today that connection closed database wap over there, although I was to turn over the oracle-ds.xml, but has been tested before. Error: Internet search, and did not find specific information, it was said to have closed with a connection factory insta ...

Reproduced in the development and deployment of Java EE environment, OpenJPA applications

Into the Java EE OpenJPA JPA is the standard framework, so it can be integrated by any of the EJB3.0 container as an implementation of JPA. For instance, we can JBoss application server in the JPA implementation framework of the system default Hibernate s

EJB personal study notes

Ejb3.0 Study Notes ( Run in Jobss Ejb) What is EJB? Full name is Enterprice JavaBeans is a standard for distributed business applications server component model . Prepared using Enterprice JavaBeans architecture is extensible applications , Transactional,

The role of JNDI in J2EE J2EE is a master piece daunting, because it contains the technology and acronyms are constantly growing. Java Naming and Directory Interface (Java Naming and Directory Interface, JNDI) from the beginning h

DataSource configuration concepts and examples of some simple

First of all, let us know the next DriverManager. Management of a group of basic services JDBC driver. Note: DataSource interface is JDBC 2.0 API in the new content, it provides a connection to a data source to another method. DataSource object is used to


Reprinted from: Can JBoss AS tell me when I don't close connections, statements or resultsets? Yes. Connections For connections the configuration is in deploy / transaction-s ...

EJBCA Quick start guide

Quick start guide Prerequisites Note EJBCA makes use of strong crypto and keystore passwords longer than 7 characters. For this to work you must install the 'Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files' for JDK. The policy files can be found at t

(Transfer) JBoss directory structure description

jboss-as directory structure (Directory Structure) Directory Description bin Contains startup, shutdown and other system-specific scripts. Basically all the entry point JARs and start scripts included with the JBoss distribution are located in the bin dir

JNDI in the end what is, what role

JNDI article Front-end time always confuse JNDI in the end is doing, although a value in use, do not know the reason he first appeared, for, do not tell is used, the following refer to solved this I believe the fog . Print edition 1] ------------ JNDI is

Remember an address, activemq and jboss integration】 【transfer ActiveMQ Ben Shen is open source project, thus it ActiveMQ Di projects often also based on other open source software co-construction, the current m

[Change] ejb3.0 + struts2.0 integration

Recently to see Struts2 and EJB3, out of curiosity, wanted to try using the struts2 deployed in tomcat to access the EJB3 deployed in the jboss process. Only used for the inside before EJB3 jpa, feeling useful, or comment is convenient and easy to use tha

JBoss and the database connection in

The database connection is referred to here in the JBoss configuration through XML file data source by name in the program to access the database. After the database connection from JBoss3.2.3 configuration is relatively simple to write about in the

jdbc jndi data sources and the difference between

Development time programmers, aware of the need to access MySQL database application development, so will an MySQL JDBC driver class a reference to the code, and by using the appropriate JDBC URL to connect to the database. Such as the following code

Jboss datasource learning

Use myeclipse to learn, or more rapid labor-saving. Web projects built at once, set the jboss server, and the rapid deployment of a good web application. By Address http://localhost:5000/jb1/, to see the results. Configure datasource, feeling much more tr

JBoss-4.2.3 configure the MySQL database connection pool

1. To mysql the JDBC driver into the JBOSS_HOME \ server \ default \ lib under 2. The JBOSS_HOME \ docs \ examples \ jca \ mysql-ds.xml copied to JBOSS_HOME \ server \ default \ deploy directory, modify the mysql-ds.xml file <jndi-name>MySqlDS

JBOSS 4.0.5 EJB3.0 of the MDB (ACTIVEMQ)

Project used the EJB3.0 MDB, that is very simple, do not want to use the default installation of JBOSS4.0.5 version does not support EJB's release, resolved Notes Reference: 1, download the (

Debug information can not be updated to the server (or can not break update to Server), please check the configuration

The scope of application EOS5.0 EOS5.0.1 【Location】 problem description and In the Studio, the debugger, and encountered this error: Can not connect to server: [http://localhost:8080], debug information can not be updated to the server. Please check

Problems in multi-database project (jta + xa)

Question: build with seam ear works, using two databases, when accessing the database when the project will not conflict there is no problem, if simultaneous access to two databases will appear when the database can not connect the phenomenon: javax.persi

Using jboss server related problems encountered

Eclipse Jboss server starts, how to specify the JVM virtual memory size? A: Under the eclipse : window-->preferences-->Myeclipse-->servers-->JBoss4.x-->JDK Have the right Optional java VM arguments: With parameters in the box -Xms1024m -Xmx

IBatis frame some of the problems of the extension (c)

Project uses the affairs of the affairs of the IBatis may not meet the requirements of the project, the project used in EJB3.0 middleware services (transaction management, persistence, messaging, security, clustering, etc.) instead IBatis affairs ope

New findings on jboss

The data source file in the jboss oracle-ds.xml, when <use-java-context> true </ use-java-context> when, jndi name "java: odsjndi"; when <use-java-context> false </ use-java-context> when, jndi name "odsjndi

The EJB distributed transaction started his MYSQL

Written procedures and for some that one day, accidentally discovered how the test MySql does not support transactions? Are there written procedures for the problem? Container-managed transaction, whether by hand or start their own affairs, the transactio

EJB3 + spring2.5 + struts2 ejb3 + servlet and add, delete, change, check to achieve!

Integration of struts2 and spring2.5 EJB3 implementation, delete, change, search function! EJB3 integration Servlet, jsp additions and deletions to achieve search function! Development Environment: myeclipse7.0 web server: jboss4.2.1 Database: mysql

jboss-4.2.3.GA + + apache-activemq-5.1.0 integration

One. Integration needs of the environment. jdk1.6 jboss-4.2.3.GA apache-activemq-5.1.0 (extract can be used directly.) II. Integration steps 1. Extract activemq-rar-5.1.0.rar to jboss-4.2.3.GA \ Server \ default \ deploy \ activemq-ra.rar (activemq-rar-5.

Jboss data source password encryption [transfer]

Java code to look at the data source configuration: Look at the data source configuration: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <datasources> <local-tx-datasource> <jndi-name>MySqlDS</jndi-name> //jndi First name <use-ja
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