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Howto alert dialog (debug) in firefox xpi

Cc = Components.classes; Ci = Components.interfaces; function alert (msg) { Cc ["@ mozilla.org / embedcomp / prompt-service; 1"]. GetService (Ci.nsIPromptService) . Alert (null, "Test alert dialog", msg); }

Ajax does not refresh the page in case of implementation of the user name to determine

Today, under the ajax implementation saw the sign box, javaeye before the implementation of a log in box is also estimated using ajax implementation. It can not refresh the page to verify the user name or verification code is correct applications. First o

Aptana + Firefox3 + plug-in debugging JS

1 to enter: http://www.aptana.com/docs/index.php/Debugger_Error_Page 2 enter: If you use Firefox 3.0 + browser, see Firefox 3.0/Firebug 1.2 support ASAP Issue for details. For problems with Firefox 1.5 + browser, see Firefox 1.5 + / Aptana Debugger A ...

Firefox add-on component & Gem Plugin

Firefox: Easy DragToGo Firebug Google Toobar for Firefox IE Tab Java Quick Starter javaeye_plugin JSSH MediaWrap NewsFox RSS Ticker Selenium IDE YSlow Gem: gettext - Internationalization and localization sequel - Database Tools hpricot - are a fast, ...

Aptana debugger download address


Ubuntu Firefox upgrade above

More than 9.10 echo-e "\ ndeb http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/ubuntuzilla/mozilla/apt all main" | sudo tee-a / etc / apt / sources.list> / dev / null sudo apt-key adv - recv-keys - keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com C1289A29 sudo ap ...

Advanced knowledge of the second entry ExtJS

Understanding of relevant knowledge about ExtJS, the following will start in the development of tools to develop. First install the Eclipse plugin development-spket, a major role in the development tools in js file editor, edit the js file in time will au

Indicator applet to add Thunderbird3.0 mail notifications

ubuntu is the indicator applet integrated volume control, instant messaging, social networking and e-mail prompts, can be very powerful. The only problem is the message now that help not only support the evolution of fools up with the words of the me ...

New youtube video download method

from: http://blog.hitangjun.com/2010/05/04/newest-youtube-video-download-way/ Has been looking at google's <a href="http://code.google.com/intl/zh-CN/edu/languages/google-python-class/"> python Class </ a>, whim, wish to col ...

In the use of Zen Conding Komodo Edit

Introduction: Komodo Edit Komodo IDE is a free editor component, and I usually use it to edit HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and other static files, which add / delete comments easily. Today's record to the editor to add about Zen Coding feature. Backgrou

FF web developer tools

FF web developer tools firebug-1.5X.4.xpi web_developer-1.1.8-fx + sm.xpi javascript_debugger- + tb + sb + sm.xpi

VeriSign Code Signing Certificates (VeriSign Code Signing Certificates)

VeriSign Code Signing Certificate Features • the most abundant species code certificate signatures useful tool • • the issue of rapid cycle VeriSign Code Signing certificate (code signing certificates) Trojans and viruses rampant in the Internet, use

Linux Mint 8.0 sources.list

Linux Mint 8.0 is based on Ubuntu 9.10 So, you have to use the sources of 9.10. List of my sources.list: deb http://ubuntu.srt.cn/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted universe multiverse deb http://ubuntu.srt.cn/ubuntu/ karmic-security main restricted univ

How will the English version of firefox under UBUNTU into Chinese

Note: The following is a comprehensive online information is made, not the original. In ubuntu you may experience the following types under the circumstances to make firefox into English: 1. Upgrading firefox 2. Delete. Mozilla folder to re-install f

Some security scanning tools to collect test

Test tools 1, scan tool: Web Vulnerability Scanner Ratproxy 2, sniffer tools: Wireshark Fiddler2 WebScarab burpsuite SPIKEProxy appsniff httpwatch Paros 3, test tools: Web2Fuzz pangolin sqlmap Firefox + plug-in: --------------------------------------

Use firefox debugging js

Firefox (Firefox) set debug js Step 1: Install the plug-in In Firefox (Firefox browser) the midpoint of the menu section "Tools" - "" add "-" find "Firebug" components to install. Or from the Internet in the ne

Android common MIME types <switch>

3gp video/3gpp aab application / x-authoware-bin aam application / x-authoware-map aas application / x-authoware-seg ai application / postscript aif audio / x-aiff aifc audio / x-aiff aiff audio / x-aiff als audio/X-Alpha5 amc application / x-mpeg ani app

Common MIME types Android <switch>

3gp video/3gpp aab application / x-authoware-bin aam application / x-authoware-map aas application / x-authoware-seg ai application / postscript aif audio / x-aiff aifc audio / x-aiff aiff audio / x-aiff als audio/X-Alpha5 amc application / x-mpeg ani app

Integration of SSH (Struts2.Spring.Hibernate) and JBPM4.4

The first step: Import the required jar package: Specific required packages, see attached images jar Step Two: Modify jbpm configuration file: 1, src directory create jbpm.cfg.xml (note the comment section) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

New firefox plug a small problem

Also Helo, World from the official website of the English document address simple example: https: / / developer.mozilla.org / en / Building_an_Extension Chinese documents address: https: / / developer.mozilla.org / cn /% E6% 9E% 84% E5% BB% BA% E4% B

I used the Linux command unzip - unzip zip files

I used the Linux command unzip - unzip zip files This link: http://codingstandards.javaeye.com/blog/792040 (reprint, please indicate the source) Use Description zip file is a compressed file format commonly used, WinZip, WinRar software supports zip

How to choose the code signing certificate

1, Why VeriSign Code Signing Certificates VeriSign offers multiple types of code signing certificate, multi-application platform to meet the practical application of code development needs of particular note is the VeriSign root certificate has been

MyEclipse8.6.1 Aptana plug-in integration

(1) to confirm the following essential tools MyEclipse8.6.1 installed and Firefox (preferably with fireBug), I am a huge C drive space, so the day "to eat the guy," general installation point, the so-called "as a Swordsman, knives sepa

Firefox plug-ins developed using the NetBeans [transfer]

Sun seen from this community, I feel very good idea to move over to others. It is primarily concerned with coupled foxbeans NetBeans plugin, developers Mozilla plug-in. Can be developed: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Thunderbird Netscape SeaMonkey Flock Sunbird

Firefox extension development: Hello World! [Transfer]

Today, try to develop a Firefox extension. Although relatively simple, there are many online tutorials, but the feeling is too much trouble to write a number of tutorials, in the initial development process, and did not use those things, so their record t

Data URI in a web page embedded with Base64 encoded file

Base64 encoding embedded in the page file This approach can be converted to Base64 encoding of any file Here are online conversion site: http://www.motobit.com/util/base64-decoder-encoder.asp Example: Display is stored as a Base64 encoded string usin

Firefox Chinese language pack installation methods

First, the automatic installation method: In the FTP mozilla found on: http://ftp.mozilla.org/ Select the operating system version and the corresponding http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ , language pack in the xpi directory, on

Transfer: Aptana debug javascript graphic tutorials

Transfer from: http://hi.baidu.com/flftfqwxf/blog/item/0a9fc734e2bd8d0491ef3910.html 1 Firefox Debugger See also: http://www.aptana.com/docs/index.php/Installing_the_JavaScript_debugger Prerequisite is to install Firebug plug-ins and aptanadebugger t

I used the Linux command unzip - uncompress the zip file

I used the Linux command unzip - uncompress the zip file This link: http://codingstandards.iteye.com/blog/792040 (reproduced please indicate the source) Use Description zip file is a compressed file format commonly used, WinZip, WinRar compression softwar

[Test] the so-called automated ah

Test the software manufacturing process is very important aspect, NB Many of the manufacturers to promote their quality or efficiency or technology, like automated testing advocate. Sha is the automation? Han can be automated? Why would we automate? Shash

Selenium IDE installation

3 Selenium IDE installation Selenium IDE installation process I is divided into online and offline during the installation process to install, perhaps many people think that need not be original all that easy to find the original file can be installed, bu

linux open the chm format

http://linux.chinaunix.net/techdoc/system/2006/09/06/939581.shtml In linux open chm format files in different ways, such as: chmsee, chm-vewer, etc., but the installation of the software to a lot of dependencies, install them too much trouble, and now I i
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